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In the Mood Fur Love | Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden, Kate Baxter
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TFW the publisher emails you to remind you that you haven‘t done a review for a NetGalley ARC because you haven‘t read it yet, and it released today. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Why do I keep pressing the read it now button? I never “read it now”. 😭 #NetGalleyFail #currentlyreading #oops #late #romantsy #shifters #kindofsorryitisnottentacleporn

BookFreakOut I know the feeling, I haven't been on NetGalley to read or request in a few months and know I've missed a couple releases. Forcing myself to not request until I'm back in the eBook groove! 1y
robinb I feel your pain...😩🤣 1y
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The Hob's Bargain | Patricia Briggs
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@Nerdgirl_Ms_Sorrells I know this is late but I finally found a “stack” of books TBR. 😋
#patriciabriggs #spells #late #almoststack

Nerdgirl_Ms_Sorrells woot woot! let me know how that goes! 🐺 1y
Circus-Girl I‘ll try not to spoil it 1y
Nerdgirl_Ms_Sorrells spoilers sweetie! 1y
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Twilight | Stephenie Meyer
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Day 14 (late!)

Unpopular Opinion: I *love* the Twilight Saga. The books are so much better than the movies, and this is the first series I ever binge read. ☺️

#ReadingResolutions #April #Late

readherwriteher I loved it, too. I read it right before the first movie came out, and I read all 4 books in five days. I called in sick, stayed up late and we ate cereal for supper every night. My husband was not impressed, but I could not put them down. These books pulled me back into reading after having my kids. 2y
BiblioTori @readherwriteher I read them in a couple of days, and my parents were less than thrilled because they didn‘t approve of vampire books. But I loved the story and the character development from the books, and I wish that the movies would‘ve done them better justice. Not that the movies are bad, they could just be... more accurate? 2y
Supersteph I loved them too 😊 2y
readherwriteher @Supersteph @OnlyMeJustT We can be a team of three. 😄 2y
readherwriteher @OnlyMeJustT I agree, the movies could have been more accurate. 2y
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A Discovery of Witches | Deborah E. Harkness
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@JoScho me too girl! 😅#Late
📚 Lifehouse- You and me (reminds me of the two main characters in my tagged audiobook! ❤️)
📚 A discovery of witches- I love it so far! 🤗probably 4/5 ⭐️ I took off a star because so far the setting is always ALWAYS the same place 😶 (the Library)
📚 Probably “A breath of snow and ashes” (1,157 pages) and it didn‘t really feel long because it was well written ☺️
📚I‘m too late for that lol
@GarthRanzz #TrivialThurday

Friday's Child | Georgette Heyer
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Ok, bear with me, I‘m new to this. Thanks @Ingerella for the tag. 1. Die Sendung mit der Maus, a German kids‘ show. 2. Joseph Anton by Salman Rushdie. 3. No food item comes to mind. Does coffee count? 4. We‘ll go to the Baltic Sea for a couple of days during winter school holidays. 5. Taking a pass on this one as it‘s sunday already 😳. #friyayintro #late

robinb Good job! 🙌👍 I don‘t like coffee either! 🤷🏻‍♀️😝 2y
Ingerella Great job! I love reading everyone's responses! 2y
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1). A black & white Zorro, Biker Mice from Mars, She-Ra, Mysterious Cities of Gold & GummyBears! (Eclectic, even then!)
2). I read far more biography than memoir but Bone Woman by Clea Koff or Angelina Jolie‘s Notes (I‘ve got that name wrong but... it‘s a very good book!!).
3). Thai food other than Tom Yum Goon
4). Visitors!! 😊
5). Tag anyone who hasn‘t done this yet (yes, it‘s Sunday!!!😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️).

#friyayintro #late!

WarpedSweetness I've watched a black and white zorro t.v. show before! 2y
GlassAsDiamonds @WarpedSweetness it was great wasn‘t it??? 😊😊😊😊 Loved it!! 2y
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1. A reminder that last year at this time, Native Americans were fighting a pipeline. This year, they are dealing with a massive oil spill. 😞
2. My sweet potato casserole (not too sweet)
3. Chickens. Our HOA does not allow them. 🐓
4. No Black Friday shopping, I #OptOutside and will spend the morning at yoga, the afternoon in nature. 🍁 🍂 🧘‍♀️
5. I am 5‘1. My 9 year old is 4 1/2 ft tall, so I may be outgrown by her soon!

#humpdaypost #late

Kaye Sounds like a wonderful and refreshing way to spend the day. 🙂 2y
hgrimes We are the same shortness! High-five! 2y
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Veterans Day | Rebecca Rissman
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#FriYayIntro #late 😜

1. Pisces
2. My hurricane relief fundraiser collected 19,000 lbs of medical supplies and water, and more than $25,000 in cash donations!! 🇵🇷 🇵🇷🇵🇷
3. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
4. M is in our town‘s parade today with her school‘s Showstopper‘s Club.
5. 👌👌👌


TricksyTails 2- That is incredible! Thank you for all your effort! 🙌♥️🙏😊 2y
Mdargusch Congratulations! 🎉 wow! 2y
Cinfhen Well done #2 💝💝💝💝 2y
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Booksnchill Great way to collect donations for a great cause👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 2y
LauraBeth Wow! Way to go ❤️❤️ 2y
RachelO That's fantastic! 👏👏👏👏 2y
[DELETED] 206653737 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻awesome! 2y
MaleficentBookDragon That is amazing. What a wonderful thing to do!👏🏻 2y
[DELETED] 3803335244 How wonderful ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
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I chose #Voldemort as my #Dracula (using LibrarianRyan's description)...primal, proud, and predatory? Definitely.

The top pic is of my British edition of the series :-).

#monstermadness2017 #day4 #late

LibrarianRyan 👍🏻🤓👻 2y
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Spiral | Koji Suzuki
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Let's be honest...Sadako/Samara looks like she just crawled out of the swamp, right? I mean, she did crawl out of the well...

This is the second book in the series. I've read the first but don't own it, so I couldn't get a picture.

Samara is still really stinkin' scary to me, holy moly 😳.

(top photo is from #IMDb)

#thecreaturefromtheblacklagoon #swampthing #monstermadness2017 #day5 #late

LibrarianRyan 👍🏻🤓👻 2y
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