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I haven‘t read this but synopsis says Roach explains the mechanics and preparation behind all sorts of space activities in this book.
Anyway, the astronaut is holding a case and he‘s in space.😁

#NamasteNovember #spacecase

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StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Just read this and it's so good! 2mo
batsy Clever! She's an author I've been meaning to read. 2mo
Eggs Excellent interpretation 🤗🤗 2mo
Kalalalatja I haven‘t read any Roach, but her books sound fascinating! 2mo
readordierachel This was a super fascinating read. It confirmed for me that I could never be an astronaut 😆 2mo
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Binti | Nnedi Okorafor
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#NamasteNovember #SpaceCase Set in space, Binti is about a young woman who is invited to attend Oomza University. Even though it's a great honor, her family doesn't want her to go.

Eggs This looks fascinating! Great choice! 2mo
CoffeeNBooks @Eggs I read it for a Book Riot reading challenge prompt, and I'm really glad I read it! 2mo
NeedsMoreBooks Enjoyed this! 2mo
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The Sparrow: A Novel | Mary Doria Russell
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#SpaceCase #NamasteNovember
An interesting 2 book space story.

Cinfhen Really LOVED book one and happy I read book two 2mo
Andrew65 @Cinfhen Similar feelings. 2mo
Eggs Great choices! Cover Love 💗 2mo
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Kdgordon88 The Sparrow is my favorite book to recommend. 2mo
EadieB I‘ll have to try this book. I‘ve always been turned off by the science/space aspect. 2mo
Andrew65 @EadieB I wouldn‘t let that hold you back. 2mo
Andrew65 @Kdgordon88 I can see why. 2mo
Kdgordon88 @EadieB I was the same as SciFi usually isn‘t my thing but it is so good. You won‘t regret it. 2mo
EadieB @Kdgordon88 Thanks! I will definitely consider looking into it based upon your suggestion. (edited) 2mo
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Aliens Love Underpants! | Claire Freedman
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#NamasteNovember today‘s prompt #SpaceCase was rather tricky as space/aliens/sci-fi are not my cup of tea; however, I remember reading this to my youngest! #AliensLoveUnderpants

LibrarianRyan I love this series. 2mo
Eggs So cute! 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Andrew65 The best! 2mo
TheSpineView @Andrew65 Yes! I think I thought of this book first because of our conversation. 2mo
Eggs After reading his story Randomize I‘m thinking about this one too....🤔🧐😯 2mo
TheSpineView @Eggs This is my favorite of his. 2mo
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I‘d have a lot more space if I followed Marie Kondo‘s advice, but I like being surrounded by books!!

(Possibly an alternative view of) #SpaceCase

#NamasteNovember @Eggs

TheLibrarian I really like her method, until it came to books... 2mo
Karkar I say all my books spark joy- so I must keep all of them! 2mo
SheilaChew I do not like her, mostly because of this. I don‘t care what ANYBODY says - I will hoard piles of books if I want to. And I do. And I like that about me. 2mo
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Andrew65 30 books won‘t keep me going very long. @EadieB (edited) 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm @TheLibrarian I follow her method for our clothing and other stuff but when it comes to my books, I never listen to her. 2mo
Eggs I agree with @erzascarletbookgasm. The whole idea is keeping what sparks joy 📚🥳📚 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm @Eggs Exactly! 🙌😊 2mo
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Rocket Boys | Homer Hickam
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Scochrane26 You used the original title! I have this one & the 2 that go along with it. 2mo
Eggs @Scochrane26 🤗👏🏻🤗👌🏼 2mo
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Space Case | Stuart Gibbs
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Eggs I want to read this!! 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm We have this! Fun read. 2mo
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