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Leila, I apologize for the super late response. I caught a wicked cold in Ireland and just haven‘t been feeling well, but I wanted to share! I did these Friends minis, plus more seasonal bookmarks. I‘m currently working on some Christmas cross stitch for #christmasinjuly. And this spring, me and my 15 y/o started making beaded bracelets. We go to a lot of concerts, so we wanted to try our hand at bracelets to give away. 👇🏻

OriginalCyn620 We have a blast crafting together and it always makes people super happy to get them at concerts! It‘s just a way for us to put a little joy out in the world! I made some for hockey games too, and I aim to make some Christmas bracelets as well as bookish ones. 😜 (edited) 2d
dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 2d
marleed How fun! 23h
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The Fox Wife: A Novel | Yangsze Choo
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Evening plans sorted. 😁 Needed some room in the freezer, so made mixed berry crumble. The teenager approved.

#LitsyCrafters #KnittersOfLitsy

peaKnit Knitting with mohair paired with another base is a favorite! 2d
julesG @peaKnit Not a big fan of mohair. It is nice to pair with other yarn, but I don't really like using it or wearing it. 2d
peaKnit I agree- next to skin can be itchy….but I do like the halo it adds with a more substantial yarn. It‘s trending lol. What is the yarn on the left? It looks like it would provide a halo look. Thanks! (edited) 2d
julesG @peaKnit it's all sock yarn. I'm using leftovers for this tee. 2d
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Tonight, I was #audiocoloring this picture while listening to the tagged book for the #whimsicalreadsbookclub. I just started coloring this picture. I‘ve been liking this digital coloring. It‘s going to take me awhile to get finished but I‘m happy with how it looks so far. I think this bird is a goose but it‘s not a normal one because it has a lot of details.


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#audiocrafting #Litsycrafters

I‘m doing a stitchalong project with some other women online.

dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 1w
Lindy @dabbe thank you ☺️ 1w
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The Bracelet | Roberta Gately
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I started making beaded bracelets with my daughter. We needed a new hobby to keep us occupied. We are both creative so we both enjoy it. We have already given many of them to friends, children in kindergarten... These are the ones that were made today.

#bracelet #handmade #LitsyCrafters @Catsandbooks

LeahBergen Cute!! 2w
maich Thank you💕 2w
Catsandbooks So fun and pretty! 💖 2w
Cupcake12 These are really cute xx 2w
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Winter Lost | Patricia Briggs
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It's 30°C outside. I tried staying cool inside with an audiobook set in a snowed in Lodge around Winter Solstice.

#audioknitting wouldn't be a problem, if #GhostCat had a sense of personal space. Now I have to knit with the needles about an inch from my nose. 🙄😬😤

#KnittersOfLitsy #LitsyCrafters #CatsOfLitsy

LiteraryinLawrence Hehe, what we do for our furries! 2w
AnnCrystal 😹💕😻💝. 2w
dabbe 🖤🐾🖤 2w
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Hang the Moon: A Novel | Alexandria Bellefleur
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New in the kobo and new on the hook (a moss stitch sweater vest in cotton-silk for the the husband, who is 100% crochet-worthy) #litsycrafters

Clare-Dragonfly Ooh, that project sounds lovely! 2w
Lauredhel @Clare-Dragonfly it is! I love this yarn. Made a bunch of projects with it 2w
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Hello #LitsyCrafters ! I‘m making a vest out of baby alpaca yarn that was given to me. I‘m actually further along than this photo; I‘ve split at the armholes and am currently working up the back.

LeahBergen That looks pretty! 3w
Lindy @LeahBergen Thanks Leah! It‘s really soft and fluffy. 3w
dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 3w
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Lindy @dabbe 😘 3w
Catsandbooks So pretty! I love the color! 🩵 3w
Lindy @Catsandbooks Thanks! 3w
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Hello #LitsyCrafters
We're halfway through the year already! How are your projects going? What have you been working on? Any issues? Any goals for the rest of the year?

I finished the above cross stitch, I've done a few little craft kits like sun catchers and diamond paintings, and I've still be working on my book blanket.

I look forward to seeing/hearing about your crafting adventures! 🌈

julesG Hello! I'm knitting a jumper for me. I've finished the body and am working on the sleeves. It's going to be a "Frankenstein-Jumper" because I'm using leftover yarn of different colours. 3w
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Catsandbooks @julesG oh that will be so cool!! Can't wait to see it! 3w
CatLass007 @julesG “Frankenstein-Jumper” — I love that phrase. @Catsandbooks That is a fabulous cross stitch pattern! If I didn‘t already have more cross stitch kits, books, and patterns, I‘d find a way to add it to my stash. I‘d like to tell everyone about all the projects I‘ve finished this year, but the closest I‘ve come to having something to show has been finding a pattern, buying the yarn, gathering all the supplies I‘ll need, and putting (cont)⬇️ 3w
TheBookHippie I‘ve got my holiday cards almost all in golden books and decorated. My collage journal is actually up to date! I have to start on holiday presents soon. Haven‘t decided what I‘ll do yet. My nieces and nephews would like age appropriate blankets 🤣 they still sleep with the ones I made them as children 🤷🏻‍♀️. 3w
julesG @TheBookHippie handmade gifts are precious. 3w
TheBookHippie @julesG I agree they get socks, books, honey, jam every holiday and look forward to it. I just thought now that they‘re all approaching as follows : 26,25,24,23,22 - yes really those ages (WHEW) I should make adult blankets. 3w
julesG @TheBookHippie amazing that they treasure their child-size blankets so much 3w
KateReadsYA I've been crocheting my sister in law a blanket and then I'll be moving on to my brother's blanket next. :) I'm enjoying audio books more thanks to my new hobby 3w
LiseWorks I love that cross stitch 💙 ♥️ 3w
thebacklistbook I'm half done with a tree skirt. And a fifth of the way through a custom scarf. 3w
vlwelser I love the cross stitch. I should post a pic of mine. It is so hard not to buy new projects. My aunt and I got sucked into a cross stitch shop in Belgium and we were both like no we need to leave immediately. 3w
Chrissyreadit I love your embroidery! I have been ordering some downloads to make junk journals but have not actually gotten that far- and am working in the garden creating spaces… 3w
TheSpineView I have been working on various paintings. I used to do a lot of water colors and recently have been experimenting. 3w
peanutnine I haven't done much crafting this year, except working on my crochet temperature blanket here and there. However I recently started a few embroidery projects and feel like my craft inspiration is returning so hopefully I'll have some completed things to show off soon 😊 3w
Kitta Almost done a cross stitch myself! 3w
CrowCAH I‘ve slowly been working on a crochet baby blanket. Hoping to have it done this summer. 3w
hissingpotatoes I'm waiting for a few more supplies to arrive and then I'll be sewing my own purse. 3w
slategreyskies @Chrissyreadit I love junk journals and collaging and having fun with paper and glue, especially in altered book form. I would love to send you a packet of random paper bits to use in your junk journal, if you‘re interested. If so, let me know where to find your address. I can‘t remember if you‘re in Litsy Love or not. 🤍✨ 3w
bookandbedandtea I've done a bunch of painting this year as well as cross stitch. I recently started my first diamond painting and I'm enjoying it. I'd like to try some string art and, after reading these comments, I'm intrigued by junk journals. 🤔 3w
kelli7990 I did some digital coloring on my iPad. I googled some pictures I wanted to color, bought a Stylus Pen, downloaded an app to color pictures in and I colored some pictures. I‘m not coloring anything on paper or digitally right now. I‘ve been taking a break from it for a while but I‘m thinking about coming back to it. I like doing regular coloring or digital coloring while listening to audiobooks. 3w
Roary47 I‘ve been repairing my girls dolls, sewing on Girl Scout patches, and making bracelets with the girls. I‘d like to finish my oldest‘s crochet blanket and start my little girls though this summer. 3w
Meshell1313 Love that cross stitch! So fun!! I haven‘t knitted in sooo long but I am making tons of holiday cards using dots! I can‘t stop diamond dot painting! 3w
julieclair I‘ve been working on finishing some long-neglected projects - cross-stitch bookmarks and a plastic canvas gingerbread village and ornaments for my grandsons. I also made some bracelets using Tila beads, and plan to do more as gifts. 3w
Chrissyreadit @slategreyskies ohhhh!!! that is so kind of you! i would love it! if you email me at chrissyreadit@gmail.com i can give you my address 💛💛💛💛💛 3w
AnnCrystal 👏🤩👍📚💝. 3w
julieclair @TheBookHippie I am intrigued by the idea of a collage journal… 3w
TheBookHippie @julieclair I tagged you in some old posts 🙃 3w
julieclair @TheBookHippie Oh wow…just finished looking at them. Thank you so much! This SO speaks to me. My mind is whirling with ideas. I have no artistic talent, but I love ephemera. I have to give this a try! 3w
TheBookHippie @julieclair ♥️♥️♥️♥️ 3w
slategreyskies @Chrissyreadit okay, I just emailed you! 🤍 3w
slategreyskies @julieclair I‘d love to see pics of some of your Tila bead bracelets if you ever feel like sharing. I love seeing other people‘s creations. I find it inspiring! 💕 3w
slategreyskies @kelli7990 I love the idea of listening to audiobooks while coloring! I‘m not usually that into coloring, because my mind isn‘t engaged enough to sit still when I try, but I think it might work for me if I listened to an audiobook at the same time. Maybe I could also try audio puzzling too, since I have several jigsaw puzzles I received as gifts and have been wanting to put together. Thanks for the idea! 😊 3w
slategreyskies @bookandbedandtea junk journaling is so much fun! To me, it‘s a really laidback and no pressure type of creating. If I try to jump right into a fancy art journal, sometimes I‘m too afraid of making a mistake to even start. But when it‘s a junk journal, there isn‘t the pressure of perfection. It‘s just play. You know what I mean? I like that about it. There are so many cool junk journal videos on YouTube. 3w
slategreyskies @hissingpotatoes do you have a pattern picked out? Or maybe you‘ll create your own pattern? I‘m really excited for you! This is such a cool idea, and I‘d love to see pics if you‘re comfortable with sharing later on. 🤍 3w
slategreyskies @TheSpineView you mentioned that you used to do a lot of watercolors but that now you were experimenting. What medium are you experimenting with? Watercolor or something else? I enjoy watercolor as well, but my last couple of paintings have been acrylic. I think watercolor might be easier for me than acrylic, though. 3w
slategreyskies @TheSpineView I‘m having a tough time figuring out how to blend the colors right in acrylics. 3w
slategreyskies @peanutnine you‘ll definitely have to post with the Litsy Crafters tag when you‘ve got something you want to show off. I know we‘d all love to see it! 💕 3w
julieclair @slategreyskies I‘m happy to share a pic of my Tila bead bracelets! I‘m out of town right now without them, but I‘ll try to remember to post a pic when I get home. And… I love audio puzzling! I hope you try it and enjoy it. 🧩🎧 3w
hissingpotatoes @slategreyskies I'm cobbling together patterns/instructions from a few books so I get the size, pockets, hardware, etc I want. I'll definitely post pics and list the books I used when it's done! 3w
kwmg40 I've been doing a rewatch of the Expanse series and doing a lot of knitting while watching. I'm making another Hue Shift afghan (from a KnitPicks pattern) and a friend asked for a Ravenclaw scarf for Hallowe'en. 3w
bookandbedandtea @slategreyskies I will investigate! 😁 3w
Catsandbooks @CatLass007 thanks! Supplies are important! 3w
Catsandbooks @TheBookHippie That's fantastic! That's so wonderful they still use the blankets! 3w
Catsandbooks @KateReadsYA wonderful! Audiobooks are perfect for crafting! 3w
Catsandbooks @thebacklistbook so fun and festive! 3w
Catsandbooks @vlwelser yes I would love to see your progress! And I hear ya on buying stuff, it's so hard 3w
Catsandbooks @Chrissyreadit sounds like fun! I'm so bad with plants, everything always dies 😂 3w
Catsandbooks @TheSpineView that's wonderful! 3w
Catsandbooks @peanutnine a temperature blanket is a huge project, way to go! 3w
Catsandbooks @Kitta fantastic! 3w
Catsandbooks @bookandbedandtea so many fun activities! 3w
Catsandbooks @kelli7990 I love to color! So fun! 3w
Catsandbooks @Roary47 I love that you're crafting with your girls! 3w
Catsandbooks @Meshell1313 those will be so cool! 3w
Catsandbooks @julieclair that's wonderful! And that gingerbread village sounds awesome! 3w
Catsandbooks @slategreyskies I hope your crafting is going well! Thanks for being such a supportive crafter! 3w
Catsandbooks @kwmg40 it's great to enjoy a show and craft at the same time! 3w
Kitta Can I be added to the tag list? 3w
TheSpineView @slategreyskies I have been doing mostly acrylic lately. I have been experimenting with textures and I like to layer colors. There is a knack to getting the right color. I just keep trying different things until I get it right. 3w
Catsandbooks @Kitta added you! 💖 3w
OriginalCyn620 So sorry for being so late replying, but it‘s been a month! I have been crafting and I‘ll make a post later! 😜 2w
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This one is for my mom. This is my biggest project so far.
#LitsyCrafters #CraftersofLitsy

TheBookHippie Wow! 1mo
dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 1mo
Bookpearl This is amazing!! 1mo
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StaceGhost Gorgeous! 1mo
Julsmarshall Wow! So adorable and huggable! 1mo
Read4life I showed my daughter and she is so jealous of your mom now! 🐘💙 1mo
AmandaBlaze Thanks, everyone! 1mo
Yuki_Onna Oh my goodness, this is amazing! So perfekt 😍 1mo
slategreyskies I love this so much! ♥️ 3w
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