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These are fun to make but more time consuming than I thought they would be!

Pistachio Lemon Sandwiches

#LitsyCrafters, @Catsandbooks

deeannloso Yummy!! 16h
Catsandbooks Ooo so pretty! 😊 13h
LeahBergen They look amazing! 11h
BarbaraBB Oh of course! It‘s time for your cookies! 🤍 9h
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It's that time of year! Instead of making a dozen ready cookie or brownie recipes for the office, this year I am making just a couple of fancier cookies.

Cranberry Orange Ribbons.

#LitsyCrafters, @Catsandbooks

Catsandbooks Great idea! Looks delicious!! 🧡 13h
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Inspired by Frida | Akal Pritam
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Espiritu del Sol blanket progress! #litsycrafters

IndoorDame Incredible! 2d
Julsmarshall Gorgeous! 2d
Soubhiville That‘s just amazing. So pretty. 2d
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Avanders Beautiful! 2d
kathedron Stunning! 2d
Clare-Dragonfly 🤩🤩🤩 2d
Megabooks Wow!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩 2d
Chelsea.Poole Gorgeous!! 2d
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Untitled | Unknown
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It's a crafting and Christmas movie kind of night. Next up, Single All the Way.


Andrew65 Love this 😍 3d
booklover3258 I was also stitching my Zelda Christmas wreath tonight while watching Enola Holmes 2. Love your work! 3d
Nelnjali @booklover3258 Thank you! And Zelda Christmas wreath? That sounds fun! I'd love to see it. 3d
BooksNBowls I‘m about to watch that one myself! 3d
Nelnjali It will be an every year movie for me. I fell in love with it when it came out! 3d
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Sock Innovation | Cookie A
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This is my current knitting project using my favourite sock pattern of all time (Glynis from the tagged book). I‘ve made at least a dozen pairs from this pattern!

#WinterReadathonDailyChallenge #WinterReadathon
@Andrew65 @DieAReader @GHABI4ROSES

Andrew65 This is brilliant 🧦🧦🧦 4d
DieAReader ♥️♥️♥️ 4d
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The Help | Kathryn Stockett
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I finished this Xmas present for my mom a few days ago. A colorful crab for a Cancer. Now on to a bouquet of pansies for my grandma. #litsycrafters #audiostitching

I‘ve been listening to The Help while stitching and packing. It was my #doublespin from way back in January, so hoping to finally finish it this month. It‘s very long, but the audio production is 👌

RowReads1 Very impressive! 4d
Catsandbooks So beautiful!! What a lovely gift! ❤️ 4d
Ann_Reads Really lovely! I used to do cross-stitch years ago and know it can be a time consuming hobby but also relaxing. 4d
LiseWorks Nice! 3d
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Been working on making some ornaments using some wood slices, paint, and random embellishments. Having a lot of fun.

#Litsycrafters #theholidaysarecoming #handmadegifts

Read4life Love them! 💙 1w
Catsandbooks So beautiful! You are so talented!! ❤️ 1w
EclecticBookLover The ornaments are so pretty! Your hashtag reminded me of the old Coke commercials. I haven't thought of them in years! Thanks for reminding me of a fond memory 😊 1w
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julesG 😍😍 1w
LiseWorks Oh so cute 1w
StayCurious I love these! 4d
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Untitled | Anonymous
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Today I darned my favorite pair of convertible mittens. It was my first time darning a hole, and it turned out really good. The hole was on the thumb. You can see the slightly brighter purple thread in the pic from where I darned it. I know this isn‘t exactly a craft, but I did use a needle and yarn, so it kinda counts, right? :)


rockpools It totally counts! 1w
Clare-Dragonfly It‘s absolutely a craft! Great job! 1w
Catsandbooks Absolutely counts! Great job!! 4d
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And a couple of non book posts : I made a dress! This will be a gift. #litsycrafters

Chelsea.Poole Lovely! 1w
Moonprismpower Impressive! 1w
SamAnne Oh wow! 1w
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jewright I can never be consistent enough to make clothes. This is gorgeous! 1w
slategreyskies Wow, it‘s beautiful! 🥰 1w
5feet.of.fury That‘s awesome! 1w
Lauredhel @jewright I was a bit scared of garments at first but once I figured out gauge and sizing I'm now all about it! 1w
Megabooks Beautiful!! 1w
StayCurious Very pretty! 4d
Catsandbooks Wow! Gorgeous!! 4d
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Delicates | Brenna Thummler
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Sheets sequel, borrowed from # hoopla. On my hook : Nessie shawl in a mix of BWM and Malabrigo wools. My colourway goal was to evoke Kambarang wildflowers on Noongar country. #litsycrafters

StaceGhost Your hook has been busy! Gorgeous work :) (edited) 1w
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