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Another #catsoflitsy moment - I‘m trying to do some #audiochores while listening to a #spookyread but it seems like Elliot would prefer I play with her instead of doing laundry (one of her fave games is zoom & spin in the laundry basket 😹). I‘ll indulge the cuteness for a few minutes, then get back to #audiocleaning 😄

Soubhiville That‘s adorable! 1mo
Meaw_catlady Awwwww‘!! Pawedorable 1mo
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CoffeeCatsBooks Too cute! 😻 1mo
RealBooks4ever 💜😻💜 1mo
AmyRebecca This is too adorable 1mo
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Heathentown | Corinna Sara Bechko, Gabriel Hardman
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A young woman travels to a small Florida town to attend the funeral of a loved one. Not everything is as it appears, however, and she soon gets caught up in the horrors of the town secrets. I loved the art in this one, and the sparse storytelling really added to the creepiness. Decent #spookyread

The Bone Houses | Emily Lloyd-Jones
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I‘m gonna give this one a pick because it was cool concept. The dead come back and wreak havoc on a small town so the local gravedigger goes on a quest into the forest to break the curse. It was definitely an enjoyable read but not really my favorite YA #spookyread 💀💀💀/5

Tunnel of Bones | Victoria Schwab
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Spending my afternoon at the dealership getting my car checked out. Thankfully I have my first #spookyread with me. I‘m starting with a quick light middle grade book. I absolutely loved the first book in this series as I love all of Schwab‘s writing🖤🖤👻

JoScho I think I have the same shirt! Target tank top? 2mo
Daughter-of-words @JoScho yup! I got the bats too lol🎃🦇 2mo
JoScho So cozy! I don‘t have the bats but I wear the pumpkins all the time. 2mo
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Corpse Cold: New American Folklore | John Brhel, Joseph Sullivan
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Perfect way to dive into the spooky season! 👌🏽💀👻🔪 An adult version of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Perfect for fans of Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark, or anyone looking for that horror nostalgia. The illustrations are wonderfully creepy. The last couple of short stories were my favorite 4/5 🌟

#horror #spookyread

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The Scorpio Races | Maggie Stiefvater
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Book 20 of #MountTBR- I may have to check out Stiefvater‘s other books as I loved this one. I love Puck. She is a feisty and strong character. It had just the right amount of a romance and no love triangle!

#UnderdogHero - The Scorpio Races
#FeaturesaHoliday - A Redbird Christmas
#MCover70yearsold - Driving Miss Daisy
#Newin2018 - The Greatest Love Story Ever Told
#MCwithInvisibleIllness - Talking to the Dead
#SpookyRead - Dark Duets

BarbaraTheBibliophage Great job!! 🎉🎉👏🏻👏🏻📚📚 11mo
danibolahood I loved The Scorpio Races! 11mo
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Bookzombie @danibolahood It was so good! 11mo
Cinfhen Congrats!!! You did it 🎊🎊🎊 Thanks for making the journey with us 11mo
Bookzombie @Cinfhen Thank you! Could you do me a favor and check if I signed up for next year? I cant remember. 11mo
Megabooks Fantastic!! 11mo
Bookzombie @Megabooks Thanks! 11mo
Cinfhen I will ask @4thhouseontheleft she‘s our tech gal 😘😘😉 11mo
Bookzombie @Cinfhen Thank you! 11mo
Bookzombie @4thhouseontheleft Thank you for checking! 11mo
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Fully Booked | Emma Strandberg
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Here‘s this season‘s post for #booked2018! ✅ Looking forward to next year!
I‘ll tag in the comments.

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jenniferw88 I'm glad you enjoyed - I used the latest one in the series for this prompt! 12mo
Cinfhen Thanks for the recap!!! Great reads!! I‘ve added so many books to my TBR just from seeing what others read 🤪 12mo
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This book has been terrifying me for weeks. I started it when the husband was away for work - big mistake! And I couldn‘t start reading it again until he was back. It sound silly now to say that but yes, I couldn‘t read this home alone at night. I know the crimes took place years ago and the evildoer was recently caught but all this happened not too far from here so it was a terrifying read. But that‘s also cos it was such a well-written read!

RealLifeReading I was constantly in awe of McNamara and all the work she put into it. It was quite an obsession. I just wish she could have lived to see the day he was caught. 12mo
RadicalReader @RealLifeReading can‘t wait to check out this novel for myself been eying this novel for months 12mo
TheDaysGoBy Not silly at all! I live alone and I‘m pretty sure I wouldn‘t have been able to make it through it if I hadn‘t listened to it at work. As it is, it would still pop into my mind as I crawled into bed 12mo
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britt_brooke This book absolutely terrified me. I only read during the daytime, but I didn‘t sleep right for about 3 weeks after completing it. It‘s very irrational, but I could not get his strategies and such out of my thoughts. 12mo
HardcoverHearts I can honestly say that I will never read this. I am FAR too much of a scaredy 🙀! 12mo
readordierachel Sooo scary. I was triple checking my doors and windows for weeks afterward. 12mo
Gaylagal2 This is an amazing read, a book I would definitely re-read. It's that good with facts that you might miss the first time. I lived and had family in Sacramento and Rancho Cordova - scary times! I can remember my Mom, my Aunts and uncles watched us like a hawk when were teenagers. We were never allowed to ride our bikes or skateboards past the cul de sac 😟 Turns out for good reason 😉 12mo
JSW True crime is always a love-hate for me. So fascinating and so terrifying. 12mo
MicheleinPhilly I was only able to read this during daylight hours. And I totally hear you about reading stuff like this when the spouse is out of town. Although having a big, noisy dog does help. 🐶 12mo
RealLifeReading @RadicalReader hope you enjoy it - well as much as one can enjoy this kind of book! Read it in daylight! 12mo
RealLifeReading @TheDaysGoBy I was wondering whether it would be more scary to read it or listen to it! 12mo
RealLifeReading @britt_brooke exactly! I keep thinking about it still and all those near misses 12mo
RealLifeReading @HardcoverHearts it‘s probably one of the most terrifying books I‘ve read. Even worse than horror 12mo
RealLifeReading @readordierachel I was doing that too!! 12mo
RealLifeReading @Gaylagal2 oh wow. Good thing they did 12mo
RealLifeReading @JSW I‘ve not actually read much true crime. Anything you‘d recommend? 12mo
RealLifeReading @MicheleinPhilly I only have two small noisy children 😂😂 12mo
Cinfhen I can see how living in the area, even 35 + years later, one could still be terrified. Such a shame Michelle was not alive to see the beast captured. 12mo
4thhouseontheleft Not sill at all - I would be the same way! For me, it‘s always much scarier when it‘s true. 12mo
JSW @RealLifeReading In Cold Blood is pretty much foundational. I also recommend The Stranger Beside Me. Both of these books are completely terrifying but unputdownable. 12mo
HardcoverHearts Well thank you for taking one for the Litsy Scaredy Car team with this one!! ❤️ 12mo
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The I-5 Killer | Ann Rule
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Holy crackers, this was good. I mean, creepy and terrifying, but excellent. After reading Stranger Beside Me, it was refreshing to read one that Ann Rule was not personally involved with. How did anyone survive the 70s in the Pacific Northwest? So many serial killers!

Also, the audio was excellent, and I really loved the narrator!

Read this for the #murderino challenge, for the By Ann Rule box. Thanks @shanebeth 😁 #ssdgm

Cinfhen I‘m in middle of The Stranger...so crazzzy and I agree...the 70s were some messed up years!!!!! 12mo
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I've been a bit stressed this week because Richard jumped from a good height and injured his legs. I've been worried about his lethargy, but today he seems more like himself. Also good: I got to see tiny tiny hamster x-rays - which they take with dental equipment!!! - and I really loved this Gothic perfection of a book. #hamstersoflitsy #pop18 #childhoodclassicyouneverread #booked2018 #spookyread @Cinfhen @BarbaraTheBibliophage @4thhouseontheleft

StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Get well soon Richard 💕 12mo
Bloomingjen Glad Richard is doing better 12mo
QuietlyLaura Aww, poor Richard! I hope he feels better soon. 💕🐹 12mo
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LeahBergen Be careful, Richard! 😩 12mo
Cinfhen Awwww, sweet little Richard ~ glad he‘s doing ok and nice job on the prompts 😁 12mo
Libby1 ❤️Richard❤️ 12mo
Sace Aww! I'm glad he's on the mend! 12mo
Clare-Dragonfly Aww, hammy! I‘m glad he‘s doing better! 12mo
VeganCleopatra ❤️ adorable 12mo
4thhouseontheleft Aww... he‘s so cute! Hope he‘s better soon! 12mo
CouronneDhiver Poor little guy ... 🖤 12mo
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