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I‘m loving this book, everyone had a motive to kill Harriet #MurderMystery #KeepsYouGuessing #WhoDunIt

JillR I‘ve just finished this one and enjoyed it too! 5d
Crazeedi This looks very interesting and love the cover! 5d
veritysalter UK readers, it‘s 99p on kindle at the moment. 5d
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Marry Christmas Murder | Stephanie Blackmoore
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• My first holiday cozy and it's cozy-boring so far; exactly what I expected. Probably won't get past page 60 before I give up •

#currentlyreading #TBR #holidays #genres #fiction #novel #cozies #whodunit

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Day 27 - #CharacterWithFlair #DearDecember #IntroducingTheHonourablePhryneFisher #KerryGreenwood

Unflappable, unconventional, and uninhibited, the Honourable Phryne Fisher leaves the tedium of English high society for Melbourne, Australia, and never looks back. In her first three adventures, Phryne handles everything―danger, excitement, and love―with panache and flair, and still finds time for discreet dalliances and delicious diversions.

Eggs Absolutely ❣️ 1mo
Lynnsoprano I have this collection, and loved it. This reminds me that I need to get back to this series. 1mo
EadieB @Lynnsoprano It is a good series! 1mo
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If you gotta be on I-95 today, it‘s good to be the one who‘s not driving!
This book is “a witty homage to Agatha Christie and a clever literary send-up of Golden Age detective fiction.” And it takes place over the holiday season, so I‘m glad I saved it til now

Day 1

batsy Sounds fun! 2mo
Aimeesue @batsy It WAS a lot of fun! There were a lot of nods to Golden Age detective stories, so it made me laugh. It's been given some pans on GR, but I have to think that those people just haven't read their Sayers, Marsh, and Tey. It was really well done. 2mo
LeahBergen This sounds wonderful! 2mo
Centique Sounds perfect to me! 2mo
Aimeesue @LeahBergen @Centique It was a lot of fun! 2mo
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The Private Patient | P. D. James
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🧣Winter Weather Warning issued for my county. I was lucky to be home today. Time to curl up and be cozy with a mystery.

#LittenInTheMitten #MittenLittens #PureMichigan #Snowday #CurrentlyReading #WhoDunit #MysteryLover #MittenLitten

charl08 That's a lot of snow! 3mo
Jess_Read_This @charl08 It is! And it‘s still snowing. We have about 7 inches so far. A bit much for early November.. lol. 3mo
Lauram Snow is coming my way next. I‘m hoping for a snow day tomorrow. 3mo
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Jess_Read_This @Lauram It is so beautiful (bc I didn‘t have to drive in it. Lol) I hope you get your snow day tomorrow! It‘s supposed to stop around 8pm here which gives the road crews time to clear so my hopes of a snow day tomorrow are dwindling. 3mo
Cailey_Mac Yikes! We got a light dusting today, and we‘re allegedly expected to get another 12inches tonight; we shall see though 3mo
Jess_Read_This @Cailey_Mac oh wow! 12 inches?! At last check we had 8 inches and it‘s still snowing. I hope you can stay home tomorrow curled up with a book! 3mo
Cailey_Mac @Jess_Read_This right! We rarely cancel work though :( 3mo
Jess_Read_This @Cailey_Mac ☃️No one can truly prepare us for this crappy part of adulting: work doesn‘t cancelled because of a snow day... unless you are a teacher which I feel like it‘s a small perk in the face of all the obstacles in their job lol. 2mo
Cailey_Mac @Jess_Read_This right! I‘m thinking the same thing! Hence our current house search not going further than 20 minutes away from work😅💀 2mo
Jess_Read_This @Cailey_Mac ha! You are wise. So wise. I have an hour commute on a normal day. Snowy days make me ponder my life choices 😂 2mo
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Gallows Court | Martin Edwards
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This is my November real-life book club choice, & though this one won the unanimous vote, I really wanted to bail on it! The characters are all unlikable; the plot holds only one surprise. The scenes skip around disjointedly which only makes it harder to connect with this book! I thought this sounded fun, but there‘s literally nothing fun at all here! I hate to write a bad review, but hopefully that it will lead to a lively book club discussion!

cathipink Sorry this was a blerg book, but I love your shirt/blanket/fabric behind it 🙂 3mo
TorieStorieS @cathipink Thanks!! It‘s a t-shirt! Gotta sport some #bookwear! ☺️ 3mo
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Thoroughly enjoyed this book. I liked the telling three parts...making it a little unclear which narrator is most reliable. I was kept guessing #whodunit right to the end.

In other greatly news... I found my favourite ‘back home‘ butter tarts sold here in the city! Getting cozy with a reading snack could get dangerous 🙄

Bookzombie That looks yummy! 3mo
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A Murder on Malabar Hill | Sujata Massey
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Down with the flu and the only thing to do was read. Sujata Massey‘s fictitious lawyer with super-sleuthing skills is great company! Perveen Mistry may be doing her bit for women‘s empowerment in the 1920s of Bombay. But she‘s every bit relatable! #Booked2019 #FemaleDetective #whodunit #MysteryWithAServingOfDelectableParsiCuisine

Cinfhen Hope you‘re feeling better real soon 💗 3mo
AppuNthebooks @Cinfhen Feeling much better. Thank you 😊 3mo
UwannaPublishme Just saw this. Hope you‘re feeling healthy and doing great! 🤗 3mo
AppuNthebooks @UwannaPublishme Thanks! Much better now 😊 3mo
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1. I‘ve never really read an entire series before this year, but I‘m currently working my way through the entire Phryne Fisher series;

2. I don‘t have one at the moment. The ones I did like have all gone off the boil for the last two or three series, so I‘m only watching stuff like Bake Off and Strictly

3. No. I‘m English, I barely even know what the World Series is!

4. Chicken and chips this evening.

5. Yes

#FriyayIntro @howjessreads

squirrelbrain I love Bake Off and Strictly too - great fluffy telly! 4mo
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Fire in the Thatch | E.C.R. Lorac

Aaaah, I loved the character of the victim as described in the first couple of chapters, so I got surprisingly invested in this one. Lorac's good at a slow unfolding of the mystery that ends up satisfying anyway; definitely more in the procedural line, detective-wise.