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Heaven's Shadow
Heaven's Shadow | David S. Goyer, Michael Cassutt
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The science fiction epic of our time has arrived. Three years ago, an object one hundred miles across was spotted on a trajectory for Earth's sun. Now, its journey is almost over. As it approaches, two competing manned vehicles race through almost half a million kilometers of space to reach it first. But when they both arrive on the entity, they learn that it has been sent toward Earth for a reason. An intelligent race is desperately attempting to communicate with our primitive species. And the message is: Help us.
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Heaven's Shadow | David S. Goyer, Michael Cassutt

I've started this book for over 8 years, the book of shame because I've never finished it. When I started university, I was not able to read much in the first 3 years, and now that I do, I pushed this one back and back.
Guess what, I've finally read it!! It was not bad, a fast paced, cinema inspired first contact story.
But it was also kind of uncreative, so just an ok book for me😅

DuckOfDoom Also, what do you thin about reviews without pictures? Somehow, that's what keeps me from posting more. I've read many good books this year that I want to share, but I have trouble taking pictures :/ 6mo
julesG I read those reviews anyway. I don't mind posts without pictures. TBH, I probably read them more carefully than the ones with pictures. 😁 6mo
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rabbitprincess I don't usually put pictures on my reviews and am happy to read ones without pictures too 😊 6mo
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Heaven's Shadow | David S. Goyer, Michael Cassutt
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#octphotochallenge #day25 #notofthisworld Keanu, the "asteroid" that two separate rockets are sent from earth to claim as their find, turns out to be sent from an alien race with a message. Surprise! It's definitely not of this world, and things just go from bad to worse for the crews of these rockets. Written by the screenwriter behind Blade & Man Of Steel, it's the first in a trilogy. It's an enjoyable sci-fi novel with a touch of mystery.

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