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Voter Turnout
Voter Turnout: A Social Theory of Political Participation | Meredith Rolfe
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Combines positive political theory, social network research and computational modeling, explaining why some people are more likely to vote than others.
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I‘ve given up reading, but still trying to audiobook and Litsy while I spazz about election results.

I don‘t even live in Texas, y‘all... but this one has me so anxious. 😫

I just realized that 2 years ago I was Litsying and stressing out while I watched results come in. I‘m hoping for a different result tonight, but I‘m so glad I still have Litsy and all of you to get me through! 🤗

vivastory I have very vivid memories of freaking out on Litsy 2 years ago as the results came in. It's actually one of my earliest Litsy memories as I had just joined a couple of weeks earlier. Fingers crossed the results are better!!! 13mo
jpmcwisemorgan I live in Texas and I‘m trying really hard not to freak out. 13mo
Eggbeater I'm freaking out over Congress in general. I get it. I can't eat. 13mo
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sprainedbrain @jpmcwisemorgan bless you!! My fingers are so crossed. 🤞🏻 13mo
Sharpeipup I just moved to Texas so this is all I‘ve heard about since I got here... 13mo
HardcoverHearts I am so anxious I could puke! 13mo
VioletBramble Ugh! NBC just called it for Cruz by 2%. 13mo
sprainedbrain @VioletBramble I know... how people keep electing that walking 💩 is just beyond me. 13mo
vivastory He's like a bad Scooby Doo villain 13mo
sprainedbrain @vivastory Yes! And if you pull the mask off he‘s just a walking pile of 💩. 😂 13mo
vivastory And he would have gotten away with it too! 😂 13mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage I‘m so sad about Beto. And Andrew Gillum too. Still hoping for Abrams. 😢😢 13mo
sprainedbrain @BarbaraTheBibliophage Same here. 😢 (edited) 13mo
JamieArc Sad, but now we can focus on Beto for President, right? 😊🤞🏻. 13mo
sprainedbrain @JamieArc 🙌🏻 13mo
Maewyn I thought the Georgia ejection would be a forgone Republican conclusion so I am glad that it is at least looking like we might need a run off ejection. 🤞🏼 13mo
sprainedbrain @Maewyn 🤞🏻 for you all! Just imagine how GA might have turned out of it had been completely fair. 🤬 13mo
Maewyn If things were completely fair we wouldn't have our current administration.😞 13mo
sprainedbrain @Maewyn so true! 13mo
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I keep the library open late and we provide homemade cookies on voting days. We‘ve had record numbers here today: 170 people in the library, assigned 10 new library cards, and had about 2,000 voters.

MelissaSue81 Is the library a polling place? That‘s a great way to engage new patrons! 13mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa That‘s great! 13mo
NHLibrarian @MelissaSue81 Same building, polling is upstairs in the theater. We‘re sandwiched between the theater and the town offices, it‘s a great setup! (edited) 13mo
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ValerieAndBooks Wow! Hope there were enough cookies for everyone...they look delicious 😋 13mo
NHLibrarian @ValerieAndBooks Just enough... thankfully we were smart enough to make a double batch! 🍪🍪 13mo
Suet624 I can‘t believe I missed so many of your posts! 12mo
NHLibrarian @Suet624 And I don‘t even post that much 😆. I hope you are well and staying cozy in our suddenly arrived winter ❄️ 12mo
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#ShowMeYourSticker so important. voting is not just a privilege but a right (and look what happened last time when people didn‘t vote)!! 🇺🇸

Moray_Reads Oh my god! Trolls are ruined forever! 😂😱 13mo
vkois88 I second @Moray_Reads 😂😂😂 13mo
Crazeedi 13mo
vivastory 😂😂😂 13mo
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