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The Dark Powers of Tolkien
The Dark Powers of Tolkien | David Day
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A compendium of villains of Middle-earth. The vast fictional universe of J. R. R. Tolkien contains many dark terrors to challenge the forces of good. This compendium of villains includes battle timelines, genealogy charts for creature races, striking illustrations, and well-researched commentary on the evil forces that dwell in Middle-earth. This unique title is a conversation starter as well as a great read. This work is unofficial and is not authorized by the Tolkien Estate or HarperCollins Publishers.
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So Tolkien was a fan of “The Red Fairy Book (1890)” and this is a picture from that book so the interpretation of Dragons compared to what we see in Fairy Books now is amazing right 😲🤨🐲

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Next on my reading list 📖😋

LibrarianRyan Did you get settled in your house yet? 2mo
sharread That's a gorgeous book. 2mo
Ddzmini @LibrarianRyan we will be in here until February then in our house after some delays in construction and we have to wait on a list 🙄 2mo
Ddzmini @sharread isn‘t it fantastic (edited) 2mo
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This book is basically a compilation of the several dark figures in Tolkien's universe, and their origin/inspiration on actually mythology and ancient history. I believe it would be even better if I knew Tolkien's work a lot more than I do, but even so, very interesting read. The graphic work is brilliant.

Artist: Kip Rasmussen

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Evil is nothing but the absence of good.

Artist: Ian Miller

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Hello guys, this is my first blurb here on Litsy. I am currently reading this book by #davidday. It was a birthday gift, and so far it's quite interesting and graphically beautiful.

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Eyejaybee Welcome to Litsy. I remember reading David Day‘s ‘A Tolkien Bestiary‘ more than thirty years ago and thought it was marvellous. Many of his drawings were exactly how I had imagined some of the characters. 10mo
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Liriope @Eyejaybee Thank you! Yes, the illustrations are so good. 10mo
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