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Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar
Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar: 100 Dairy-Free Recipes for Everyone's Favorite Treats | Isa Chandra Moskowitz
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Don't run. Don't hide. Vegan cookies are going to invade your cookie jar, one delicious bite at a time. Join award-winning bakers Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero (authors of the hit cookbook Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World) as they continue their world-domination mission - with dairy- and egg-free batches of everyone's favorite treats. Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar includes more than 100 irresistible recipes for cookies, bars, biscotti, brownies, and more. Discover festive desserts that are sure to impress family and friends at any occasion, from birthdays to bake sales.
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Holy Cow! My daughter is home from college and baking cookies 🍪 - round one is the Lazy Samoa ❤️this is the first time for this recipe. I‘m in heaven.

Megabooks Yum! 12mo
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@Cinfhen This is the suggested mix I was talking about. The page on the right is the first one. Sorry for the bad picture quality; the print is pretty small. But I really recommend this cookbook, not just because of the great recipes, but the ingredient section at the front is really interesting and helpful!

Cinfhen Thank you sooo much! I've taken a screenshot and it's easy to read! @DebinHawaii just posted about this chef the other day!!! I'm definitely gonna check her out🙃😊thanks so much for posting and sharing❤️ 2y
readinginthedark @Cinfhen Isa is amazing! There's a second author on this book, too: Terry Hope Romero, who is also fantastic. 2y
DebinHawaii @Cinfhen @readinginthedark Yes! Both Isa & Terry are awesome. This is an excellent cookie cookbook! 👍👍🍪 2y
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#riotgrams #booksandtreats ...So I totally ate the giant cookie I had last night. Lara bar will have to suffice;) but this book is full of awesome #govegan

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Getting ready to pull this out for some marathon baking with my daughter. Isa never fails.
#cookies #12DaysofXmasPhoto

MrBook Niiiice! 3y
Eyelit Yes! 3y
readinginthedark This is a good one! 2y
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Getting ready for Christmas with some cookies. Hope they turn out okay! 🍪

Kirstin ❤️ baking Christmas cookies! They look great! 3y
DivineDiana Which ones are you making? 3y
Suzze I made vegan lemon cookies for work once (had a few vegan coworkers) and they were amazing! 3y
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Eyelit Yay! 👍🍪 3y
PurpleyPumpkin @Kirstin @Eyelit Thanks! I'm trying to get a head start. Not much time left! 3y
PurpleyPumpkin @DivineDiana These are the City Girl Snickerdoodles. They're pretty good! 3y
PurpleyPumpkin @Suzze Where do you find the recipe? This book has lemon bars but not cookies. Sounds like a good idea! 3y
DivineDiana Thanks! Sound yummy! Another book to buy!😉📚 3y
PurpleyPumpkin @Suzze Thanks for this. I'm always looking for recommendations, will try these!🙌🏼 3y
Suzze @PurpleyPumpkin You're welcome! 3y
JackieSmith The pecan rum cookies from Veganomicon are amazing! 3y
PurpleyPumpkin @Suzze I wanted to let you know that I tried the lemon cookies, and they are yummy! Thanks for your suggestion, much appreciated. 👍🏼 3y
Suzze @PurpleyPumpkin Oh goody! Glad you liked them. 3y
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Inspired by @DebinHawaii I am also posting a cookbook edition of today's "shades of blue" #somethingforsept prompt. ?


RealLifeReading Nice photo! 3y
GlitteryOtters @RealLifeReading thank you! 💙💙 3y
DebinHawaii Yay! Thanks to @KarenUK who inspired me! 👍😀 I love this stack & have quite a few of them myself! 📘💙📘💙 3y
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GlitteryOtters @DebinHawaii it was kinda hard because GREEN is the popular color on my vegan cookbooks, so I had less options than I had expected...still, thanks to Isa for giving me some blue spine options! 😂 3y
DebinHawaii @GlitteryOtters Yes! Yay to Isa. 📘📘📘I have the cookie book, the brunch one, and the vegan ice cream and of course Veganomicon. Uh oh, maybe I need to do yet another picture with the other three... Hah! Just kidding! I have already taken out and put away too many books from photos this weekend! 3y
GlitteryOtters @DebinHawaii that cookie book basically helped me choose my wedding reception theme...we did a vegan "afternoon tea" and I made and froze a ton of cookies from that cookbook (plus cupcakes, rainbow fruit skewers, savory breads, cucumber basil & avocado gazpacho, etc.). As a result, I LOVE that cookbook forever! ? 3y
GlitteryOtters @DebinHawaii if that cookbook hadn't given me the idea to make in advance & freeze a bunch of cookies for the reception, I don't know what we would have done because one bride can only cook so much on the eve of her wedding 😂 3y
DebinHawaii @GlitteryOtters That is awesome! No wonder you love it and what a fun reception theme too. 👍😀 3y
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