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I went on a hike today with my Poirot audiobook and met this deer friend. #bfc #bookfitnessclub @wanderinglynn

BookwormAHN Cute 💚 8mo
Emilymdxn That‘s amazing! 8mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 An awesome photo—I can never seem to get my camera app open before they move. 8mo
readordierachel Whoa! 8mo
ValerieAndBooks except for the tall grass I thought maybe you were in my backyard 😂! We have so many deer here. 8mo
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Zen and the Art of Dog Walking | G. Ray Sullivan, Jr.
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Beautiful day for a walk on the trail! Continued listening to Perdido Street Station on Audible. Fabulous book, but SO long! Not a good match for my 4 book goal! But now I get to cuddle up with this handsome man who‘s just soooo sleepy. #BookFitnessClub #bfc

Caterina Awww what a good doggo 😍 Great reward for getting out there for a walk. 😊 8mo
tpixie #DogsOfLitsy 🐶 what a sweetheart 8mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 And pup snuggles are the best! ❤️🐶 8mo
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Reecaspieces Awe! 8mo
BethM Great job and beautiful pup! 8mo
BookwormAHN Nice job and he is so cute 💙 8mo
TheEllieMo Must have been a great walk, you‘ve worn out the puppy! 😄 8mo
dariazeoli Sounds like success if the pup is pooped 😁 8mo
kspenmoll Sweet pup! 8mo
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Human Muscles | Marjorie J. Hogan, Jodi Wheeler-Toppen
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Today‘s BodyPump class was a little easier than last week, but I know I‘ll still feel the burn! Of course, that‘s the point, no? #BookFitnessClub #bfc

BookwormAHN Great job 👏🏻 8mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 8mo
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Running Loose | Chris Crutcher
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This week really held me back from out of door exercise, but I made up for it at the gym. The only problem is that I can‘t listen to Audible while in a BodyPump or BodyCombat class! So less book, more sweat! Here‘s a picture of my pupper, Jackson. We did make it outside yesterday and today for good long walks! So that counts too! Overall: 2 cardio/interval classes and 2 long walks with canine! #BookFitnessClub #BFC

cathysaid Awww...look at his smile 😀 8mo
BookwormAHN So cute, nice job 👏🏻 8mo
Readergrrl He‘s a good boy. Mostly. 😂😂😂 8mo
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AprilMae Good job! And good boy!!! Give him puppy squeezes from me ❤❤❤ 8mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 And someone looks happy to be outside! ❤️🐶 8mo
bewareofwords He‘s looks too sweet. 🥰 Great work! 8mo
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