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David and Sydney Mitford raised their 6 daughters and one son with an emphasis on being unique and always appreciated their differences. And were they ever different! This account of their lives includes scandal, political intrigue, and a whole lot of sibling rivalry.

Leftcoastzen I want to read this! Love Decca. 1w
Cinfhen #FridayFlowers 😍I know lots of Littens love reading about the Mitford‘s, I haven‘t read anything yet😔 1w
Simona @cinfhen Definitely worthy to try❣️It‘s hard to believe how extraordinary their lives were. 1w
Reviewsbylola Such a fascinating family. 1w
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The story of Audrey Hepburn and her family in World War Two. There were some #Mitford sightings in the first bit, which talked about her mother in the 30s.

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My #MondayMorningBeverage - I‘m not jumping the gun on Christmas, I work for the Town of Holly Springs so I use this mug year-round. 😀

dariazeoli Love it! 2mo
LeahBergen 😍😍 2mo
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Don't Tell Alfred | Nancy Mitford
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I love these editions of Nancy Mitford‘s books. She‘s just so posh. 😍 #covercrush #7days7covers Day 6

LeahBergen Isn‘t she, though?? 😍 2mo
LeahBergen I did a Mitford today, too 😄 2mo
Dragon I love anything Mitford 👍😀🐉 2mo
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#7Days7Covers #CoverCrush

Day # 7

Who else wants to play? How about you, @Reggie , have you been tagged yet? Post 7 covers that you love over 7 days; no explanations. Try to tag someone new each day. 😀

emilyhaldi Omg this is my fav 🙌🏻 2mo
jillrhudy No explanations? I didn't get the memo about no explanations! I've been explaining. How do you not explain? 2mo
Cathythoughts Love this ✨ 2mo
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writerlibrarian Beautiful (edited) 2mo
batsy Oooh 😍 I hope it isn't wrong to say that the little one alarms me a little 😆 2mo
Reviewsbylola Where is that poor kid‘s neck?! Lovely cover tho. 🥰 2mo
LeahBergen @emilyhaldi @batsy @reviewsbylola This is a collection of essays and that little girl on the cover is actually Nancy Mitford herself, at the age of 5, reading Ivanhoe. 😆😆 2mo
Gissy 😍 2mo
Reviewsbylola That can‘t be her! 🤯 Her neck certainly grew a lot in the intervening years. 2mo
batsy 😂 2mo
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Hons and Rebels | Jessica Mitford
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I was supposed to only drop donations off at the Friends of the Library bookstore yesterday but who can say no to a $7 Folio Society edition of a book you have been wanting to read?

kspenmoll 🙌🏻🙌🏻 3mo
LeahBergen Nope! You can‘t! ❤️❤️ 3mo
DivineDiana No one! 3mo
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Today‘s haul from the book sorting. I was happy to finally find Everything Under, and was thrilled with the Thirkell and the Mitford saga.

Also, there‘s this tea -which I assumed was going to be gross and bought it just so I could say I TRIED it, but is actually very, very good and I had to go back for additional tins because it‘s a seasonal item and God forbid I run out in February 2020.

jillrhudy I think I've read that Thirkell, and I have definitely read “The Sisters,“ but if I read anything by or about a Mitford I catch a Mitford Bug and become obsessed with them AGAIN! The peril! 3mo
Aimeesue @jillrhudy Yes, it‘s quite a perilous trap. But what is one to do- NOT read Mitfords??? Qu‘ell horreur! 3mo
jillrhudy @Aimeesue Not an option. They're so great. 3mo
Lcsmcat My daughter loves that tea, but our Trader Joe‘s doesn‘t carry it. 3mo
Aimeesue @Lcsmcat I totally expected to hate it, but turns out that it's nicely balanced and doesn't taste like fake watermelon flavour at all. Weird that your TJ's doesn't have it. Although mine doesn't have Cherries & Berries tea, and I wanted to try that, too. Distribution of seasonal stuff is def hit or miss. 3mo
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Don't Tell Alfred | Nancy Mitford
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This is the third novel with Fanny as the storyteller, and it‘s quite the time jump from the previous two. Fanny and husband Alfred have 4 kids, two is finished with school while the other two are at Elton. Then Alfred is appointed the English ambassador in Paris, and Fanny and Alfred moves. The Parisian life is different from their life in Oxford.

AnneCecilie The first two novels with Fanny as the storyteller read more like companion novels. The first was 4mo
Crazeedi I havent read any of her books, but I've wanted to!! 4mo
Margot0817 What are these about? 4mo
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Wigs on the Green | Nancy Mitford
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After the most recent book fair I attended, I realized I now own four books by Nancy Mitford, but I‘ve yet to read any of them. Any suggestions on which of these to start with?

mabell Great cover collection! 4mo
Centique I think Pursuit of Love is her most famous. It didn‘t quite work for me but lots of other Littens LOVE this book 😊 4mo
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The American way of death | Jessica Mitford

So so