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The Mists of Avalon | Marion Zimmer Bradley
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Watery tarts distribute swords, forming the basis of a system of government. #badsummary

jmtrivera 😂😂😂 It gets better! 😉 8mo
Heideschrampf I live for this! 8mo
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The Night Circus | Erin Morgenstern
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Two enemies make their children fight to the death but instead the children decide to join the circus for eternity.


Charlotte's Web | E. B. White
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Friends work together so that the runt doesn‘t become bacon. #badsummary

IamIamIam 😂😂😂 #mmmbacon 8mo
marleed So good - the summary- not the bacon! 8mo
ferskner Hahaha! 8mo
BiblioLitten 😆 8mo
ruskigurl16 That is the absolute best (humorous) way to describe this jem of a book. 😂👏 8mo
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The Secret History | Donna Tartt
This post contains spoilers
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A group of college students take inspiration from an ancient ritual and go on a brief murder spree.

Lcsmcat This is perfect! 8mo
Ashley_Nicoletto 🤣🤣 yessss 8mo
Davor Hahahah I love this 😂😂 8mo
LauraK411 Pretty much! 😃 7mo
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Harry Potter | JK Rowling
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A bumbling lad survives school—and the ultimate bully—with the help of his two best friends: a brainy girl and a fearful boy. #badsummary

HOTPock3tt Love this! ♥️ 8mo
Lcsmcat Perfect! 8mo
GripLitGrl 😄❤👍 8mo
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Kdgordon88 Spot on! 8mo
Dragon 😀👍🐉 8mo
Heideschrampf Perfect! Maybe add "... in the end he still gets all the credit for saving the world" 8mo
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Jane Eyre | Charlotte Bront
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This #badsummary can be broken down way too short - or does it make it even better??

Short: ➿The nanny has an affair with her boss, then his wife burns down the house.➿

Long: ➿So this poor girl gets a job as a nanny and gets seduced by her boss (fyi: he sometimes wears drag). Then she finds out he's already married, but after his wife burns down the house they get hitched anyways. She also sees a lot of ghosts and wins the lottery. The end.➿

readordierachel 😆😆 8mo
squirrelbrain Love the shorter version! 🤣 8mo
Smrloomis Also prefer the shorter version, but both are good! 😂 8mo
SW-T Both good but really liked the short version 😂 8mo
jmtrivera Short version for the win! 8mo
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Persuasion | Jane Austen
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Anne's family doesn't approve of her engagement so she breaks it off and he joins the Navy. Eight years later, he dates Anne's friend who hits her head and he runs away. He comes back to hang with Anne and her family and friends but she's dating someone else. He overhears her talking about how women love the longest and he writes her a letter... no spoilers!

How about you @kramerh77 @NikkiKey94

A Man Called Ove: A Novel | Fredrik Backman
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A grumpy curmudgeon of a man keeps putting off committing suicide (yikes!) because everyone keeps needing him to help them. #BadSummary

Nerdy_Bookworm A gunslinger is followed by a schizophrenic lady, a little boy, a doglike animal, and a drug addict, on a journey to find some emo dude, and to visit some tall building! 8mo
tpixie @Nerdy_Bookworm YES! Stand Tall! Remember your Father! 8mo
Nerdy_Bookworm Yesssss!!!!!!!!! A fellow member of the Ka'Tet! 8mo
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tpixie @Nerdy_Bookworm ♥️😊♥️ 8mo
Hollie Loved that book and your bad summary! 8mo
tpixie @Hollie 😊 8mo
Dragon Ove would love this description 😀👍🐉 8mo
tpixie @Dragon ha!! ♥️📚♥️ 8mo
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This girl finds a magical world, but her siblings think she's crazy and a liar. This continues until one day her brother also finds it, even though he keeps calling her a liar because he's planning on selling out his siblings for candy. They then all wander in the snow a lot until the lion breathes on stuff and defeats the evil witch. Also, this all takes place in a closet.

Smrloomis Actually, I think that summary is pretty good! 😂 8mo
jmtrivera @Smrloomis 😂 It sounds crazy, but it's accurate! 8mo
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The Song of Achilles | Madeline Miller
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What did I read? An insanely protracted doomed love story between a bumbling idiot and an angry golden-haired beautiful boy, who has a mother that's a cross between Maleficent and an Asian female ghost who keeps baring her teeth. Next time, pls don't use a writer's creds (degree in Latin Greek etc) to feature a book that's supposed to be a "retelling" of an epic. Nope. This is fanfiction, at best. Sorry to those who loved this one ? Don't hate me

DivineDiana An honest review is always welcome. Still on my TBR! 8mo
fleeting @DivineDiana would still recommend as a fast read to pass the time! It's not a bail, just quite disappointing. 😕 8mo
tpixie lol this could be added to the #BadSummary that i saw this am 8mo
fleeting @tpixie huh, didn't know that was a thing! Haha this is rather fitting for that, indeed! 8mo
tpixie @fleeting 😊 8mo
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