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Somehow I managed to pull it off! (I wrote 5930 words in four hours. And they‘re readable. IDK how. That‘s some Stephen King level bullshit right there).

Hope all my fellow Littens did well!

#nanowrimo #authorsoflitsy #litsywriters #bulletjournal #bujo #bujospread

Charityann Congrats!🎉 😊 2mo
SupTeaReadBooks @Charityann thank you! 😊 2mo
TK-421 Congratulations! 2mo
SupTeaReadBooks @TK-421 thank you! 2mo
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I created a #bujospread to keep track of the photo challenges on here and I'm really enjoying it. Also pictured are decorative paper clips I use in my #bujo as well as #bookmarks when I misplaced my actual ones 😂😂 Do you plan or bullet journal?

✔️Day 4 of #febinbooks18 bookmark appreciation
✔️Day 5 of #ampersand2018 for #spread

knittedgnome Nice!! I bujo in a traveler's notebook and just finished a couple reading themed spreads. 2y
MissAimz_55 Yes I have my popsugar reading challenge spread and my bookshelf spread for books I read that don't fit that challenge 😂 2y
MissAimz_55 @knittedgnome I use a scribbles that matter notebook and love it (edited) 2y
knittedgnome I love tracking books! I keep thinking about just using one notebook or maybe two because I keep a separate one for memory planning. But then always end up with 4. 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Don‘t forget mine!!!! ❤️❤️ #Heartsandhardcovers 2y
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So far I‘ve only read 2/60 books for my #MountTBR challenge, but I know that after this weekend that number will be much higher thanks to the #ThrowbackReadathon 💙 I decided I wanted to add numbers to the boxes, instead of the book titles for this #bujospread . I am absolutely loving how this spread has turned out. 📖

#bulletjournal #bujo #journalling #listmaker #challengeyourself #MountKilimanjaro 🖌

laundry_piles Love your pencil bad! 2y
callielafleur I love this spread! 2y
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Another page completed in my bullet journal. 👏 All of the #LetsGetGraphicWeeklongMarathon Stats! I loved the way it turned out. 😊 What do you think @TricksyTails ?

Another big thanks to everyone who joined in and made our Marathon so much more fun than we could‘ve even dreamed. I had so much fun looking through all of your posts, and seeing what you all were reading. I have so many more graphics on my TBR. I cannot wait until the next one! 📚

Natasha.C.Barnes Oh my god that's so many entries 🙈🙈🙈 please tell me the number 2 slot was close? 2y
Natasha.C.Barnes But also, I love this page, it's awesome. 2y
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Clwojick @Natasha.C.Barnes There were quite a few people who had over 50 posts. I didn‘t count everyone‘s final numbers, just you and the winner. Hahah! I have no idea how you didn‘t win the randomized though. Lol! If I wasn‘t hosting it, I probably would‘ve posted way more than I did. I had soooo many pics saved on my phone. ❤️ (edited) 2y
Natasha.C.Barnes I definitely had a little too much time on my hands that week...🤔 2y
Clwojick @Natasha.C.Barnes I loved all your involvement and graphic novel loving support ❤️ 2y
TricksyTails 😍 Wowowowowow!! First, that layout is gorgeous! Second, those #LetsGetGraphicWeeklongMarathon statistics are awesome!! @Natasha.C.Barnes KILLED it!! A very special thanks to her for her wonderful participation!! 2y
Gezemice I love your journal! I tried to make it pretty but I decided it was better messy but functional. 2y
callielafleur @Natasha.C.Barnes nicely done! Events like this only work when people post! You were inspirational!! Thank you to @Clwojick and @TricksyTails for organizing. You make this community the lovely place it is!! 💜💜💜 2y
Clwojick @callielafleur Awe! Thank you! You are too sweet. 😊 2y
TricksyTails @callielafleur True! The community made it such a success! I‘m so grateful that everyone participated and had so much fun with it. Thank you so much for your kind words! That means a lot! 😘♥️🤗 2y
readinginthedark It was so much fun! And I love your bullet journal page!!! I‘m trying to use more creative ideas for my reading journal...I‘ll get there! Thank you both for hosting! @TricksyTails (edited) 2y
readinginthedark @Natasha.C.Barnes 😆❤️That‘s amazing! And here I was wondering if I posted too much... 2y
Clwojick @readinginthedark ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 2y
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