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Crafty bookworm who loves cats!
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Summer Wives by Beatriz Williams
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The Book of Joy by Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu
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Found this on my #littlefreelibrary today and this sweet note inside. I thought my reader friends would understand. Books are so much more than just entertainment.

LazyDays How WONDERFUL!💙💙💙 6y
Leftcoastzen Oh wow! That‘s wonderful, maybe Book therapy was just what she needed.😀 6y
wanderinglynn Lovely! I think we can all agree that book therapy is the best. 💜 6y
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JoScho That is so amazing! Warm fuzzies! 6y
MicheleinPhilly I love this. ❤️❤️❤️ 6y
jdiehr 💕💕 6y
readordierachel That's lovely 💙 6y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Makes all the effort of curating an LFL worth it. What a treasure! ♥️ 6y
Laylafinn I can‘t wait to make one! 6y
knittedgnome @Leftcoastzen @wanderinglynn yes!! Books are sometimes exactly what I need. So much more than just a story. 6y
knittedgnome @BarbaraTheBibliophage it really does! Not that mine is busy or a ton of work. But, I was like yep this is why I have this. 6y
knittedgnome @Laylafinn I love mine and used an old free magazine thing that a local party store gave me for free. A little paint and she was ready to go! 6y
Trashcanman Where ya been? How all is well? 6y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Miss you on Litsy!! Hope all is well!! 💞 5y
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So much this!!! When I worked at the bookstore it seems people were always acting so rude about some books!

Lovesbooks87 Love this!!! So true! 💜💜💜 6y
Stacy_31 Love this!! Once, I was checking out at the library and this mom sneered and said she would never let her kid read Ivy and Bean books. I said hey, as long as they‘re reading, I don‘t care. Why shame? 🤷🏼‍♀️ 6y
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Joy0201 Amen, I say amen!!! 6y
DaveGreen7777 ❤️❤️❤️ Completely agree with this! Reading is reading! 😊 6y
minkyb 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 6y
Lel2403 Totally agree 6y
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Little Women | Louisa May Alcott
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Check out these beauties! Costco has such a great book selection.

Trashcanman 👁️👁️ 6y
Samplergal Hmm. May need to make a ride by Costco. 6y
sebrittainclark I love those covers! I wish I lived near a Costco! 6y
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Stacy_31 Beautiful covers! 😍 I almost went to Costco to book browse today. 🙈 6y
MicrobeMom I love these covers! 6y
Ms_T Lovely! 6y
knittedgnome @Samplergal do it! At ours these were the only new ones. 6y
knittedgnome @sebrittain they are beautiful! 6y
knittedgnome @Stacy_31 this was the only new things ours had. 6y
jfalkens So pretty 😍😍 6y
SquiBella 😍 Wow, these covers are lovely!! 5y
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Kings of the Wyld | Nicholas Eames
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I'm loving some snark in a fantasy! Really an enjoyable read so far!

Branwen I loved this one SO much! 😀 6y
knittedgnome @Branwen it really is great!! I saw somewhere a second book is coming out soon! Or might be out now. 6y
Branwen I think it comesbout at the end of the month! I'm totally getting it! 6y
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The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society | Annie Barrows, Mary Ann Shaffer
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Anyone else going to watch this today? I'm trying not to get my hopes up!

LisaJo I found the book at the library book sale a couple months ago. I think I‘m going to read it first and then watch the movie. The movie does look so good though. 6y
ErikasMindfulShelf Definitely watching this today!! 6y
knittedgnome @LisaJo I'm hoping the movie is good! I really enjoyed the book. 6y
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knittedgnome @irre I lucked out because Friday is the day my son is with my mom and my hubby doesn't come home for lunch. Best day for things like this. 6y
ErikasMindfulShelf Awesome. I‘m not sure when I‘ll have time to see it. I might have to convince my husband to watch it with me tonight. 6y
Quirkybookworm Oh I am!! Can‘t wait! 6y
Sophoclessweetheart Oh wow! Going to check Netflix x 6y
Marilyncjackson I loved this book so much! I really hope this holds up. 6y
quietjenn Sometime this weekend for sure! 6y
Marilyncjackson I watched it after work. They changed some things but it was pretty good. 6y
knittedgnome @Marilyncjackson I liked it but wasn't as great as the book! 6y
Marilyncjackson @knittedgnome I totally the agree! The book was my best reads pick for 2017 (when I read it) for my Library. 6y
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The footnotes in this book are cracking me up!

RadicalReader @knittedgnome what an awesome quote perfect sticker to add to it too 👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻 6y
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Mistborn Trilogy Set | Brandon Sanderson
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I demoed this today at #gencon and was so disappointed! You play as the houses and try to fight off the revolution. Very little of the magic is used. Really seems like a sell out. Boooo

tracey38 Sorry it wasn't that fun! 6y
jfalkens Did you get to try The Name of the Wind one? 6y
knittedgnome @jfalkens I haven't seen it yet! This is crazy huge. I'm going to look for it today. 6y
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knittedgnome @tracey38 at least now I know! 6y
jfalkens @knittedgnome ahhh good luck 🤞🤞🤞 having fun? 6y
knittedgnome @jfalkens I never did find it! Bummer! I had a really great time! Even got to meet a couple littens! 6y
jfalkens @knittedgnome that's cool 🤗 I'm glad you had fun 😊 6y
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The Core | Peter V. Brett
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Trying to finish the last 10% and am distracted by this beauty! There is a lot left to figure out in not many pages!

KatieCarpenter Gorgeous!! 6y
readingjedi Awesome 🦋🦋🦋🦋 6y
Deblovestoread Beautiful photo! 6y
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ladym30 Stunning! 6y
BookishMe The vibrant colors! 6y
akckitty Gorgeous for sure!! 6y
Nebklvr Good catch! Amazing photo! 6y
Wife Beautiful!🌹 6y
RohitSawant Amazing picture! 6y
knittedgnome @KatieCarpenter @readingjedi @Kdgordon88 @ladym30 @BookishMe @akckitty @Nebklvr @Wife @rohit-sawant Thank you! It was extra lucky this one turned out because my phone died as soon as I did! 6y
RavenLovelyReads That‘s a beautiful photo. 😍 Thank you for sharing. 6y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Beautiful ❤️❤️ 6y
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Name of the Wind | Patrick Rothfuss
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I'm getting pretty excited for Gencon next week. It's a board game convention but there are so many things for fantasy readers! Like this game with a Name of the Wind expansion. Plus I just signed up to play a Mistborn game! And I'm meeting Anne Bishop! Eek!!


jpmcwisemorgan There‘s a Mistborn game? 6y
knittedgnome @jpmcwisemorgan there is!! Mistborn House Wars and there is an RPG 6y
jpmcwisemorgan Holy biscuits! Will it be at GenCon? This is my first time going and I know nothing! 6y
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knittedgnome @jpmcwisemorgan they will have it to demo but I'm not sure if they have it for sale too. I'm guessing they will. Booth #1639 This is only my second time going but we had so much fun our first year! If you would like to try and meet up for a minute email me! terarowe@gmail.com 6y
jpmcwisemorgan Excellent! 6y
Eyelit So cool! 6y
jfalkens I saw this! I am so tempted! Grrr stupid car! 6y
knittedgnome @jfalkens I wish I could offer you a ride!! Gibson and two friends are riding with me so the only seat is the tiny middle one :( 6y
GondorGirl @knittedgnome @jpmcwisemorgan and I are going to try to meet up at GenCon. Want to join us? 6y
knittedgnome @GondorGirl yes!! That would be so fun! 6y
GondorGirl @knittedgnome Are you doing any of the author signings? 6y
knittedgnome @GondorGirl yes! Only one is Anne Bishop Thursday at 3pm 6y
knittedgnome That's literally the only thing that I have for sure committed to. 6y
GondorGirl @knittedgnome @jpmcwisemorgan Why don't you two email me and I'll start a message so the three of us can try to figure something out. PirateColey@yahoo.com 6y
jpmcwisemorgan @knittedgnome @GondorGirl Apparently I‘m trying to get all the autographs. I‘ve actually decided to drop Bishop & Cameron, Mack & Martin, and Broaddus & Waggoner. I have tickets for all of those if anyone wants them and we can figure how to meet up. I have some talks I want to make it to but I might not. If I‘m all booked up I can‘t wander around and try to buy stuff that I can‘t take home on the plane. 6y
jpmcwisemorgan @jfalkens Boo! I wish you could make it. 6y
jfalkens @jpmcwisemorgan me too lol its ok @knittedgnome 🤗 6y
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The Core | Peter V. Brett
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Yep that's me, super wild. Putting off starting my day with coffee and some reading!

Reviewsbylola Perfect start to the day! 6y
jfalkens I love your new picture 😻 6y
knittedgnome @Reviewsbylola it is! Except it's really starting to get intense and all I want to do is read! 6y
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knittedgnome @jfalkens thanks!! I love seeing my Litsy friends and thought I should change mine too! This was the sweetest kitten. I would have taken him home in a heartbeat if he was looking for a home! 6y
jfalkens @knittedgnome awww he's so cute! I thought it was Pippin lol but the picture is tiny. 6y
knittedgnome @jfalkens he does look like Pip! 6y
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I'm starting this tonight. My son claims to be a bigger fan since he has read this. I think not young man.

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Gibby is helping me get my #bujo updated.

I mostly liked listening to Hillbilly Elegy. I didn't have the greatest childhood and guess I don't like hearing about others. This book seemed to just skim the surface of important topics. Some bits were preachy.

I prefer audio books to be nonfiction. Any suggestions?

Kaye Try this memoir. Very cute. Not a lot of bad childhood stuff. It‘s pretty funny. 6y
Reviewsbylola I just started a NF in audio, although it‘s very disturbing. 6y
knittedgnome @Reviewsbylola I don't think my heart could take that just now. 6y
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knittedgnome @Kaye that sounds good! Not up for sad or high stress right now. 6y
knittedgnome @Kaye had to suggest that my library get an audio copy 6y
Kaye Tera. Have you ever gotten a free Onebook from Audible ? If not, I have it in audio. I can give it to you as a gift. @knittedgnome 6y
knittedgnome @Kaye I haven't done that! Or looked anymore than the library. They usually are so good about getting anything requested. 6y
Kaye It‘s in your mailbox. If you don‘t have the audible app download it. The book is waiting for you. Free. No strings attached. (edited) 6y
knittedgnome @Kaye thanks Julie! That's so nice of you! I'm excited to listen to it. 6y
Kaye Enjoy it. It‘s very funny and cute. No depressing parts. I‘ve listened to it 3 times now. There‘s a part 2 Try it next if you like this. 6y
CatLass007 Great-looking kitty. 6y
knittedgnome @CatLass007 thanks!! He is my buddy and likes to help with whatever I'm doing. 6y
jfalkens I'm sorry about your childhood xXxX mine sucked too so I get it. 6y
knittedgnome @jfalkens I am surprised how often as an adult I notice it's effects. Hugs friend. Also let's get together soon! 6y
jfalkens @knittedgnome oh for sure, I was hoping the memories would fade more. *big hugs* For sure, that sounds fun 🤗 6y
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Thanks for the tag @Trashcanman @julesG and @jfalkens

1. I worked really hard to say "you guys" instead of yous guys :) Funny this is the topic, just last night son and hubby were picking in me for my strong Midwest accent.
2. 2
3. 4, Litsy, Serial Reader, Thrift Books, Goodreads.
4. Eating pizza and hanging out with the family.
5. I haven't been on much today so maybe @Morr_Books

#friyayintro @jesshowbooks

KristinaRay I say you guys, but all my relatives in Jersey and Philadelphia say “yous guys” 6y
knittedgnome @KristinaRay my mom says it all the time and I catch myself saying it occasionally but a former coworker really gave me a hard time about it so I almost never say it 6y
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Audio booking and working on the picture boards for the funeral tomorrow. It makes me so sad there are almost none from my childhood and more recent. PSA get in those pictures!!! Even if you don't think you look your best. Pass the camera to someone else!!

CatLass007 So sorry for your loss. 6y
TrishB Hope all goes well 💕 sending hugs. 6y
Kaye Very sorry for your loss. 💕 6y
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Monica5 Sorry for your loss. Prayers 6y
knittedgnome @CatLass007 @TrishB @Kaye @Monica5 thank you. Looking through the pictures was very healing. 6y
MicheleinPhilly ❤️❤️❤️ 6y
mariaku21 I am so very sorry for your loss. 6y
knittedgnome @mariaku21 and @MicheleinPhilly thank you. She was such a special lady. 6y
Lreads I‘m so sorry for your loss. The pictures are really nice. Sending hugs. 💕 6y
Chili I‘m so sorry for your loss. 💜💜 6y
knittedgnome @QuietlyLaura thank you! I love the old pictures especially. Such a beautiful lady inside and out. 6y
knittedgnome @Chili thank you 6y
AmandaL 💜💜💜 6y
jfalkens *hugs* thinking of you today *big hugs* 6y
knittedgnome @jfalkens thank you. It ended up being a lovely service with lots of memories shared. Also reconnected with family I hadn't seen in years. 6y
jfalkens @knittedgnome *big hugs* 6y
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I thought the #jb group when I read this part.

I thought the idea of knowing the day that you will die but not when or how was super interesting and thought a lot about it. There just wasn't enough world building to help us fill in why this is known and what else is changed. I could see this being almost better as a movie.

bookandbedandtea I loved these boys and so I loved the book but I'm with you: I wanted to know SO much more about how death could be predicted and how we got to the world these characters live in. 6y
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Untitled | To Be Announced
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#jb friends I'm going to be behind on replies. My beloved Granny passed away yesterday. She battled with dementia for several years and I have been holding vigil for 3 days before she passed. She pretty much raised me and my sister. I'm glad she isn't suffering but my heart is just so sad.

Reagan So sorry for your loss ❤️ 6y
Insightsintobooks I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my grandmother who was my best friend as well a few years ago. 6y
Librarybelle I‘m so sorry for your loss 6y
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BookishMarginalia Big hug to you and your sister. 💜 6y
JoScho I am so sorry for your loss. Sending love ❤️ 6y
SandyW So sorry for your loss! 💔 6y
TiredLibrarian So sorry for your loss. What a wonderful pic, and what a great lady she must have been. ❤ 6y
JenReadsAlot Sorry for your loss 💔 6y
llwheeler So sorry for your loss 6y
Eyelit Sorry for your loss. 💜💜💜 6y
Suet624 I‘m so sorry. ❤️❤️ 6y
TheBookgeekFrau So sorry for your loss😔 6y
Morr_Books So sorry😢. Big hugs! 6y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m so sorry for your loss ❤️ 6y
DGRachel I‘m so sorry for your loss. {{hugs}} 6y
Areader2 “The loss is immeasurable but so is the love left behind”🙏🏼 are with you and your family. 6y
quietjenn I'm sorry for your loss. Sympathies to you and your family. 6y
BarbaraTheBibliophage I‘m so sorry. She sounds and looks like a beautiful person. 💔❤️💔❤️ 6y
Chrissyreadit So sorry. ❤️❤️❤️ 6y
Deblovestoread I am so sorry for your loss. 6y
Trashcanman ❤️❤️❤️😞(((hugs))) May the memories of happy times you shared bring you comfort. 6y
DarcysMom I am so sorry. My thoughts are with you and your family. ❤ 6y
Craftylikefox I am sorry for your loss. 💕hugs💕 6y
CareBear So sorry to hear this. Sending love 💕 6y
AsYouWish I am so sorry for your loss. 6y
tracey38 Oh I'm so very sorry. Sending love and hugs. 💕 6y
Lauram I‘m so sorry. My thoughts are with you. 6y
Stacy_31 I‘m so sorry for your loss. 💜💜 6y
ErikasMindfulShelf I‘m so sorry for your loss 💕💕 6y
Susanita I‘m sorry for your loss. Grandmas are special. 6y
RebelReader Sorry to hear of your Grandma‘s passing. Even if you know it‘s coming it still kicks your butt when it happens. Hugs to you! ❤️❤️ 6y
Jas16 I am so sorry for your loss. 6y
Dragon So very sorry for your loss. 💙 6y
ravenlee I‘m sorry to hear that. So much love for you.💗💗💗 6y
CoffeeNBooks I'm so sorry for your loss. 6y
SaturnDoo 😢 My deepest condolences to you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Big hugs!!!! ❤❤❤ 6y
megt I‘m so sorry for your loss. 6y
Erofan I'm so sorry for your loss😢 6y
readordierachel I'm so, so sorry for your loss. Sending love ❤ 6y
Nerdgirl_Ms_Sorrells 💔💔💔 6y
Briary Oh I'm so sorry for your loss 💔 6y
RohitSawant I'm so sorry for your loss. 💜 6y
Reggie I‘m so sorry for your loss. 6y
dariazeoli I‘m so sorry! 6y
Sophoclessweetheart I‘m so sorry for your loss. My grandma was my closest companion too and I was devastated when she passed. Sending love and light 🖤🖤🖤 6y
Mollyanna So sorry for your loss 💔 6y
Redwritinghood Sorry for your loss. 💔💔 6y
youneverarrived So sorry for your loss. Sending love ❤️ 6y
RealLifeReading Sorry for your loss. Sending hugs 6y
jfalkens I'm so sorry for your loss xXxX xXxX xXxX xXxX 6y
knittedgnome Thank you everyone for the love and kind thoughts! The next couple days are getting things around for the funeral on Wednesday. 6y
Sace I'm so sorry for your loss. 6y
AmyG I am so very sorry for your loss. May your memories of her be a comfort to you. 6y
CSeydel I am sorry for your loss 💗 6y
cobwebmoth I'm very sorry for your loss. *hugs* 6y
minkyb Sorry to read this. Sending hugs. 6y
WritethebookAnniemae So sorry, sending 🧡 your way 6y
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Enjoying some of my jam from yesterday and reading a chapter or two of this never ending book! Lol!

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Picked blueberries today with my nephew (and son not pictured) and now making some jam. I'm subbing brown sugar so fingers crossed it turns out!

tracey38 Sounds yummy! 6y
knittedgnome @tracey38 I couldn't wait and tried the little left over jar and it's soooo yummy! 6y
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The Sisters Brothers | Patrick DeWitt
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I really liked this! Much more than I thought I would. Great relationships and banter between characters. I enjoyed that it was a western. I can't wait to see the movie, it has great potential.

TieDyeDude Glad you liked it. One of my favorite authors! 6y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Have you read Undermajordomo Minor? I liked that one more than Sisters Brothers - it‘s weird too! 6y
knittedgnome @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled I haven't! But will look for it! 6y
rabbitprincess I loved this, and the cover is fabulous too 😊 6y
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Run to Costco! They have the new covers for all the Harry Potter for 7.99/8.99! These will be perfect for my nephew who is on book 3 now and has a birthday coming up. I might go ahead and give him 4 when I see him tomorrow so he doesn't have to wait.

I have been terrible about posting #jb pictures. 5 out today and 2 more ready for tomorrow. Plus 3 in today! So even if I haven't posted thank you and replies (and new) are on the way!

wordslinger42 I didn't think those were out yet!!! 6y
knittedgnome @wordslinger42 they must be because I also saw them at Target! I don't super love them but the price was right! 6y
OrangeMooseReads I want these! 6y
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The Sisters Brothers | Patrick DeWitt
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Enjoying a lazy Sunday! A bit of coffee, a good book, and a cat on both sides.

Baawrabookster Have you read Ablutions by Patrick deWitt?? 6y
knittedgnome @Baawrabookster this is all I have read of his and all that my library has :/ I'm going to have to request more because I really enjoyed this! 6y
Baawrabookster You can DM me your kindle email id and I can send you Ablutions if you want 6y
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Unpopular opinion here but pan. Maybe I'm all fantasied out but I just did not get into this at all. Each character's voice wasn't distinct enough and I had a hard time knowing who was who. I skimmed at least half.

IheartYA Awww. It took a while for me to get into but eventually I loved it. It is longer than I would have liked. Sorry you weren't feeling it. 😕 6y
knittedgnome @IheartYA I was bummed too! I actually think it might have been better as a series and then we could know and tell apart each person better. I also have read a ton of fantasy lately and maybe this just didn't hook me as much as others did. 6y
minkyb We can‘t love them all! 6y
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Untitled | Unknown
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I feel like bookworms get this! I didn't want to tag a book because I didn't want to give spoilers!

post image

@Kaye my secret swap partner was very sneaky! I have no idea who it was!!! Whoever you are, thank you so much!! I keep seeing this on Litsy and it sounds so good! I have been wanting to read this for a while! #jb

Kaye I‘m glad you like your book. I‘ll wait to let your partner reveal herself to you so I don‘t ruin the surprise. It‘d be pretty easy to guess though because I gave everyone the same partners , so whoever you sent to is who sent to you. 😊 6y
knittedgnome @Kaye haha! I did not figure that out! @Aloisi_tribe thank you so much!! 6y
Craftylikefox It‘s so good!!!! Enjoy!!! 💕 6y
Aloisi_tribe You‘re welcome! The Alienist is one of my favorite books. The sequel, Angel of Darkness, may be even better. 6y
knittedgnome @Aloisi_tribe I am even more excited hearing that!!! 6y
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Trying to read my chapter and have a snack but this fool won't leave me be!!

2BR02B My cats always look so confused when they see me eating vegetables. They seem to be able to process that the mouth hole is used for eating, but cannot accept the idea of foliage as food. 😆 6y
Kaye Does your cat eat veggies ? 6y
knittedgnome @Kaye after googling if it was safe for cats I gave him a small piece. After licking it he put it in his mouth and dropped it right back out! Lol! Maybe he wanted it with dip. I just put him off the table instead. 6y
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knittedgnome @2BR02B haha yep! He tried it and was like nope not for me. Then he decided to sniff my La Croix so he got booted off the table. 6y
Slajaunie Cats are such funny creatures! Mine gets into everything! 6y
Kaye Tera. Have you opened your swap book yet since your partner opened hers ? Can you show us what you got ? 6y
jfalkens Danica, has been highly disappointed in the fact that we're vegetarian now. She always sniffs our food and lays on the table dejected until she still attempts to take it and drop it on the floor so she usually gets kicked off the table before she steals our food to drop on the floor. It doesn't bother the other two too much Pickle only eats cat food and Joban will eat anything at least twice, sometimes more before deciding if it's food *facepalm* 6y
CarolynM Our cat likes broccoli too, but he'll kill you for corn on the cob😂 6y
knittedgnome @Slajaunie they are so nosey!! 6y
knittedgnome @Kaye I haven't opened it yet! I will do that this morning! 6y
knittedgnome @jfalkens haha! They just have to be into everything. Two of mine are obsessed with chips! You practically have to sneak them! 6y
knittedgnome @CarolynM that's so funny!! We haven't had corn on the cob yet this year. I wonder what Pip will think! 6y
Stacy_31 Aww! Cats are so funny. My husband gave ours a tiny piece of steak from a burrito once, and now she jumps on the table as soon as she sees him sit down. 🙈😂 6y
knittedgnome @Stacy_31 ha!! They are so funny! Our girl has turned into a terrible begger in her old age. She is always trying to eat off your plate or demanding treats. 6y
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Cafe by the Sea | Jenny Colgan
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Haha! Pretty sure the smelling of bacon isn't a deal breaker for alot of guys. Wouldn't be for my hubby!

Kaye I‘d think a lot of men in my town would like the ladies to use bacon grease as perfume. You‘d have all the men AND dogs in town following you home. REMINDER TO SELF : NO MORE BACON 🥓. 6y
JoScho Pretty sure my husband would love me more! 6y
knittedgnome @Kaye haha right? When hubby has the smoker going he and Gibson like to hold their hand over it so they can smell it! Lol. 6y
knittedgnome @JoScho mine too!! 6y
keys_on_fire 😂😂😂 6y
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Braving the heat to try and get a bit of sun on my legs. Lol. So far this is a cute summer read.

RadicalReader @knittedgnome be sure to stock up on some beverages to beat the heat 6y
knittedgnome @RadicalReader I went out with ice water but only last half an hour! Now I'm inside enjoying some of the Skittles vodka I made. 6y
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How to Walk Away | Katherine Center
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Please cats don't get up. I prefer the uncomfortable chair. At least Pippen is on cat furniture! Lol.

Baawrabookster Heheh nice one☺️ Which book are you reading??☺️✌️🦄 6y
knittedgnome @Baawrabookster I'm reading the tagged book and really liking it so far! 6y
Baawrabookster @knittedgnome oh that's nics ☺️ sorry new to litsy did not saw the tagged book. My bad😅🙏🦄 6y
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knittedgnome @Baawrabookster no worries!! The title sounds fitting to my post so it's confusing! 6y
Leftcoastzen Story of my life ! Cute kitties! 6y
jfalkens Sounds about right lol Danica's new favorite spot to lay is in front of my seat on the couch, which is reclining so I can't put up my feet without disturbing her. Joban likes to sleep next to my pillow and sometimes tries to sleep on my pillow. 6y
jfalkens Or Danica likes to sleep on my seat of the couch so I have to move her to sit in my seat lol 6y
CouronneDhiver Ha! Yep. Cats are jerks. 😂😂 6y
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How to Walk Away | Katherine Center
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So true in more than just the situation Margaret is in.

There's a temptation when someone you love is struggling, to want to help too much. Keep in mind that the struggle makes her stronger.

Theshadedbuffalo Love that!! I use a saying like this in my everyday life. Suffering can promote growth, struggle can strengthen character. This book was a great read. 6y
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How to Walk Away | Katherine Center
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Finally starting this! I only got 25 pages in while waiting to meet a friend and wow!!! Already sucked me right in!

Lovesbooks87 It was such a great book! Enjoy! 6y
leigha_land I can‘t wait to pick this one up!! 6y
MBurbo I liked this one too! 6y
Theshadedbuffalo I really loved it! 6y
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Six of Crows | Leigh Bardugo
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So I started this today and it is really reminding me of a less good Mistborn. Has anyone read both? Not so sure I'm into this.

Schnoebs It gets really good. It took me a bit to get past the first couple of chapters but after that I couldn‘t put it down. 6y
CareBear I didn‘t love it like others seem to. It was just ok for me. 6y
daniwithtea I also didn‘t love this. It felt to me like it was trying to be a YA version of the Gentleman Bastard series. 6y
knittedgnome @daniwithtea @CareBear @Schnoebs I think I am going to bail :/ I'm at 20% and just not feeling it. 6y
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Crazy Rich Asians | Kevin Kwan
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This was a fun fast read! I liked a peek into the ultra rich, especially in Singapore because I have friends there. I felt so bad that Rachel got just tossed into that world. Definitely a nice palate cleanser. I think I would enjoy this more if I cared even a little about fashion.

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Poor Pippen is too tires to care about being a prop! Hehe! I'm still chugging along on this book! It's not that I don't enjoy it, it just seems progress is slow.

tammysue 😻 6y
Lreads Pippen! 😍 6y
Soubhiville Aw, he‘s cute. 6y
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Laura317 What a cutie! And I adore the name! 6y
Jenny So cute! Looks a lot my kitty. 6y
Leftcoastzen Sleepy kitty ,so cute.😻 6y
TiredLibrarian Handsome boy! Looks like my Lily 😻 6y
rubyslippersreads I ❤️ way cats can fall asleep without even resting their heads. 😸😻 6y
Chili Handsome kitty! ❤️ 6y
ReadZenRites Awwww, Pippen is adorable!😻😻 6y
jfalkens Everyone reads at their own pace and you've got a few going. Pippen's adorable 😻 6y
knittedgnome @whatshesreadingnow @QuietlyLaura @Soubhiville @Leftcoastzen @Chili @ReadZenRites thanks!! He is really very silly! He must have wore himself out attacking Gibby and playing in the curtains. 6y
knittedgnome @TiredLibrarian I love tabby cats! Pip has some spots too! 6y
knittedgnome @Laura317 we knew he would get a LOTR name and Pippen just fit! I couldn't convince hubby we needed a Merry too :/ 6y
knittedgnome @rubyslippersreads it's so funny all the ways they will sleep! 6y
knittedgnome @jfalkens the few going is the problem! Lol! I am enjoying the story it's just not making me have to read it if that makes sense. 6y
jfalkens @knittedgnome I have that problem with long books, the first half of the book is enjoyable but I don't feel a burning desire to finish but the last half flies by lol 6y
knittedgnome @jfalkens yes!!! I'm passed the halfway now and am way more into it! We found Tom! Yay! Hehe. 6y
jfalkens @knittedgnome lol I've had that problem with almost every book in the series lol I love them but the first half doesn't seem to go as fast. 6y
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Crazy Rich Asians | Kevin Kwan
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Replied to some #jb and sent a new one! Now time to start a new book. This gets lots of Litsy love so I'm excited to start!

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This was such a fun story of women and their roles in WWII and finding yourself in modern Alabama. Mixed in with some southern charm this was a really nice read. Perfect summer reading!

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You all are going to be wishing I didn't find this app!

Still nursing the migraine. The shot only took a bit of the edge off plus made me nauseous. Not worth it. I will have to wait until I can see my Dr. To try something else 🙄

cobwebmoth Hope you feel better soon! 6y
knittedgnome @cobwebmoth thank you! I'm such a whiner! Usually I can give it a day and power through but this one just won't quit. Day 5! Ugh. 6y
TrishB Just getting over one I had for 3 days and that was bad enough! Hope it goes soon . 6y
See All 13 Comments
Jas16 Hope you feel better soon 6y
CoffeeK8 Great quote, sorry about the migraine, they‘re the worst 6y
LiteraryinLawrence I‘m so sorry you‘re going through that! 6y
Lreads I‘m sorry you‘re still hurting. I hope relief comes soon. 6y
WorldsOkayestStepMom Migraines are the worst! They take me out for days at a time. But this book was amazing! I loved reading it! 6y
jfalkens Hope you feel better soon xXxX 6y
DivineDiana Hope all is well now. ❤️ 6y
knittedgnome @TrishB @Jas16 @CoffeeK8 @LiteraryinLititz @QuietlyLaura @WorldsOkayestStepMom @jfalkens @DivineDiana I woke up feeling so much better!!! It's not gone but close! Thanks for all the well wishes and listening to me complain! 6y
jfalkens @knittedgnome yay! Hope you continue to feel better xXxX that's what friends are for 😊 6y
minkyb Glad you are feeling better! 6y
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Sitting in the waiting room at prompt care and this made me laugh out loud! Hopefully they can give me something to kick this migraine. Of course when I finally decide to make an appointment for them my Dr has moved so I have to get a new one who can't see me for weeks. So here I sit. An hour and counting.

jfalkens Hope you feel better soon xXxX and enjoy this book, I loved it 😊 6y
Stacy_31 Hope you don‘t have to wait much longer, and that they can give you something to help. ❤️❤️ I suffer from migraines too and they‘re terrible. 6y
Soubhiville I hope they‘re able to help you quickly. 6y
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Mollyanna Hope you get in soon and get something to help you feel better. 6y
Lreads I‘m sorry you‘re suffering. Waiting is hard when we hurt. I hope you receive relief soon. 💙 6y
Leftcoastzen Sorry , I hope they can help.At least you had the great experience of Lol funny today!pretty cool! 6y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Great quote, and I hope you feel better soon! 6y
tammysue Love that.. so glad relief is coming soon! 💛 6y
tracey38 Hope they can help your migraines. They are the worst. Love the quote, though. Sounds perfect to me! 6y
TiredLibrarian I need book crops! 😅 Hope you get some relief from your migraines. 6y
knittedgnome @jfalkens @Stacy_31 @Soubhiville @Mollyanna @QuietlyLaura @Leftcoastzen @Riveted_Reader_Melissa @whatshesreadingnow @tracey38 @TiredLibrarian thanks everyone! They gave me two shots. I'm home just hoping they kick in soon. I have barely started this book and love it so much! 6y
minkyb Wishing you relief! 6y
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Beartown: A Novel | Fredrik Backman
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1. After promising to do it for almost a year my Dad brought me my great grandma's table!
2. Coffee
3. Hockey, Family, Community
4. My couch! I love my orange couch!
5. 5ft 2in

#humpdaypost @MinDea

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks It‘s beautiful ❤️ 6y
readordierachel What a fuzzy kitty 😻 6y
MidnightBookGirl Pretty kitty! 6y
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knittedgnome @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks thanks!! I love it! My grandpa grew up with this table. Can you imagine the stories it could tell? The top needs a little love but oh well! 6y
knittedgnome @MidnightBookGirl @ReadOrDieRachel he is such a fluff ball! He didn't used to be allowed on the table but he gets up there to escape his naughty brother. And because he needs to be near to me no matter how inconvenient it is. 6y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @knittedgnome I love it!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 6y
Vertabrain I grew up with an orange couch! Glad that color is making a comeback! 💕 6y
MinDea Beautiful kitty! He is so magnificent! 6y
tammysue Beautiful table! 😻 6y
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Beartown: A Novel | Fredrik Backman
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So many feels from this book.

MelissaSue81 His quotes on parenting are spot on. 💗 6y
knittedgnome @MelissaSue81 they really are! 6y
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Beartown: A Novel | Fredrik Backman
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My son is at some sort of Cyber summer camp this week so using some of my quite time for reading. I'm at 40% and just recently getting sucked in to this one. I have a bunch of library holds come in so I need to read read read!

Etched in Bone | Anne Bishop
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A really nice afternoon to finish up another great book! I will have to move on from this series while I wait for book 6. Really have enjoyed all of these. If you like urban fantasy check these out!

tracey38 What is the first book in the series called? 6y
lianea777 I LOVE Apple Bubly! Bubly>La Croix!!! 😋 6y
carriepaige Obsessed with bubly! 6y
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knittedgnome @tracey38 Written in Red 6y
knittedgnome @tracey38 I hope you like them! They really sucked me in! 6y
knittedgnome @lianea777 yes!! Apple is my fave! 6y
knittedgnome @carriepaige me too! Must have all the flavors! 6y
tracey38 @knittedgnome thank you! 6y
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Do any of my Litsy friends play Pokemon go? I play pretty regularly and would love to be friends with you there too! I have presents...

Cortg My husband is obsessed with Pokémon Go! 6y
Branwen How awesome! I am going to send you a friend request now! 😁 6y
Branwen .....and friend request sent! 😉 6y
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Booknerd222 3681 4187 7715 is mine feel free to add me! 6y
SaraHasClass @actuallyalison my daughter plays & is on Litsy! 6y
actuallyalison I play! 6y
Schnoebs Sent my request! I‘m going to share mine too! 6y
knittedgnome @Cortg it's so fun!! 6y
knittedgnome @Branwen awesome!! Added you and sent a present! 6y
knittedgnome @Booknerd222 I will add you! Fun! 6y
knittedgnome @Schnoebs awesome! Good idea to share too! The more friends the merrier! 6y
knittedgnome @actuallyalison yay! Add me :) 6y
Branwen Yay! Thank you! I just sent a present to you as well! This is super fun! 😁 Also, we are both in Michigan, isn't that funny? I live in Farmington! 6y
Branwen @Booknerd222 I sent you a friend request too! 😁 Yay! 6y
knittedgnome @Branwen ha so funny! If you couldn't tell from my present I'm in Kalamazoo! 6y
Booknerd222 I wish I had poke stops around me so I could send gifts to people. 6y
Branwen @knittedgnome I saw that! It made me smile! 😀 6y
knittedgnome @Booknerd222 don't worry about it! We have several near by so I am hoping to be able to keep stocked up! Plus it helps motivate me to go for a walk! 6y
shadowspeak17 I added you! Here‘s my code if anyone wants to add me: 3430 8238 7060 6y
glitterkitty459 @knittedgnome just added you! 😊 6y
knittedgnome @glitterkitty459 thanks! I will send you a present when I get more tomorrow! 6y
kricheal I'm going to send you a request! I just put up a post about this and then I saw others did the same! 6y
knittedgnome @kricheal awesome!! I am going to go out and get more presents this afternoon! 6y
DivineDiana I had no idea that this was still going on! 😳 6y
jessinikkip Awesome! I play and am so happy they introduced friends and gifting. I'll add you, if you dont mind. Also my code is 8286 3520 2016 :) 6y
MariaW I‘ve added you too. 3y
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Etched in Bone | Anne Bishop
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Got up for a minute and someone stole my spot and blanket! Lol! On book #5 and still obsessed and not reading the holds I should be! Once I am done with this one the next I have to wait for so that should get me back on track.

wanderinglynn Aw, so cute! ❤️🐱 6y
rubyslippersreads 😻😻😻 6y
Slajaunie Sweet baby! 6y
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tracey38 What a sweet cuddly baby! 6y
Crazeedi Awwww soooo sweet! 6y
Weaponxgirl Lol, they look like they've been there for hours 😉 6y
knittedgnome @wanderinglynn @rubyslippersreads @Slajaunie @tracey38 @Crazeedi she is so funny. She stayed there for a while then got up to the armrest to wait for me to come snuggle. 6y
Slajaunie Cats are such interesting animals. 6y
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Mastering 3D Printing | Joan Horvath
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Not getting much reading done tonight! I think my son and I finally got his 3D printer working!

tournevis w00t!!! 6y
pilardib 😱 6y
JoScho Awesome!! 6y
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tammysue 👍🏻😁 6y
knittedgnome @tournevis @pilardib @JoScho @whatshesreadingnow it has a pretty steep learning curve! But we are making progress! Lol. 6y
sudi That is so cool 😃🙌 6y
JamieLou My husband and his best friend invested in one of these together. They‘ve printed me a llama with moving legs and also a bulbasaur lol 6y
knittedgnome @sudi We are really excited about all he can make once we get it all figured out. 6y
knittedgnome @JamieLou that's awesome! Thank goodness for all the people sharing about these online! Otherwise this might still be in the box. Now that we have the initial kinks worked out it will mosobe fine tuning. 6y
knittedgnome *mostly be. 6y
BiblioLitten Pretty neat! 😍 6y
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Thanks for tagging me @Kaye

1. Probably Beauty and the Beast.
2. I love them both but Shrek.
3. 9:28 wow!
4. Bologna.
5. @jfalkens

@jesshowbooks #friyayintro

Suzze Our sunset is 9:14. I was surprised at how many Littens have sunset almost an hour before. It pays to be one of the furthest in a time zone. 6y
knittedgnome @Suzze I was too! I'm just across the state from you in Kalamazoo! 6y
jfalkens Thanks for the tag 🤗 I love Beauty and the beast too! Plus that library 😍 and the beast 😍 lol 6y
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Summer Wives | Beatriz Williams
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Thank you @sudi for tagging me!! We both won a copy! And thanks to @WilliamMorrowBooks for the contest!

Kaye Congrats ! 6y
wanderinglynn Congrats! 🎉 6y
britt_brooke Nice!! 6y
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JoScho Yay!! 6y
sudi @knittedgnome you're welcome, guess it's our lucky week 😃🙌 6y
AmyG Congrats. This is a wonderful summer read. I won this from Goodreads. 6y
jfalkens Yay! Congrats! 🎊🎉🎊🎉 6y
Pamwurtzler Congrats! I won a copy in an earlier giveaway. It‘s great! 6y
BiblioLitten That's awesome you guys! @sudi 💞🤗 6y
sudi Thanks @BiblioLitten 😊😘 6y
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Untitled | Unknown
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1. Hobbit/LOTR and The Gunslinger.
2. Garden gnomes, cat figurines, homeade things of all kinds!
3. April 20
4. Fantasy, historical fiction, literary fiction.

#justbecause #jb

DiruVamp Birthday twin! 🙌🏻😃 6y
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I was going to start this tonight but read some of the posts on Litsy about it and am wondering if I should. I'm hoping some of you have read it and can give me some advice. My Granny is currently in the end stages of dementia and receiving hospice care. We have always been very close but even more so when I was a kid. Should I pass on this? Do I need to read this before I read Beartown or would it be ok to skip if I decide to.

knittedgnome I had just added it to my library holds knowing that I love his books without seeing what it was about. 6y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m so sorry about your grandmother... My grandmother is in the beginning stages... 💔 6y
Louise It's a lovely little book. If you're worried that it might upset you, there's no harm in waiting to read it. Or not reading it at all. The most important thing right now, it seems to me, is that you take good care of your heart while you accompany your grandma through this time. Love and blessings to you both! ❤️ 6y
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CoffeeK8 I‘m so sorry about your Grandma 6y
ravenlee I don't know if it would help or hurt, but this book has an interesting take on dementia. The grandfather is telling outrageous stories, and everybody thinks it's rapidly advancing dementia. But this is magic realism, and his stories are true. It reads, to me, like a beautiful "what if what looks like crazy is just magic?" kind of wishful thinking. 6y
ravenlee Lots of love to you both. 6y
knittedgnome @ravenlee hmm that actually makes it sound kind of nice. I will think about that too. What my Granny is experiencing has not been anything nice at all. I'm might be to bitter for it. I don't know. I'm definitely going to wait on it. 6y
knittedgnome @CoffeeK8 thank you. It's really sad to see someone you love suffer through this disease. 6y
knittedgnome @Louise thank you for that. I am going to wait. I have been too sad with her taking such a turn and the news being sad. I might just need some fluff. 6y
knittedgnome @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I'm so sorry. It really is such a sad disease. I hope they can slow the progression for your grandmother. I'm here if you want to talk. 6y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @knittedgnome thank you, I‘m here for you too... ❤️❤️ I haven‘t read this book either, but it‘s on my tbr shelf... (edited) 6y
ravenlee I should caveat that the grandfather does die, but he gets to do it more on his own terms than it seems. I sobbed uncontrollably in two different parts. Anyway, so much love for you. 6y
KathyWheeler I liked this book. It was sad but oddly hopeful at the same time. I cried. You don‘t need to read any other Backman book to read this one. I‘m so sorry for what you both are going through. 6y
UwannaPublishme Watching a loved one suffer with dementia is a rough road. I joined a support group when caring for my Dad and it really helped. Sending healing hugs and love to both you and your Grandmother. 🙏🏻❤️ 6y
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It's cold here in Michigan today so I have been snuggled on the couch with these two lots. I'm at 88% of this book so I should finish tonight. Then for real I am not going to start the next book but am going to hurry and read my library books before they expire!

ravenlee Uh huh...sure... 6y
RozzieReads I thi k you stole my cat. Seriously looks just like my bitty when he lays like that. 6y
knittedgnome @ravenlee of course this ended making me really want more!! 6y
knittedgnome @RozzieReads haha! The fluffy one? I tried to look on your page but no cat pictures yet! Get posting! Lol 6y
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I ended up giving this a so-so because I don't really want to read anymore volumes of this. The are is beautiful but the characters are lacking and the story is not that exciting. I am new to graphic novels and that could very well be part of my lack of enjoyment.