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Alright. While my boyfriend played video games I made myself sit down and read this book. #DidntLikeItStillFinished The story was way too predictable, boring and just over done. #SameStoryDifferentBook #SSDB I would not recommend reading this series.

Laura317 Thanks for taking one for the team. 3y
MinDea Hahah @Laura317 ! Better way to look at it than I wasted my time. I'm happy to take one for the team and have people spend time on a better series 😊 3y
sprainedbrain Exactly how I felt... I read the whole damn series anyway. 😒 3y
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The Flame Alphabet | Ben Marcus
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I have a bad habit of finishing books even when I don't like them (which I talked about on our February episode of #EclecticReaders), but usually I'd have to anyway because they're book club books. Because I'm committed like that! #didntlikeitstillfinished #MarchintoReading

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Not for me. I didn't get the empowerment which others felt when I read this. It was really redundant and I was irritated most of the book.

I did enjoy The Bridge of the Gods part because I drive over it every time I go see my sister and we stop and have an ice cream there.
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#marchintoreading Day 4: #didntlikeitstillfinished #fancypants

britt_brooke I thought this book was okay, but I found some stuff really frustrating like the huge backpack and the new boots. She did zero research whatsoever. It made her look like a dumbass. 3y
josie281 @britt_brooke it could have been a so-so for me if she owned her actions a bit more. Yes, crap happens but sometimes it is your fault, you know? I am not that laissez-faire! 3y
Blueberry Agree with everything said. 3y
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Libby1 HATED HATED HATED HATED this book. Did I tell you I hated it? I'm a bit of an empathy queen but had no time for self-inflicted destruction. And the scene with the horse? 😡💔 3y
Ruri_kaichou I felt the same way. And I agree with everyone who commented. I couldn't see the empowerment because she made a lot of the bad choices yet she didn't learn anything. 3y
Graciouswarriorprincess I agree. I felt that she just wined about her life and didn't take responsibility for her bad choices. 3y
courtney @Libby1 that scene messed me up 🙁💔 3y
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#DidntLikeItStillFinished only because I was assigned this novel for a Memoir Writing class. Under any other circumstances I definitely would have bailed. I don't understand how someone can whine so much about being paid to run away from their life and travel around the world. #MarchIntoReading

RealLifeReading 😂😂😂 3y
Reecaspieces Oh so agree.....I bailed on this one....she irritated the crap out of me!! 3y
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Outlander | Diana Gabaldon
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Catching up on #marchintoreading with a recent book I #didntlikeitstillfinished. I'm not into romance but I wanted to see what the fuss was about. 😝

AlaMich I didn't like the first book (well, I didn't even come close to finishing) but I do like the series. 3y
SuperPunkNinja @AlaMich Ah, I might like the other books more buuuut I'm not going to try. 😀 3y
AlaMich @McShelfington I should have been more clear; I like the TV series 😊 3y
SuperPunkNinja @AlaMich 😄 Oh! I'm afraid to try the show after disliking the book so much. 3y
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Night Chill | Jeff Gunhus
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#DidntLikeItStillFinished This was a Kindle book that I borrowed from the Amazon Prime library last fall. This was not a bad story. I think I just wasn't in the mood for it after I started it. I really hate not finishing books so I forced myself to get through it just to see how it ended. Still a decent read for other horror fans. #marchintoreading @RealLifeReading

Navigators of Dune | Brian Herbert
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For #DidntLikeItStillFinished I pick the Schools of Dune trilogy. I ❤️ Dune, so I WANT to love the new books, but these were disappointing. Bouncing between different characters felt choppy. I tired of the writers telling me what to think rather than letting me draw my own conclusions. Lastly, I didn't empathize with the flat, unlikable characters. Something's wrong when I'm cheering for a murderous robot instead of the humans! #MarchIntoReading

Miss Wyoming | Douglas Coupland
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Playing catch up for #marchintoreading.

#didntlikeitstillfinished is Miss Wyoming. I just want to love Coupland's work so badly.
#recentnonfiction is Into Thin Air.
#blameitonlitsy is Outlander, because I never would have picked this book up if not for recommendations here and on Goodreads. It's not within my comfort zone at all (I'm neither a romance nor a historical fiction reader) and I still haven't read it but it's on my shelf!

The Mare: A Novel | Mary Gaitskill
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I didn't enjoy this book at all. I never finish books that I am not enjoying, but this one made me want to stick around for the ending, which was so anticlimactic that I regretted wasting time on it. #DidntLikeItStillFinished #MarchIntoReading

DivineDiana I think we need another choice beside ❤️️. Because how can you like hate? 3y
MaleficentBookDragon That illustration is creeping me out. 3y
EvieBee @DivineDiana Right? I changed my post though because hate is a strong word and despite how much I disliked it I felt compelled to finish it. So...that's got to be something. 😊 3y
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EvieBee @MaleficentTheBookDragon I wanted you to feel my pain. Just kidding! 😄 3y
slhbooks I've always felt bad about avoiding this book. Now, not so much😉 3y
DivineDiana @EvieBee84 Yes, it shows your commitment to a story that impacted you greatly. ❤️️ 3y
EvieBee @slhbooks I hate saying this, but I don't think you would be adversely affected by not reading it. 😄 3y
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