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Bird Box: A Novel | Josh Malerman
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1. The others and cabin in the woods! My favorite book is bird box!
2. Creatures!
3. I love mummies!
4. Paranormal and home invasions!
5. Animal harm.
6. pins, funkos, and socks!
#giftswapsurvey #nightmare4christmas @teebe

Wintersong | Pat Rose
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🐱 🐎
It changes every week.
📚 📷
Don't have a fav.
Regular Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Speaking or orange
Clue (board game), Resident Evil (PlayStation)

1. Movie - Original Halloween or Rosemary's Baby
Book - Hell House
2. Creature Feature
3. Penneywise
4. Ghost / Haunted House
5. Realistic violence, murder, rape, torture
6. Not really.
#giftswapsurvey @Avanders

MaleficentBookDragon 1. Yes
2. We have a big Christmas Eve dinner and then open new PJs to wear that night.
3. We mostly chill Christmas Day and play whatever new video game we get. Sometimes we go to the movies at night. The day after we like to go somewhere for high tea.
4. Snow!!! (As long as I don't have to drive in it)
5. It's a Wonderful Life and The Year Without a Santa Claus. 🎅
6. @TheReadingMermaid @Avanders
Avanders 😘🎄💚❄️ 1y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Compiling ☺️

#FestiveWinterFavorites #sss
🐙,☕️ (any), any Christmas song, reading/painting,HP/Otherland, cheese, Christmas scents, socks, catan

Movie:The Shining; sub: ghost; Gloamglozer; someone in house/just outside but you can't see them; erotica; not really...

Many!; drive around looking at lights, eg; bake; lots!! 🌨❄️☃️; Elf or claymation classics; @MaleficentBookDragon @JenlovesJT47

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😱 We Have Always Lived in a Castle
😱 Parody / Satire
😱 Gollum from The Lord of the Rings, Joker
😱 Creepy-looking dolls especially those in antique stores
😱 Gore
😱 Nope except characters from Nightmare Before Christmas


Red Dragon | Thomas Harris
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1. It's hard to just pick one but I really like Psycho both book and movie! And anything with werewolve's
2. Werewolf/zombies
3. Hannibal/Werewolve's
4. Home invasion.
5. Nope I'm pretty much up for anything!
6.Funko pops, pins, cards
@teebe #Giftswapsurvey #Nightmare4Christmas

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The Haunting of Hill House | Shirley Jackson
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1. So many..the tagged book and I'm really liking the Netflix series so far (on episode 3) Zombie books are my favs- Zombie Fallout series is my current obsession.
Shaun of the dead
2. Zombie/ comedy horror
3. Norman Bates- so creepy!
4. Exorcism
5. Don't like exorcism books or movies
6. Don't have much but I'd like to start. Funkos or bookmarks would be fun.
@teebe #giftswapsurvey #Nightmare4Christmas
@crazycatlady. @Nazgul93

MaleficentBookDragon ♥🖤♥ Shaun of the Dead! 1y
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Extreme Horror | Matt Shaw
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1- don‘t have one but if you think you found one that will scare me. Bring it!
2- I read almost everything.
3-joker, bad wolf ( doctor who) , Harley Quinn, IT, Monsters from The Quiet Place, Loki, Dead shot, Michael Myers, Chucky, Gaston, Moth Man, etc..
4-not sure. 5- open to anything 6- yes!, bookmarks, keychains, socks, magnets, or whatever you want to get me.
#giftswapsurvey #nbc @teebe

Horrorology | Stephen Jones
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1. “My Best Friend‘s Exorcism”
2. Parody/satire? Zombies? 3. Voldemort 4. Demons/possession/china dolls 🙀 5. Gore 6. Nope #giftswapsurvey #nightmare4christmas @teebe

It | Stephen King
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🎄I'm still new to the genre, but I really enjoyed IT the book.
🎄I like a good Zombie story.
🎄Pennywise, Jigsaw, Beetlejuice
🎄In terms of books I'm still looking for something that actually scares me. I want nightmares. Psychological stuff gets me anxious tho 😁.
🎄I'll read anything.
🎄I collect anything book related. Stationary, candles, bookmarks etc.
🎄Hope this helps my swap match.
#GiftSwapSurvey #Nightmare4Christmas @teebe

Oh, the Horror! | Chris Bartholomew
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1. Movie - Nightmare on Elm St. series, book The Stand
2. Monsters of any kind.
3. Pennywise
4. Road trip gone bad
5. I wish they had TW for animal death/cruelty, I would prefer not to read any of that.
6. No but I‘ve been thinking about it.
I‘m not in this swap I just liked the questions 😁