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Invention of Wings | Sue Monk Kidd
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I'm just joining you all for this photo challenge! How did it pass me by?

I think I gave this book to almost everyone last Christmas. I cried myself ugly in a coffee shop as I finished this book. No shame, Littens. No shame.

Lola cat thinks the UK cover is quite lovely.


kspenmoll Another book on my ever growing TBR stack! 3y
Leelee.reads One of my students said it was boring. I didn't even know how to respond. I just stared with my mouth agape, blinking in confusion. 3y
DivineDiana A book that affected me profoundly. 3y
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Eyglo Such an amazing book. 3y
Libby1 @kspenmoll - you won't regret adding this to your TBR! 3y
Libby1 @Leelee.reads , @DivineDiana , and @Eyglo - this book changed me. ❤️ 3y
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Farts: A Spotter's Guide | Crai S. Bower
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I actually gave this as a gift last year to my husband because I thought he would find it hilarious. It now sits up above the toilet in our bathroom.
#12DaysofXmas #givingasgifts @LibrarianRyan

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A Christmas present for my brother, who used to tend bar in The Quarter. #givingasgifts @LibrarianRyan #12daysofXmasPhoto #day1

LeahBergen That looks wonderful. 3y
Hobbinol How perfect! 3y
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This was a fun book. Take wimpy kid and cross it with Captain Underpants, then hand it to Marvel and this is what you get. Lots of toilet humor.

So technically I showed you all I was #givingasgifts to my nephews last week. This one will also be a gift, I just do not know where yet. #12daysofxmasphoto

Serotonin Groot ❤ 3y
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The Christmas Shoes | Donna VanLiere
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#GivingAsGifts #Day1 of #12DaysOfXmasPhoto starting two years ago, my sister and I have read one book out of this series. They're sweet stories, sometimes a bit too "Hallmark Channel" for me but my sister loves them and it's something we get to do together. I'm sure I'll be looking for a similar type of book this year for my sister's Christmas gift too! I drew her name in our stocking exchange ❤️??☃️

mydearwatson Beside the point, but...I love those shoes 😬. 3y
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#givingasgifts #12daysofxmasphoto This is one book that I'm giving this year. Ayva is going to be super excited for this one 😍

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I recently discovered that one of my best friends has never read #TheEnchantedForestChronicles, so obviously he will be receiving the box set for Christmas. #PrincessX is for my niece, and #Guernsey is for my Mom! I love all of these books so much, I need to spread the love!

#12DaysOfXmasPhoto #GivingAsGifts @LibrarianRyan

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#12DaysofXmasPhoto So I'm giving this Harry Potter illustrated edition to my twin nieces that are almost 8 now. I think they'll love it ☺️ #GivingAsGifts

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#12daysofxmasphoto For my sister, who graduated high school in 1987, I'm giving My Best Friend's Exorcism. I was already looking at board books for my nephew when someone posted these BabyLit books so he will get a couple of those. #givingasgifts

Does anyone have suggestions for books for someone who likes Tom Clancy novels? My FIL is reading more now and I know he has enjoyed those.

LibrarianRyan Those baby Lit books are so fun. I'll think on Tom Clancy and get back to you. 3y
Laura317 At first I thought that was a minion Sherlock. Cute. 3y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled My dad likes Stephen Frey (and he's a Tom Clancy type of guy), so maybe? 3y
britt_brooke We love #babylit! My 4 year old has been "reading" the Sherlock Holmes one all week! ? 3y
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#givingasgifts #12DaysofXmasPhoto @LibrarianRyan Loved this one so much I bought it twice without knowing it! Hate to get rid of any book (even duplicates) but this one is too good not to share.