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Good Job to everyone who participated in January and got some books off their TBRs!!!

Now let‘s start planning for February!!!

Word List:
Love/Lover/Lovely (any word that has “love” in it)
Historical (book can be about a historical event)

Anyone and Everyone is welcome to join!!! Let me know if you wanted to be added to the tag list.

Happy Reading!!

Night | Elie Wiesel
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My daughter and I have started a buddy read of Wiesel‘s Night trilogy. It‘s been awhile since I‘ve read them, and she‘s only read Night.

wanderinglynn I love that your adorable kitty is on a kitty fleece! ❤️🐱 4h
KathyWheeler @wanderinglynn You‘re right! I didn‘t notice. I love that blanket. My daughter made it for me, and it‘s soft and warm. 4h
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Burning Books | Haig A. Bosmajian

Great book about a bad subject of which I condemn as horrible! I like to read a lot, so again I condemn the practice of burning books!

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Big snow storm this weekend. I'll be cuddled up with this book which I wanted to read after loving The Rose Code and finding out it is based on real people.

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My friend was once the epidemiologist for my state & had no idea this book had been written. As she is a hero in my mind for the public health work she continues to do, I purchased the book for her. She‘ll love reading about these heroes. Their brilliance, quiet struggles & courage, their humble pursuit to protect us all, moved me deeply. I know personally the insidious nature of government bureaucracy and bosses who hide. It‘s all here to see.

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Thank you Christine for one of the coolest postcards I've ever received! I adore it! How did you know it's my favorite book and movie of my whole childhood? I fell in love with the book before the movie came out

Crazeedi And I know every song by heart!!! 11h
TheBookHippie I remember you said you loved the movie!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️ 11h
CoverToCoverGirl It‘s fantastic! 10h
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BethM I had no idea it was a book. 8h
AmyK1 I‘m reading the book now! 7h
Crazeedi @BethM oh yes maria von trapp wrote the book! 6h
Crazeedi @AmyK1 that is so cool! I have my original paperback, very tattered and beloved 6h
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Why would you ban a graphic novel about the holocaust redone as mice & cats. How much more sanitized could they make that story? It‘s history, and MANY children lived through it firsthand, if they can survive it, I‘m sure our children can survive reading a graphic novel with mice about it. 🙄

Welcome to the Banned Book Club Maus! May the publicity of this stupidity cause your book to be bought & read in record numbers.

TheBookHippie ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼 I love a good book buying protest!! 11h
LibrarianRyan Even though I've read them, I promised Josh I would buy a set and put it inthe little library. 11h
JamieArc I mean, are they dressing their pet mice in clothes? What‘s the harm? (Obviously we know it‘s not about the actual issues they cite). [shakes head in disgust] 10h
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Riveted_Reader_Melissa @JamieArc exactly…but yes the mice are dressed, just like people, but apparently if a mouse is topless, it‘s too much for them. What always gets me about these type of bans is actual children had to go through this and see it, and only some survived it, and many adults turned away….but now our children are too precious to see mouse reenactments. 🙄🤦‍♀️ 10h
Suet624 Such small minded people. 10h
megnews @Riveted_Reader_Melissa that‘s always my argument too. Lots of people try to ban books on slavery and kids lived through that. If kids can live through it, other kids can read about it. 9h
Tamra Ugh 🙄 Don‘t “they” realize the best advertisement and enticement to read something is by banning it??! Dumb on more than one level. 8h
ravenlee Yes, children are too fragile to face a topless cartoon mouse (did I seriously have to write that sentence?), but the atrocities of the Holocaust are nothing. I mean, obviously the goal is *not* to teach/learn about the ugliness of human history at all, but we can‘t just come out and SAY that… 5h
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Thanks to @Amiable for another book I wouldn‘t have chosen, but was fascinating: one about the Challenger disaster that took place when I was in grade 11. The specific focus was on the dedicated woman teacher who was the “passenger,” (although she got trained.) He does a great job of sharing her background and entry into the program, how the actual crisis unfolded, and the aftermath, both personal and political.
#Nonfiction2022 #Disaster

Amiable I‘m so glad you liked it! I was a freshman in college and was watching the launch for my astronomy class. It‘s one of those “where were you when history happened?” kind of moments. (edited) 10h
Singout Wow, that‘s incredible. I have a hazy memory of it being in the news but that‘s all. 6h
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Hmmm…”drain the swamp?” And how well did that turn out?

This chapter is about Mussolini, but, published in 2020, I think there are some passages that prompt more modern comparisons.

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Marian Anderson was a fascinating woman and I deeply admire her grace, courage, and talent. Didn‘t love the book too much though. Just over half the book was about Anderson. The epilogue was mostly about politics, culture, and the DAR. A large chunk was the bibliography of source material. King was similar in that I liked the documentary more than the book. Didn‘t get a lot extra out of reading them. Interesting, but both felt dry and academic.