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The Overstory: A Novel | Richard Powers
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#7covers7days #covercrush #lastday

Yes explanation! When a dear coworker enthusiastically recommends a book, you put it on your #TBR list immediately.

Tag yourself if you want to play along.

RachelO That‘s a pretty cover - I hadn‘t seen that version of it 😍 2mo
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Last Day Blues | Julie Danneberg
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This is a fiction picture book about the students and teachers last day of school. Since it is the last week of school they do things together as a class for “the last time” the teacher Mrs.Hartwell keeps saying how she will miss them. The students are worried that she will spend the entire summer missing them, so they try to find her a perfect present, so she won‘t sit around doing nothing missing them. #ucflae3414su19

DeannaP An activity that would go with this book is that the students will write down what they will miss from their current grade and what they look forward to in their next grade. An ESOL strategy to go with this would be to “encourage positive thinking (self-talk)” since they will be thinking about what they are looking forward to and the things they enjoyed that current year. 4mo
DeannaP An E.D strategy to go with it would be to “offer ways of customizing the display of information” the students can write it at as a letter for themselves and make a time capsule, or make it into a poster board.  Activity found on: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Last-Day-Blues-activity-784324 4mo
Bwhitley222 The ED strategy you chose is very fitting for the activity you posted. Great book choice. 4mo
DrSpalding I hope you enjoyed my read aloud! @Deannap and @Bwhitley222 IT IS UDL NOT ED! 3mo
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The Owl Service | Alan Garner
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#lastday #TampaVacation #LeMeridian #NationalHistoricSite #FederalCourtHouse1902 #LMBPC

Last breakfast in Tampa. Restaurant at hotel all dark wood so photo on dark side.This book makes me want to learn more about Welch myth,folklore, ancient culture.Somewhat ominous,at times sinister tone.Other times natural world takes over. Other world mystery.

merelybookish Agreed! I wasn't familiar with Welsh mythology at all going in. 1y
BookwormAHN Loved the folklore 😸 1y
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