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Nancy Business | R. W. R. McDonald
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Tippy Chan, Uncle Pike and Devon are back to their Nancy Drew ways trying to find the truth about the bombing of Riverstone‘s town hall. While not as funny or charming as The Nancys, this sequel was still an enjoyable read. And it looks like there will be a third instalment. #ozfiction #doublespin

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 2w
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Enclave | Claire G. Coleman
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How‘s that for a paragraph 😮👏. Just starting this new release speculative #ozfiction by the masterful Claire G. Coleman. #currentlyreading

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Enclave | Claire G. Coleman
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New Claire G Coleman hot off the presses and in my house! #blakbooks #australianwomenwriters #sf #dystopian

LittlePixels Ooh, this looks right up my alley! Stacked. 3w
Lauredhel @LittlePixels 🖤❤️💛 3w
LittlePixels I‘d love to get this in paperback, but it‘s sooo expensive! I‘ve never heard of the author before, but her previous book looks interesting too. Unfortunately it isn‘t available in the US. Why aren‘t Aussie authors promoted more in the US?? 3w
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Lauredhel @LittlePixels Terra Nullius had a US release so maybe this will too? $25 is not expensive for a paper book in Australia. Our books cost a LOT. 3w
LittlePixels @Lauredhel Good point. I did notice when I was over there (of course I had to bring back about a dozen books! 😄) that they‘re pretty expensive. Can you recommend any other good Aussie authors? 3w
MrsMalaprop I have this waiting patiently on my bedside table. Love Claire G Coleman‘s work ❤️. 3w
mspixieears so behind on Coleman‘s work but so glad there‘s more work to read! 3w
Lauredhel @LittlePixels SO MANY especially in the YA area in which Australians IMO lead the world. Can I get some genre guidance? Other good places to look are the Australian Women Writers Challenge and Anita Heiss's Black Books Challenge 3w
LittlePixels @Lauredhel I‘ve read everything Bryce Courtenay ever wrote (OMG the Australian Trilogy! 😍). I also picked up several best-seller-type books, but I didn‘t know what else to look for. Genres: literary fiction, speculative fiction, dystopic/apocalyptic fiction… 3w
CarolynM @LittlePixels Some of us use the tag #ozfiction when posting about books by Australian authors. 3w
Lauredhel @LittlePixels ok that leaves it fairly wide open, there's a pile of that. For very Australian flavour i would start with all Claire Coleman's books and also Mullumbimby by Melissa Lucashenko. I know you didn't say YA but Vikki Wakefield is incredible and with crossover appeal. Clade by James Bradley (check out some of his other his other books), the Tribe series by Ambelin Kwaymullina, and Catching Teller Crow (The Things She's Seen). More >> 3w
Lauredhel ... On The Beach, all of the Twelve Planets series (short spec fic collections by Australian women SFF & horror writers), The Courier's New Bicycle, Defying Doomsday and Rebuilding Tomorrow, Lotus Blue, The Natural Way of Things, A Wrong Turn at the Office of Unmade Lists, Garth Nix, Tansy Rayner Roberts... 3w
Lauredhel @LittlePixels Alexis Wright, Greg Egan, Margo Lanagan, Lucy Sussex, Kaaron Warren, Sean Williams, Deborah Biancotti, Angela Slatter, Thoraiya Dyer, Year of the Orphan, Trucksong, Daniel O'Malley, Marianne de Pierres, Sara Douglass (don't know how well it's aged but I loved it at the time), the Zeroes series 3w
Lauredhel @LittlePixels I'm much sketchier on lit fic; much of it is not my jam especially when written by dudes (eg I kinda hated Boy Swallows Universe, which got a lot of buzz). Michelle de Kretser and Tara Winch are on my list, might be worth a look. Do you do mystery/crime? Jane Harper, Candice Fox, Emma Viskic, Sarah Bailey, Kim Scott. 3w
LittlePixels @CarolynM Thanks, I‘ll check it out! 3w
LittlePixels @Lauredhel OMG, so much for me to look into! Thanks so much! 💖 3w
Lauredhel @LittlePixels I had more but thought maybe that was enough to start! 3w
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Song of the Crocodile | Nardi Simpson
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What an extraordinary book this is! A blend of Aboriginal spiritual story telling (insofar as I understand it) with a multigenerational family story that matter-of-factly describes the enormous variety of everyday prejudice, discrimination and injustice experienced by indigenous people in an outback town during the second half of the 20th century. A fascinating and deeply disturbing reading experience. #ozfiction

Rissreads Great review! It‘s already on my list! 1mo
CarolynM @Rissreads It‘s been sitting on my shelf for a couple of years now, I don‘t know why it took me so long to get around to it. I‘d definitely recommend it🙂 1mo
TrishB Great review 👍🏻 1mo
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Hanna-B How interesting…I have never heard of this book and I live in Australia. I will check it out 4w
CarolynM @Hanna-B 👋Hi! Nice to add another Australian to Litsy. The book got a bit of publicity when it came out a couple of years ago, but I don't think it's been as widely read as it deserves to be. Some of us use the hashtag #ozfiction when post ing reviews of Australian books if you want to see if there are some others you don't know🙂 4w
Hanna-B I‘m going to check that tag right now. Thanks for the welcome 🤩 4w
MrsMalaprop Just scrolling back through your posts 😁. What a book hey? 👏❤️ 3w
CarolynM @MrsMalaprop I thought it was terrific. Should be more widely read. 3w
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After Story | Larissa Behrendt
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This book was a delightful surprise! I fell in love with the characters who all provide different perspectives of the same story. It was very clever in addressing the past with the present. #Ozfiction at its best! 🖤💛❤️

CarolynM You and puss are both looking very comfortable there😻😻 It‘s a great book isn‘t it? I loved it. 1mo
Jeg I loved the story too. If I ever travel again would love to follow their trail. 1mo
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The Woman in the Library | Sulari Gentill
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I‘m a fan of Sulari Gentill‘s Roland Sinclair series and also of her previous standalone thriller Crossing the Lines (retitled After She Wrote Him in the US) and I had a thoroughly good time with this one. It‘s maybe not the most gripping whodunnit I‘ve read, but I enjoyed the way Sulari used the process of writing a novel to frame the mystery and to comment upon the story and the choices she made as she told it. #ozfiction

Cathythoughts Great cover😁 2mo
LeahBergen I‘ve been reading good things about this one. 👍 2mo
batsy This sounds fun. Great cover, too! 2mo
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BiblioLitten The premise reminded me of my recent read, Magpie Murders. 2mo
katy4peas That‘s an awesome cover! Why don‘t we get cover choices when we purchase books? 🤔 it shouldn‘t have to be based on where we live…. Hmm 6d
CarolynM @katy4peas I‘m always fascinated by the different covers for different markets. I wonder why they think this cover works in Australia but not in the US? 6d
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Fractured | Dawn Barker
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This debut #ozfiction deals with postnatal psychosis. The author is a child psychiatrist (from Scotland but lives in Western Australia, so we‘ll claim her 🤣).
This book was recommended to me when it came out in 2013 by a local bookseller, whose recommendations I didn‘t trust 🫢. Sometime later I spotted it at a secondhand sale and grabbed it.
Guess what? I liked it! A fairly well-written, palate-cleansing, page-turner. Just the ticket 😊👏

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Last of the Eliot Quartet is devoted to his first wife, Vivienne, & explores the possibility that she didn‘t deserve to spend the last years of her life in a mental hospital. Imagining that she escaped in 1940 provides a backdrop for reflections on her life & marriage & the policeman charged with finding her comes to his own conclusions about them & about his own situation. So beautifully written I couldn't stop reading - sorry Sally. #ozfiction

Freespirit So glad you loved it..I‘m on a run of night shifts but once I‘m on days off I will plow through it. Lovely so far!! ✔️❤️ (edited) 2mo
Cathythoughts Great review! I‘m looking forward to checking out this series. 2mo
CarolynM @Cathythoughts Thank you, I think you might like it 🙂 I‘m going to start our Persephone read now. 2mo
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CarolynM @Freespirit Thanks for giving me the shove to get started on it 🙂 I‘m sure it won‘t take you long to finish it. 2mo
Crazeedi I've not heard of this series but it sounds very good 2mo
CarolynM @Crazeedi I think they are really good. None of the books are really about TS Eliot, they are all other people‘s stories (some real, some imaginary) that he touches to a greater or lesser extent. The first one is 2mo
Crazeedi @CarolynM thanks! I'm going to look for it 2mo
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Untitled | Untitled
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Here‘s the long list for the 2022 Miles Franklin Award.

I‘ve read and loved After Story and The Performance and 7 1/2 is on my TBR. There are a few books there I haven‘t heard of and will have to investigate. Any thoughts #ozfiction readers?

@MrsMalaprop @LeeRHarry @Jeg @JennyM @Abailliekaras @keepingupwiththepenguins @Freespirit @LapReader @Rissreads

LeeRHarry Have only read After Story and really enjoyed it - must look into the others 😊 3mo
Cinfhen More awards and books to check out! Thanks for sharing!!! 3mo
Rissreads I‘m sorry to say I have not read any! I only have After story sitting on my shelf. I‘ve heard great things about it. 3mo
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LeahBergen These are all new to me! I used to be able to see quite a few Australian authors at our big autumn literary festival here. That was pre-COVID. 😢 3mo
Jeg I‘ve only read After Story which I loved. And 7 1/2 which I didn‘t like. 3mo
MrsMalaprop @jeg and I have read the same two. I agree that After Story was wonderful. 7 1/2 was a pick for me, but I had a few issues with it. My reviews for both are on here. 3mo
Freespirit Hi @CarolynM these are all new for me although I‘ve heard reviews on some of them. Looking forward to reading your reviews and working my way through the pile! 3mo
keepingupwiththepenguins I have a soft spot for Jennifer Down, so I'm quietly crossing my fingers for her - but I am notoriously bad at picking prize winners, I can only recall ONE instance of backing the winner in my entire reading life, so I may be jinxing her 😅 2mo
CarolynM @keepingupwiththepenguins That one sounds interesting, I‘m putting it on my TBR🙂 I‘m often disappointed by prize winners too. A few of them I have actively hated! 2mo
CarolynM @Freespirit There are at least 2 really good ones there 🙂 2mo
CarolynM @jeg @MrsMalaprop 7 1/2 was my book group‘s pick last month, but I knew I couldn‘t make it to the meeting so I didn‘t read it. Apparently all but one of them hated it. I think I will read it sometime but it‘s not high on my priority list🙂 (edited) 2mo
CarolynM @LeahBergen Maybe this year 🤞 2mo
CarolynM @Rissreads I think you‘ll enjoy After Story 🙂 2mo
Abailliekaras I loved 7 1/2! 2mo
CarolynM @Abailliekaras I‘ve heard so many different things about it! I will get to it eventually😬 2mo
CarolynM @keepingupwiththepenguins Your pick won! I really will have to read it now🙂 3w
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