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I finished 7 books in January-- 5 of which were audiobooks, and 2 were nonfiction. #Januarystats #Januarywrapup #readingstats

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I had a fantastic reading month to start off this year. Of course I loved the reread of The Fellowship of the Ring, and my favorite new reads for the month were both Litsy readalongs as well. I also read a higher than average number of Mt. TBR books and 4 #1001books.

#ReadingStats #MonthlyStats
#FellowshipofTolkien #ATreeGrowsInBrooklynBuddyRead

tdrosebud WTG!! 4w
DareOduale Whoa!!! 👏👏👏 16 books in a month??? 4w
Daisey @tdrosebud @DareOduale Thanks! It was a really good month with some snow days that gave me lots of extra reading time. 4w
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#Januarystats #Januarywrapup #readingstats

First reading wrap up of the year!!
Heavy on the nonfiction this month, which takes me a lot longer to get through than fiction.
Most of these have been on my TBR for forever, so I was glad to finally get to them.

Favorite: The Ten Thousand Doors of January ♥️ ✨
Least favorite: Where'd you go Bernadette #unpopularopinion 🤷‍♀️

tdrosebud WTG!! 4w
Alytrue The Sixth Extinction has been on my shelf for a while. Did you enjoy it? 4w
glitterkitty459 @Alytrue I didn't love it, but it was pretty solid. I wished it was a bit more cohesive between the subjects the author was writing about. Hope this helps! 😊📚 4w
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Lab Partners | Mora Montgomery
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January 2020 reading stats. Going along well, then school started. Always brings an abrupt halt until I get sorted, and get back into the rhythm. #readingstats image from #goodreads

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I know a lot of BookTubers got their end of the year videos up in December. Bear with me in January because I‘m just getting mine up now. I love making graphs for my reading stats and I‘m excited to share them with you! You can check out my latest video here: https://youtu.be/1BNNSCPUkoo

#booktuber #readingstats #readingthrougouttheyear #bookish #graphsandcharts #readingyear #2019reading #myreadinglife #wellread

EadieB @Butterflyamore Enjoyed your stats. 200 books 2019 Female authors 120 Male 80. 96 5 stars, 84 4stars, 15 3 stars, 3 2 stars and 2 1 star. I think I DNF 5 books but did rate them. Read 70 mystery, 38 historical mystery, 28 psychological thriller, 23 fiction, 11 historical fiction, 9 children, 7 true crime, 3 sci-fi, 3 magical realism, 2 fantasy, 2 ghost, 2 true story, 1 memoir, 1 post apocalyptic. 24 NetGalley ARC, 9 LibraryThing physical book ARC 2mo
Butterflyamore @EadieB Cool! Thanks for sharing your stats. It looks like you read a lot of books you really enjoyed. That definitely makes for a good reading year! I don‘t rate the books that I DNF, either. 2mo
EadieB @Butterflyamore I read a lot of series from authors that I have read for years so I know their books are ones that I will enjoy. 2mo
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The Innocents | Michael Crummey
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I've tagged my favourite Canadian novel of 2019 for this post about my 2019 #readingstats. 36% of the books I read were written by #CanadianAuthors.

LeahBergen That‘s great! 👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
Lindy @LeahBergen 🇨🇦😁 2mo
MayJasper 👏👏👏👍 2mo
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Lindy @MayJasper 🇨🇦👍Nice to see you active on Litsy (edited) 2mo
MayJasper Thank you so much @Lindy how's things with you? 2mo
Lindy @MayJasper I was missing from Litsy for a while in December during the early stages of recovery from a concussion. Still have to take it easy, but I am so happy to be able to read again. 2mo
MayJasper Thank goodness you are recovering. I am trying to get back into reading & Litsy. I have been devastated by the political choices of my country. 2mo
Lindy @MayJasper I understand your devastation because I feel angry and sad about the new (since October) right-wing government in my province. Social supports, education, health and the environment are all under attack in Alberta. We‘ve hosted and attended potluck gatherings organized as morale boosters for similarly devastated and disillusioned citizens. 2mo
MayJasper What wonderful things to do for other people. You are very kind 2mo
Lindy @MayJasper It helps us feel better to be with like-minded people. Not everyone voted for those terrible politicians. 2mo
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The Small Way | Onjana Yawnghwe
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More #readingstats from 2019: a large chunk of my reading (green in the pie chart) was written by women, trans or genderqueer authors.

Nute Excellent! 2mo
tpixie Saw this on Twitter the other day. This year She wants to read 12 books of at least 500 pages by women authors. https://twitter.com/rebeccarennerfl/status/1212038073896390661?s=21 2mo
Lindy @tpixie One of my book clubs--Two Bichons is what we call ourselves--explicitly reads only books by women, but we tend to avoid doorstoppers. In my feminist book club--The Coven--we have, so far, only read books by women, even though we haven't got an official policy about that. I'm also in a lesbian book club and we read women and trans authors in that group. 2mo
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Lindy @Nute [insert women's symbol here] 😀 2mo
Lindy @tpixie I'm glad you shared the twitter post because it shows that it's important to make reading books written by women a priority. 2mo
tpixie @Lindy yes!! 2mo
MidnightBookGirl I definitely read more women authors! 2mo
sprainedbrain Nice! 2mo
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My #2019wrapup video is up! In which I demonstrate why I could never be a niche book reviewer. 😂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0M-_KrgncZs

#2019stats #stats #wrapup #readingstats #yearinreview #yearinreview2019 #readingwrapup

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Looking back on 2019 reading:
- 148 books by Indigenous authors and People of Colour
- Books from 46 countries (I've tagged my favourite book of 2019, which is from Poland)
- Written in 11 different languages

#readingstats #statsnerd

wanderinglynn That‘s awesome! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
Lifeisasnap How did you do the reading stats? I‘d love to know how well rounded i am... 😉😀 2mo
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Lindy @Lifeisasnap I have about 250 shelves in my goodreads account that help me sort through my reading (and look up titles when I have forgotten both title and author). 2mo
Lifeisasnap @Lindy very cool!!! i didn't realize GR's did stats like that. I'll have to check it out. You are well read!
Lindy @Lifeisasnap You can create whatever shelves you want in Goodreads, and then assign your books to multiple shelves (categories). You can also sort by two shelves (categories) at once (i.e. science fiction and Canadian). 2mo
Lifeisasnap @Lindy thanks! I have like 4 shelves not very organized categories though, so I‘ll check it out. 2mo
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Finally, as part of my year end wrap up, here are the 30 books I read from the #1001books list in 2019. It‘s not quite as many as I was hoping for, but I did manage to read my #Reading1001 #TBRTakedown book every month, a few of the books of the month for that group, a few with Litsy readalongs, and a few random choices.

#1001Discoveries #Genji #Hugonuts #ReadColdBlood
#2019Stats #ReadingStats

Scochrane26 I would try some of the list or other lists, but there‘s just some books I‘m never going to be willing to read. It‘s a great goal though, & I have worked on more classics. 2mo
Cinfhen 🙌🏻❣️#TBRtakedown 😁 2mo
Daisey @Scochrane26 Thanks, and I completely understand. I will never get through all of these, and there are some I have no desire to read. I like that it gives me a wide variety of books to read and an interesting group of people with whom to discuss those books. 2mo
CafeMom Great graphic. I wish I could do that. 2mo
Daisey @CafeMom This is actually just a screenshot of my bookshelf on Goodreads in cover grid format on a square background. I lucked out that I read 30 books and it came out in even rows. 2mo
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