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Bloodchild and Other Stories | Octavia E. Butler
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Fun portal fantasy! Kell is Antari & can travel bw parallel worlds, Red (magical), Grey (no magic), White, & Black Londons. He finds a dangerous object that must return to Black London before harming himself & others. Lila, a feisty young thief, risks danger to accompany him & feud w/the only other living Antari. Schwab's world & character building is A+, creating a complex plot that explores danger, companionship, & the limits of our humanity. ⚔️

Owlizabeth I love this series! 3y
Yossarian That book is in my house, and I've heard good things about it. I just can't overcome the stigma of reading the same book as my daughter. 3y
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BookishFeminist @Yossarian It's an adult book of it helps—I would think it's a positive stigma to read the same book as your daughter. That way you can talk with her about it. Scouts honor that this one wouldn't be an awkward parent/daughter convo. There's no romance in it. 3y
BookishFeminist @Owlizabeth Isn't it great? I'm glad I waited this long to read it so I don't have long to wait for the 3rd book. I have the second one out from the library and plan to get to it soon. 3rd comes in February! 3y
ReviewsandReadathons I LOVE this book! I can't wait for the 3rd one!!! 3y
hwheaties Love it. Can't wait for the third one to come out! 3y
BookBabe Yay! @MrBook and I got this one signed and dedicated by her. 😊👍🏻 3y
bigdamnbookgeek Loved this one! 😄😄 3y
Chachic Really enjoyed reading this one!😊 3y
AMVP Didn't realize book 3 came out so soon. Glad to hear it! 3y
thelizflynn Yes! Loved this book! 😊 3y
Guiltyascyn I freaking loved this book. I avoided it for awhile because I was hyping it up too much in my head, but when I finally read it, it was hype well deserved 3y
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Day 5 of #OctPhotoChallenge: Antiheroes are most of my favorite characters. I could easily just repost most of my other photos from this challenge. 😬 But at risk of repeating myself, here's more of my favorites: Arya Stark, Lisbeth Salander, Merricat, Elphaba, and Zatanna. And also Sherlock—this is the most ridiculous and intense picture of someone playing violin, maybe ever. 😂

#antiheroes #strongfemaleprotagonists #andsherlock

TheNextBook Arya. Yes. 3y
KarenUK Such good picks... I almost went for arya and Sherlock, but settled on Tyrion 😊 3y
Notafraidofwords Are you guys getting any advisory warnings for D.C.? 3y
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BookishFeminist @Notafraidofwords Not really, probably just some rain. I'm kinda surprised actually! It looks like it's turning right after it hits South Carolina & southern North Carolina. What about you guys? Any flood or hurricane warnings? 3y
BookishFeminist @TheNextBook Yes. Arya rocks. 🤘🏼 3y
BookishFeminist @KarenUK Oo Tyrion is another good one!! I hadn't thought of him. 3y
Notafraidofwords @BookishFeminist just warning of heavy rain and wind if it doesn't turn away and keeps going. I'm super anxious because I hate weather related things. So sad what I see in Cuba and Haiti 3y
BookishFeminist @Notafraidofwords Understandably, I'm not a huge fan either. Cuba and Haiti were directly in its path. :/ I hope folks are okay & that Florida/Georgia/South Carolina are too. 3y
BookWarriorPrincess93 I love Arya. She is my fav. 3y
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