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A Lot Like Christmas | Connie Willis
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Movie: ALot Like Christmas. Popcorn Flix.
The importance of family, forgiveness and love.
#wintergames #ReadNosedReindeer @Clwojick @StayCurious #hallmarkbingo-lets watch one more.

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I finished this collection of 7 Christmas stories on audio. I listened to:
A Faraway Smell of Lemon
The Marriage Manual
Christmas Day at the Airport
The Boxing Day Ball
A Snow Garden
I‘ll Be Home for Christmas

All the stories is about family and feels very real. These stories doesn‘t romanticize Christmas.

My favorite is the one at airport. This feels like a modern retelling of the Christmas Story.

#WinterGames #ReadNosedReindeer

AnneCecilie #HolidayRead with 7 stories, this should be 140 points + participation, or have I misunderstood something? 8h
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Four short stories by P.D. James, taking her inspiration from the Christmas country-house Murders of Agatha Christie. #WinterGames #MerryReaders #HolidayRead

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‘Patriotism,‘ the story by Yukio Mishima in the tagged collection, is profoundly disturbing because it romanticizes & eroticizes suicide, & describes the act of seppuku in bloody detail. Knowing that the author later died of ritual suicide added to my feelings of dismay, horror & revulsion as I read lines like: “There was a certain elegance, he felt, in the association of death with this radiantly healthy face.”

Lindy Another quote: “The lieutenant‘s naked skin glowed like a field of barley, and everywhere the muscles showed in sharp relief, converging on the lower abdomen at the firm, youthful stomach, modestly covered by a vigorous growth of hair, Reiko thought of it as it was soon to be, cruelly cut by the sword, and she laid her head upon it, sobbing in pity, and bathed it with kisses.” 12h
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Great Ghost Stories | John Grafton
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and now for something different...👻 I got this mini ghost stories collection from a Halloween event at my local library and squeezed in reading it real quick. not really for me, though I enjoyed Bram Stoker's story the most ('The Judge's House'). off to the on-campus little free library it goes.

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#AuthorAMonth readers: you have a few days left to post your Roald Dahl reviews to count towards the prize box. I‘ll count the last reviews when I get up on Monday and announce the winner. 🤗

I encourage you to continue your Dahl readings for all of December if you‘re inspired!

Soubhiville Ooo, sorry about the way these comments posted. Still trying to devise an easier way to tag a huge group at once. I‘ll try fixing this for my next post! 15h
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Jennick2004 It would be so much easier if we could somehow get notifications for a hashtagged phrase!! (edited) 15h
Eggs @Soubhiville 💗💗 15h
Chrissyreadit This is an author I hope to read at least one book but no fun for me until after Friday! #finalsweek 15h
Soubhiville @Chrissyreadit best of luck with finals! 14h
Chrissyreadit @Soubhiville thanks. Just submitted one paper. One more and two tests to go. But first litsy break 🥰 14h
erzascarletbookgasm Though some of his books are a bit weird, he has some insightful and witty quotes. 14h
ValerieAndBooks I‘m going to start this tagged book today and hope to finish by Sunday 😅 13h
Soubhiville @ValerieAndBooks good luck 😊 12h
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Revisiting an old friend. Carver has the best first lines.

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Well after reading this short story I went and purchased a collection of Jones short stories. A young man avoids the necessity to face the world and grow up by pursuing a semi-professional career as a boxer, even though in his heart he knows that he lacks the instinct the ability to be a champion finds himself facing an old foe, in a fight which will determine his future. Not a uplifting Rocky style story, much more realistic and grim in tone.

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The party was fun and got this guy in the white elephant. I did have The Sheepfarmer's Daughter which sounded great, but it got stolen and so I grabbed this guy and I'm pretty happy about it! All the stories are set in Portland and the gal that brought it really liked it. My mom got Night Circus, which you know I'm going to read too lol

RachelO That does look fun! 19h
MaGoose Looks interesting. 16h
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Last Roald Dahl book for me and this was a good one. This was a gathering of his favorite ghost stories. My favorite was The Corner Shop by Cynthia Asquith.
#AuthoraMonth @Soubhiville
#WinterGames #SlayBells #tbrread
@Clwojick @StayCurious @MidnightBookGirl

HOTPock3tt Omg your cute little cat!! 😻 22h
Soubhiville I‘ve never heard of this one. Logged 📚 15h
annkuch13 😻😻😻 6h
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Jee_HookedOnBookz Been wanting to read this! Love Dahl! ❤️ 4h
ValerieAndBooks Are any of his stories in this collection? This would be good for Halloween time! 2h
BookwormAHN @ValerieAndBooks No, but his intro on ghost stories is actually quite interesting. These are his favorites. 2h
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