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Roomies | Christina Lauren
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The glamorous life of a marathon spectator. #whereiread

Scochrane26 Two of my youth group kids are in cross country. I have felt bad because I haven‘t ever gone to a meet to support them, but I‘ve seen one of the other teens do her Irish dancing multiple times. Their mom reminded me that there‘s not much to see at a cross country meet. 5mo
Sharpeipup @Scochrane26 There‘s really not but it‘s great reading time. 5mo
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This stand alone novel takes place in the world of Renthia, the setting for Durst's Queens series. There were a few details that nagged at me early on, but I was ultimately lost in the world building and characters. I have not read the Queens series, but I don't feel it lessened my enjoyment. I will be adding that series to my TBR. I've included a pic of one of my fave reading spots--my front porch rustic bench. #fantasy #whereiread #onceuponabook

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Dear Life: Stories | Alice Munro
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Alice Munro and this sunny, simple reading spot are giving me life right now. #AliceMunro #shortstories #whereiread #rooibos

At Home with Books: How Booklovers Live with and Care for Their Libraries | Christopher Simon Sykes, Estelle Ellis, Caroline Seebohm
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For the first time ever, I have a dedicated ROOM for reading. I'm so excited! The apartment's layout definitely intends it to be a little dining area (check the tile), but this is better. Also those chairs are facing the galley kitchen, so when one of us is cooking, the other two can keep them company. And the dog fits perfectly on the ottoman. #whereiread

Reviewsbylola Waaaaay better as a reading room! Love it! (edited) 14mo
zembla @Reviewsbylola Thank you so much! 🥰 14mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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One of my favorite places to read. I‘ve begged for a porch swing but #manpanion says I‘d never come inside or stop reading if I had one. 🤣 Also, curled up in my favorite chair with a cat or two is wonderful. #whereiread

Saknicole What a great setting for reading! I second your need of a porch swing, clearly a necessary addition! 1y
jenniferajanes I agree that a porch swing is a necessity to support your reading life! Your porch is gorgeous. One day I will have a porch again! 1y
Redwritinghood I always wish I had a porch. At least I have a deck in the back. Enjoy your porch! 1y
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Velvetfur That's fantastic, and a gorgeous house! 1y
BooksAndYarn Just last week I told my husband that when we get old he has to build me a porch swing so we can sit outside together while I read lol 1y
Kimberlone “Manpanion” 😂 1y
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The Wren Hunt | Mary Watson
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Where is your favorite place to read?

I love to cozy up .... with a comfortable rocking chair, good lighting, a soft blanket, flickering candle and warm tea or coffee. 😌

#whereiread #booklovers #booknerds #bookcorner

inthegreensandblues I love to be cozy and warm too... Most often end up on my bed. I own a comfortable couch and armchair but I live with someone who is always watching TV in that room. 🙄 1y
jenniferajanes My glider rocker is my favorite place, but I read everywhere. Sometimes I read walking around the house to squeeze in a few more minutes! 😂 1y
TrishMcCallister @inthegreensandblues Sweet! Having control of the TV and apartment ambiance is one of the only benefits of single life 🙃 1y
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TrishMcCallister @jenniferajanes haha I am so guilty of the walk-n-read. Reading while brushing my teeth, washing the dishes, or shamelessly trying to read through the foggy shower curtain while having to get ready for work 😂 1y
jenniferajanes @TrishMcCallister Yes! That‘s me too! 😂📚📚📚 1y
TheSpineView I love to read outside in my hammock when it is warm. Then by the woodstove when the weather gets cold. 1y
TrishMcCallister @jenniferajanes 🤣🤣 love it 1y
TrishMcCallister @TheSpineView Oh hammock and wood stove reading is amazing! If only I could live in a hammock forever 🙂 Thanks for sharing and happy reading! 1y
CoffeeNBooks Welcome to Litsy! 📚 1y
cassiopia I usually enjoy a glass or two of wine with a cozy blanket & socks and a candle warmer. 1y
cassiopia Also, welcome to Litsy! You're going to love it here 💜 1y
TrishMcCallister @cassiopia Thank you! Ah yes, cozy socks and wine...two great reading additions! 1y
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The Ballad of Black Tom | Victor LaValle
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Spending my lunch hour today with hammock chairs and picturesque country views. #WhereIRead #WorkplaceEdition

MyBookSwapClub Omg..where's this beautiful place? Enjoy :) 1y
TheDaysGoBy That‘s awesome! 1y
Tanisha_A Hammock chairs! 😍 1y
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2BR02B @MyBookSwapClub it's the software company where I work, Epic Systems. 1y
MyBookSwapClub @2BR02B I've heard about them. My sis is RN :) 1y
Velvetfur Love that view! 1y
sammisho Oh Epic! How I wish our hospital would upgrade to Epic! 1y
LeahBergen Ooooh, lovely! 😍 1y
BibliOphelia My sister is right up the road in Mt. Horeb. Such a lovely campus at Epic. My daughter‘s boyfriend turned a job there down after meeting her on the flight out to interview and deciding he was head over heels and didn‘t want to move half a country away! 😳😍 1y
2BR02B @BibliOphelia Wow, he must be a diehard romantic! ❤ 1y
BibliOphelia He introduced himself with an origami rose. 😂🤣 He‘s very sweet and we‘re thrilled for her. 1y
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britt_brooke I just read these a couple of weeks ago. So good! 2y
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Pretty Girls: A Novel | Karin Slaughter
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A pretty view to start a new book.

CindyE09 You must not live where I live because to read outside during the day here is to die a slow death by melting 😂 (edited) 2y
LibrarianJen @cindyE09 I know right?!? I would need a shade tree or umbrella at least. 2y
Sharpeipup @cindye09 @librarianJen Oh, I didn‘t stay there long. I merely started the book there. 2y
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