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Candy Store Caper | John Sazaklis
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#ChillingPhotoChallenge #day16 #Candy That used to be my lolly shop years ago, in Australiana Pioneer Village In Wilberforce. I dressed in a pink checkered period dress with a cap & apron, I had shelves of glass jars full of lollies like the top picture(not my shop, all my pics were lost)& I carried all the best lollies like cobbers, freckles, teeth, milk bottles, worms & those lollipops plus so much more. #Scareathlon #TeamSlaughter 1point

Lizpixie #PointsTotal-691 Plus I had all the retro lollies like sherbet licorice, ring pops, lolly whistles, and giant licorice straps. And I had those huge rainbow lollipops in a tree on the counter and a counter with my toffee apples, stickjaw toffees, fudge, caramel slice, handmade chocolates, chocolate crackles & so much more. I loved it so much, it killed me to give it up.😢 3mo
LeahBergen Oh, it looks wonderful! 😍 3mo
Linsy Sounds amazing!!! 😋 3mo
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A Study in Scarlet | Arthur Conan Doyle
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#AyUpAugust #Day16 #PutYourRecordsOn Ever since the start of detective fiction, most great literary sleuths have loved music. From Sherlock Holmes & his violin to Inspector Morse(classical), DI Banks(blues), Bosch(Jazz) to Phryne Fisher(anything she can dance to!) There‘s so many I haven‘t listed, I‘m not sure of the connection.Maybe it‘s a way to take their minds off the misery they investigate every day. What‘s your theory? #detectivehastheblues

TrishB Agree 👍🏻 Tom Thorne and his country and western spring to mind too. 5mo
Lynnsoprano One of my favorite Phryne mysteries 😄 5mo
squirrelbrain You come up with such clever posts! ❤️ 5mo
Crazeedi Love DCI Banks and Phryne! 5mo
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Harry Potter: fun book | J.K. Rowling
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Whenever I‘m going through a hard time, I read these books. I don‘t know if it‘s the nostalgia, but it always helps me.

#day16 #30junebooks #obsessedwith #harrypotter

annahenke Same. I'm on book two rooms now. Life's a shot show. 7mo
LiterarySloth @annahenke I‘ve read the series countless times, as you can tell from the binding! 7mo
Smarkies Love seeing well loved books. 😍😍 7mo
LiterarySloth @Smarkies it‘s why I love getting paperbacks! You can see how much they‘re loved. 7mo
BooknerdsLife Love Harry Potter too! My favorite comfort read 😍💖 Love how your books are so well loved! 🙌🏼📚 7mo
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#Riotgrams #Day16 #TBR

I have so many still TBR on my Kindle!

BlameJennyJane Some great ones in your lineup too! 7mo
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The Face of the Enemy | David A. McIntee
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Duplicate so I choose Face of the Enemy TNG 6.14! Finally Troi does stuff instead of having stuff done to her. Canonically, that‘s when she first thinks to take the bridge officer test, following what she had to do in #Disaster 5.05.

The Face of the Enemy is also a Doctor Who tie-in novel by David A. McIntee wherein the Degaldo Master is foiled by the Brigadier and poor Ian Chesterton while Jo and Number 3 are away. Fun.
#startreksummermay #day16

TobeyTheScavengerMonk Ooooo, would love to read a Brigadier/Ian team up! 8mo
tournevis @TobeyTheScavengerMonk It's fun. Not very deep, not great, but fun. 8mo
Megabooks Hey! Love this, and Face of the Enemy is a great choice! Major Rakhal of the Tal Shiar. Probably spelled all that wrong. 😉😂 8mo
tournevis @Megabooks No I think you got them right! 😄 8mo
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#grateful @Eggs


🔹️ April showers. ☔
🔹️ My lillies that are doing awesome.🌺
🔹️ The warmth of a wet nose!🐶

Eggs I love my lilies too, but some years they struggle. Not sure why 9mo
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Mystic River | Dennis Lehane
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#MarchIntoThe70s #Day16 #IntoTheMystic The lyrics are all about a magical quest but this song always reminds me of not just the book,but the brilliant movie starring Sean Penn(gives the performance of a lifetime)Kevin Bacon & Tim Robbins as three childhood friends from a rough part of Boston who fragment when one is abducted & raped. Forward to now,Jimmys daughter is murdered & Sean is the Detective investigating her death. #weburyoursinshere

Booksnchill Ok now I just need to listen to this playlist all weekend long🤣🤣🤣🥳 10mo
Cinfhen Always meant to watch this movie 🍿 10mo
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#PoetryMatters #Flowers #Day16

They are terribly white:
There is snow on the ground,
And a moon on the snow at night;
The sky is cut by the winter light;
Yet I, who have all these things in ken,
Am struck to the heart by the chiselled white
Of this handful of cyclamen.

—Katherine Bradley and Edith Cooper

Suet624 💕💕💕 11mo
whatsthEStorey Such a pretty picture! I love birds‘ nests. (edited) 11mo
kspenmoll @whatsthEStorey My brother found this empty nest in an arborvitae tree in the side yard & brought it inside.My older sister put the marble egg inside it.😀 11mo
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Whispers | Lisa Jackson
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Only two more chapters left...
This book has taken me some time to get through since the past three days of class have been so busy!

I‘ve stuck with my reading everyday goal for 2019, though, and I have to say, it‘s so nice to retreat into a book for at least a little bit each day! 🙌 #day16