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The Falconer by Elizabeth May
The Rise of the Dawnstar | Farah Oomerbhoy
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These books are gorgeous 😍. I am so excited to read them!
As part of Storygramtours, I am participating in a loop giveaway over on Instagram for copies of both books and swag pack!
You can get an entry in on my account today ❤️.

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Caraval | Stephanie Garber
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Grownwomanreadya I have two editions of this book and I still haven't read it 😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️ 3y
TheBookNirvana @Grownwomanreadya Why doesn't that surprise me? 😂 3y
Grownwomanreadya @TheBookNirvana Bahahaha it's because of all the sleep I'm doing 🤷🏼‍♀️😂🙈 3y
sanwabooks I love the UK edition hardback cover and ❤️ 3y
booknerdkatie The Book Jumper is one of my absolute favorite covers of all time. 💙😍 3y
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The Reader | Traci Chee
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I have no idea when or how I acquired this book 😂.
Have you read it?
Do you lose track of your books like I do?

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JenWindramReads Haha yes!! I once bought a book that I already owned 😂 3y
TheBookNirvana @JenWindramReads Hahaha I hate when that happens! I find myself questioning whether I own certain books when I go to Goodwill or used book sales. It is so hard to keep track when you are out of control 😂 3y
abookowl gorgeous! 💕 3y
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booknerdkatie I'm thinking maybe as an owlcrate piece? I think I have it too maybe? 🙃🙂 Will have to go check.... 😂 3y
ShotMeInTheBook Prooobably from a sub box 😂😂 I forget what I've gotten from those a lot! 3y
TheBookNirvana @abookowl Thank you! 💕 3y
TheBookNirvana @booknerdkatie Hmm. I don't know 😂. It is bad that we have no idea 🙈 3y
TheBookNirvana @ShotMeInTheBook Could have been! Haha or maybe BookOutlet 😂 3y
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The Serpent King | Jeff Zentner
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Tearjerkers. I love when a book makes me cry. For a book to evoke such emotion, is an exceptional one.
The Serpent King left me a blubbering mess. I still think about this emotional book often.
What is a book that made you cry?

#theserpentking #bookstagram #bookworm #booklover #bookaddict #bookaddiction #bookphotography #yalovin #ireadya #yabooks #yacontemporary

Adalanasimaginaryworld This book made me cry sooooo much 😭 I adored it 💕 3y
TheBookNirvana @Adalanasimaginaryworld Utterly amazing 😭💕 It was an unexpected enjoyable read for me! 3y
crescentmoonreads Thirteen reasons why, and ACOWAR🙈 3y
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biblionatic Heartless made me cry 😭 3y
booksoffictionalworld @biblionatic agreed. Heartless was so painful to read 😭😭😭 3y
kath_reads The Book Thief by Markus Zusak! 🙌🏼😭 3y
TheBookNirvana @crescentmoonreads 13 Reasons Why, the book, didn't make me cry. The TV show did though! 😭 3y
TheBookNirvana @biblionatic I have heard a lot of people say that. I did not like Heartless 🙈 3y
TheBookNirvana @kath_reads 😭 See I totally need to reread that one! 3y
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Just a Normal Tuesday | Kim Turrisi
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I am greedy with giving 5 stars on #Goodreads , but this one earned it.
It is a story of love, loss, grief, and moving forward. It was such a raw account of coping with the effects of suicide.
What was your last 5 star read?

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bookish.k Army of Fire by Jennifer L Kelly 3y
eattrainread This book sounds like a really profound and moving read! My last 5 star read was Roar by Cora Carmack. She created such a beautiful and vivid fantasy world! 3y
Grownwomanreadya I purchased this one yesterday because of your review 🤗 3y
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Bookishdreamers An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson 3y
JenWindramReads I haven't been blown away by anything recently, I am really enjoying Big Little Lies though 😊 3y
Inourfaults My last one was "Behind closed doors" by B.A. Paris (just finished) ?? 3y
Bookandbrunette Probably The Hate U Give by: Angie Thomas 😁 3y
MrBook Nice pic! 3y
TheBookNirvana @bookish.k I have not heard of that one 🤔 3y
TheBookNirvana @eattrainread Roar has been getting fabulous reviews!! You all have me wanting to move it up in my TBR! 3y
TheBookNirvana @Grownwomanreadya YES 🙌🏻. It is definitely something you will need to be in the mood for to read, but I am so glad you decided to pick it up! 3y
TheBookNirvana @Bookishdreamers I keep hearing amazing things about that one too! 3y
TheBookNirvana @JenWindramReads Bummer 😕. I want to read that one! 3y
TheBookNirvana @Inourfaults I am so glad to hear that! I found that one in the bargain section at Barnes and Noble the other day, so I picked it up. Can't wait to read it now! 3y
TheBookNirvana @Bookandbrunette Amazing book 🙌🏻 3y
Grownwomanreadya @TheBookNirvana Trust me I will read it when I'm ready 😏 3y
TheBookNirvana @MrBook Thank you! 3y
Inourfaults Oh nice! Hope you enjoy it ❤️ 3y
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The Book Thief | Markus Zusak
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jolovestoread Definitely historical fiction. 3y
Grownwomanreadya You know I bought this book, never read it but I did like the movie 🤔 And I definitely want to get into more historical fiction 🙌🏻 3y
TheBookNirvana @jolovestoread I hear of so many good ones out there! 3y
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TheBookNirvana @Grownwomanreadya I really want to watch the movie! I feel like I didn't appreciate the book as much as I should have. 3y
Grownwomanreadya @TheBookNirvana I thought the movie was pretty good but that book just looked to complicated to be read lol 3y
TheBookNirvana @Grownwomanreadya It definitely was at first. I remember thinking it was so odd that 'Death' was the narrator. In the same sense, I really liked it though. 3y
Grownwomanreadya @TheBookNirvana That's the thing I read the first couple of pages and loved the concept of death being the narrator but I knew I wasn't going to make through the book once I saw the movie trailer 3y
bookish.k More thrillers and historical fiction. This book is in my TBR though. 3y
TheBookNirvana @Grownwomanreadya Well you have me really wanting to watch the movie now haha 3y
TheBookNirvana @bookish.k Yes to thrillers!! I have been adding them like crazy to my TBR lately. 3y
bookish.k They are so good, I just haven't gotten around to adding too many lately. 3y
Grownwomanreadya @TheBookNirvana Definitely watch it as soon as you can 😏 3y
wildandwonderfulreads I love crime fiction and thrillers, but I just get so caught up reading YA fantasy, I hardly ever read it. I blame bookstagram 😂 3y
TheBookNirvana @bookish.k Haha I add them, but rarely get the chance to read them 🙈 3y
TheBookNirvana @wildandwonderfulreads Same! YA fantasy can take over your reading life 😂. Bookstagram is certainly at fault, because I rarely read any fantasy before I joined. 3y
decorating.reader Ah idk. I feel like I have a little of everything on my tbr honestly 3y
thebookwraith Lacking Contemporary! I'm just a huge fantasy fan 🙈 3y
MrBook Welcome to @Litsy ! We hope you enjoy your stay with us 😊👍🏻. I think we may be the most positive, tight-knit, passionate community of bibliophiles this side of the Sun. And it'll take over your life. 😎👌🏻 3y
TheBookNirvana @CrazyBookLover I used to be the same way. I have found myself enjoying contemporary a lot more recently though! 3y
TheBookNirvana @MrBook Thanks for the warm welcome 😊. I am so excited to be here! 3y
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