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Getting to Know You
Getting to Know You | Jeanne McSweeney
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In a world of loneliness, polarization, and separation, this gem of a book shows how to really get to know another person. The authors utilize their 75 years of personal experience and a wealth of testimonials from others to present a guide to forging a deep, satisfying relationship. A perfect gift for one's self or a new friend.
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Getting to Know You | Jeanne McSweeney
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1. I don't know about ever, but the shortest book I've read so far in 2019 was “The Spectator Bird“ (226 pgs).
2. Longest book ever was “War and Peace“ (1,802 pgs). Every year I read a book that is 1,000 pages or more.
3. I do genealogy research, so I have books in my house from the 1800s (town histories and the like)
4. “What We Will Become: A Mother, a Son, and a Journey of Transformation“ -- published on 11/12/19

#bookquestion #EST @ljuliel

ljuliel You‘re able to crank out those books pretty quickly, so a book of 200+ pages was probably a breeze. 😊. Now.....War and Peace....I‘ve heard is a REALLY good book. That is one.big.book. 5d
Amiable @ljuliel “W&P“ was a lot more readable and enjoyable than I expected! I took my time with it -- it took about 3 or 4 months to finish. Had to download that on my e-reader, though -- didn't want to carry that puppy around on the train to work! 😬 5d
ljuliel I can imagine. You‘d build up some powerful arm muscles 💪🏼 5d
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Getting to Know You | Jeanne McSweeney
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❤ Finland
🧡 38
💛 I'm a neuropsychologist at a hospital. Libraries suck here so I buy mine mostly from Bookdepository and Amazon etc.
💚 Happily single, never wanting to mingle
💙 She/her
💜 Some variation of it has nearly always been my username so here we go again.

Chrissyreadit You have an amazing job! Why are libraries bad in Finland? That just surprised me.... now I‘m curious about libraries around the world. 1mo
Briary @Chrissyreadit I like reading in english and my library is not that keen on those. Not to mention more obscure non-fiction ones.. 😅 Libraries in bigger cities are better, but the collections are still mainly in finnish. 1mo
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Getting to Know You | Jeanne McSweeney
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What a great idea! #gettingtoknowyou

1. London UK (moved here 3 weeks ago so very exciting to say!)

2. 23

3. I work at the globe theatre education department and it‘s a really wonderful job

4. Just moved in with my boyfriend of five years

5. She/her/hers

6. I use it for Instagram, I have a common name so most variants were already used, it‘s my first name my middle initial and my surname with no vowels. It does the job 🤷‍♀️

squirrelbrain That sounds like a fabulous job! 1mo
Chrissyreadit Wow! That sounds like an amazing job! 1mo
cmarie Hope you're enjoying London! 1mo
Novel_Crawler Texas. 23 (will be 24 on the 29th). I work in retail. In a relationship of nearly 4 years. She/ her. Novel Crawler is the name i came up for my booktube channel. 1mo
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Getting to Know You | Jeanne McSweeney
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Green is my favorite color. I like be fall plus I was born in fall 😁Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Horror. Hobby: crochet, knit Snack: chips and salsa or apples in peanut butter! Drink: Tea! I like different bookmarks, or just anything book related. Anyone else that hasn‘t done this, Jump in!

britt_brooke Green and fall (my birthday is in fall, too)! 🙌🏻 2y
Craftylikefox @britt_brooke yay for fall birthdays!!! 2y
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Getting to Know You | Jeanne McSweeney
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Color: Maroon, green, dark purple
Season: Fall for weather & smells, summer for vacation!
Genre: Contemporary fiction, fantasy, YA, Sci Fi, memoir
Hobby: Books. Netflix. Litsy.
Snack: CHEESE 🧀
Drink: water, coffee... wine...
Bookish item: ALL THE THINGS!
@AndreaReads @TricksyTails @cobwebmoth @JenP

Getting to Know You | Jeanne McSweeney
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🛏 Bed
☕️ hot cocoa
🍁 autumn
🗒paper bookmarks
📓no notes
🌺fairy tales


Getting to Know You | Jeanne McSweeney
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1. Suggested by @MrsMalaprop
2. From the moment I was first read to, I think.
3. Anne of Green Gables --that series.
4.Quiet-- In this book I found myself.
5.Collecting dolls /toys.
6.The Tunnel
7.Winnie the Pooh -- original
10.my mum. @LazyOwl #10questions

MrsMalaprop You did it! If you add the hashtag #10questions, then anyone can search for that hashtag & see all the responses to this prompt 👍😊. 2y
Jeg It took some doing I can tell you @MrsMalaprop , as for hashtags!!!! Hope you can get to explain some more at book club. Xxx 2y
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Getting to Know You | Jeanne McSweeney
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1️⃣Heard about it on Bookriot, but finally joined when I needed a place to post Readathon challenge photos (my Instagram is private)
3️⃣Harry Potter
4️⃣Hunger by Roxane Gay
5️⃣Gilmore Girls, yoga, travel
7️⃣The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage (is it cheating to pick a graphic novel?)
8️⃣Just a personal challenge to read as many new releases as possible
9️⃣If I lived in the US, I would do BOTM
🔟My parents

LazyOwl Nope, totally not cheating 😀 2y
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Getting to Know You | Jeanne McSweeney
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Thanks for this cool prompt @LazyOwl #10questions

1) heard about it on All the Books with @Liberty
2) as a pre-schooler in the picture book section of the library
3) Curious George - probably my earliest fave
4) Song of Achilles
5) Marvel Universe
6) Black Sails
7) Eloise (my favourite illustrations)
8) just my own
9) nope - don't think there are any in nz
10) my mother for setting me free to devour the library!

LazyOwl No problems 😊 2y
WhatDeeReads Black Sails is 😍😍😍 2y
Centique @WhatDeeReads I know right? So many great actors - I'm a Toby Stephens fan now 😍 2y
WhatDeeReads @Centique I'm kind of in love with Jessica Parker Kennedy. 2y
Centique @WhatDeeReads oh my god yes! She is amazing 🙌 2y
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Getting to Know You | Jeanne McSweeney
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1. One of the Book Riot podcasts
2. Before I can remember
3. Roald Dahl's children's books
4. I'm currently listening to Sherman Alexie's You Don't Have To Say You Love Me and this one is gonna live in me.
5. All of them!
6. Con Man with Alan Tudyk on Syfy which I HIGHLY recommend
7. My Easton Press copy of The Hobbit
8. I quit them all because I'm a disorganized slacker
9. I quit them all because I'm poor
10. My mother 💜

LazyOwl I feel nostalgic about the BFG my teacher read it to our class I think in about year 5. 2y
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Getting to Know You | Jeanne McSweeney
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I want to get to know some of my fellow Litans better, so I made up #10Questions.

Would love to see all your responses.

Mine are:

1. Facebook Book Riot article
2. In my early twenties
3. The Babysitters Club and Snugglepot & Cuddlepie
4. The Handmaid's Tale
5. Doctor Who (Tenth)
6. Riverdale
7. The Faraway Tree
8. Popsugar Reading Challenge
9. Owl Crate
10. When I started dating my now hubby, he got me into reading fantasy

readinginthedark Riverdale is crazy! I can't wait for the next season! 2y
LazyOwl @readinginthedark it's supposed to be released soon I think 2y
readinginthedark Yeah, sometime in October! 2y
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