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(She/her) Books, pets, and tea, my favorite things. My top genres are literary and historical fiction and big fat fantasies. 😊📚
Damnation Spring | Ash Davidson
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@AmyG have you started this yet? I‘m 100 or so pages from the end and it‘s cracking my heart to pieces. I have to finish it this morning, everything else is on hold for the day.
@Hooked_on_books I see why you loved it.

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This will be my last for #nonfictionnovember.
Meg Lowman was the first scientist to dedicate her studies to the canopy- the very tops of the trees. She studies leaves, branches, life cycles of trees, which has led to studies on the creatures who live in and eat leaves. Mostly insects, but also birds and mammals.

Fun fact I learned: in many spider species the female is up to 100 times the size of the male 😱😬.

Another job I think I‘d love!

Soubhiville Lowman discussed her challenges as a female scientist in what is overwhelmingly a male dominated field. She goes into a lot of detail about jobs she felt forced out of. Also towards the end there is a lot of info about how she was drawn to studies, how she got funded, and naming others who worked with her. It got dull there for me- I was here more for tree science, so I admit to zoning out some of the businessy bits. 2d
Lindy Stacked! 🌳❤️ 2d
Hooked_on_books Oh man, sexism is real! I‘m sure I would relate to her on that. I read a book once about the redwoods (I don‘t remember the title) and was fascinated to learn that there‘s a whole ecosystem in the canopy, including other plants, including trees, growing up there. What a fascinating place is our earth! 🌍 8h
Soubhiville @Hooked_on_books I got to see some of that sort of thing- plants growing in the trees- in the Cloud Forest in Monte Verde Costa Rica. The sky bridges gave me a view of life like I‘ve never seen it. Also got to see strangler fig trees there. There are some so big and so old that with the host tree gone and disintegrated, it‘s possible to climb several stories high inside the strangler fig. So strange and so varied! 8h
Hooked_on_books Climb several stories inside a fig?!? That‘s amazing! I‘m glad there are books like this bringing wonders to everyone who can‘t see them for themselves. Maybe if we get enough people educated about what is here to protect, people will get serious about protecting it. 8h
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Arcadia | Lauren Groff
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I received this book as a gift years ago. I picked it up now because I‘m looking forward to Groff‘s new book, Matrix.

I loved everything about this! It span‘s Bit‘s life from a child growing up on a hippie commune, to an adult living in a city and starting a family, into middle age as he moves back to his parent‘s house to care for his ailing mom.

Heartfelt and so real, Groff writes characters I feel all the way through. Great debut novel!

Cathythoughts I‘m reading Matrix at the moment.. it‘s brilliant 💫.. stacking Arcadia 👍🏻 6d
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Who was doing Fiction/Non-Fiction #pairings? This was 100% accidental, but I find myself reading 2 books about the lumber industry and deforestation, conservation, and the impact of all of this on low income folks living in the Pacific Northwest of the US. On the right, NF, the left is fiction. Funny when reading life throws coincidences like this at you!

Mitch I ♥️doing these pairings - it adds something special to both books. Enjoy! 7d
Hooked_on_books I‘ve definitely done them and would do so more if other books would stop sidetracking me! 😂 I agree with @Mitch —it tends to enhance the reading of both. And I loooooovvvvved Damnation Spring! 7d
Soubhiville @Hooked_on_books I‘m liking it a lot so far. 😊 7d
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The Angel's Game | Carlos Ruiz Zafon
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How are your Zafon books going #AuthorAMonth readers?

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AmyG I passed this month. I will be back for Dec. (edited) 7d
Amiable Mine‘s going slowly—it‘s a chunkster! But I‘m enjoying it . (edited) 7d
CoffeeNBooks I just read this quote in The Angel's Game a little while ago! I'm on my 2nd Zafon book, and hope to also read The Labyrinth of the Spirits this month. 7d
Cinfhen Same as @AmyG planning to jump back in December 7d
erzascarletbookgasm I hope to read The Prince of Mist 🤞 7d
Kdgordon88 Just finished Shadow of the Wind Thursday on audio. Lost focus a couple of times but still a fascinating story! 7d
dariazeoli I‘m LOVING Shadow of the Wind. I just wish I had more time this month. Super busy and not as far into it as I‘d like. 7d
Larkken Accidentally put book three in the series on hold instead of book one 🤦🏻‍♀️ (HATE that!) so I‘ve only just started! 7d
MeganAnn I‘m hoping to join in for Isabel Allende in December… for the first time! Excited for the 2022 list 🎉 7d
Bookzombie I haven‘t started. My reading has been slow this month, but after Wednesday I‘m off until the second and hope to get to 7d
ValerieAndBooks About halfway through Shadow of the Wind…hope I can finish it in time 😬 7d
vlwelser I read this one and decided that was enough for this dude for now. His books are lovely but they're very long. 7d
Megabooks My book returned to the library before I could read it! 6d
Crazeedi I haven't read this month!😥 6d
Bklover I‘m about a third through 6d
SilversReviews LOVED Shadow of the Wind!! Didn‘t like his others too much. (edited) 6d
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Finding Gratitude | Compendium
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This resonates with me this weekend. I hope you all are finding time to relax, breathe, and find your own joy. 🥰🌾🍂🌻. Happy reading!

AmyG This is so very true. Great quote. 7d
SamanthaMarie I've gone through seasons of both and have recently realized that if not clinically depressed, gratitude can be an amazingly helpful practice for life to seem/be beautiful no matter what I am experiencing day to day. 7d
Soubhiville @SamanthaMarie 💜 I so agree! 7d
erzascarletbookgasm 👍 Thanks for this reminder.🤍 7d
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Daughter of Fortune | Isabel Allende
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#AuthorAMonth readers, Allende is our December author. This is a kindle deal in the US today if you haven‘t got something lined up for her yet. 📚🙂

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AmyG I am all set. I found a book in the used section at the library. Hoping it‘s good. 1w
Soubhiville @AmyG I saw her new one at B&N this week and was tempted, but I didn‘t get it. I‘ll do something on audio from the library. 😊 1w
megnews Coincidentally, #overbookedclub chose Allende for our December discussion, all welcome! 1w
Lcsmcat This was the first Allende I ever read, and it made me a life-long fan. 1w
Soubhiville @megnews I saw that! I‘ve been meaning to tag everyone on one of your posts in case they want to join you for that read as well. So convenient 🙂 1w
Bklover Thanks! 1w
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Roxy | Neal Shusterman, Jarrod Shusterman
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What if the drugs we‘ve come to know were gods, sort of like the gods in Clash of the Titans? And their goal is to get the mortals “worshipping” them to the giant party in the sky?

This is a great YA fantasy twist on the story of addiction, and the main character is Roxy, or as we know her, Oxy. She‘s not a villain, she‘s just doing what she‘s been created to do, right? Can she help it if sometimes things get out of hand?

👍👍 from me but CW ⬇️

Soubhiville The audio is really good with a full cast, I listened after I got home from work to finish today. (Not common for me.). Obviously this is dark, addiction is a main theme. (edited) 1w
Megabooks I love your review! So much better than mine! 1w
Soubhiville Ah thanks @Megabooks 😊. Look at us reading the same books within a week or two of each other. Have you read Dry by these two authors? I definitely want to now. 1w
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Lab Girl | Hope Jahren
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I absolutely loved the poetic way Jahren writes about plant life. The beginning part in which she describes growing up in her Dad‘s laboratory made me laugh out loud. The many instances of “but don‘t try it.”

I found the parts about struggling to keep funding for her research disheartening. And of course reading about her struggles with depression too.

But really this was an incredible read, I‘m glad to have picked it up. #NonFictionNovember

wanderinglynn Sounds interesting 👍🏻 1w
BeckyWithTheGoodBooks I loved this book! 1w
Addison_Reads This book is one of my favorites. 💚 1w
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Cal Flyn visited sites all over the world where humans have left, for one reason or another, and nature is in different ways creeping back in.

Some high points- endangered sheep coming back from the brink in demilitarized Cyprus, pupfish in the Californian Salten Sea able to survive in water hotter and saltier than any other species, types of lichen which may be able to absorb heavy metals from contaminated war zone in Verdun, France.

Soubhiville @TheAromaofBooks this was my #bookspin 😁📚 for #nonfictionnovember (edited) 2w
AmyG Oh, hi! 😻 2w
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 2w
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“I remind myself: if one goes in search of nature in its wildest forms, you shouldn‘t expect it will be pleased to see you.”

The author visited Swona, Scotland, a small island off the tip of northernmost mainland Scotland. It was abandoned in the mid 1970‘s, and the cattle and rabbits raised there were turned loose and have rewilded. Flyn found herself attacked or threatened by Arctic Terns, seals, cattle, and Great Skuas.

This is the location⬇️

Soubhiville Location of THE Rose Cottage. Apparently in British hospitals there is a common euphemism: when a patient passes, doctors may say to transport them to “Rose Cottage” instead of the morgue in order to avoid upsetting other patients. I‘ve heard this but had no idea it arose from an actual cottage. @Hooked_on_books thought you might find all of this interesting, since you stacked the book 📕🙂. (edited) 2w
rockpools This sounds wonderful! 2w
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Soubhiville @rockpools it is very good. The style is very much investigative journalism, rather like reading National Geographic. 2w
Kdgordon88 Love the quote! 2w
Hooked_on_books This is totally fascinating! I really look forward to this book. Thanks for the tag! 🤗 2w
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Weekly Forecast | Thomas Gibson Inc
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#weeklyforecast @Cinfhen
I‘m enjoying both Lab Girl and Islands, and hope to finish at least one of them today.
Damnation Spring arrived in the mail yesterday and I read the first couple pages, so I guess I‘m reading it now 🤣. It‘s nice when something sucks you right in like that though. Totally unplanned.
Embers and Roxy are cued up for my next audiobooks. And Exile and Pride is my last myTBR rec from my last batch.

keithmalek "Islands of Abandonment"sounds interesting. I just added it. You might also like "The World Without Us" by Alan Weisman. 2w
Soubhiville Ooo, thanks for the recommendation @keithmalek ! 2w
Cinfhen I started Damnation Springs on audio but it wasn‘t grabbing my attentions I I put it on hold!! Funny, we had a totally different reaction 2w
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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If you participate in #AuthorAMonth and you like tracking your challenges on StoryGraph, guess what? I just made a challenge for us over there for 2022. Here‘s the link:


Would you be interested in going back and entering this year‘s books? If several people would be excited for that I‘ll make a 2021 challenge as well. Comment below and I‘ll tag you for that.

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sprainedbrain Oh that‘s awesome! I‘d definitely go back and fill in 2021 as well, if you make it. 2w
Megabooks Thank you!!!!!!! 💜🥳👍🏻 2w
Cinfhen I‘ve been neglecting my storygraph account but I hope to start back up in 2022! 2w
CoffeeNBooks I'd go back and fill in 2021- I didn't read much, but I'll fill out the form anyway- I'm just getting familiar with storygraph. 2w
BkClubCare Interesting! I am intrigued. Thank you. 2w
Lcsmcat I‘m in for 2022. 2w
squirrelbrain I‘ll join in for 2022; I haven‘t been a part of 2021 though…. 2w
vlwelser I just joined. I would also go back and fill out 2021. 2w
SamanthaMarie I just joined for 2022 :) 2w
Pageturner1 i am in it for 2022. 2w
DivineDiana Will join! And yes, would also be interested in 2021! 2w
AmyG I am travelling the next week-ish. So I will try to add my books the week of Thanksgiving. Now I just hope I remember! 2w
DrexEdit I might lurk a bit if that's ok. There are a couple of authors I'd like to read on your list. 2w
Kdgordon88 Yes for both! Love Storygraph and using it for Litsy activities is awesome. 2w
Soubhiville @AmyG it‘s entirely for your own enjoyment, I won‘t be using StoryGraph to track anything. I just really like it for keeping up with my challenges, and as a list-lover, checking those boxes makes me feel good 😊. 2w
Soubhiville @drexedit lurk away! I‘ve added you to the tag list. (edited) 2w
dariazeoli I‘m in! 2w
LibrarianRyan Yeah. Love story graph. 2w
LibrarianRyan Also just FYI. Unless they updated since I last looked you can see that they are participating but not if how far along they are. I use it for #BBRC. Love it. 2w
Soubhiville @sprainedbrain @CoffeeNBooks @vlwelser @DivineDiana @AmyG @Kdgordon88 @dariazeoli @LibrarianRyan See the link above to this year‘s StoryGraph challenge if you‘d like to play with it. This is entirely for your own entertainment, I won‘t be looking at your answers. 😊 For fun, not mandatory. (edited) 2w
LibrarianRyan @Soubhiville oh already done. The minute you mentioned it. Since I‘m on my phone and not my iPad things work a bit differently. I actually need to update all my challenges. . (edited) 2w
MoonWitch94 Fun! I‘m in for 2022 2w
Crazeedi Thank you, I just joined Storygraph a couple weeks ago, but I love it and I'd love to join in for 2022 and this year, though I don't think I did very well, I'm hoping do better! I'm just finding my way around the spp... 2w
CoffeeNBooks Thank you for doing this! I've never really used Storygraph before, but this made me actually try to figure out how to use the app! 😂 1w
Larkken Good idea! My storygraph has been languishing all year, ha. I‘ll have to work on getting it up to date! 1w
Zuhkeeyah Just saw the post from Litsy events. I‘m excited to join in! 1w
Soubhiville @Zuhkeeyah great! I‘ll add you to the tag list 😊 1w
SamanthaMarie May I be added to the tag list? :) 1w
tenar May I also be added to the tag list? Thank you! 1w
Soubhiville @SamanthaMarie @tenar I‘ve added you both 🙂 1w
jenniferw88 Can you add me to the tag list please? There's a couple of months I can do next year. 6d
jenniferw88 @tenar I might keep The Housekeeper and the Professor for December! (Depends on how excited I am in January lol!) 6d
Soubhiville @jenniferw88 you have been added 🙂 6d
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Book Report Beagle | Pamela Klawitter
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It‘s been a slower reading week for me. NonFiction just takes longer to digest.

I hope to finish Islands of Abandonment this weekend, and maybe also Lab Girl. They are both excellent.

I picked up the second Percy Jackson to give my brain a break, but honestly I think I‘m going to bail on it… not connecting, so it‘s probably destined for my LFL.

Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I pushed myself to read the Percy Jackson series and really wish I just gave up. 2w
Soubhiville @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick oh! Well I‘m glad I‘m passing on it then 😬. I‘m sure as a kid I would have loved them. 2w
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I came across this on FB and it made me think of fall readers transitioning into winter readers. Made me think of my Litsy community. 🍂❄️🧡🤎🤍

MaGoose 😎 cool. Love it. ❤ 2w
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I didn‘t think to take a photo of the box, but my #wintersolsticeswap package is on its way north! May it travel safely. #wss 🌲❄️📚

AmyG Wow! You‘re on top of things! 🙌🏻 (edited) 2w
Soubhiville @AmyG my work is about to get super hectic, so I‘m trying to stay ahead. 😊 2w
Chrissyreadit OMG!!!! 2w
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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I have to say The Shadow of the Wind has some of the most beautiful bookish quotes of any book I‘ve ever read.

I hope you are enjoying your Carlos Ruiz Zafon readings. I can‘t believe the month is almost halfway through!

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sprainedbrain Yes! I ❤️ The Shadow of the Wind so much. 2w
Eggs That‘s a great one 😌 2w
Read-y_Picker I‘m re-reading this one. Actually listening to the audiobook this time and it‘s sooo good! I just adore his style! 2w
Andrew65 Love this book. 2w
CoffeeNBooks I absolutely love The Shadow of the Wind! 2w
Butterfinger I'm enjoying it too. 2w
Bookwormjillk I thought of your post this morning. I started this one on audio on my drive into work and I kept wanting to pull over and write down quotes. 2w
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The Genius of Birds | Jennifer Ackerman
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I really enjoy Jennifer Ackerman‘s writing style. This is her second bird- topic book I‘ve read, and I‘ve another on my TBR shelf.

Things I learned:
-House Sparrows aren‘t native to North America, they were brought by Europeans and now are among the most plentiful birds here. Mockingbirds also.
-Alex the African Grey parrot could understand a lot of human speech, and could answer questions about color, quantity, and more!
-So much more!

AmyG What beautiful succulents! 2w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Beautiful 💚 2w
Soubhiville @AmyG @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Aw, thanks 😊. I‘m lucky to live in the right climate for them to thrive. 2w
ShelleyBooksie Gorgeous photo 2w
tenar Your plants are lovely! I still think about the pigeons who were taught how to distinguish between the art styles of different impressionist painters. I learned some really incredible things from that book! 2w
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It definitely would have been nice to spend the whole day like this, but alas, I had to go to work. I‘ll be back to Venkman and this book in a little bit. Snuggle to be continued.

RaeLovesToRead Aww Venkman looks so snoodly 🥰🥰 2w
ShelleyBooksie ♡♡ Venkman♡♡ 2w
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The Seed Keeper | Diane Wilson
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Has the last week really been so busy that I‘m only now getting October‘s wrap up posted? Yes apparently so!

I have to say all of these were really good.

BiblioLitten Ah! Some really good titles. Which ones were your favourite? 3w
Soubhiville @BiblioLitten 5⭐️ for The Seed Keeper, Whispering Door, How the Word is Passed. The Prey of Gods and Thud! are both very close to that. 3w
BiblioLitten Thanks! I‘ll add them to my TBR 😊 3w
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Naptime | Elizabeth Verdick
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We are a family who cherish our weekend naps together. I caught Sietje and my hubby in a cute moment when I woke up first. Sorry this is only book related because I went from here to the library to read until they woke up 💙.

Soubhiville Actually surprised there are no cats in this photo. Venkman was under the blanket though 🤣 3w
AmyG Ha! This is so sweet. I sometimes catch Lou, when she is over, napping with my husband, too. ❤️ 3w
Nute Aww! A very sweet moment! 3w
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MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Omg, I LOVE the Cthulhu tat! 😱 3w
Chrissyreadit ❤️ 3w
Leftcoastzen Naps are the best ! 3w
Tamra Sweet! ☺️ 3w
ShelleyBooksie Adorable. Your hubby has awesome tattoos 3w
Megabooks Looks very comfy! 3w
Bookzombie Such a cute photo! 3w
LeahBergen Aww! I love it. ❤️ 3w
Hooked_on_books That is so cute! Tony once got a great picture when Bindi was little and Gunther was still with us of the three of them in bed with me. It‘s one of my favorites. 3w
Gissy Lovely photo! Sietje almost took the whole bed!🐶❤️❤️❤️ 3w
Simona Family napping time is the best❣️ And - cool tattoo! 3w
Lizpixie Love his tattoo! Cute picture❤️ 3w
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Best of Us | Robyn Carr
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Well now I‘m doing 3 swaps this winter 😊📚.

Go to @candority for more info.

candority Yay! Thanks for signing up and for sharing! 😊 3w
Mitch Which ones are you doing ? Have a missed some? 👏🏼👏🏼 3w
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Soubhiville @mitch there‘s also #LittleChristmasSwap (I think) which I haven‘t signed up for yet, but I might 🤣 3w
staci.reads Same 🤣 3w
Mitch Just signed up for this one too! And I‘d missed #littlechristmasswap - so going to do that one too! Oops! Thanks @Soubhiville for keeping me in the loop! 😘 3w
AmyG I keep telling myself no more swaps. And then I sign up. 😳 (edited) 3w
Soubhiville @AmyG right? It‘s my intention to stop with this one. We‘ll see if my will power holds! 3w
AmyG Good luck. I just signed up for this. 😳 (edited) 3w
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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I hereby announce the winning authors for 2022 #AuthorAMonth!

#AuthorAMonth is a relaxed reading challenge. There is no commitment. Read as many as you‘d like by the chosen author, skip months if you need to.

Litsy readers voted and these 12 authors came out on top 😊.

At the end of the year there is a prize box for “Most Read.” To qualify books must be finished in the appropriate month. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Soubhiville There will also be randomly drawn prizes- everyone who has read at least one Author a Month book and is still active on Litsy is entered into those random drawings.

As always, just let me know if you‘d like to be added or removed from my tag lists. ❤️📚
Soubhiville I know author @ChrisBohjalian is on Litsy. Does anyone know if any of these other authors are? 3w
See All 64 Comments
Lcsmcat We have some great reads ahead of us 3w
TheBookHippie Fun!!! Some I‘ve read all their work. But I‘ll be there for the rest! 3w
staci.reads Nice list! 6 authors I have read, 6 I haven't, and I'm excited about both! 3w
TrishB Great stuff 👍🏻 thank you. I have a John Boyne ready for #booked2022 so I know when I‘ll read it! 3w
ChrisBohjalian Oh, my gosh, I am utterly Gobsmacked. Thank you! This is such a wonderful surprise. I‘m humbled by the company. 3w
Megabooks I am HERE FOR this list! Very excited! 3w
Texreader One of my least favorite authors is on this list! So sad! I wish we had alternates when that happens as this will be the first year I skip a month. The rest looks intriguing! Thanks so much for doing this again this year! 3w
Soubhiville @Texreader that‘s an interesting idea…. I‘ll think on that. (And I‘m curious which author…. But you don‘t need to name them.). I don‘t read along every month as there have been a few authors I didn‘t connect with too in the past. 3w
Soubhiville @TheBookHippie fingers crossed for some new releases? 🤞 3w
erzascarletbookgasm Nice! 5 authors I voted for are in the list! The rest I shall see how it goes during the month. Thank you. 3w
Chrissyreadit I never manage to read in the same month but some of these are authors I love so I will keep on trying! 3w
Soubhiville @Chrissyreadit too many books, too little time 📚😉. 3w
Bookwormjillk Great list! Some favorites, some I‘ve wanted to try, and some I‘ve never heard of. 3w
Pageturner1 my resolution for the New Year, try harder! i try finding new authors and this definitely helps. 3w
Christine Love the list! ❤️ 3w
MeganAnn Ooo great list! I have several of these authors on my TBR and would love to join in for those at least. Will you add me to your tag list? 3w
Soubhiville @MeganAnn you‘re added 🙂📚 3w
vivastory What a great list! Thanks for continuing to host this! 3w
MeganAnn @Soubhiville thank you! 3w
squirrelbrain Great list! Can you add me on this year @Soubhiville please? I‘m not sure how many I‘ll get to, but I have a Kingsolver on my #booked2022 list so that works perfectly! 3w
PurpleyPumpkin What a great list! I‘m going to try to join you here and there. Looks like fun!😉 3w
Larkken So many great authors! I‘ll have to try to join again. This year it made me pick up books outside my comfort zone, and they were all great 😊 3w
Daisey This is a great list! I think I might add this as a prompt on my Book Spin list each month next year. 3w
Crazeedi @Texreader I hear you! 3w
Crazeedi @Soubhiville thank you! I have a couple books already by some of these authors, I hope I am able keep up , it's a great challenge for me 3w
DrexEdit I‘m taking a screen cap and keeping this calendar in mind. I already see a couple of months where I would like to join in. Thank you for organizing! 3w
AmyG Yay!!! Thank you. 3w
Cinfhen Thanks so much for organizing!! What a wonderful list of authors!!! 3w
Soubhiville @squirrelbrain you are added 😊📚 3w
Andrew65 An interesting and diverse list, will be 10 new authors to me. 3w
mom2bugnbee @Andrew65 11 for me! Love it! 3w
sprainedbrain Love this list! 3w
Kdgordon88 I‘ve loved participating this year and look forward to reading from this list of authors! 3w
Andrew65 @mom2bugnbee Read John Boyne, who I love, and Naomi Novik - although only one book. 3w
mom2bugnbee @Andrew65 I've read Sylvia M-G, and she isn't for me, but I understand why others love her. Excited to try the others! Kinda embarrassed I've never read Maya Angelou. 🥺 3w
Andrew65 @mom2bugnbee You‘ll love John Boyne. I strongly recommend The Absolutist, Ladder to the Sky, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. But still a lot of his I have not read. Not even heard of Sylvia M-G. 3w
Bookzombie Thank you for putting this together! I‘m excited. Three of my suggestions are on here. I have read 5 of the authors, but I‘m very happy to read more of their work. 💗 3w
marleed Oh I took a screenshot because I‘ve seen posts from author-a-month readers and have wanted to join in for a couple years! 3w
MoonWitch94 2022 is the year I read at least one a month! I‘m planning this time! Can‘t wait! 3w
Read-y_Picker Yay!! Another great list! 3w
mom2bugnbee @Andrew65 Oh! I know of Boy in Pyjamas, didn't know the author. My kids loved that one when they read it in school. Silvia M-G's most recent was Mexican Gothic, which got great reviews, unless you aren't a Gothic horror fan, which I evidently am not. 😂 3w
Andrew65 @mom2bugnbee Know the book, but didin‘t know the author. Not particularly a fan of horror full stop. 3w
Crazeedi @mom2bugnbee @Andrew65 I'm not a horror reader either 3w
JaclynW Great list! I'm excited! Four new authors on this list for me and many favorites listed. Can't wait! Thanks! 3w
coffeewithbooks @Soubhiville count me in ! So excited 3w
Soubhiville @coffeewithbooks I‘ve added you to my tag lists 📚 3w
ValerieAndBooks Looking forward to this annual challenge! I didn't do that well in 2021 but am hopeful to do better in 2022! 3w
megnews Can you add me to your tag list? 2w
Soubhiville @megnews you bet! 📚 2w
Caroline2 Ohh what a fab list. Can you add me to the tag list please? 😃 1w
Soubhiville @Caroline2 you have been added! 1w
BarkingMadRun Count me in!! 1w
Soubhiville @BarkingMadRun I‘ve added you to the tag list. 1w
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Can I just send you over to @Megabooks review of this one, because it says exactly what I‘m feeling.

Yes, I was uncomfortable listening because I see myself in that title- a progressive white person perpetuating racial harm. I‘ve learned and I strive to keep learning. This isn‘t a thing we can learn once, it‘s ongoing education and we must seek out more ways to be better, all the time.

Excellent book, as is White Fragility. Big recommend.

Megabooks Excellent review! Thanks for the shoutout. 💜 This was a great read but hard to hear. I‘m trying to further my anti-racist education and be a good ally, but I f*** up, unintentionally, but still in ways that may be harmful to BIPOC people. I need to own it and learn when I do. 👍🏻 3w
Soubhiville @Megabooks exactly. I f*** up too. I am trying to learn to react to being called out in a more productive way that doesn‘t put more burden on others. I try to learn from every uncomfortable situation. I want “doing my best” to keep getting better. 3w
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I loved this just as much as the first one. A high school for magic wielding teens, filled with monsters, and most years a tiny percentage of the class makes it through the graduation hall that‘s just a basement filled with things that want to eat them? Yes please.

But Naomi Novik, your cliffhangers kill me! I‘m sure I have to wait another year for the next installment… This makes me understand readers who wait for series to finish to dive in.

ICantImReading I finished this a couple of weeks ago and I‘m still not over the cliffhanger!! 😂 3w
Soubhiville @ICantImReading Right! So many feelings and I think I actually cried out “noooooo!” 3w
Jas16 As soon as I heard it was another cliffhanger I cancelled my library hold so I could wait until the third book is out. 3w
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Soubhiville @Jas16 I shouldn‘t have been surprised since the first ended with a cliffhanger too. Honestly I don‘t mind too much, I‘ve loved the books so far and that makes it worth it. 😊 3w
Larkken Jeez, this was labeled as a 2-book series! Guess she couldn‘t pack everything in she wanted to two books haha. I love it too! But wish I didn‘t have to wait… 3w
ScientistSam Is there definitely a third book? 1w
Soubhiville @ScientistSam there has to be, the ending of this one is a serious cliffhanger! 1w
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Read by the author, Swan Dive is a dance memoir and Georgina- “Gina” or “Paz”- frankly discusses her over 20 years with New York City Ballet. She touches on the blatant misogyny and racism in the pro-ballet world, as well as her laundry list of falls (hence the title) and injuries. But at its heart this is a memoir of the love of the dance. Paz has had some amazing experiences, and I‘m glad she shared them. 💕

Soubhiville #NFNovember book 1 😃 3w
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I just restocked my LFL for #NonfictionNovember. 😊📚📚📚

marleed Very nice! 4w
Nute Nice! 3w
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Yes! I‘m looking forward to both my #BookSpin and #DoubleSpin, and they both fit well for this month‘s topics bookclub: “Something You‘ve Obsessed About.”

Islands of Abandonment is about areas that people have moved out of and how nature is moving back in, which is something I‘ve spent a ton of time thinking about.

Kicked, Bitten, Scratched is my life as an animal caretaker. I‘ve done many animal jobs, currently a dog groomer. 🐕🐩🦮

TheAromaofBooks Oooo these both sound super interesting!!! 4w
Crazeedi Thank you!!! 4w
Hooked_on_books The tagged book has been named one of the best NF of the year by Powell‘s and is sounds fascinating! I‘ve looked around at our farm and how fast everything grows in Hawaii, contemplating how quickly it would be overtaken if abandoned (VERY quickly). So this book is going on my TBR for sure! 3w
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
post image

It‘s time #AuthorAMonth readers! Here is the poll to vote for next year‘s Authors.


#AuthorAMonth is a no-pressure challenge in which we read books by a voted on author each month. Read as many or as few as you like. At the end of the year there is a prize box for “Most Read.”

There will also be randomly drawn prizes- everyone who has read at least one Author a Month book during the year is entered. ⬇️

Soubhiville As always, just let me know if you‘d like to be added or removed from my tag lists. ❤️📚. I will post results in about a week 😊📚. 4w
Texreader Yay!! I can‘t wait to vote! 4w
See All 28 Comments
Soubhiville *excuse my autocorrect typos! Should read *Kacen Callender and *Nnedi Okorofor! 4w
TheBookHippie So excited to see who “wins” 4w
Julsmarshall Some great authors! 4w
Kangaj1 Please add me! 4w
LeahBergen I voted! 😃 4w
Kdgordon88 Voted! Some great choices on that list. 4w
JaclynW I have loved doing this so much each month! I have been introduced to many authors I may not have ever picked up. Thanks so much for keeping it going! I appreciate it. I can't wait to see the new author list for next year! 4w
Cinfhen Wowza!! What a list!! So varied!! Thanks for hosting and organizing 😘 4w
Bookzombie Voted! I‘m excited to see who will make the top 12. Thank you for organizing this challenge! 💗 4w
TrishB Done. Thanks for doing. I don‘t always take part but I always love seeing posts! 4w
Bookwormjillk Wow! Exciting list! 4w
Soubhiville @Kangaj1 you are added 🙂 4w
Crazeedi Voted!! 4w
AmyG Thank you! 4w
ValerieAndBooks Voted! 4w
dariazeoli Ooh, so many great choices! Voted - and it‘s Election Day in NJ so timely. 😁 4w
Sarahreadstoomuch What a great list!! Hoping to participate more next year!!! 4w
Q84 Done 4w
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Once There Were Wolves | Charlotte McConaghy
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This book was amazing. I loved it. The audiobook is very well narrated, and the accents all sounded spot on to me.

I found Inty‘s condition of being able to feel physical sensations that anyone she is looking at is feeling incredible. I‘ve never heard of anything like that before.

Be warned- this is dark and shines a light on man‘s worst evils. If you need content warnings this likely isn‘t for you. See spoilers below.

Soubhiville Content warnings: implied suicide, animal deaths and neglect, rape, gaslighting and more. 4w
squirrelbrain I‘m really looking forward to this one…. 4w
vlwelser Is it as awesome as Migrations? Assuming you already read that one.... 4w
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AmyG @vlwelser Yes. You won‘t be disappointed. Soubhi, I loved this book and am so happy you read it And enjoyed it, too. (edited) 4w
Soubhiville @vlwelser I liked this one better. 4w
Soubhiville @AmyG you knew I‘d love it. 😉 I plan to read it again at some point, it‘s that good! 4w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks On my list!! 4w
AmyG @Soubhiville You have read Migrations? 4w
Soubhiville @AmyG I did read Migrations, but I liked Wolves more. 4w
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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It‘s November, time to bring out our Carlos Ruiz Zafon books for #AuthorAMonth. What are you planning to read?

#AuthorAMonth is a no-pressure challenge, read as many or as few as you like. The authors were voted on by Litsy, see list for the year above.

At the end of the year there will be one prize box going to the person who read the most books. To qualify the books must be finished during the author‘s month. ⬇️

Soubhiville Also a few randomly drawn prizes will be chosen from the list of participants- for these prizes you only have to have read at least one book during the year that qualifies, and must still be an active Litsy user.

As always, let me know if you wish to be added or removed from the tag list. 🙂📚. Happy Reading!
See All 27 Comments
vlwelser I'm starting with this one. 4w
sprainedbrain I‘m finally going to read 4w
AmyG I am going to pass on this month. 4w
staci.reads Just got this one from the library! 4w
Texreader Shadow of the Wind. I‘ve had it forever, I know it‘s supposed to be awesome and now I have a reason to read it!! Yay!!! 4w
Kdgordon88 I‘m going to try Shadow of the Wind again. 4w
Amiable I‘ve already read the first three books of the “Cemetery of Forgotten Books” series so I‘m going to tackle 4w
Butterfinger The Prince of Mist 4w
Eggs Prince of Mist and Labyrinth of the Spirits 4w
Cinfhen Taking a pass 💕 4w
Bookzombie I have The Shadow of the Wind on my shelves so I‘m going with that. 4w
DHill I‘m going to reread 4w
CoffeeNBooks I'm starting with The Prisoner of Heaven. 4w
CoffeeNBooks @sprainedbrain That's the one I'm reading this month, too! 4w
sprainedbrain @CoffeeNBooks awesome! I‘m excited… Shadow of the Wind is one of my favorite books, but I‘ve been dragging my feet on finishing the series. 😬 4w
CoffeeNBooks @sprainedbrain Same!! I loved Shadow of the Wind... but then didn't read any more of the series. 4w
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Halloweenies | Dan Fiorella
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Candy is gone, along with TONS of books! This will be a Halloween tradition for us. The parents were really happy about the book idea. I was happy to see so many middle grade and young adult books chosen.

DinoMom This is a fantastic idea. If I actually lived in where we got trick or treaters I would totally do this! 4w
robinb This is just wonderful. 🖤 4w
AmyG That is just great. I wish I got some trick-or-treaters. Love this. 4w
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TheBookHippie YAY!!!!!! 4w
BethM This is so cool! 4w
Branwen What a great idea! 4w
BiblioLitten This is really cool! 4w
Crazeedi What a great idea 4w
staci.reads That's so fantastic!! 4w
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Weekly Forecast | Thomas Gibson Inc
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#weeklyforecast @Cinfhen

It doesn‘t seem I‘ll be finishing either Once There We‘re Wolves or The Last Graduate today, so they‘ll have to carry over to November.

My next reads will partly depend on the #bookspin draw, but these two are cued up on Libby for #NonFictionNovember, so I‘ll likely start with them.

Happy Halloween Friends!

Cinfhen Ohhhh; I forgot #NonfictionNovember begins!! Thanks for the reminder 💚 4w
Soubhiville @Cinfhen 😉 you bet! 4w
Linsy Can't wait to get to the newest Novik!!! 4w
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
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I can‘t believe it‘s already the end of October, the last day of #AuthorAMonth VE Schwab. I‘m so glad it seems everyone has enjoyed reading her books!

Please comment below with the number of books by VE Schwab you read. Or if you prefer to post a collage of your reading, just use the hashtag #AAMVS and be sure to tag me so I see it.

#AuthorAMonth is a no-pressure challenge in which we read books by a voted on author each month. ⬇️

Soubhiville Read as many or as few as you like. At the end of the year there is a prize box for “Most Read.”

There will also be randomly drawn prizes- everyone who has read at least one Author a Month book and is still active on Litsy is entered into those random drawings.
As always, just let me know if you‘d like to be added or removed from my tag lists. ❤️📚
See All 46 Comments
Cinfhen I didn‘t read any this month 😕 4w
Soubhiville @Cinfhen no worries, I don‘t get to read one every month either. I don‘t plan to read one for November. 4w
TrishB @Cinfhen same ☹️ C has all her books too! No excuse. 4w
Read-y_Picker I read 4 x City of Ghosts, Tunnel of Bones, Bridge of Souls and The Near Witch. I didn‘t get to the ones I really wanted to read. Think I chose quantity over quality but I will definitely keep reading her work. 4w
sprainedbrain One for me, and it was so good! 4w
CoffeeNBooks I read one- The Near Witch 4w
Bookwormjillk One for me but it won‘t be my last 4w
AmyG I read one....Darker Shade of Magic. 4w
TheBookHippie Zero 😂 4w
Eggs 11 for me—on the whole really like Schwab. My faves were Dark Duet and Savage Song 4w
Texreader One and it was awesome: 4w
BookwormAHN 1 🧡 4w
Cinfhen Looking forward to a new year of authors …I don‘t think I‘ll be reading November either @Soubhiville @TrishB 4w
Susanita Three! 4w
Melismatic 4 for me! Loved this month! 💖💕 4w
Amiable Zero this month. But I have one on tap for November! 4w
dariazeoli 1 - finally got around to 4w
ValerieAndBooks None this month, I couldn‘t get into her last time we had her. Just me I‘m sure! 4w
DivineDiana Sadly, I only read 1. 4w
Kimberlone I finished two: The Near Witch and The Ash Born Boy 4w
Blackink_WhitePaper I read one book, but definitely going for the next book in the series 4w
Addison_Reads Since I had already read all of hers previously, I didn't reread any this month. Love her though! 4w
JaclynW I loved the one I read! I cannot wait to read more from her! I plan to read everything she writes. Maybe a new favorite author for me. 😊 4w
DHill 3 for me. This Savage Song, Our Dark Duet and The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue 4w
Butterfinger 1- A Darker Shade of Magic 4w
Julsmarshall Darker Shade if Magic for me-loved it! 4w
Skygoddess1 I managed to read 8 4w
StellarDoc I read two -- This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet -- and enjoyed them very much! 4w
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The Thursday Murder Club | Richard Osman
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I thought this was a fun mystery. I loved the setting and the characters. Mystery isn‘t usually my genre, but the characters made it for me and I will check out the sequel some time.

Content warning in spoiler comment.

Soubhiville Racism and suicide content warnings, possibly others. 4w
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My poor pumpkin Sietje isn‘t feeling well after getting her shots today, so I‘ll be spending the evening reading in bed with her. Hopefully a little TLC will have her back to normal in the morning.

Leftcoastzen 🐶aawww hope she feels better soon ! 1mo
wanderinglynn Poor baby. Hope she feels better soon! ❤️🐶 1mo
Kappadeemom Sweet baby ❤️ 1mo
See All 8 Comments
CoffeeNBooks I hope Sietje feels better soon! 🐶💜 1mo
Catsandbooks Hope she feels better soon! ❤️ 1mo
Megabooks Poor girl! Mine always feel a bit sleepy and down too, especially my dachshund/dachshund mixes. 1mo
Crazeedi Is Sietje doing better today? 4w
Soubhiville @Crazeedi she is, thanks! 4w
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I think my #bookspin list is ready for Nonfiction November! I‘ll probably skip on Bingo so I can relax into mood reading more. But as always I‘m excited to see what you pull out of the hat @TheAromaofBooks !📚📚📚

TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! Good luck!! 1mo
Crazeedi I am going to jump in #NonfictionNovember just to see how many I can read in a month. Could you tag me when you oost? Ty!! Any special instructions?? 4w
Soubhiville @Crazeedi I‘m not sure where Nonfiction November came from, I think it‘s across all reading platforms. I don‘t organize anything for it, I just try to read more NF than usual in Nov. check out the hashtags and see what you find 🙂 4w
Crazeedi @Soubhiville thank you, I'm going to try to read more NF anyway so this is helpful 4w
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Can Sietje and I squeeze in one more spooky book before Halloween? We‘re gonna try 😁📚🖤.

vivastory You can do it💪📚 1mo
EvieBee Okay, your dog‘s name is awesome. It‘s pronounce “say-gee” right? 1mo
AmyG Yes. Yes you can. 👍🏻 1mo
BookDadGirlDad Signed Naomi Novik....😍😍😍 1mo
Soubhiville @EvieBee her name is Dutch. It was my husband‘s grandmother‘s name. They pronounce it “See-cha”. 😊 My father in law‘s name is Siert, which they tell me is the masculine version of her name. It‘s pronounced like it‘s spelled. 1mo
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The Seed Keeper | Diane Wilson
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Wow. I loved this. It‘s historical fiction about the Dakota people being driven from their lands, having families divided by war, children forcibly removed to white schools and foster homes. Most chapters follow Rosalie‘s life from the 70‘s through ‘02, but some are about her ancestors and other women close to her.

It also speaks of how agriculture became corporate and how pollution has inundated the land.

5⭐️ and 👍👍 for me.

Tamra I loved it too. Awaiting her next novel! 🤞🏾🤞🏾 1mo
Soubhiville @Tamra I‘m keeping an eye on what you read, we seem to share some reading vibes 😊📚. 1mo
Tamra @Soubhiville I love it when interests are shared! 1mo
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ValerieAndBooks This looks good! @Lynnsoprano this might be a book to consider for our buddy read. 1mo
Lynnsoprano @ValerieAndBooks I think it‘s perfect! 1mo
KristiAhlers I LOVED this book! 2w
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I grew up in the North Eastern US, and I feel like my education included learning about slavery in a way that was sensitive to the needs of children but also was truthful about it‘s horrors.

This book explores the history of slavery and how it‘s facts are entirely entwined in every region of US history. I feel it‘s a must-read, and I‘d love to see it become part of high school curriculums.

I‘d highly recommend this. 5⭐️

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Weekly Forecast | Thomas Gibson Inc
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#weeklyforecast for Halloween Week!

I have taken a break from seasonal reads, and both The Seed Keeper and How the Word Is Passed are so incredible so far.

I may have time to squeeze in one more mystery (which I‘d consider seasonal), so my next audio will be The Thursday Club. (Thanks Library!)

I‘m excited to set up a table to watch trick or treaters grab candy and books, and plan to bake some fall treats for myself 😋🧙‍♀️🧡🖤.

AmyG I hope you enjoy Once There Were Wolves. So good. (edited) 1mo
Cinfhen Sounds like a great week!!! Enjoy 1mo
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The Seed Keeper | Diane Wilson
post image

I think I‘m done with horror and such for a minute, so I‘m picking this up. It was another recommendation for me from my personalized Tailored Book Recommendations: myTBR.co.

I‘m admitting to being smitten with this cover. If you can‘t quite see, it‘s a design of seed beads. I hope the inside is just as beautiful.

squirrelbrain That *is* a beautiful cover… fingers crossed the inside lives up to it! 1mo
kplovesbooks This IS a great cover...I scrolled past your post, hesitated, scrolled back up again cause that cover caught my eye! 1mo
Tamra It‘s wonderful - good choice! 1mo
BookNAround It is such a good read, definitely lives up to the cover IMO. 1mo
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Ace of Spades | Faridah Abike-Iyimide
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I just finished my last #LMPBC book for this round. Why was I expecting fantasy? I think the cover put that in my mind. It‘s not at all fantasy, it‘s more a YA thriller set in a private high school academy.

Venkman helped by hiding my silver markup pen as much as possible. 😹

Although I found some plot points obvious, overall it had me turning pages quickly and my heart racing.

DinoMom Cat are very helpful. 1mo
ChasingOm This is queued up on my Kindle for the weekend! 1mo
vlwelser I also definitely expected this to be fantasy. It's totally the cover. 1mo
phantomx I also thought it was fantasy 1mo
Soubhiville @bibliobard this is on its way home to you 😊 1mo
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Feral Creatures: A Novel | Kira Jane Buxton
post image

Our favorite foul mouthed crow is back! Shit Turd bemoans the hardships of raising the last Mo-Fo (human) on earth.

I agree with other reviews I‘ve read. This isn‘t quite as fresh and funny as Hollow Kingdom. But it was still an amusing read. I was happy to hear another chapter from Ghengis the cat‘s point of view.

Jee_HookedOnBookz I love Genghis! And yes the first was still better :) 1mo
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Our Dark Duet | V. E. Schwab
post image


August and Kate are back, fighting more monsters. They face something new, possibly scarier than anything they‘ve seen so far.

I wish I‘d read this right after Savage Song. In the year or two in between I‘d forgotten enough of the story that I had a tough time getting right into this sequel. Once I did though I enjoyed it.

Feral Creatures: A Novel | Kira Jane Buxton
post image

I hope you‘re having a great Birthday @TheAromaofBooks even though you have to work. I‘ve spent some time physically reading Ace of Spades today, and while driving and working I was listening to Feral Creatures.
Sending Birthday Hugs!

TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! Thank you so much for reading with me!!! 1mo
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
post image

Are there any authors you would like to focus on next year for #AuthorAMonth? It‘s time to make nominations. See the above list of who we‘ve read so far. Authors must have several books to choose from. All genres welcome!

Poll to vote for favorites will follow in 2 weeks 😊📚❤️.

See All 45 Comments
RaeLovesToRead I don't think I've completed a single book on time for this challenge, but I have greatly enjoyed the updates... it's given me so many new recommendations to think about! .......... I would like to put forward Patricia Highsmith, Sarah Waters & Neil Gaiman. 1mo
RaeLovesToRead Oh wait... you've already done Neil Gaiman... ignore that one 😁 1mo
Susanita Geraldine Brooks 1mo
TheAromaofBooks I always trend towards lighterhearted reads, so my thoughts run along the lines of P.G. Wodehouse and Georgette Heyer haha Also L.M. Montgomery, Phillip Margolin, Susanna Kearsley... maybe a children's author for fun, like E. Nesbit or Beverley Cleary? 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm I second P Highsmith, S Waters! 🙋‍♀️ 1mo
Bookwormjillk @TheAromaofBooks I was going to say Beverly Cleary too. Also was thinking Tracy Chevalier, G Willow Wilson, Lemony Snickett, Wallace Stegner, Sara Wheeler, Penelope Lively, or Adriana Trigiani. Thanks for doing this again! (edited) 1mo
TheBookHippie @TheAromaofBooks ooo E Nesbit! I second that. 1mo
Andrew65 That time already! 1mo
Andrew65 John Boyne 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm For now, these names pop up…EL Konigsburg, Michael Morpurgo, Jason Reynolds, Yukio Mishima, Yoko Ogawa, Maggie O‘Farrell, Julian Barnes, John Boyne.. 1mo
RaeLovesToRead I'd also like to read some Gabriel Garcia Marquez & some more Kazuo Ishiguro next year... Also one of my fave authors of all time (but not for everyone) Chris Brookmyre / Ambrose Parry... he's got a range of different books out! 1mo
Lizpixie Robert Jordan, Raymond Feist, Anne McCaffrey, Kate Morton, Karin Slaughter, Ann Cleeves, Jim Butcher, Ngaio Marsh, Jeffrey Deaver, Kerry Greenwood, Laini Taylor, Kelley Armstrong, Robin McKinley. 1mo
AmyG Ruth Rendell (she also writes as Barbara Vine), Joan Didion, Iris Johansen 1mo
EvieBee Willa Cather 1mo
BookwormAHN Raymond Feist, Robert Jordan, Anne McCaffrey, Karin Slaughter, Jim Butcher, Laini Taylor, Barbara Mertz, R L Stine 1mo
vlwelser Emma Donaghue, Lisa See 1mo
Megabooks Rebecca Solnit, John boyne (as well), sue monk Kidd, Sara Shepard, Miriam towes, Barbara kingsolver, Maggie o‘Farrell (as well), Judy Blume, Beverly cleary (as well) 1mo
Megabooks Thank you for doing this!! I‘m reading so many new authors! 💜💜 1mo
Bookzombie Even though I missed a couple of authors, I love this challenge and thank you for doing it! I have been keeping a list on my phone as I run across authors, lol. 🤓 Kate DiCamillo
Elizabeth McCracken
James McBride
Annie Proulx
Ralph Ellison
Larry McMurtry
Courtney Milan
Silvia Moreno-Garcia
John Boyne
(edited) 1mo
Bookzombie Walter Mosley
Gloria Naylor
Stephen Graham Jones
Michael McDowell
Jewel Parker Rhodes
Tiffany D. Jackson
Jason Reynolds
Christopher Paul Curtis
Mildred D. Taylor
LibrarianRyan I think too much like @bookzombie - Stephen Gram Jones, Jason Reynolds, Mildred taylor,
Jay Kristoff
Nora Roberts
Tiffany Jackson
Katherine Applegate
Ridley Pearson (does Kids teens and adults)
Neal Shusterman
Issac Asimov
H G Wells
LibrarianRyan I think too much like @bookzombie - Stephen Gram Jones, Jason Reynolds, Mildred taylor,
Jay Kristoff
Nora Roberts
Tiffany Jackson
Katherine Applegate
Ridley Pearson (does Kids teens and adults)
Neal Shusterman
Issac Asimov
H G Wells
John Irving
David McCullough
Doris Kearns Goodwin
Wallace Stegner
Wally Lamb
Henning Mankell
William Kent Krueger
Malcolm Gladwell
Thrity Umrigar
Chris Bohjalian
(edited) 1mo
jillannjohn Love @Amiable ‘s list. I‘m going to do better next year! New year, right? 1mo
CoffeeNBooks Maya Angelou 1mo
DHill Kurt Vonnegut, Dennis Lehane, 1mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa I‘m living some of these sci-fi and fantasy authors! Can‘t wait for this vote! 1mo
Kdgordon88 Cassandra Clare, Hazel Gaynor, Amy Harmon 1mo
mom2bugnbee John Green, Taylor Jenkins Reid, Sarah Addison Allen, Joshilyn Jackson 1mo
megnews I like a lot of @bookzombie and @LibrarianRyan recs too. Lots of other great recommendations too. I‘ve been watching this tag and hope to join in for at least some months next year. 1mo
Bookzombie I would also like to add Rita Williams-Garcia. 🙂 1mo
DivineDiana Geraldine Brooks, Joan Didion, Louise Erdrich, Lisa See 1mo
Bookzombie Also, Rick Riordan. He has a number of books including an adult mystery series set in Texas. 1mo
Crazeedi Can you add me for next year??? Thank you!! 4w
Soubhiville @Crazeedi I‘m adding you to the tag list! The poll will be done sometime this week. Any more ideas for authors to add? 4w
Crazeedi @Soubhiville I filled out the for for my picks! Thank you. There are other authors I've thought of, but there's always next time!! 4w
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My Favorite Authors | Thomas Costley
post image

I love this quote. I‘m so thankful for the literary doors I‘ve found throughout my life.

#AuthorAMonth readers, we‘re just over halfway through October. I love how many of you are enjoying your time with VE Schwab. 🖤

Reminder to put in your holds for next month‘s author: Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

See All 18 Comments
Eggs Yes so lovely and so true 💕💕 1mo
Lindy 🚪❤️ 1mo
AmyG FYI -I will be skipping Nov. 1mo
Soubhiville @AmyG do you mind if I don‘t remove you from the tag list? I might not remember to put you back on at the end of the month. 1mo
AmyG Not a problem! 1mo
Andrew65 A great quote. 1mo
Kdgordon88 💜💜💜 1mo
TheAromaofBooks I have the Shades of Magic trilogy out from the library but haven't started it yet!! 😆 1mo
Soubhiville @TheAromaofBooks I really liked the first one…. It‘s been so long now since I read it, I probably should reread it before I move on to the second one! 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm 🖤 this quote 1mo
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post image

TJ Klune, what have you done to me?

I give this all the stars. The whole bag full.

My heart is broken and healed at the same time. What a beautiful story.

Soubhiville @TheAromaofBooks this was my #bookspin for this month. ❤️ 1mo
Prairiegirl_reading Agreed. 💜 1mo
CoffeeNBooks I just started reading this one! 1mo
AmyG Then this will be my next ebook. What a review. 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 1mo
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Me and this book. I‘m going to need another box of tissues please.

TJ Klune knows how to massage my feelings. I‘m about 50 pages from the end and sobbing every few minutes. God this is beautiful and wonderful and also so so sad. 💔

AmyG Thanks for the heads up on this one. I can‘t imagine as the last book had me in tears. 1mo
TrishB Sounds lovely ❤️ 1mo
TNbookworm One of my favorite reads this year❤ 1mo
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