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Cactus and Succulents
Cactus and Succulents | Sunset Books
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Describes and photographs numerous varieties of cacti and succulents, gives advice on buying, collecting, and propagating them, and supplies guidelines for their use and cultivation in indoor and outdoor gardens
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Cactus and Succulents | Sunset Books
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When your mail matches your house plants. Thanks @teebe #PoutinePenPals 🐘🌵

Macker11 That is adorable. 6mo
britt_brooke So cute! 6mo
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Cactus and Succulents | Sunset Books
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@saguarosally and I had a nice list #SucculentSaturday last weekend. Join us by posting a picture of your current read with anything succulent related!
#blameitonlitsy #succulentsoflitsy

saguarosally Hey, I almost forgot about #succulentsaturday 😂🌵 8mo
mreads 😁 totally going to do this 8mo
ReadosaurusText @saguarosally Teamwork makes the dream work! 8mo
ReadosaurusText @mreads Yes! Do it!!!! 🌵 8mo
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Cactus and Succulents | Sunset Books
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I got Fang (Name of succulent and name of my plant) 😜 about a year ago. He‘s huge! @Tianarose this is low light succulent. He was in guest bedroom with poor light and got little water all winter long and he‘s still huge. #succulent

Tianarose Awesome! 10mo
Tamra So tough! 10mo
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Cactus and Succulents | Sunset Books
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I‘m so happy that it‘s finally warm enough in Santa Fe to put my succs and cactus back out on front porch during the day. Poor things did NOT like being in the guest bedroom over the winter. I lost about 8 of them. :( #cactus #succulents

Tianarose I love succulents. I live in a basement suite and don‘t have enough light to keep any :( (edited) 10mo
Carolyn11215 @tianarose, grow lights! There are some succulents that do okay with low light so would probably be fine in basement with grow lights! 10mo
Tianarose @Carolyn11215 tell me more 😍 I so miss having house plants. I suppose researching low light plants is a good idea. 10mo
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Carolyn11215 @tianarose, I initially got succulents because I wanted them in my office which only gets indirect light from a sucky north facing window. Grow lights on Amazon are pretty inexpensive. I‘ll try to find a link for some low light succulent plants for you. 10mo
Carolyn11215 I have a massive fang. I‘ll take a pic of him and tag you. 10mo
Tianarose @Carolyn11215 thank you! There‘s some beauties in there. 10mo
Tamra So pretty and lucky you in Santa Fe. You cannot eat a bad me in NM. Best food! I have resorted to ordering sauces and chiles, etc. online. If only I could get someone to overnight fresh tortillas. 😜 Imagine the price per tortilla. 10mo
Freespirit They look great. I have many succulents also... such great plants. Mine live on the verandah year round. 10mo
Carolyn11215 @freespirit, I wish my house had a sunroom so they could get sun all year long. Santa Fe gets too cold in the winter to keep them outside. :( 10mo
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Cactus and Succulents | Sunset Books
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✨I am by no means an expert when it comes to growing or repotting or anything, let alone know much about succulents... But I've had one of the bottom left for almost two years now, along with two others, and I'm pretty damn proud of how well they've done!
✨So proud, I even bought some cactus, which I also have no idea about. I love how relaxing it is and it's quickly become one of my favorite things.💜
✨Any tips and tricks always welcome!

Dolly They are beautiful! 2y
abbsinwonderland @Dolly thank you! 2y
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Soubhiville I love them! So cute. 🌵💚 2y
Ashley_Nicoletto Gahhh. I want succulents as well but I haven't taken the jump and bought them yet. These are gorgeous. Love the pots. 2y
tammysue They look great! 2y
Scurvygirl I love them!! I keep mine on the windowsills and I have some at work! Some I've had for years! 2y
Christine11 They‘re beautiful! 🌵 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Good job!!! Beautiful!! 💚 2y
Skyrimir I love succulents and cacti! I have a pencil cactus I‘ve managed to keep alive for 6 years! 2y
ladym30 So pretty!! 2y
LiteraryinLititz @BennettBookworm is a succulent mom! Maybe she will have some advice? 2y
abbsinwonderland @Ashley_Nicoletto thank you! I fell in love when I seen this pots. I have another one that's not doing to well in another gorgeous pot. I'm hoping it starts doing better in a pretty pot and new soil lol 2y
abbsinwonderland @Scurvygirl I hope to have these for lots of years! 2y
abbsinwonderland @Skyrimir Do you have any idea what the names of these ones would be? 🙈 Probably a long shot, but I have no idea and they never had anything on them that sais 2y
BennettBookworm Love love love! 2y
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