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Isla Emerged
Isla Emerged | Deidre Sequeira
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Anger. Betrayal. Exile.Isla always knew she would be queen. One day. But after the death of her mother, matriarch of the Southern Pacific merfolk kingdom, that day grew much closer than she was prepared for. Worse, to become a mermaid queen, she must marry. It is the only way to protect her kingdom.Forcibly betrothed to her childhood friend and father's fiercest warrior, Isla is desperate for an escape--no matter the cost. But until she marries, her father is filled with a power his body cannot handle, and his control is steadily slipping.After an explosive fight with her father, Isla flees to the surface, only to find herself in the middle of a violent storm with two choices: swim to safety or save the human man she sees drowning in the tumultuous waves.Her decision will change her life, as well as her kingdom, forever.A story inspired by "The Little Mermaid" like you've never seen before.
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Isla Emerged | Deidre Sequeira
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This is definitely a book that I would recommend to others.

Please read my full review here:

Kar2b Gorgeous cover! 5mo
JazzFeathers That cover 😍 5mo
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Isla Emerged | Deidre Sequeira
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Okay here are my finals stats for our #24B4Monday readathon! I did well over my expectations and I am so very very proud of myself!!! 🎉🎉🎉
I hope you all had fun reading with us! And don't forget we'll see you next month for the last weekend of the month! 😘

And a big thank you to my wonderful co-hosts 👏👏👏
@Andrew65 @jb72 😘🤗😘🤗

julesG 👏👏👏👏👏 Now that was a very successful reading weekend for you! 6mo
jb72 Awesome job! 🎈🎉🎊 6mo
JazzFeathers Wow!!!! You are a hero!!!! Thanjs so much fir organisng this. It was a great fun. 6mo
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Andrew65 You should be beyond proud of yourself, this is a totally phenomenal total. 👏👏👏🙌🙌🍾🥂🎊🥳🎉🏆😍 6mo
Megabooks Amazing!! 🥳🥳👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻📚📚🎉🎉🍾🍾😁💜 6mo
Eggbeater Impressive job!!!🎉😙 6mo
TheReadingMermaid @julesG @jb72 @JazzFeathers @Andrew65 @Megabooks @Eggbeater thank you so much my friends. Your encouragement means so much to me ❤️🤗❤️ I really think I outdid myself this time. Now next time if I want to hit a higher goal I think I'm screwed 😂😂😂 6mo
Andrew65 @TheReadingMermaid What about 31 hours and 14 minutes. 😂 That‘s at least 30 seconds more. A lot depends on the timing of the Readathon, how you are feeling (not just you, but any of us), tiredness levels and what else is going on. July, August, December, possibly March (depending when Easter is) will always be my best Readathons. (edited) 6mo
Andrew65 And possibly October‘s. All linked to school holidays. 6mo
Andrew65 Can I just check are we doing the August Readathon on 23 - 25 August? 6mo
TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65 this is so true and you are so very right. August and September will probably be good months for me as well. But once we had October the busy season starts up again (for me anyway). 6mo
TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65 yes it will be the 23rd through the 25th. I would have liked to do it on the very last weekend but unfortunately there's no Sunday. Sunday starts the next month. 6mo
Andrew65 @TheReadingMermaid once you get to November tiredness as the school year progresses starts to hit me more. 6mo
Andrew65 @TheReadingMermaid That‘s actually better for me as we will be driving most of Saturday night - Sunday night on 31st / 1st (500+ mile journey in the motorhome) and getting ready for the new term that starts on 2nd around this. I will be able to contribute more around the earlier weekend. How about making it an end of Summer (Winter in Southern Hemisphere) Special Readathon and doing it over the Friday - Monday. I know the Monday is a Bank Holiday. (edited) 6mo
Andrew65 🖕for us. 6mo
TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65 I like the idea! I have not made up the poster yet so how exactly would it run? 6mo
Andrew65 @TheReadingMermaid I would say exactly like we did for the New Year one, think that was five days. Same target 24 hours but over the four days from Friday - Monday (4 days). This would allow (Hopefully) more people to get to 24 hours and enjoy the Summer. (edited) 6mo
Andrew65 Could we target some Summer Time Books, books that take place in the Summer, Beach Reads, Summer in the title, etc. (edited) 6mo
TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65 and what should we call it my dear? I'm going to make up the poster right now 😁 6mo
Andrew65 That‘s where my creativity ends 😂😂😂🙈 #Summer24B4Tuesday #EndofSummer24B4Tuesday??? Possibly prefer the first one. If not want to exclude the Southern Hemisphere #EndofSeason24B4Tuesday? 6mo
Andrew65 Possibly prefer this one.... #AugustSpectacular24B4Tuesday (edited) 6mo
TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65 or we could always keep the hashtag for less confusion #24B4Monday and just label it as a special edition "End of Summer" or "August Spectacular". What do you think? 6mo
Andrew65 @TheReadingMermaid Yes good idea to keep the #24B4Monday tag. I think possibly August spectacular so people in the Southern Hemisphere (and we had a few of them this time) don‘t feel excluded. Felt this Readathon had the most involvement and some of the highest totals we have seen so good to build on that. 6mo
TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65 I totally agree. And I want everybody to feel like they are included in this. So August Spectacular it is!!! 🎉 6mo
TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65 and yes let's focus on summer reads this next time around. I think that's a good theme and I think it would be a lot of fun. 6mo
Andrew65 @TheReadingMermaid 🎉🥳🎊🍾🥂 Roll up , roll up for the August Spectacular! 6mo
Andrew65 Now need to deal with my post Readathon blues and try and do some reading. 4.40 pm and not read one page. 😳😔 6mo
TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65 I don't get the luxury of having post read-a-thon blues. I have to read the rest of NOS4A2 before Wednesday. 😱😲 6mo
Andrew65 @TheReadingMermaid 😂 Perhaps that‘s what I need, another target. As you will have noticed I am very target driven.good luck with the read. 6mo
TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65 and good luck with yours my friend ❤️🤗❤️ 6mo
Andrew65 @TheReadingMermaid Thanks 😘❤️ 6mo
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