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Manson in His Own Words | Charles Manson
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#thankyouforthemusic and for the great time! This month was a lot of fun, and I am so grateful to have been a part of it! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 #ABBAinAugust

Reviewsbylola What a charming, melodic voice he has. 😇 6y
emilyhaldi Great way to end the month 😉 6y
Mdargusch Of course! Manson! 🎵🎶🎵🎶 6y
Cinfhen So much fun 🙌🏻💕🎶 6y
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#thankyouforthemusic 💜💜 and the memories 😪 you will always be a legend and no one can compare to you 💜 I‘m in my feelings tonight 😭😭😭


emilyhaldi 💜💜💜💜💜 6y
Rissreads Love! 💜 6y
Reviewsbylola Great one!! 🎵🎵 6y
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Mdargusch Great choice! 6y
Cinfhen STILL NEED to read this 💜💜💜💜💜#Prince4Ever 6y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Cinfhen me too, I start it and then get emotional 💜 6y
Meredith3 💟💜🔮🎆🍠🍆🍇☂️🦄🌂💁🏻‍♀️🧞‍♀️👩🏼‍🎤👾😈 6y
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#thankyouforthemusic #abbainaugust Thanks to all for putting this challenge together.The world can always use some more music!And more books about music!

merelybookish The Weavers! 👍👍 6y
Leftcoastzen @merelybookish had to sneak something old in there .❤️ 6y
merelybookish @Leftcoastzen Pete Seeger. ❤️ 6y
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Leftcoastzen @merelybookish Ok , now I‘m going to have to play the weavers records this holiday weekend!❤️Pete! 6y
merelybookish @Leftcoastzen Pete Seeger seems perfect listening for Labour Day weekend! 🎶 6y
Leftcoastzen @merelybookish 👍✊Indeed!Great minds think alike 😄 6y
Reviewsbylola 🎶 🎼 🎵 6y
emilyhaldi Love Patti Smith ❤️ 6y
MStew 🤘sweet books!! Dylan! 6y
Leftcoastzen @emilyhaldi need to get her newest album 6y
Leftcoastzen @meghan2714 Thx!much love for Bob! 6y
Cinfhen Awesomeness 🙌🏻💕🎶😁 6y
Meredith3 🎶 🎼 🎵 🎤🖤 6y
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#thankyouforthemusic and for participating in our #abbainaugust challenge!!! 🎼⭐️❤️🤗 I had so much fun reading the posts each day and have stacked WAY too many new books as a result 😜

I celebrated the last day of the challenge by the pool with two drastically different books 😎

Special thanks to Cindy for trusting the Dargusch girls with another round of prompts 😘

Mdargusch Yes. Thank you for trusting us again @Cinfhen 😬 6y
Reviewsbylola Ima need to hear about these. 6y
Cinfhen And you did NOT disappoint 😘😘😘 even if @Meredith3 was a little spicy 🌶 ❤️🙌🏻❣️ 6y
Meredith3 @Cinfhen 😬😹❣️ 6y
Cinfhen Loved it @Meredith3 you kept it real!!!! 6y
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Sheet Music | M. J. Rose
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No good books at the rummage sale today but I did find some vintage music 🎼🎶🎶🎶
#thanksforthemusic #abbainaugust

And a big thank you to @Cinfhen for letting us play with you this month - it‘s always a pleasure! 😘 and thank you to everyone that posted so creatively to our prompts!

emilyhaldi 🤩⭐️👌🏻👏🏻 6y
LeahBergen It was a fun challenge! 👏🏻👏🏻 6y
Cinfhen You guys totally rock 😎🤘🏼💄 6y
Reviewsbylola The lakeside rummage sales always have shit books. 6y
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Kvothe says #ThankYouForTheMusic to his dad and troop every day, since music gets him through a lot of hard times.

And I say THANK YOU @Cinfhen @Mdargusch @Reviewsbylola @emilyhaldi @Meredith3 for a fun #ABBAinAugust, which made me think of my mom and her ABBA obsession everyday 😄

Reviewsbylola Thanks for joining us! I‘m looking forward to September with you! 6y
emilyhaldi Ooohhh love that your mom has an abba obsession!!! I love their music I can‘t lie 😆 today‘s song has been in my head for days ... 🤩 thanks so much for joining us this month. Passing the baton to you 😉❤️ 6y
Kalalalatja @emilyhaldi I seriously can‘t count how many times she has forced me to watch the Mamma Mia movie WHILE singing along to EVERY song. After a while, they sorta grow on you 😄😄 @Reviewsbylola thanks, I‘m looking forward to being on the “hosting” side of things 👏 6y
Mdargusch Thanks so much for playing this month! 💥💥💥 I‘m looking forward to your prompts in September! (edited) 6y
Meredith3 No, thank you!!! 🖤🎶🎼🎵🎤🖤 6y
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Thank You | Amelia Riedler
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I'm stuck for ideas for #thankyouforthemusic for #abbainaugust, but as I haven't been posting all the #jb & #jbuk post I've been receiving recently, it's about time that I send a generic #thankyou out to everyone who has sent me something recently (this includes @jhod & @collegecatlady ). I will eventually get something back out to everyone, but my Crohn's Disease is still flaring up.

@Cinfhen @Mdargusch @emilyhaldi @Meredith3 @Reviewsbylola

Reviewsbylola Thanks for playing along. It‘s been a great month! 6y
emilyhaldi Feel better soon ❤️ 6y
jhod Hope it clears up soon x 6y
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Mdargusch Hope you feel better! Thanks for playing! 6y
Itchyfeetreader Look after yourself x 6y
TheWintergarden Be wellx 6y
Meredith3 Feel better ASAP!!! 🖤🖤🖤 6y
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My husband wasn‘t a huge reader when we met (and that hasn‘t changed 😂😂) and he told me this was his favorite book. Since we were newly dating, I read it. I can‘t say I‘m a fan but there are certain parts that have stuck with me. Mainly, the fact that they would wear the same pair of leather pants for weeks on end. Can you imagine the SMELL?!? 🤮 And yet the women were just throwing themselves at these guys.

#thankyouforthemusic #abbainaugust

Bostonmomx2 I‘m currently rereading “the dirt” and while Motley Crue, especially Nikki, will forever be favorites, I‘m definitely reading it with a different mindset now that I‘m so much older than when I was crazy for them in the 80s and 90s. You‘re right, so gross. But back then? Yup! Count me in. 😂 6y
kamoorephoto Same with me and the idea of Jim Morrison (and his leather pants) 😬 6y
Kalalalatja 😂😂😂 6y
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Cathythoughts That‘s a great memory 👍🏻❤️. These days there is a new trend of NOT washing your jeans because they will only fade ..... 🤷🏻‍♀️ 6y
emilyhaldi I have never cleaned my leather pants... They smell fab 😉 6y
Velvetfur How do you know they weren't having a shower every single morning and putting the leathers back onto fresh clean limbs every day?! Lol, it's the Crüe so probably not 😂 6y
Mdargusch Sounds interesting 🙊 6y
Cinfhen My SIL was an actual roadie for the crue...trust me, those leather pants are the least of your hygiene worries 😜😳😬 6y
Reviewsbylola Omg tell me all she knows!!! @Cinfhen 6y
Meredith3 Ewwwww 😹😹😹😹😹 6y
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Mozart: Life, A | Maynard Solomon
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Just because I‘m a ‘90s grunge/alt-rock girl at heart doesn‘t mean I cannot appreciate the finer bits of music! Mozart is probably my favorite classical composer, and this is still my favorite of the biographies I have read. Solomon really delves into Mozart‘s life and times with lots of details, but the writing style is very easy to read. #ThankYouForTheMusic

Thanks ladies for a fantastic #ABBAinAugust !

emilyhaldi Thanks so much for participating!!! I bet Mozarts life is totally fascinating 🤩🤩 6y
Reviewsbylola This one sounds interesting. 6y
Mdargusch I‘m an alt rock girl myself! Thanks for playing this month! 6y
Meredith3 It‘s been super fun!! 🖤🎶🖤 6y
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Cinfhen Love my monthly #MoominsFix ❤️😘 6y
CarolynM This looks like a good one 6y
emilyhaldi Is "common people" listed in this book I wonder??? @AnnieD was telling us yesterday that the British regiments love playing that ironic song at all of their parties ?? 6y
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Reviewsbylola Cool book! Thanks for playing along! 6y
Mdargusch Great idea for a book! Thanks for playing this month! 💥 6y
Meredith3 Thank you!! 🙏🏻🖤 6y
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