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#English4 #allegory #AnimalFarm
Co-teaching two English classes this year. Reread for me & teaching tagged book.

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Animal Farm | George Orwel
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Today I finished reading #goodomens which was a sort of critic about religion, good and evil, following rules, knowing your place, having a destiny, knowing your purpose.
I took in my hand a short one for the weekend.. #animalfarm I still am not sure what it is about, once I finish it I will know.. but I think it is a critic about society and politics... maybe i am on a rebellious period of my life, wanting a satire or critic of life

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So for the #MayMadness #24b4Monday readathon of #BannedBooks I've decided to read Fahrenheit 451 for the first time & reread #AnimalFarm by #GeorgeOrwell
And marking off my list from #MayScacengerHunt
✅With a star on the cover
✅Made into a movie
✅With a number in the title
#booknerd #bibliophile #AussieReader #readinglife

Clwojick I haven‘t read animal farm in so long. I‘ll have to reread it soon. 😅 6mo
BooknerdsLife Hehe same 😅 Yay! Hope you get to reread it soon! Some books resonate with us more once we get older & I think this is one of them 6mo
TheReadingMermaid Multitasking! I absolutely love it!!! 💗💗💗 6mo
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Jee_HookedOnBookz From the pix you've been posting, I can tell you read a lot! Are you a speed reader? 6mo
BooknerdsLife @TheReadingMermaid hahaaa 😂 Thank you 😘 I try 🤣 6mo
BooknerdsLife @Jee_HookedOnBookz Awww that‘s so sweet of you to say that 😘💖 but I‘m sorry if my photos gave your the wrong impression 🤣🙈 I‘m a super snail reader 🐌🐌 and definitely don‘t think I read as much as everyone here 😅 but I do love reading & am constantly reading a book or 2 at the same time 😆🤗📚📚💖 6mo
Andrew65 Wonderful books. 6mo
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Poetics | Aristotle
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It‘s just been a classic autumn weekend 🍂
#aristotle #poetics #georgeorwell #animalfarm

The Speaker | Traci Chee
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1984 | George Orwell

Finished this book a couple days ago. I wasn‘t overwhelmed to be honest. And it could be because I set the bar too high. Orwell discusses the same concept with Animal Farm, wherein there‘s always a higher and lower society and that history always ends up “changing”. If you ask me, both are similar and unique in a way. But #animalfarm is still my favorite.

rretzler Interesting take. I read both books many years ago, and 1984 was one of my favorites. I always felt that Animal Farm was Orwell's commentary on the politics of that time (more specifically the Russian revolution,) while 1984, having some similarities, was his take on where he felt the future might be going. I have found it prophetic in many ways over the years as we sacrifice personal freedom for “protection“, especially as technology is developed 7mo
vumblereads @rretzler Yes I think that‘s a big discussion revolving around the book. I guess I should give it more credit knowing that it was written earlier than it was 1984. When Winston, the main character, started reading Goldstein‘s book, it reminded me so much of Animal Farm. 🙂 7mo
gilroyc I always felt that 1984 was a touch more subtle than Animal Farm. 7mo
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vumblereads Subtle in what way @gilroyc ? 🙂 7mo
gilroyc Personal opinion: Animal Farm is a steady dropping of bricks as the pigs are constantly betraying their original thoughts. 1984 has more of a thriller feel with when and how, so the bricks are slid in, rather than dropped. 7mo
vumblereads @gilroyc 😂 yes they‘re always changing their opinions and everyone else is dumb enough to believe it, but it‘s just like in 1984! One minute they‘re at war with Eurasia, the next they‘re at war with Eastasia and they were never ever at war with eurasia 🤷🏻‍♀️ I get it George Orwell, people lied to you! 😅 7mo
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Days behind on #LiteraryLuck, ...a lifetime behind on #AnimalFarm 😬

better late than never, right?

#SelfieSunday #SelfieTuesday

vkois88 🤗🤗🤗 9mo
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Happy #humpday to all my new #litsy friends!
What better book to read than #animalfarm while chillin with a #zooski at the #denverzoo. 🐪🐫

If it weren't pigs, who do you think would rule the animal farm? 🐷🐖🐽

#orwell #greatdividebrewing

WhatThePuck Maybe Moses if he hadn't left. He could spin tails and lie just as well as the pigs. Plus he was used to the high life being a pet. 1y
Whimsical.Curiosity @WhatThePuck Sugarcandy Mountain sure did sound delicious! 1y
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