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Middlemarch | George Eliot
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I‘m testing out my tag list, and seeing who else would like to join us in a #buddyread some of the #pemberlittens read a book about sisterhood among famous female authors, and this book was mentioned and got us thinking we should try it out. Y‘all. It‘s a heavy one. 750+ pages. #youvebeenwarned We will read a chapter a day until it‘s done! Comment below if you‘d like to join me and my #stupidhashtags starting January 1 until….

TheBookHippie Seriously so excited!!! Go team! 13m
AllDebooks Oooooh that's a gorgeous edition. I'm gonna treat myself to a pretty copy. 11m
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BarkingMadRead @AllDebooks I got it in Savannah on a reading retreat, i fangirled when I saw the cover! 10m
AllDebooks @BarkingMadRead lol, I'm not surprised, i did the same on seeing your photo now
IndoorDame Love your edition! I‘m excited for this! now
Bookwormjillk I actually read this last year but didn‘t really absorb it so a re-read is in order. Clearly what was missing was #ThePerfectHashtag now
TheAromaofBooks I think this is definitely the inspiration I need to tackle this one. #hashtagsforthewin now
Addison_Reads I have wanted to read this forever. Please add me. 😀 now
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Middlemarch | George Eliot
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repost for @BarkingMadRead:

Hey #pemberlittens I will be hosting a #buddyread for Middlemarch starting January 1st. It‘s a #chunkster for sure, and may take awhile 🤣 if you‘d like to join us, we will read a chapter a day, and I will tag you all each day!

Drop a comment on the original post if you‘d like to join us!

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Middlemarch | George Eliot
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#pemberlittens @BarkingMadRead is running a chapter a day read of this chunkster starting Jan 1st!! I am so excited! Info on her page if you want to join in! She runs a fantastic read a long!

Pictured the copy I purchased! I can't wait til it arrives.

SamAnne @BarkingMadRead this has been on my list for so long! I'm in. I've only read Old Mill on the Floss. 11h
Aimeesue Pretty! 2h
BarkingMadRead It‘s stunning!! 27m
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Flowers for Algernon | Daniel Keyes

The book was good and give a nice insight on how scientific experimentation on humans, even when you think the person has nothing and the only thing you can do is help, still changes a lot and affects many.

Middlemarch | George Eliot
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Hey #pemberlittens I will be hosting a buddy read for Middlemarch starting January 1st. It‘s a #chunkster for sure, and may take awhile 🤣 if you‘d like to join us, we will read a chapter a day, and I will tag you all each day! Drop a comment below if you‘d like to join us! #buddyread #lotsofstupidhashtagswillfollow

IndoorDame Yay! So looking forward to the hashtags! 15h
AllDebooks Love your host posts, I'm in 😍 14h
BarkingMadRead I have you on my list @AllDebooks !! 14h
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CoffeeNBooks I'd like to join and will try to keep up- this book has been on my bookshelf forever, and I've been wanting to read it, I just haven't yet. 14h
TheBookHippie I‘m in!!!!!! Got my pretty book ordered! 13h
TheBookHippie Also ready for the snark 🙃 13h
BarkingMadRead @TheBookHippie woohoo! And 🤣🤣🤣 13h
Bookwormjillk I‘m in! 13h
sarahbellum I‘m reading Middlemarch right now and will be finished in Dec. Looking forward to lurking on your posts to see everyone else‘s reactions 🤓 13h
peanutnine I'm down to try and tackle this one! Buddyreads make chunksters so much less intimidating! Especially with your fun hashtags every day 😅 12h
peanutnine I'm down to try and tackle this one! Buddy reads make chunksters so much less intimidating! Especially with your fun hashtags every day 😅 12h
Chrissyreadit I‘d like to try- I May not last but at least I will try. 11h
rubyslippersreads I‘ve had this on my TBR list forever. Please add me, because if this doesn‘t get me to read it, I fear nothing will. 😏 11h
SamAnne I'm in! 10h
Palimpsest This is a five star book for me but I just read it about two years ago. I hope everyone loves it as much as I do! 9h
Caroline2 Oh I‘d love to join in please? 2h
Aimeesue I'd like to join. Maybe I can get all the way through it this time! 2h
TheAromaofBooks Please add me to your list!!! I am still on a quest to read more classics and buddy reads are SO helpful to me!! 2h
IndoorDame The copy in the picture is the exact one I downloaded yesterday by chance like an hour before I found out about this buddy read. Clearly fate! But I may spring for a physical copy if we‘re doing a character a day. 2h
CogsOfEncouragement This has been on my tbr for one year. It is time. ✌🏼❤️📚 2h
Librarybelle I‘m in! I‘ve wanted to read this one for quite awhile!! 2h
ravenlee I was just thinking about this, trying to remember who was discussing the buddy read. I‘m in - it may be 20+ years late for my Victorian Lit class, but I am going to finish this book! 1h
TheBookHippie @ravenlee same I only made it to part 5. This time I‘m finishing 😂. 53m
ravenlee @TheBookHippie I made it about halfway, but my prof always had really detailed discussions and I took really good notes, so I did well on the exam 😆. I enjoyed the book, just ran out of time. But this one‘s gonna make it! 🤞🏻 44m
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Flowers for Algernon | Daniel Keyes

It was kind of boring, I didn‘t care for it much. There were some spots that were interesting to me but not many.

Middlemarch | George Eliot
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Finally, I finished. 57 days. I would love to say something profound after finally reading one of the most famous Victorian novels. It‘s a smart insightful novel on community, family and marriage with some carefully worked out structure. It‘s playful, humanizing the hero and everyone else with humor. I loved Dorothea. I think Rosamond might have been a key inspiration for Edith Wharton‘s Undine. For some reason I just didn‘t fully take to it.

Graywacke Some thoughts on my mind: it has less literary power than Austen or Dickens, less foundation than Austen (but much more than Gaskell). It‘s gently feminist, but less so than Austen or Wharton, IMO. It‘s a thoughts-out-front sort of novel, another link to Wharton. I suspect Wharton was very much a student of Eliot. It‘s a novel that I enjoy thinking about much more than i did reading it. #george 19h
kspenmoll Sorry I had to bail on rereading this with you! 19h
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Graywacke @kspenmoll no worries. Maybe you‘ll get back to it at a better time. 19h
sarahbellum Great job! I‘m still plugging away, just rather slowly. Life‘s been throwing me some major curveballs lately, so my reading has taken a nosedive the last few weeks. My plan is to finish by the end of the year- less than 300 pages to go! 17h
erzascarletbookgasm Congrats!👏 🎉Thank you for the insight/comparisons to the other authors. I‘ve only completed Book 1, and somehow find it difficult to pick up again. Not because of the book, but my state of mind lately. I‘ll probably continue the journey after the holiday season. 10h
Graywacke @sarahbellum @erzascarletbookgasm i wish you both some life peace and mental zen soon. Sarah - I found these later pages easier reading than everything before. 9h
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Keep up with the buddy reads with #PemberLittens; Villette and Jane Austen‘s Letters.

I‘m going to keep up with my reading of The Christmas Chronicles.

In December 1st I‘ll start two new books; the buddy read of the tagged with #KinderedSpiritsBuddyRead and I Desember.

I want to finish The Lives of Others and start Matrix.

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