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Happy #AusteninAugust Littens! I kicked it off a day early with #lifeisntfairfax last night and I highly recommend it

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Looking for this old photo for #chawtonhousephotochallenge I'm doing on Instagram. Thought I would use for today's #Pemberlittens post. W/ #NorthangerAbbeyNovember is coming to and end. Time to make a Dec Stack. Will concentrate on P & Prejudice retellings I didn't get to in Oct since N Abbey retellings are scheduled for Jan. @sprainedbrain

Previous post 2yrs ago: Of course I brought home Lizzy, Darcy, & Jane. 😊
#memorabilia #austeninaugust

sprainedbrain Good idea for December! 14mo
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Miss Austen | Gill Hornby
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I love how this takes Austen lore of Cassandra burning Jane's letters and spins a story around that. It's the perfect way to write Austenesque.Lovely to see Cassandra shine.
'Whoever looked at an elderly lady and saw the young heroine she once was?'

I bought book couple months back because I'd heard such good things about it. Saved it for my #austeninaugust read. It was just delightful. A perfect addition to my Forever Shelf. 💜💜💜💜💜

rubyslippersreads I love everything about this picture. 😍 1y
Crinoline_Laphroaig @rubyslippersreads awe thank you. I've made the table next to my favorite reading chair into a Jane altar for the month. 🕯 1y
Chrissyreadit 😍🙌👏💗 1y
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Miss Austen | Gill Hornby
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"To surrender one's books, well: It is to surrender part of one's soul." ?☕?


MargaretPinardAuthor YESSSSS, oh I‘m so glad you got a copy! This was soul balm for me in the spring 🌺🌸🌼 1y
LeahBergen I have this sitting on my shelves. 😊 1y
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Crinoline_Laphroaig @LeahBergen I think you'll love it! 1y
Palimpsest @MargaretPinardAuthor funny, I recently used the phrase “soul balm” in a litsy post about my cat, but had not seen that phrase elsewhere. Book looks good! @Crinoline_Laphroaig 1y
MargaretPinardAuthor @Palimpsest I thought of ‘balm to my soul‘ then switched order for brevity! 😊🙏 1y
Crinoline_Laphroaig @Palimpsest @MargaretPinardAuthor Soul Balm is just what I needed! 1y
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Pride and Prejudice | Austen Jane
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#AustenInAugust #ThruOlderEyes

I‘ve reread this book with older eyes and each time I appreciate it more! 🥰

Lcsmcat There‘s always something new to glean, isn‘t there? 2y
rubyslippersreads I‘ve never seen that cover before. It‘s gorgeous! 2y
Crinoline_Laphroaig Gorgeous cover! 2y
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#AustenInAugust #TeaTuesday

Jane Austen themed tea!

Velvetfur Such a lovely picture! I love the colours 💜 2y
LeahBergen I love everything about this photo. 😄 2y
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CrowCAH @LeahBergen most undoubtedly you would! 🥰 2y
mabell How cool! 2y
CrowCAH @mabell I agree! ☺️ 2y
Linsy Beautiful! 💜 2y
CrowCAH @Linsy thanks! ☺️ 2y
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Pride and Prejudice | Jane Austen
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#AustenInAugust #2ndHandJane
#AyUpAugust #HappyHour

Most of my #PnPCovers books are second hand, found at used book stores and rummage sales. Each one is special.

My happy hour is the hours I get to read!

Leftcoastzen So many editions , cool 2y
Crinoline_Laphroaig WOW! 😍 2y
Crinoline_Laphroaig How long have you been collecting? 2y
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CrowCAH @Leftcoastzen thanks! ☺️ 2y
CrowCAH @Crinoline_Laphroaig six to seven years. I even have a team of friends who scout book stores and sales for me. Even those across the pond! 2y
Crinoline_Laphroaig @CrowCAH that's so cool! 2y
squirrelbrain Wow that‘s amazing! ❤️ 2y
gradcat That is a LOT of P&P!! 😲 2y
CrowCAH @squirrelbrain thanks, its a fun hobby! 2y
CrowCAH @gradcat yes, each cover is different, that‘s the goal! 2y
gradcat That‘s a cool collection, imho...😎 2y
CrowCAH @gradcat thanks! Got the idea from watching the movie Definitely Maybe; the woman collected Jane Eyre copies. 2y
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Pride and Prejudice | Jane Austen
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#AustenInAugust #Jhelfie

Here‘s the hardcover section of the #PnPCovers collection!

Melissa_J Have you seen this P&P cover? It‘s a limited number special edition that comes out this fall. I have mine pre-ordered 😊 https://www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-ca/books/pride-and-prejudice-seasons-edition/9... 2y
CrowCAH @Melissa_J yes, I did! I preordered mine, had to make sure I was one of 10,000!!! 2y
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I heard about the #austeninaugust photo challenge too late to join😢, so I decided to do my own version by reading some adaptations that have been on my TBR for too long. I might even end the month with a reread of my favorite Austen, Pride and Prejudice!

monalyisha YUM. It's definitely almost lunch-time here! Haha. 2y
sammisho @monalyisha This is a late breakfast for me! 2y
Crinoline_Laphroaig It's never too late to join in! In whatever fashion that works for you! 2y
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Bookmark | G. L. Tomas
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#AustenInAugust #BookmarkMonday

Here are my Jane Austen bookmarks!

Branwen 😍 2y
ScientistSam Ooh 💞 2y
Crinoline_Laphroaig So pretty! 😍 2y
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