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Bwahaha the Fates have been KIND to us this month, friends!! BookSpin, DoubleSpin, and a free space all in the same row!!! Funny story, I had already drawn the BS number like a week ago because I'm in charge and can find out my own BS read early 😂 but didn't draw the DS number until after I had filled in the card! I couldn't believe when I pulled the 2!

Good luck, everyone!!

My regular monthly text/info below ⬇

TheAromaofBooks Here's the #BookSpinBingo card! First, I put our official numbers (11 & 2) back in the mix. Then I drew them all out & wrote them down as I went, meaning the official numbers are just mixed into the card with the rest! As you can see, 21-25 are both labeled with their numbers & also as free spaces, so you can use them to match however you wrote your list. To score a bingo, just read books (in any order) that are in any row or column!! MORE INFO ⬇ 2mo
TheAromaofBooks 1 - I don't tag anyone on this post except for @LitsyEvents but anyone is welcome to play along!!
2 - Remember – NO PRESSURE!!!! If this starts to stress you out, just take that page right out of your journal and pretend it never existed!! This challenge is to encourage you to read, not to make you feel like reading is a chore!!!
3 - FREE SPACES can be filled with any book that is NOT already on your list!! ⬇
TheAromaofBooks 4 & final - As a reminder, only the “official” BookSpin/DoubleSpin numbers will count towards giveaway entries. I don‘t want the giveaway to be stacked against people who aren‘t able to read lots of books each month. So basically there is still a maximum of 2 entries possible per month no matter how many books you read from your list. This bingo card is just for fun & glory! 😁

Thanks for playing & happy reading!!!
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BarkingMadRead Ha! One of the books we are reading with the #Brigade is on that list because I wanted to read it and I‘m in charge 🤣🤣🤣 2mo
TheAromaofBooks @BarkingMadRead - Right!? What's the point of leading a challenge if you don't get to cheat for yourself?? 😂 2mo
claudiuo Thank you so much for the #BookSpinBingo card! Now April can start for real! 😃 2mo
LeslieO Good luck for me- I started my #BookSpin yesterday! 2mo
Bookbuyingaddict Yeah 👍 it‘s here thank you thank you thank you ☺️ so look forward to this every month 🥰🥰happy reading 📖😘 1mo
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Should have known better than to attempt a chunkster classic without the backing of the #HashtagBrigade 🤣 I had a really hard time concentrating on this one.

Did anyone else from team #BOOkLovers attempt this buddy read?

TheSpineView Great job! 7mo
AllDebooks I've finished it. I enjoyed it more as a teen. Defo could have used heavy #brigade edit!!! 7mo
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DieAReader 🥳🥳🥳 7mo
SamAnne I was considering it but maybe will audio the shining instead! 7mo
PaperbackPirate No I didn‘t. Too long and I‘m (poorly) trying to tackle my tbr. I am going to try to read Ghosts though. Thank you for taking one for the team! 7mo
gossamerchild I'm still working on it and will probably finish it. 7mo
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