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Brothers Karamazov | Fyodor Dostoevsky
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Brothers Karamazov | Fyodor Dostoevsky
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mcctrish Absolutely the point in the night where if I was Nikolay Parfenovich I would be losing my shit, one minute groaning as Mitya went down another doublespeak rabbit hole and then laughing maniacally as Mitya indicted himself but always with the swears #whattheactualfuckmitya #yankinghischain #yankingourchains perfect meme for this chapter 1d
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BarkingMadRead @mcctrish I was leaning towards a My Cousin Vinny meme for a bit, but then they started on the money and I got a little too excited about Jerry Maguire 🤣🤣🤣 1d
Cuilin #WhereisMityasLawyer, Mitya doesn‘t know the phrase “no comment”. 1d
CatLass007 A My Cousin Vinny meme would be so fun.🤩 1d
Bookwormjillk I‘ve never seen My Cousin Vinny. Clearly I need to correct that. For the sake of literature. 1d
dabbe @Bookwormjillk You will not be disappointed! 🤩 1d
BarkingMadRead @CatLass007 I figure we have plenty of opportunities in future chapters 🤞🏻🤞🏻 1d
BarkingMadRead @Bookwormjillk omg I highly recommend it, it‘s hysterical! My whole family quotes it on the regular 🤣🤣 1d
CatLass007 @Bookwormjillk It is suuuch funny movie. 1d
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Daughters of a Dead Empire | Carolyn Tara ONeil
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Here‘s the thing, was this great literature? No. However, did I turn the pages quickly because I was so invested in the story? Yes, and sometimes that‘s all you need from a book. #BookedInTime #RussianRevolution

Next up in March: Ancient Ireland.

How was your February choice, and what are you planning for March?

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julieclair This looks good! And I agree… a book doesn‘t have to be literature to be enjoyable. 1d
TheBookgeekFrau I'm falling behind, but am hoping to catch up during the summer!! 1d
Mollyanna For March I‘m reading 1d
Cuilin @TheBookgeekFrau this is a choose your own path, buddy read. No worries, jump in whenever you can. 🥰 1d
Cuilin @Mollyanna same author as mine!!! 1d
SamAnne I haven‘t participated yet but love following the post. Ancient Ireland might be the encouragement I need! 1d
Bookwormjillk I‘m sorry I‘m not a good member of this group but I‘m enjoying seeing what you all read. 1d
dabbe I won't be done with my Russian book until the end of February; it's THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV with the #hashtagbrigade. I'm a bit burnt out on Russian stuff; hence, the not-even-close Russian “Revolution“ novel. 🤩 For March, seems like a lot of us have chosen books by Morgan Llwelyn. Mine is LION OF IRELAND. 1d
ChaoticMissAdventures I have been having a few conversations lately about the difference between a storyteller and a writer. I think we need both! 1d
Mollyanna @Cuilin and @dabbe this prompt was made for Morgan Llewelyn 🤣. I looked at both of the books you chose as well. I‘ll get to them eventually, interested to hear what you think… 1d
dabbe @Mollyanna I've never read anything by her. Is she good? 🤩 23h
Cuilin @Bookwormjillk it‘s all good. Jump in whenever. 🥰 23h
Cuilin @Mollyanna @dabbe my book is a part two. The first book, which I really enjoyed is 23h
Cuilin @ChaoticMissAdventures absolutely, sometimes you need beautiful writing, and other times you just want to be able to keep turning the pages of a good story. 23h
Cuilin @SamAnne no worries, whatever works for you 🥰 23h
Mollyanna @Cuilin and @dabbe She is. Although it‘s been a bit since I read one of her books. Many moons ago I read (and liked) 23h
dabbe @Mollyanna Good to know. Now I'm excited! 🤩 21h
Bluebird I‘ve fallen behind. My Feb pick is one from my kindle, but I‘ve been on the go so much this month I‘ve only had time for audiobooks. I‘ve read about 20% and enjoying it so far. Hoping to finish next month.. 19h
Mollyanna @thegreensofa your March pick is very intriguing. Looking forward to hearing how you like it. 8h
Cuilin @Bluebird Audiobooks are great for when life is busy. 👍🫶 8h
Cuilin @thegreensofa sounds great, though I think Anglesey is Wales. Though it‘s a short skip over to Ireland. Plus both are Celtic. I‘m relearning Geailge/Irish and want to learn other Celtic languages like Welch. 💚 8h
Itchyfeetreader I can‘t make my mind up what I might read for March - I enjoyed my feb pick fun to read something I would never have picked up otherwise 7h
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Just Curious | Jude Deveraux
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Hey Littens! I'm writing a paper about reading challenges/goals. So I'm curious, how many challenges/ book clubs do you participate in on a monthly basis? Such as bookspin, natural litsy, booked in time, Litsy Scifi Book Club, etc... Or what is the most unique challenge you've ever done? Tell me all about it!

willaful One of the most interesting challenges I ever did was called “Making it Real“ and it was a monthly nonfiction challenge. A random Dewey category (400s, 700s, etc.) was picked every month and everyone chose a book catalogued with that number. It got me to read much more widely. 2d
Ruthiella Two challenges, I‘m not that serious about them: #52BookClub24 and #pop24 and two TBR busters #TBRTarot and #Roll100 . At least seven group reads, though two just finished and another is bi-monthly: #LMWBR #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub #ClassicLSFBC #LitsySFBC #LitsyToB24 #NancyDrewBR and #pemberlittens #hashtagbrigade . I like how each makes me read more widely. 2d
Susanita Three book clubs plus #authoramonth plus #serieslove2024 plus #readordonate … Too much??? 2d
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thebacklistbook I try to stick to challenges that are more freeform in nature. I track them on storygraph. I usually do them with the goal of clearing some tbr. I'm doing read around the world and OWLS which are both finish at your own pace and then I have three that are finish at year end. I don't do book clubs as I find them a little to structured. 1d
Karisimo @Ruthiella and @willaful thanks for including. “Why” you do the challenges! (edited) 1d
Karisimo @Susanita definitely not too much 😉 1d
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Brothers Karamazov | Fyodor Dostoevsky
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BarkingMadRead @TheBookHippie these guys are salivating over this confession. #silverplatter 2d
dabbe Interrogator to Dmitry: “I didn't say you WERE the murderer; I said you were ACTING LIKE the murderer.“ #oy 😱 2d
Bookwormjillk I‘m not a lawyer but I don‘t think MYOB is a good alibi 2d
TheBookHippie @Bookwormjillk I‘m sure it‘ll be fine 😵‍💫 2d
BarkingMadRead #cackling MYOB 🤣🤣🤣🤣 2d
Bookwormjillk @TheBookHippie what‘s the worst that could happen 🤦‍♀️ 2d
Cuilin I will be using the phrase pettifogging details from this day forward. Lol (edited) 2d
mcctrish Mitya is insane, right?! 😵‍💫 “I‘m not saying another word, all the way to the scaffold. Where was I ? Okay here‘s my story “ #ifitquackslikeaduck 2d
Aimeesue @Bookwormjillk 😂😂😂 2d
Aimeesue @mcctrish And I will withhold just enough details for no apparent reason and incriminate myself. So there! 2d
mcctrish @Aimeesue and then take it back. “Who‘s telling the truth? What is the truth?” 2d
Aimeesue @mcctrish YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH, NIKOLAY PARFENOVICH!! Er, wrong movie. 😁 (edited) 2d
mcctrish @Aimeesue 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I laughed right out loud 2d
Ruthiella @Aimeesue 🤣🤣🤣 2d
Bookwormjillk @Aimeesue 🤣🤣🤣 1d
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Brothers Karamazov | Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Cuilin Rules of evidence and questioning seem a bit hazy. Yes I caught up. 3d
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BarkingMadRead @Cuilin I knew you could do it! 3d
Bookwormjillk And that's why you shouldn't go around telling people you want to commit crimes. 3d
dabbe The irony is he's actually answering the questions truthfully! Dostoyevsky took 700+ pages to lay out a murder scene where guilt seems to be EVERYWHERE for Dmitry, but we know he didn't do it. I think. #cuzthisstoryisconfusing 3d
BarkingMadRead @dabbe so true! I‘m pretty sure he didn‘t do it, but not 💯 3d
TheAromaofBooks @dabbe - I feel like he didn't do it because Dmitry has NO chill and does not seem to grasp the concept of subtlety 😂 I feel like if he did it, he would have announced it as soon as he walked into the party! 3d
dabbe @TheAromaofBooks Totally agree! I guess I doubt myself because I read a chapter ahead, and when I see the post for that day, I usually have this face: 😳 because I can't remember reading what is posted, and I just read it the day before! 😂 3d
Bookwormjillk @TheAromaofBooks that‘s what I think too but then I wonder what if he doesn‘t know he did it? 3d
mcctrish @dabbe for that reason I read and then come to see the post even if I‘m late to the party 3d
mcctrish I laughed out loud at the public prosecutor saying “This is going to turn into complete mayhem…” WHERE have you been?! It‘s been mayhem since Book XIII at least 3d
dabbe @mcctrish I think I need to try that approach! 🤩 3d
dabbe @mcctrish He's extremely late to the party! 😂 3d
Ruthiella I love how Dmitry thinks because he‘s a gentleman and he SAYS he didn‘t kill anyone, that he‘s not getting a one way ticket to Siberia. (edited) 3d
BarkingMadRead @Ruthiella I know 🤣 he‘s like, I‘m telling the truth, so you have to believe me, because that‘s how it works 🤣🤣 3d
Ruthiella @BarkingMadRead Well, in his defense, he‘s never seen Law and Order or anything like that. 😜 3d
TheAromaofBooks @Bookwormjillk - I can totally see that, too. “I didn't think bopping him on the head with a big rock would KILL him!“ 😂 2d
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Brothers Karamazov | Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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mcctrish Sheer chaos #keystonecops 4d
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mcctrish @BarkingMadRead I am hearing the Benny Hill theme music too ( not dating myself with that at all) 4d
TheBookHippie @mcctrish OMG 🙋🏻‍♀️ yessssss. 4d
mcctrish @TheBookHippie sometimes I wish we could do music here like on Insta 🤣 4d
dabbe @mcctrish Does Monty Python work here, too? 😃 4d
mcctrish @dabbe ABSOLUTELY 💯 4d
Bookwormjillk Ha! Clue is perfect. Also cracks me up when the narrator says something like this other thing happened but I won‘t go into it here. Yeah because you are brevity itself bud. 4d
TheAromaofBooks @Bookwormjillk - Wouldn't want to bog you all down with unnecessary details! 😂 4d
currentlyreadinginCO @Bookwormjillk @TheAromaofBooks 😂 otherwise a man of concision 4d
currentlyreadinginCO I'm intrigued by this chapter I have so many theories 👀👀 4d
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Brothers Karamazov | Fyodor Dostoevsky
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TheBookHippie 😮‍💨 5d
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Bookwormjillk We needed a short chapter today. 5d
currentlyreadinginCO She loves having almost been murdered!! 😂😂 5d
dabbe Is it horrible of me that when I go to read a chapter, I quickly figure out how many pages it is, and then I (almost) jump for joy when it less than 10? 🤩 5d
Cuilin I‘m so behind, still playing catch up. 4d
mcctrish @dabbe we are twins 🤣 I start every reading by looking ahead at how many pages a-thinking “yes” #lessthan10 or “groan” #toomany I am seriously ‘a-doubting and a-feared‘ this book will ever end 4d
BarkingMadRead @dabbe @mcctrish for real! 🙄 @Cuilin there are some shorter chapters ahead! You can do it!! 4d
dabbe @mcctrish #greatminds 🤩😂😍 4d
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Brothers Karamazov | Fyodor Dostoevsky
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Bookwormjillk 🤣🤣🤣 I expected some sort of blah blah blah because it was such a long chapter but instead we got Jerry Springer 1w
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currentlyreadinginCO The problem w this book is that no one calls anyone by their name and I always have to reread everything to find out what happened! It took me a couple rereads to understand who was locked out and where everyone was at the end of this chapter 😂😂. But despite my constant complaining I'm actually really enjoying this and don't think I would have gotten this far w.o the buddy read, SO 1w
BarkingMadRead @Bookwormjillk 🤣🤣🤣🤣 1w
BarkingMadRead @currentlyreadinginCO my allergies are so bad today that it took me like an hour to actually get through it. I had to keep going back and reading it again. 1w
TheBookHippie @BarkingMadRead I now am going back to nighttime reading with appropriate beverages…. This was ..😵‍💫🤪 ALOT. 1w
dabbe @TheBookHippie The nighttime beverages make ALL the difference. 😂 #whichmanisthepan #panpanpan #paniepanpanie #myheadhurts 1w
BarkingMadRead @dabbe so confusing 🤣 I just let it go, I figured they wouldn‘t be around long enough to matter 🤣 7d
TheAromaofBooks As usual, spot-on meme usage here 😂 7d
dabbe @BarkingMadRead 🤩😍😂 7d
mcctrish @TheAromaofBooks absolute truth 🤣🤣 7d
mcctrish @Bookwormjillk this is Jerry Springer on steroids 🤣🤣 7d
mcctrish @TheBookHippie I wish I had enough money to order a few cases of champagne to drink this with ( some blini and caviar would be a nice touch too) 7d
TheBookHippie @mcctrish I don‘t like Vodka but it‘s probably what they drank 🤪👀😅 7d
BarkingMadRead @mcctrish there‘s not enough champagne in the world for that chapter 🤣 it was so chaotic! 7d
mcctrish @BarkingMadRead honestly I read this so loud in my head 🤕 7d
Graciouswarriorprincess That was crazy! 7d
Aimeesue @Bookwormjillk Jerry Springer! lol! 7d
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