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What's your Secret to finding more time to Read?
I confess. I hide that I use Store Bought Pie Dough for my Bourbon Pecan Pie. I put either Pillsbury or dough I buy at Amish Bakery in my pie pan and bury the wrapping in the trash. 🙈🙉🙊

ljuliel My pie secret is to buy frozen ones that taste every bit as good as homemade. 😂. I don‘t hide the boxes. The Hubster doesn‘t mind a bit. The thing that takes the longest is the turkey. Once I get it wrestled into the pan and stuffed , the biggest job is done. Just waiting about another hour to start the rest of the food. Happy Turkey Day 2w
Crinoline_Laphroaig @ljuliel sadly the Amish Bakery in my small town doesn't do Bourbon Pecan. 😏 2w
Tamra Haha! I do not make pie dough either! Nobody seems to care. 👍🏾 2w
Crinoline_Laphroaig @Tamra mine is always awful. I also make Pumpkin Ginger w/ Graham Cracker Crust. No one expects me to make Graham Cracker Crust from scratch. But in my defense I make awesome Sweet Potato Dinner Roles from scratch. 2w
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Now that life is getting a little bit back to normal, I‘m able to actually dive into some reading. These are some of the books I plan to read from @annebogel‘s summer reading guide!

#summerstooshort #IdRatherBeReading

River | Peter Heller
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"On this side were only low hisses, a ticking and chirping, a simmering crackle like a million crickets, hellfire crickets, singing of apocalypse and char."

#mmdchallenge #mmdreading #summerstooshort #idratherbereading

The River | Peter Heller
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#idratherbereading #bookdragon
Very short book with some wonderful artwork.

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The Red Scrolls of Magic | Cassandra Clare, Wesley Chu
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“Many a mission to end a great evil has failed because of low blood sugar.” Sadly I have no magic. Had to make my own pancakes. Now time to tackle Neverending Mundane To Do List. 😒
#bookbrunch #springcleaning
#idratherbereading #malec

RealLifeReading Mmm 🥞 8mo
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American Pop: A Novel | Snowden Wright
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#ImpromptuBuddyRead with @Reviewsbylola but first another wedding tonight!! Yes, it‘s a Tue night 😜and yes, #IdRatherBeReading ❣️Anybody else feel like joining in? BTW: I love the cover 😍

Reviewsbylola That‘s my feeling every time I go out. 😆😆😂 8mo
Reviewsbylola And wow, a Tuesday wedding?! Granted I have no room to speak. Mine was on a Thursday. But it was really just family and a destination wedding so I‘m justifying it. 🤣 8mo
Cinfhen Where was your destination?? Niki ONLY wants a destination wedding - mind you she‘s not engaged but she is dating a great guy 🤞🏼🤞🏼 8mo
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Caraval | Garber
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The Cuckoo's Calling | Robert Galbraith
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So I decided to break from reading...only after my mom won tickets to a London Knights game tho!

#LondonKnights #OntarioGirl #DateKnight #IdRatherBeReading #BooksOverHockey

readinginthedark Ooh, but hockey is fun, too! 10mo
MirandaLeighBee @readinginthedark lol it is! Especially when your home team wins!! Whoop!! 10mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Fun buzzfeed quiz. Big shocker that I got Introvert 😂

PurpleyPumpkin Ha! I got Introvert too! No surprise there. And I bet many Littens would get the same. We‘re in good company!👍🏽😉 11mo
Eggs Yes me too. Not a surprise. I am who I am 😌 We ARE in good company 11mo
hermyknee Huh I got ambivert! I am an INFP on Meyers-Briggs though. 11mo
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Reviewsbylola I got ambivert, which is accurate! 11mo
tammysue I got Ambivert.. I can see that 👍🏻 11mo
MoMogrl Introvert.... Not shocking at all 11mo
JoScho @PurpleyPumpkin @Eggs @MoMogrl we are for sure in good company ❤️😊 11mo
JoScho @Reviewsbylola @whatshesreadingnow very cool! I like that it seems to be getting most of us right. 11mo
JoScho @hermyknee but I think as teachers we do have to be a bit of both. 11mo
Crazeedi Ambivert, of course!! 11mo
JackOBotts I was surprised to get introvert, but I‘ll take it! 🤗🤓📚 #idratherbereading #truestory 11mo
LokiDokey Introvert! No big surprise there 😁 11mo
darklydreaming Also introvert! 😊 Always thought of myself as an extrovert but realizing I am not these past few years. 11mo
JoScho @darklydreaming I honestly think I have become much more introverted as I have gotten older. 11mo
JoScho @LokiDokey 😊❤️😊 11mo
darklydreaming @JoScho me too! 😁 11mo
JoScho @JackOBotts always rather be reading ❤️ 11mo
RainyDayReading Surprised to get Ambivert but then again a lot of people are surprised when I say I don‘t socialize much and prefer reading...so maybe I don‘t come off as introverted as I feel haha. 11mo
JoScho @RainyDayReading best of both ❤️ 11mo
PaperbackPirate Thank you for sharing! It was fun to go back to the book fair, find out I‘m an ambivert, and learn what an ambivert is! 📘 11mo
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