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A really fascinating look at this true crime. I read this after the fictional take on the same event ("Rust and Stardust"), so reading them one after the other was the perfect combination. Now I know the facts of the story. The sections following Nabokov's writing of "Lolita" were less interesting, but it's a well-researched and insightful book that isn't afraid to dig deeper into the psychological effects of kidnappings and abuse. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

EKonrad @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Hope you like it! I‘d definitely recommend Rust and Stardust first. 👍🏼 4d
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“The appreciation of art can make a sucker.”

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Fascinating. It‘s only in recent years that I actually read Lolita. I chose it for my turn at book club. Had this book been around it would have added a whole other dimension to the discussion. This author has done a ton of research with the result she has written a very interesting book. I learnt a lot about Nabokov and his wife and life around the time it was written. Read the novel first then this book. you wont be disappointed. @MrsMalaprop

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An interesting theory on the basis for Lolita. I‘m certainly convinced of the connection, and all the more horrified that she was lost in the shuffle, immortalized as an anonymous source.


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Of all the books I've read, I have never read Lolita. Now that I've read this book though I may have to try reading the fiction novel.

Be warned, this book is not for everyone. Although it is not graphic in the acts of abuse, there are many references, which made it hard at times to read. I couldn't put it down though; I had to find out what happened with Sally. The fact that Nabovkov denies using the case to write his book intrigued me too.

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I struggled with this book. It was an important story about Sally Horner, the real person whose life was probably the inspiration for Nabokov‘s “Lolita”. The author makes a really valid point about the need for Sally‘s story to be told, and for how she was used and abused by her kidnapped and by pop culture through Lolita. Trigger warnings abound and I was frankly shocked by the quotes from Nabokov‘s work and how slimy his characters seem.

ljuliel This is one true crime I probably won‘t read. I don‘t think I‘d want to read the details on this one. Yuk. 4mo
CoffeeK8 @ljuliel I almost stopped a couple times but at the end I felt like I owed it to Sally‘s memory to read her story not the icky Lolita version of her story. 4mo
ljuliel Yea, I know what you mean. There was a new book out a couple years ago that I checked out at the library. It was really good and written well, but the subject matter was pretty rough . How an older man made “ friends” with her family, how he targeted this girl and built up trust with her mom to allow him to spend a LOT of alone time with her. It was disgusting, but I wanted to keep reading to see what happened to the girl in the end. 4mo
CoffeeK8 @ljuliel exactly! 4mo
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The absolutely tragic story of 11 year old Sally Horner, the muse behind Nabakov‘s Lolita. Weinman takes a close look at the case, as well as Nabakov‘s frame of mind as he wrote Lolita. I was glad that Weinman didn‘t focus too heavily on Nabakov, as I was much more interested in Horner‘s story.

KristenDuck Oooh I like the sound of this one. 6mo
Crazeedi Sounds really interesting!! 6mo
Megabooks I loved this book! 6mo
Mdargusch I didn‘t realize there was a real Lolita. 6mo
Cinfhen Bought this as a recent #KindleDeal 6mo
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When your kids go back to school, you celebrate with his and hers pedicures.

MicheleinPhilly Did you pay full price for that book???? 6mo
Susanita Nice! My spouse desperately needs a pedicure but wouldn‘t be caught dead in a nail salon. 6mo
Reviewsbylola Library. 😆😆 @MicheleinPhilly I‘m scared to ask why. 🙈 6mo
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Reviewsbylola He gets more pedicures than I do. 🤣🤣 @Susanita 6mo
Megabooks @MicheleinPhilly I liked that book! I hope you do, Steph! 6mo
MicheleinPhilly I just remember telling you it was $2 for Kindle and you were all, “I need the real book!” 6mo
saresmoore This is a fantastic idea! 6mo
Mdargusch Perfect way to celebrate! 6mo
Cinfhen That‘s a fabulous idea 💡 I recall you guys did this last year too! Love it 🥰 6mo
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I am giving this a so-so because I have a pet peeve with non-fiction that contains material that isn‘t directly relevant to the principle story, e.g. music hits of the year or news stories. It always makes me think the publisher/editor/author wanted a longer book.

Pic is our home away from home. 🤗 Currently at another KOA stopover for the kids‘ benefit, but at least it‘s in one of our favorite places in America - Red Lodge, MT.

Christine Red Lodge!! ❤ My sister-in-law is the director of their public library. 7mo
Flaneurette I love Red Lodge but have only been there in the winter. Mas tacos is the best! I‘m still sad bridge creek closed 😔. Have a fun trip! 7mo
Zelma I think many nonfiction books should really be long articles or article series. 7mo
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squirrelbrain Looks wonderful! ♥️ 7mo
Crazeedi Looks so beautiful, love your home away from home! 7mo
Samplergal Beautiful there. I am making note of gorgeous campgrounds when we travel for a year. 7mo
Tamra @Samplergal the site pictured was near Bozeman - another area we love! I am looking forward to retirement and travel several months a year. I am sure you‘re gonna love your “gap year!” 😁 7mo
Tamra @Christine small world!! We‘ve always tossed around the idea of retiring here, but I think we like being mobile too. But it is one of our go-to places every year. 👍🏾👍🏾 7mo
Tamra @Crazeedi 👍🏾 7mo
Tamra @squirrelbrain 👌🏾 7mo
Tamra @Zelma agreed! 7mo
Tamra @Flaneurette I‘d love to the whole area in the winter! 7mo
Christine So fun! Such a great community - my retired Floridian parents-in-law are thinking of moving there full time, too. You‘ll have to pop into the library one of these years, if you haven‘t already (and ask for Jodie! 😉). 7mo
Tamra @Christine yes I will! 7mo
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This book was amazing. It appears that our genius story of Lolita was simply “ripped from the headlines”. Not proven, the author has researched Nabokov and it seems the literary novel that most can‘t stomach, is eerily similar to a case in New Jersey. Really good stuff. #MayMadness #bannedBook (or at least about a banned book) #24B4Monday 5🌟 book four!

Clwojick Looks good! I‘m stacking 📚 9mo
Samplergal @Clwojick I‘d suggest reading Lolita first. Buy extra soap. It‘s disturbing. I actually ended up listening to Jeremy Iron read it. He was in the second Lolita movie. It made HH despicable. 9mo
Clwojick Ooooooo. Okay! 😱 9mo
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Megabooks Very good book! 9mo
jb72 Great job! I haven‘t read Lolita yet, but it‘s on my TBR and now so is this book. Thanks! 9mo
Leftcoastzen I really enjoyed this book. 9mo
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