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1. No Two Persons
2. The Bullet that Missed
3. The Last Ranger by Peter Heller
4. The new Angie Kim
5. It Ends With Us
6. The Drift 5⭐️
7. New to me - Erica Bauermeister
8. Will from Hello Beautiful
9. We All Want Impossible Things
10. The Windsor Knot
11. Beautiful cover? I‘ll say The Wishing Game
12. More series for my #SeriesLove2023 goal.

TheSpineView 💙📖📘📚📚 5mo
Prairiegirl_reading I just got No Two Persons! I‘m excited for it. I read The School of Essential Ingredients and the sequel a while back and loved those. If you haven‘t read those yet they are both very good, the sequel not quite as good as the first. 5mo
LeslieO @Prairiegirl_reading I have School of Essential Ingredients in my TBR but I didn‘t know there was a sequel. I did read House Lessons, her memoir and loved it. 5mo
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Favorites | Garret Mathews
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I‘m enjoying these posts, so I thought I‘d join in!

1) Chain-Gang All-Stars
2) Rose Under Fire
3) The Dance Tree, Beware the Woman
4) Murderbot, Lauren Groff
5) The Late Americans
6) Bandit Queens
7) Edwidge Danticat
8) robot nurse from In the Lives of Puppets
9) Black Butterflies
10) Quietly Hostile
11) The Dream Builders
12) All of them!


Show me yours!

vivastory I have been really wanting to read Chain Gang All Stars, but seeing that it's yr favorite of the yr, it has def moved way up the list 5mo
Hooked_on_books @vivastory It is SO good! It‘s actually on my best books of all time list. 5mo
vivastory Well now I will definitely be picking it up at B & N tomorrow 📚 5mo
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Mid-year Report ... | Silk Association of America
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1. Unequal Affections
2. The Late Mrs. Willoughby
3. Fourth Wing
4. Inanna by Emily H. Wilson
5. Tolstoy by Rosamund Bartlett
6. Kakuriyo by Waco Ioka
7. Andrey Kurkov
8. Tatsu from the Way of the House Husband
9. Only Mostly Devastated
10. The Fairy Tellers by Nicholas Jubber
11. War and Peace B&N leather bound edition
12. Between Savage Tides by Anela Deen (can‘t wait for it to be published!)

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1. Notes on Complexity & Killing the Black Body
2. Love Wager
3. Anatomy of a Breakthrough & In the Lives of Puppets
4. Starter Villain & Hidden Potential
5. Mind of the Raven
6. The Poetry of Strangers
7. Carly Phillips & Kristen Callihan
8. Gabriel Scott - my new fave book boyfriend ❤️
9. none
10. Love Wager - I laughed out loud
11. probably one of the OwlCrate books
12. none - I‘ve given up on reading challenges

Untitled | Unknown
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#MidYearBookFreakOut @Klou

1. Stellarlune (Messenger)
2. The Long Game (Barnes)
3. Zero Days (Ware)
4. The Brothers Hawthorne (Barnes)
5. The Bandit Queens
6. The Telegraph Club
7. Kristy Woodson Harvey (thanks to @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks )
8. Eve Dallas
9. None
10. Meet Me in the Margins
11. ?
12. So many I could probably read one in the time it‘d take to type them out 😂

Thanks for the tag, @TheSpineView 💙

TheSpineView You're welcome! 5mo
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Demon Copperhead: A Novel | Barbara Kingsolver
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1. Demon Copperhead
2. The Dragon Reborn (Wheel of Time 3)
3. Oscar Wars
4. I don‘t really keep track of stuff like that
5. Space Unicorn Blues was so close to being amazing
6. Assumption defies description
7. Now You See Us
8. Lillian Waters is unforgettable
9. Dead Wake - so many families were killed
10. Road to Roswell was just plain fun
11. None!
12. So so many … including nearly all my “14 weeks challenge” books 😬

The Covenant of Water | Abraham Verghese
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1. The Covenant of Water
2. Warrior Girl Unearthed
3. The Wager
4. Family Lore
5. The Windeby Puzzle
6. Piranesi
7. Sofiya Pasternack
8. Maia (The Goblin Emperor)
9. none
10. The Reading List
11. The Grace of Wild Things
12. The Count of Monte Cristo
#midyearbookfreakout @klou

Ruthiella I loved Piranesi too. ❤️ (edited) 5mo
tpixie Piranesi Was definitely a surprise!! And so sweet was the man in 5mo
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1. No idea! 🤷🏻‍♀️
2. Exiles
3. Symphony of Secrets
4. The Chalice of the Gods
5. Particularly Cats
6. Tagged
7. Kate Khavari
8. Harbinder Kaur
9. Solito
10. To Carnival!
11. Love in the Library
12. All the #ReadingTheAmericas2022 books! (…or not)

Lynnsoprano Oh, yes, isn‘t Harbinder a great character?❤️ 5mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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1. I can‘t pick just one!
2. Nona the Ninth by Tasmin Muir
3. The Applicant by Nazli Koca
4. Dunno?
5. Mercury Pictures Presents by Anthony Marra
6. Manhunt by G. Felker-Martin
7. Jen Beagin
8. Miss Mattie from Cranford and Nona from Nona the Ninth
9. N/A
10. Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell
11. Gollancz edition of The Color of Magic
12. Tess of the D‘Urbervilles, to name just one

Thanks for the tag @Klou & @Bklover 😊

ChaoticMissAdventures I adore Cranford! The town of ladies 😍 5mo
Ruthiella @ChaoticMissAdventures I loved it and was happily surprised because I didn‘t love another book by Mrs. Gaskell 5mo
Klou Not heard of The Applicant. I'll have to check it out 5mo
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Ruthiella @Klou I heard about it here! 😂 #BlameitonLitsy 5mo
tpixie I loved Tess. The English is a little difficult 5mo
Ruthiella @tpixie It will be my first Hardy. 😬 (edited) 5mo
tpixie @Ruthiella it‘s my only 😀 but I‘m glad I read it ❤️ 5mo
Reggie Yay #6! 5mo
Ruthiella @Reggie I‘m so glad I read it, despite the warnings! 5mo
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1. The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo
2. Hook Line and Sinker
3. Paris Hilton- Memoir
4. The "Fourth Wing" sequel
5. Never Never
6. The No Show
7. TJR
8. Maren from "Witches of Vardo"
9. This Is Going to Hurt
10. Beyond the Wand
11. A Little Life
12. Circe, Carrie Soto is Back, my list is endless.