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The Maze Runner | James Dashner
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The SF, The Maze Runner is a part of a thrilling 3-book series written by James Dashner. This book is great for an IR. Thomas suddenly wakes up in a place with no recollection of anything and surrounded by a group of boys. All of the boys have gone through the same thing. The place called The Glade has its own dangers, but the boys have found their way to live and protect themselves. The Maze is the only way out but do they make it? #UCFLAE3414F19

JRone UDL strategy 3.3 Guide information processing and visualization would help students visualize the world that Thomas lives in. It can also help them process the information they read throughout the story. ESOL strategy #6 Continually monitor students‘ comprehension would help a teacher check to see if an EL is understanding and recalling the key details written in the book. 2d
JRone This resource https://stemread.com/book/the-maze-runner-universe/ is great for students and teachers. Teachers can choose from a variety of activities to teach their students. Students can choose a game from the list provided to play. 2d
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The Three Pigs | David Wiesner
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The Three Pigs, a TL is written and illustrated by David Wiesner and is a Caldecott Medalist. Three pigs have built their houses out of the different materials: straw, sticks and bricks. The first two pigs make fun of the third pig for using brick because it takes him longer to build his house. However, when a wolf comes ready to huff and puff to eat the pigs, which house will remain standing? This book would be great for a RT. #UCFLAE3414F19

JRone UDL strategy 4.1 Vary the methods for response and navigation would align with this book because you can have children create their own reader's theatre plays to go along with it. If they don't want to use a reader's theatre, they can use other methods like storytelling to retell the story. ESOL #6 Continually monitor students‘ comprehension will be beneficial to the students to see how they are following along with the story. 3d
JRone The lesson plan https://www.teachingbooks.net/content/Wiesner_activity_guide.pdf allows children to get into an in-depth discussion about the book. It also uses compare and contrast strategies to compare this version of The Three Pigs to other versions of it. 3d
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Wonder. R.J. Palacio | R J Palacio
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This is one of the most touching and eye opening books I have ever read. R.J. Palacio writes a fantastic RF novel about a boy named Auggie who grows up looking different, and just wants to be treating normally. I can not wait to see the motion picture made about this book. It is perfect for LC in the classroom. #ucflae3414f19

Jgolub13 I would use the UDL Principle 6.2 support planning and strategy development. I also think that ESOL #6 continually monitor students' comprehension is perfect for this novel. Students need to be able to comprehend the story to truly have their eyes opened. 3d
Jgolub13 I believe that to fully comprehend a story one must put themselves into the shoes of the characters. This activity does just that. They will draw self-portraits of themselves as animals just like they do in the novel. The students will gain a better understanding of the novel by placing themselves into it. http://wonderlessonplans.com/wonder-self-portrait/ 3d
Jgolub13 Wonder has won many awards including Maine Student Book Award, Vermont's Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award, Mark Twain Award, Hawaii's Nene Award, and Junior Young Reader's Choice Award
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Onto book #6!! 📚🎶🍫💖

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Housing Works Used Book Cafe | New York, NY (Bookstore)
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#bookshopping #KeepLitsyActive
#2. Author is most: usually buy authors I've been wanting to try or those I already like.
#5. Price is next when used book shopping- it's fun to find good deals.
#3 Title and #4 length occasionally - a really good title makes me take notice, but less likely to buy doorstops.
#6 I never read professional reviews, but if I'm new to an author I'll look at Goodreads ratings.
#1 Cover yes, but unconsciously.

Billypar Great question @ljuliel ! I always wonder this about other readers. Plot and reading the first page are my other main factors, along with author and price. 4d
ljuliel Thank you for the detailed explanation. It‘s interesting to see what attracts a person to a book. I always notice the title first. It doesn‘t mean I‘ll definitely buy it just due to that fact, but I like unusual or funny titles . I also don‘t read the super thick books any longer. I used to like them, but the older I get, the more daunting they seem. 😊 4d
Billypar @ljuliel I tend to remember my buys where title was a special factor. Dana Spiotta's 'Eat the Document' and Jeanette Winterson's 'Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit' come to mind. Will definitely be picking up the tagged collection mostly due to the title. 4d
ljuliel I‘ve not read that. I hope it‘s a good one for you ! 4d
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Wonder. R.J. Palacio | R J Palacio
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This RF, New York Times Best Seller novel by R. J. Palacio tells about a boy who goes by the name Auggie and all he ever wanted to be is look and be treated normally. Since he was born, he had major surgeries done to his face making him look extraordinary which too many people find uncomfortable talking or looking at him. This book goes through different perspectives of people mentioned in the story.

sbombasi After being home-schooled by his mom for four years, this will be his first time going to a mainstream school as a fifth-grader. But can he convince his new classmates that he‘s just like them, despite his appearance? This would be good for an IR with the use of HOT questions or LC with group discussions from resource linked. 5d
sbombasi The UDL principle 6.2 support planning and strategy development along with EL #6 continually monitor students‘ comprehension will be incorporated with this. #ucflae3414f19
Erinehart Loved this book and the movie. 3d
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SO what do you think of Frank making sure Charlotte had to ride with him? ARE they safe?
Charlotte taking her girls and going?!

Mitch Deeply manipulative and super gullible ...... i think it shows her lack of worldliness and inexperience 5d
Hooked_on_books He gave her a solution right when she was out of options. So clever. But so wrong. 5d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m worried for them! He‘s already shown that he is out for himself only!! 5d
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AmyG Yes...to what all of you said. As for Charlotte....desperate times, desperate measures. He cares about himself. I have a sneaky feeling something happens between them. Makes sense. 5d
Sargar114 Another reason to dislike Guidry. I don‘t know if Charlotte saw herself as having any other option, I can‘t say I would do it with my kids but it was a very different time then and he has made himself look to be a trusting individual. The idea of it all terrifies me!!! 5d
Librarybelle Charlotte's decision to go with him does seem like desperate times, desperate measures, like @AmyG said. I cannot help but feel that, despite Charlotte being strong in so many ways, a decision like this shows her vulnerability and her naivety. A different era, but it would take a lot more than a “good looking“ guy telling me he would take my kids and my dog and myself to LA in his car for me to believe him and go. I'm sure a relationship develops. 5d
Jess861 Charlotte didn't have a choice in the matter thanks to Guidry - so I can't fault her for taking the ride. Not much she could do thinking she had no vehicle anymore. They are definitely in danger now that they are traveling with Guidry and in the vehicle that Barone and Seraphine already know about. 5d
AmyG @Librarybelle Yes, such a different time. A time where more people were trustworthy than not. Today it‘s totally the opposite. So much fear. 5d
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Bone Soup: A Spooky, Tasty Tale | Alyssa Satin Capucilli
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?? Little One Book Review: Mommy and I read this book on Halloween night. Although we liked it, we didn't love it. "Bone Soup" was inspired by another story called "Stone Soup." (There's a brief description of the original story in the back of the book.) This will be a very quick review.

Read together October 31, 2019

Rating: 3/5 ⭐️

Book #6 in our "1,000 Books Before Kindergarten" challenge

Review is continued in the comments section ⬇️

Readage Three witches (who are rather cute, we must say) are trying to make Bone Soup, and they need a wide variety of necessary ingredients to fill their cauldron. It takes the work of several hideous creatures (including a vampire, goblin, ghost, monster, mummy, etc) to gather and combine the ingredients, making this book a moral story about teamwork and helpfulness toward others. 5d
Readage Although we appreciate the lesson of the story, the book was a little longer than we liked. For us, it was one of those books that you can read just once and not revisit. The three stars are primarily because of the illustrations, which are quite adorable. 5d
Lifeisasnap Love the illustrations! Story was a little long... 5d
Readage @Lifeisasnap Yes...completely agree 👍 5d
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#ucflae3414f19 “Horton and the Kwuggerbug and More Lost Stories” is a Modern Fantasy picture book that has a collection of stories, that were lost but recently found, by Dr. Seuss. This book is funny, creative and extremely entertaining. For this book, I am going to do a LC and I would use the UDL 8.3. The ESOL strategy #6 which is monitoring student comprehension.

Alexush Since, this book has multiple Dr. Seuss stories I chose to use https://www.seussville.com/Educators/educatorClassroomResources.php?id=printable... #12 as a web source because this site has multiple activities and lessons for this book and the stories within it. (edited) 6d
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@ljuliel @MrBook

1- the loving community, the possibility to talk about books which can be rare in real life, getting awesome recommendations,...
2- Nothing in particular
3- can‘t think of anything now🤔
4- lately less, usually more often
6- since the last iOS update it is hypersensitiv, which is annoying + I would like the possibilty of having a „favourites“ list of people whose posts I always want to read, instead of typing in each name

Amiable I agree about #6 with the favorites list. 1w
ljuliel Yes #6 would make it easier to have ones you follow often, easier to find. Thanks for responding. 💕 1w
MrBook It has become VERY hyper-sensitive. 🙈 Also, on the app, books and users results keep wildly fluctuating when searching. These are the two reasons why I kept tagging people in waves last night, so as not to have the post fritz, sorry about all the notifications because of that @kgriffith and @Amiable . I didn‘t realize folks tagged in posts keep getting notified with edits. 1w
ju.ca.no @MrBook yes, I‘ve noticed that when I tried tagging you here! I hope this will be fixed soon, it is really frustrating at times. 1w
iread2much I‘m so glad that other people are bothered by the hyper sensitive screen! I do think it‘s an OS problem, but that Litsy has yet to update to deal with it 1w
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