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We All Want Impossible Things
We All Want Impossible Things: A Novel | Catherine Newman
Catherine Newman sees the heartbreak and comedy of life with wisdom and unflinching compassion. The way she finds the extraordinary in the everyday is nothing short of poetry. Shes a writers writerand a humans human.New York Times bestselling author Katherine Center We All Want Impossible Things is a riotously funny and fiercely loyal love letter to female friendship. The story of Edi and Ash proves that a best friend is a gift from the gods. Newman turns her prodigious talents toward finding joy even in the friendships final days. I laughed while crying, and was left revived. Newman is a comic masterhand and a dazzling philosopher of the day-to-day.Amity Gaige, author of Sea Wife The funniest, most joyful book about dyingand livingthat I have ever read.KJ Dell'Antonia, author of the New York Times bestselling The Chicken Sisters For lovers of Meg Wolitzer, Maria Semple, and Jenny Offill comes this raucous, poignant celebration of life, love, and friendship at its imperfect and radiant best. Edith and Ashley have been best friends for over forty-two years. Theyve shared the mundane and the momentous together: trick or treating and binge drinking; Gilligans Island reruns and REM concerts; hickeys and heartbreak; surprise Scottish wakes; marriages, infertility, and children. As Ash says, Edis memory is like the back-up hard drive for mine. But now the unthinkable has happened. Edi is dying of ovarian cancer and spending her last days at a hospice near Ash, who stumbles into heartbreak surrounded by her daughters, ex(ish) husband, dear friends, a poorly chosen lover (or two), and a rotating cast of beautifully, fleetingly human hospice characters. As The Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack blasts all day long from the room next door, Edi and Ash reminisce, hold on, and try to let go. Meanwhile, Ash struggles with being an imperfect friend, wife, and parentwith life, in other words, distilled to its heartbreaking, joyful, and comedic essence. For anyone whos ever lost a friend or had one. Get ready to laugh through your tears.
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1. No Two Persons
2. The Bullet that Missed
3. The Last Ranger by Peter Heller
4. The new Angie Kim
5. It Ends With Us
6. The Drift 5⭐️
7. New to me - Erica Bauermeister
8. Will from Hello Beautiful
9. We All Want Impossible Things
10. The Windsor Knot
11. Beautiful cover? I‘ll say The Wishing Game
12. More series for my #SeriesLove2023 goal.

TheSpineView 💙📖📘📚📚 2mo
Prairiegirl_reading I just got No Two Persons! I‘m excited for it. I read The School of Essential Ingredients and the sequel a while back and loved those. If you haven‘t read those yet they are both very good, the sequel not quite as good as the first. 2mo
LeslieO @Prairiegirl_reading I have School of Essential Ingredients in my TBR but I didn‘t know there was a sequel. I did read House Lessons, her memoir and loved it. 2mo
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Thank you for putting this book on my radar @Cinfhen I read it in one day and it was so astoundingly perfect.
I have a friend going through this, it‘s the last days now and I‘ve had my final visit with her (didn‘t know it was the final visit at the time😢) Time for the family to gather around her. I really needed to think about it and have a cry and so on and I‘d just had this book turn up at the library. It was messy and real and perfect. ⬇️

Centique This gets my wholehearted recc for anyone to read even if this strikes you as being very sad. There‘s a lot of joy and humour in this book as well. A lot of light. Definite 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4mo
Crazeedi Definitely adding, it sounds beautiful 4mo
Cinfhen I‘m so sorry to hear about your friend💔I can totally see how this book would both break and heal your heart. It‘s perfect xxxx sending love 💕 4mo
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SamAnne I keep picking this up and putting it down. But it sounds like a great book. I have a friend who is terminal, and I‘m in remission. Might be too close to home, but also perhaps the perfect read. 4mo
willaful I'm so sorry. I went through my best friend's cancer 30 years ago, and it's still hard to read about, though we were tremendously lucky and she survived. (Never truly recovered though. 😢) 4mo
sarahbarnes I agree, this was so good. I‘m so sorry about your friend. 💙 4mo
Centique @Crazeedi I hope you love it too 4mo
Centique @SamAnne I had cancer back in my 30s, so I empathise. For a long time I couldn‘t pick up a book like this. I think it helps that this one starts at moving into hospice - so there‘s no diagnosis scene etc. Still so sad but sometimes it‘s good to feel seen, that somebody has captured this experience (from the viewpoint of being the friend alongside) Much love and best wishes to you and your friend 💕 4mo
Centique @willaful best friends are so precious 💕 Wonderful that she survived but I‘m sorry to hear that she didn‘t recover fully 😢 Best wishes to you both 4mo
Centique @sarahbarnes thank you Sarah. I never got her onto Litsy unfortunately but she is a retired librarian and an amazing crafter so this place would have been a wonderful fit for her 💕 4mo
Bookzombie I‘m so sorry to hear about your friend. Sending love. 💕 4mo
Reggie Oh, Paula, I‘m so sorry. 4mo
Centique @Reggie thank you lovely. She passed yesterday. Hard to believe. I don‘t think it‘ll seem real until I visit her house and she‘s not there. We weren‘t super close but she was kind of my role model - the kind of person i want to emulate - just a lovely bookish lady whose home has been this peaceful recuperative space for all her neighbours and her English language and dyslexic students. 💕 4mo
tpixie @Centique I‘m sorry for your loss. Your friend sounds lovely and that she made a great impact on those who knew her! Great review of this book. It sounds heavy, but beautiful 🤩 3mo
Centique @tpixie thank you so much Teri Ann 💕 3mo
tpixie @Centique 💗💗💗 3mo
Rissreads I‘m sad for you Paula. Although you too are a lovely bookish lady who gives us Littens so much joy. X 3mo
Suet624 Oh gosh, how sad. I‘m so sorry for your loss. 2mo
Centique @Suet624 thank you Sue - it has been a bit of a year of watching/supporting friends and family grapple with hospitals and end of life. This is a good book for such a time though 💕 2mo
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#BookReport 18/23

I didn‘t enjoy Gospel much but the other three were really good. So I had a wonderful week!

TrishB Great week 👍🏻 I loved the tagged one, felt very genuine. 5mo
AnneCecilie I loved The Strays too. 5mo
Cinfhen Glad you had an overall great reading week 😁 5mo
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This book broke my heart but it‘s also a super loving tribute to love and friendship. Edi is dying in a hospice and her friends and family are taking care of her there. Ash is her best friend and she has such a hard time. Reminiscing, supporting, grieving, laughing. It‘s messy and beautiful and I loved the dynamics of Ash and her daughters - or her people as she calls them.

(Pic: Les Tuileries, Paris)

BarbaraBB @Cinfhen Thanks for the recommendation Cindy, just what I needed 💔❣️ 5mo
sarahbarnes I‘m so glad you liked it too. 💔♥️ 5mo
HeatherBookNerd Loved this book 5mo
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Cinfhen Fabulous review! This book was so moving. Love your photo. Hope you‘re having a wonderful time. XX 5mo
BarbaraBB @sarahbarnes I did, of course! You did and Cindy and @squirrelbrain so I was pretty sure I would too 🩵 5mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen So moving! I was in and out of Paris in two days for work but it was still wonderful to be there! 5mo
Cinfhen I knew you went for work but I thought you were staying for the weekend??!! 5mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen No I am back already! But it‘s finally sunny here too so I‘m fine! 5mo
BarbaraBB @HeatherBookNerd It is so moving and yet so heartwarming and funny. I loved it too! 5mo
Cinfhen Yay, Sun 🌞 Have a lovely weekend 😘 5mo
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This might be the funniest saddest book I‘ve ever read! As her best friend enters hospice, Ash vows to make Edi‘s final days as joyous as possible because that‘s what a best friend does despite the fact that Ash seems to be having a mini midlife crises. This story is a powerful nod to female friendship & facing death with love, laughter and bravery. MUST HAVE TISSUES!!! Narration was fantastic. 5 ⭐️

robinb Sounds good. I just finished one about a death doula. Sounds a bit similar. 😊 (edited) 5mo
Cinfhen I just read a book synopsis and it was definitely about a death doula @robinb but I can‘t remember the book title?!!! 5mo
robinb @Cinfhen was it this one? I just finished it. 5mo
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TrishB Loved this one ♥️ 5mo
squirrelbrain I loved this one too! 5mo
BarbaraBB Ordered my copy - while I promised myself to wait for #CampLitsy 🤦🏻‍♀️ 5mo
Cinfhen Yesssssss thanks @robinb xxxx 5mo
Cinfhen You won‘t regret your decision @BarbaraBB it was such a good book - loved it too @TrishB @squirrelbrain now I‘m curious about the book @robinb tagged!!!! 5mo
BarbaraBB I‘m sure I won‘t regret it! It‘s on its way lol along with all the other books I want to read thanks to CampLitsy23 and the international Booker prize 🤦🏻‍♀️ 5mo
robinb @Cinfhen I‘ve just finished it and need to post my review. It‘s good! 5mo
Cinfhen I‘ll look for it @robinb 🤩 5mo
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OMG! THIS BOOK! It‘s so achingly beautiful and sad and yet humorous- a lot like life. Best friends since childhood, Edi & Ash -one faces death while the other has to face what living without your best friend looks like. Narration is near perfection 🙌🏻

sarahbarnes Omg yes. I just read this and cried so many times. And laughed too. It‘s fantastic. ♥️ 5mo
Cathythoughts I have this one. Must get to it 👍🏻❤️ 5mo
Cinfhen It‘s gonna be a 5 star read for me @Cathythoughts @sarahbarnes 😭😭😭 5mo
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Itchyfeetreader Well this sounds like my sort of thing. Stacking 5mo
BarbaraBB A five star read for you and @sarahbarnes ? I have no choice then… 5mo
marleed I love every inch of this book! 5mo
Megabooks Oooo!! Maybe I‘ll have to get this one. I‘ve been on and off about it. 5mo
Cinfhen It‘s REALLY SAD but also SO FUNNY. It‘s excellent @Megabooks 5mo
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5-9 Apr 23 (audiobook)
Heartbreaking and endearing, this is the story of Ash as she supports the woman who has been her best friend since pre-school through palliative care. Newman manages to imbue her story with humour, fleshed-out supporting characters and real pathos, plus many grotesque details of dying. Both Ash and Edi have magnificent husbands and wonderful children and a truly beautiful friendship.
Not as miserable as it sounds.

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Thanks Trish. Loving the look of these books. This tagged book is one I‘ve been watching for awhile now 💛💛 Thankyou 😘 @TrishB

TrishB Great pic 👍🏻 have a wonderful day Cathy and enjoy your reading 😘 6mo
Cathythoughts @TrishB Thankyou ♥️ 6mo
Blaire Oh nice! I really like Catherine Newman. I used to read her blog back in the day.. 5mo
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This is a sad book about a woman whose best friend is in hospice.

Sounds awfully depressing, right?

At one point, the main character says it's the saddest and happiest she's ever been.

I can relate. When my mom was dying, I was so sad, but also so happy that my family (dad, brother, sister) was able to come together and spend an extended amount of time with mom.

We laughed, cried, and prayed together.

And it was such a blessing to be there.

Suet624 I know what you mean. 💕 6mo
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#StoryGraph: fiction contemporary emotional reflective sad
217 pages • first pub 2022

Edi and Ash have been best friends for over forty years. When Edi is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Ash's world reshapes around the rhythms of Edi's care. Yes, this is a very sad book, but it‘s worth the read for all the emotions.

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NovelTea with book quotes, Meyer lemon cookies and a 5⭐️ book all curtesy of the wonderful @LaraReads and #muglove23. The book is sad but also heartwarming and funny.

LeahBergen Look at those pretty teacups! 7mo
LeslieO @LeahBergen Don‘t you just love a pretty tea cup? 💜 7mo
LaraReads Lovely! 🫖 💕 I‘m so glad to hear you enjoyed it, even if it was sad. 7mo
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TrishB I enjoyed this one too. 7mo
kspenmoll Lovely tea cups! 7mo
marleed Love, love, love this book! 7mo
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If you can have a book set in hospice with a happy ending, this was it. So sad, but somehow also feel good.

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Much as it seems a bit weird to say I really enjoyed a book that is essentially about someone dying (not a spoiler- in the blurb!), I really did. I think because it felt very real. I have done this bedside vigilance and it‘s difficult and you find life, humour and support where you can.

RaeLovesToRead Is this for #TBRtarot? 😊 8mo
squirrelbrain It is weird to say isn‘t it, but it is such a good book. 💛 8mo
sarahbarnes This is on my list - Great review. 8mo
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Cinfhen Sounds deeply moving💗 8mo
Megabooks Lovely review 💜 8mo
TrishB @RaeLovesToRead no I‘m not doing that challenge (I can only manage one!) I did see it was yellow books though 😁 8mo
TrishB @squirrelbrain yes definitely! 8mo
TrishB @sarahbarnes hope you enjoy when you get there. 8mo
TrishB @Cinfhen it is moving, and ordinary in some ways 🤷‍♀️ 8mo
TrishB @Megabooks thank you 😘 8mo
Reggie Well, I did Our Short History, I can do this. Great review and stacked. 8mo
TrishB @Reggie it‘s good in the same way! 8mo
Cathythoughts Lovely review ❤️stacking x 8mo
TrishB @Cathythoughts hope you enjoy when you get to it ❤️ 8mo
Karons1 It‘s going on my huge towering TBR 😆 7mo
TrishB @Karons1 hope you like when you get to it. 7mo
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Looking forward to these!

Megabooks I‘m interested in the Newman. I‘ve read good things about it. 8mo
Mel Just started The Drift yesterday! 8mo
squirrelbrain Oof, Impossible Things is tough, but so good! 💛 8mo
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TrishB @Megabooks @squirrelbrain I‘m anticipating sad so I won‘t take on my work trip this week! Crying on the train with work colleagues is not a good thing! 8mo
Megabooks No, definitely not! 8mo
BarbaraBB Looking forward to your review of The Drift, I enjoyed 8mo
TrishB @BarbaraBB I enjoyed that one too. 8mo
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This is a strange book. Part grief, part midlife crisis & part celebration of life‘s small moments. At first I wasn‘t a fan. Ash is helping her friend Edi through hospice care & seems so unmoored & selfish. But the farther I got into the book the more I connected with it. We all deal w/loss in different ways. It‘s easy for 1 person to hold everyone they love tighter & for another to wonder what they‘ve done w/their life & toss it all to the wind.

AvidReader25 Continued….It‘s certainly not a perfect read and it‘s full of irksome moments, but I was left with a feeling of connection rather than frustration. I hated the overall arching hopelessness of the book though. 8mo
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This was a book I #meanttoreadin2022 #pop23 but, despite knowing that it‘s about Ash‘s best friend Edi, who has terminal cancer and is in hospice care, I found it too much to start with so hibernated it. However, it ended up being heartwarming as well as heartbreaking. It‘s more about Ash, who is hilarious and a hot mess, but learns about herself through caring for Edi.

#netgalley - published next week in the UK


squirrelbrain It‘s no spoiler, given the subject matter, to say that this book #includesafuneral #52books23. And I‘m using this for #booked2023 #titlestartswithvorw 9mo
squirrelbrain Oh, and it‘s my #doublespin too! 😁 @TheAromaofBooks 9mo
Deblovestoread Quadruple play! 🙌🏼 9mo
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TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 9mo
Megabooks This sat in my Amazon cart for months, then I took it out. Perhaps I should put it back… Great review! I also have to be in the right mood for hospice reads. 💜💜💜 9mo
Cinfhen I recently bought this as a #DailyKindleDeal @Megabooks 9mo
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Edi and Ash have been best friends for over 40 years. When Edi is diagnosed with cancer, it is Ash who walks her through her last weeks. While it is about death, it is not at all depressing or overly heavy. Instead, the focus is on the memories of their friendship and the sacred, confusing, often beautiful process of saying goodbye. Such a lovely book.

squirrelbrain I just read this too..need to review it on here. (I liked it too!) 9mo
marleed I just love this book and all the characters! 9mo
HeatherBookNerd @squirrelbrain @marleed I just loved. Interesting that a book about death felt so life affirming. It was just beautiful. 9mo
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This grid took a while to build - intact it expands across two years (haha). I did take a bit of a reading break last week to evaluate my end-of-year reading stats. Two stand out books and my favorite is tagged!

5* = Loved It, want to shout out loud about this book! I do/will own/keep a physical copy. A+
4*= I liked it, would love to discuss. Solid B
3*=Meh, no need to discuss. Average C
2*=Nope D
1*=DNF F

IndoorDame Thanks for posting your rating system! I‘m trying to be more consistent with my ratings this year, so I love seeing how everyone else thinks about it. What makes you give out half and quarter stars? 9mo
marleed @IndoorDame I adjusted my very subjective rating for a long time before deciding I rate best with a traditional A+ to F rating system with A+ = 5, A = 4.75, A- = 4.25 …. If you count down, 3.5 and 3.25 both garner a C+ (I wanted B=4 and C=3). The difference is that 3.5 almost, but didn‘t quite get to a B rating, and 3.25 solidly fell in a C rating - this 3.5 thing is a big help for me! It‘s still mood driven, but it works for me. 9mo
IndoorDame I love that! Thank you for sharing 😊 definitely going to have to incorporate this into my thinking. 9mo
marleed @IndoorDame I hope it helps! 9mo
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It‘s such an honor (sad as it is) to sit hospice with a loved one, and this book honors that experience so well. This is really Ash‘s story as she sits with her lifelong bestie, Edi. She admits her own flaws while highlighting the goodness on the wonderful friends checking in on her and Edi. Honey, Ash‘s sort of ex-husband, is a dream and Belle is a hoot, but I loved that the author let us love Ash, too, flaws and all.

Cinfhen Great review 💜 9mo
Librariana Fabulous review! Stacked 😊 9mo
marleed @Cinfhen @librarianna It‘s a beautiful story, and I loved it. I was not expecting to add to my favorite books of 2022 at this point in the year. 9mo
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Cinfhen I have it stacked for 2023🪄💜🎉 9mo
marleed @Cinfhen I hope you love it! 9mo
sarahbarnes A friend of mine just recommended this to me! 9mo
marleed @sarahbarnes oh I hope you read it. It‘s a beautiful story! 9mo
CarolynM I just received this from my always reliable subscription service. Sounds good🙂 9mo
marleed @CarolynM I‘m so curious to read what you think of it! 9mo
CarolynM Stay tuned😆 9mo
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