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Sarahr875 😍 my favorite too 6y
Seshat They are the best, @Sarahr875 :) 6y
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I decided I want to join this #augustofpages awesomeness! I missed out on yesterday's #bookphotochallenge but I HAD to post my favorite #bookishsquad Willow and Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer! These two kicked major supernatural butt, primarily with books! And the Scooby Gang's meet-up place to plan how they will save Sunnydale was typically their amazing school library. Buffy never could have done it without these two by her side.

KilgoreTrout My favorites! 6y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub Woohoo! Welcome. We're glad to have you join. Excellent first choice by the way. 6y
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The Thief Lord | Cornelia Funke
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For the #AugustPhotoChallenge challenge, my forever favorite #BookishSquad will always be The Thief Lord dream team (movie actors above, I know) 💖 I love them all so much, especially Hornet, who I always wanted to be for Halloween but couldn't really because no one would know who she is. I still daydream about finding an abandoned theater in Venice because WHO DOESNT 😍💖 and Scipio will never change in my heart 💔

pppooraikul Scipio. 😍 I've been in love with Rollo Weeks since The Little Vampire. 6y
WordWaller @pppooraikul with good reason. he's amazing!! Definitely had a crush on him 😍 6y
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Crocodile on the Sandbank | Elizabeth Peters
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My favorite #bookishsquad (well, one of my favorites) is the Peabody/Emerson clan from the Amelia Peabody mysteries by Elizabeth Peters. They are smart, adventurous, and loyal and younger me badly wanted to excavate tombs and solve crimes in (mostly) Egypt with them. (Image is one of tourists in the late 1800s, from the Library of Congress.)

[DELETED] 2232195534 Just makes you want to find a camel, right? 😂 6y
DebReads4fun Great series! 6y
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Secret History | Donna Tartt
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Best #booksquad? I'm for Henry, Camilla, Charles, Francis, Bunny, and Sometimes Richard @TheSpinecrackersBookClub

Imagineannie Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6y
wanderlustywriter Have you read The Likeness?? Very similar but I liked the characters wayyyy better 6y
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BookishTrish @wanderlustywriter No, I haven't. Who wrote it? 6y
wanderlustywriter @BookishTrish Tana French. She's brilliant. If you do read it, I recommend reading her first book In The Woods first, as it features some of the same characters 6y
BookishTrish @wanderlustywriter Thanks! Added to the TBR 6y
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Deja Dead: A Novel | Kathy Reichs
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I thought of another #bookishsquad! How about Temperance Brennan and Agent Booth from Kathy Reichs' fantastic series? And of course the TV show, which I confess I've never watched. #augustphotochallenge @TheSpinecrackersBookClub

readinginthedark I love the TV show but have never actually read the books. I would be ashamed of it, except I'm not a huge fan of crime mystery books, just the shows. Strange but true! 6y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @readinginthedark Then the two of us are a perfect complementary match! I don't watch much crime drama but have read quite a lot. 6y
readinginthedark @BarbaraTheBibliophage How funny! I love reading classic mysteries but gained a fondness for crime shows watching them with my mom as a child. I think I just don't get the same nostalgia factor from reading them. 6y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @readinginthedark Great memory! I watched Masterpiece Theater with my parents, so it's the period dramas I love on TV. Sometimes my husband and I binge watch a crime show, but I find them so depressing. 6y
subwayreads YES good one 6y
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The first #bookishsquad that came to mind is Harry, Ron and Hermione. They'll always hold a spot in my heart and shelves! #augustofpages

SusanInTiburon Yes. The most and the best. 6y
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Six of Crows | Leigh Bardugo
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I'm a sucker for a heist so my newest favorite squad are the six deeply damaged kids trying to pull off the caper in this one. #augustofpages #bookishsquad

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Day 4 of #augustofpages and today is "favourite bookish squad" My bookish squad goals has got to be the team from Matthew Reilly's "Jack West Jr." series. They are a fantastic bunch that travel the world in search of ancient artefacts, and get into all sorts of mayhem and adventures.
(Book #3 - The Five Greatest Warriors is hiding at the top. Book #4 - Four Legendary Kingdoms is going to be released in October!)

#bookishsquad #bookphotochallenge

TheSpinecrackersBookClub Lovely and I'm sure the hedgehog agrees or does he have a different #bookishsquads? 6y
thecurioushedgehog @TheSpinecrackersBookClub I think he agrees ☺️ although he does love the Harry Potter #bookishsquad 6y
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