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Two Can Keep a Secret | Karen M. Mcmanus
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When you are to the point in the book where you just can‘t put it down! #whodoneit #craycray 🧐😱

LitsyWelcomeWagon Welcome to Litsy! Here are links to #Litsytips: http://bit.ly/litsytips and #LitsyHowTo videos: goo.gl/UrCpoU. There‘s lots of fun things to do: book exchanges, buddy reads, photo challenges and more! #litsywelcomewagon 2mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 👍🏼🤗📚 2mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Welcome to Litsy 👻📚👻 2mo
Readswithcoffee Welcome to Litsy ☕️📚📚📚☕️ 2mo
CoffeeNBooks Welcome to Litsy! 📚 2mo
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Blood Engines | T.A. Pratt
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Book - Blood Engines TA Pratt
Food - Bacon
Author - Holly Black
Movie/TV - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

#manicmonday #butitswednesday #craycray @JoScho

Reveurs Also how is it August already?!?!?! 1y
JoScho Ugh I don‘t know. It should not be August! 1y
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The Belles | Dhonielle Clayton
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This chic is full on Elizabeth Bathory....#craycray

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Gotta Love a short week! #HumpDayPost time already!

1. I wish he wouldn't get on the table. It drives me nuts! #Shadow #CatsOfLitsy #Shippy @Zelma
2. Evil Genius! What a crazy story!
3. Silver
4. Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries... Really berries of any kind! 🍓
5. The desire for books is strong right now because of my #BookBuyingBan Sometimes I Lie or I'll Be Gone in the Dark

Have a wonderful day! 💙💙💙

Cinfhen Evil Genius was beyond bizarre #CrayCray 2y
Itchyfeetreader Yes for berries 2y
Gaylagal2 Love Evil Genius! That bitch is crazy!!! 2y
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Crystalblu Evil Genius was completely wacko! That first episode 😳😬 2y
MinDea @Crystalblu I did not expect to see him blow up! I was shocked they showed that! 😲 2y
Crystalblu Right! The whole time I was thinking they would cut away. Netflix is hard core! 2y
MinDea @Crystalblu have you watched all 4 episodes? 2y
Crystalblu Every single one 2y
MinDea I don't get why they blurred him blowing up at the end but not in the first episode. 🤔 I mean, they already showed it... What a nutty story! Do you think he was part of it? @Crystalblu 2y
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So, on my way to check the mail I notice... through my neighbor‘s big-ass non-draped window... books. There were tons and tons of books in these huge massive floor-to -ceiling shelves. I swear I only peeked briefly because their cat caught my eye. They just moved into the townhouse two doors down. These are clearly *my people* but I can‘t tell them I know this because looked in their friggin window!!! 😲😲😲 #thewomaninthewindow #craycray

SandyW You could go by at night... and if the lights are on and they still habe no window coverings then you have a valid explanation. 😀 2y
BlameJennyJane @SandyW Ha ha, Thanks! I shall find a valid explanation! 2y
mdm139 Swing by with a welcome to the neighborhood gift, maybe a book to start a dialogue so maybe they invite you in... 2y
BlameJennyJane @mdm139 great idea! 2y
SaturnDoo Hmmph...no shame in my game..I would be the one to say "The other day I walked by and you had no curtains up. I thought you were advertising your gorgeous bookshelves to the neighborhood. The books are absolutely lovely. What genres and authors do you like?" ??? 2y
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#MrBlueSky #JuneTunz #TBR

I really thought I had read this but evidently not. Idk. 🤔 Isn't it awful that I can't remember?! 😬

Emilyrjones22 Never heard of this one. But I loved Going Clear. 2y
britt_brooke @Emilyrjones22 Going Clear was really good. Leah Remini's book is great, too, if you haven't read it yet. 2y
Billypar I love this picture! 2y
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RealBooks4ever @Emilyrjones22 @britt_brooke Yes! Going Clear was excellent! 👍🏼Wonder why I have a fascination with these books? Must be the secrecy and the mystery of what happened to Mrs. Miscavige? 😬 2y
Kappadeemom Y'all know Mrs. Miscavige is stuffed in a box somewhere, right?? #CrayCray 2y
Emilyrjones22 I haven't read Leah Remini's book but I'm obsessed with her show! 2y
britt_brooke @Billypar Isn't that building crazy?! Looks like a Vegas casino. 2y
britt_brooke @RealBooks4ever Obscure religions are so interesting! 2y
britt_brooke @Kappadeemom Absolutely agree! 😣 2y
britt_brooke @Emilyrjones22 I haven't watched her show, but her book was great. She'll always be Stacey Carosi to me, lol! 2y
Emilyrjones22 Ha, absolutely!! But I really did gain so much respect for her on her show. Girl is on a crusade and it's obviously really hard for her... 2y
Billypar It does look like it belongs on the Vegas strip... not sure I'd venture inside this one though. I also hope there are no airports nearby...sort of blends right in 😬 2y
Cinfhen I'm currently listening to Leah Remini's book ~ fascinating 🤓love this picture 2y
britt_brooke @Billypar I think I'd steer clear, too. 😜 2y
britt_brooke @Emilyrjones22 I need to check it out. 2y
britt_brooke @Cinfhen Not your typical church building! I really enjoyed Leah Remini's book. I bet the audio is great! 2y
Cinfhen She's honest, hilarious and that Brooklyn accent 😉it's like listening to a friend... 2y
Jinjer It used to be a beautiful white building. A hospital in Hollywood. My friend Nancy was born there! A huge group of us walked by there on an urban hike and the guards...I forget what they're called...came pouring out on foot & on bikes. It was really freaky. I have to say I love the blue though!!!! They have another gorgeous building nearby...the Celebrity Center. Used to be apts or hotel. My friends ate in the restaurant. Also freaky. @Billypar (edited) 2y
britt_brooke @Jinjer Such strange behavior. But I agree the blue looks cool! 2y
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