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The Royal Nanny | Karen Harper
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Really rough start to my day. My anxiety is out of control and have had lots of trouble sleeping. After regular therapy this morning, I did some retail therapy at my favorite used bookstore before heading back to work. Skippy is creeping in the background, keeping an eye on things. @MinDea #Shippy

DivineDiana Take care of yourself! And some new books always help! ❤️ 11mo
cobwebmoth *hugs* 11mo
RealLifeReading Hugs! 11mo
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Zelma @DivineDiana @cobwebmoth @RealLifeReading thanks! 😘 planning to make a simple dinner and just Litsy and read all evening in my favorite chair. 11mo
heikemarie Anxiety is the worst! Good for you for having regular therapy appointments. I hope the rest of your day is full of small victories! 11mo
JennyM 😘😘😘 11mo
Zelma I appreciate the love and support @heikemarie @JennyM 11mo
LeahBergen Oh, that sucks. May you feel much better, very soon! 😘 11mo
Zelma @LeahBergen thanks @LeahBergen . A good night of sleep just did wonders for me today. Kitten snuggles and coffee all morning now. ❤️ 11mo
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I am half way done with this book finally! I am making breakfast and hoping to finish it up today. #AuthorAMonth #MonthOfBoyne @EadieB How is everyone else doing with their Boyne books?

#Shadow was enjoying the sun so #Burley decided to go sit by him. 😆😆 #PetsOfLitsy #DogsOfLitsy #CatsOfLitsy #Shippy @Zelma

britt_brooke Burley is just the cutest. Love that face!! 12mo
Zelma I love the fact that your boys are getting along! 😍 12mo
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MinDea @Zelma yes! They even snuggle a little now. It's pretty awesome. 12mo
Zelma @MinDea jealous! Doggie whines when Radar looks at him. Totally scared of him. 😂 Toby tolerates him and Skippy doesn‘t care or even pay attention to him. 12mo
julesG Haven't started yet. 🙈🙈🙈 12mo
CaroPi I cry at the end of this one. I had only cry with 5 books in my life. This is one of them. 12mo
Crazeedi Awwww your friends are just too adorable ! Great photo, especially the kitty looking away, like *im too good for this other creature beside me* 😊😉 12mo
JaclynW I'm halfway through my Boyne book, The Absolutist. I'm hoping to begin The Boy in the Striped Pajamas after. 12mo
sprainedbrain Finished one yesterday and very much looking forward to my next. Love your fur babies! ❤️ 12mo
AlaMich @Crazeedi 😆 I was thinking it was more of a “if I can‘t see him I can pretend he‘s not there” sort of move. 12mo
Crazeedi @AlaMich that's possible too😊 12mo
MinDea @Crazeedi @AlaMich I think you're giving them both too much credit. Shadow was just looking for the sunshine. Burley was looking for a "pack" to phang with. ??? 12mo
AlaMich @MinDea yeah, that works too! 12mo
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I had to step away from Once Upon A River. I just couldn't get into it. So I am starting this one for #MonthOfBoyne. Anyone else started reading their Boyne books? #EadieB #AuthorAMonth

#Shadow was grounded today. He knocked a chair over and put a giant gash in our wall. 🤬 Grounded! #Shippy @Zelma

Zelma What a bad boy! Skippy keeps knocking my drinks over lately. 3 full glasses of water all over the living room floor in the last two weeks. I switched to plastic only a long time ago! 13mo
MinDea @Zelma what a stinker! What is with cats 🤪 13mo
CindyRene Shadow is a pretty Kitty. I'm sure it makes up for her naughtiness ?? I'm working on my Boyne book today too. Reading "This House is Haunted". 13mo
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MinDea @CindyRene I have that to read too! I look forward to discussing it with you! 13mo
CindyRene @MinDea that sounds great! I look forward to it! 13mo
MinDea @Amiable great! I hope you enjoy it! 13mo
rubyslippersreads Oh #Shadow! Nicky and Sadie are proud of you. 😹 13mo
MinDea @rubyslippersreads 😸😸😸 13mo
rubyslippersreads @Amiable I want to read this one, since I‘m fascinated by the Romanovs. 13mo
MinDea @rubyslippersreads is A House of Special Purposes about the Romanovs?!? 😱 13mo
Lmstraubie But he's soooo cute 😻 13mo
MinDea @Lmstraubie That's why he's still part of the family! 😆😆 (I'm only joking) 🤪 13mo
Soubhiville I just finished this. It was good, I especially liked Bruno‘s mispronunciations. 13mo
Crazeedi My boyne is on my kindle waiting for me. Should be next up. You kitty is just precious 13mo
Crazeedi @MinDea yes it is, I read it, it is very good 13mo
Crazeedi @Amiable loved that book 13mo
Amiable @MinDea @Crazeedi @rubyslippersreads It's good so far! I don't think Boyne can write a bad book. (edited) 13mo
mcipher Oh, no! Terrible kitties. Ours are determined to destroy our couch 😬 13mo
MinDea @Crazeedi I didn't know that! I keep wanting to read about them so now I really want to read it! 13mo
MinDea @mcipher cats are legit jerks. 🤪😸 13mo
julesG Are you okay? You're pretty silent. Miss you. Missed #HumpDayPost. 12mo
MinDea Hey @julesG Yes I am OK. My new job keeps me so busy and I just have had no time for anything elae. Thank you for asking if I was doing OK. 💙 Hope everything is well for you! 12mo
julesG Yep, doing okay. Glad you are okay, too. Being busy at a new job is something positive. 😘 12mo
TrishB I was about to ask the same as @julesG Hope the new job is great! 12mo
MinDea Thanks @TrishB! I hope things are well for you too! I think I might be a weekend poster for a little while til work settles down just a little. 12mo
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Hoping to squeeze in one more book before the year ends! Enjoying a cup of coffee and #Shadow snuggles on this foggy day here in Seattle! Hoping the fog burns off soon. I have things I need to do! #Shippy @Zelma

What are your NYE plans?

Gramworth Sleep! My husband can wake me up to see the ball drop... then I‘ll go back to sleep! 😂 13mo
MinDea @Gramworth 😆😆😆 That's usually what happens here too! We wake up kust in time for the ball or completely miss it. 🤷 13mo
dariazeoli I usually watch Anderson Cooper but the NYE show with Andy Cohen was so bad last year! I may sleep through the ball drop this year. 13mo
Zelma We did a bunch of cleaning out stuff, burn pile, etc. now watching college football and maybe will play a board game later. No plans to stay up for midnight. I‘m going to read in bed and be asleep by 11. 😁 13mo
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Wizard and Glass | Stephen King
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Well, I FINALLY finished Wizard and Glass! Such a good story. I had completely forgotten the Wizard of Oz shout out at the end.

#EpicKaTet #EpicBuddyRead #TheDatkTower

#Shadow enjoyed snuggling with me while I finished this book up. Hoping to read one more book to make it 60 for the year! #CatsOfLitsy #Shippy @Zelma

MinDea I am so behind you guys but I really loved this book. I caught so many things I didn't catch before! 😱 So excited to read the next one and catch up! 13mo
Jovy Yey! 🙌🏼 I completely forgot the Oz reference too. Oy in red booties? One would think that was something I'd never forget. 😂 13mo
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Andrew65 Yey! Well done. 🥳🥳🥳 I haven‘t started the next one yet. 13mo
MinDea @Jovy 😆😆😆 Yes I can't believe I forgot about that! Oy is the best! Is this a re-read of the series for you? 13mo
MinDea @Andrew65 Thanks! You're still way ahead of me. I still have to read Wolves of the Calla them I can be caught up with Song of Susannah. 😱 13mo
Jovy @MinDea Yes and I'm loving it more the second time around! I'm so glad you hosted this, I don't think I'd re-read this again all by myself. 😅 13mo
Andrew65 I‘d forgotten you were that far behind! 😱😱😱 But you got this and you can do it! I have total faith. 👍👍👍 13mo
MinDea @Jovy I am catching so many things second time around that I didn't the first time that have to do with the ending! I want to talk about the ending so bad but don't want to give any spoilers to those who are reading it for the first time. I can't wait til we all finish it and can discuss! 13mo
MinDea Thanks @Andrew65! I am trying to get the audiobook of Wolves of the Calla from the library so I can start it as soon as possible. I really want to catch up! 13mo
Jovy @MinDea I know exactly what you mean! Almost there!! 13mo
Andrew65 @MinDea I think audiobooks are the way to go to catch up. 13mo
TrishB It was a great read 👍🏻 13mo
AnansiGirl The Oz like adventure of our Ka-Tet was entertaining to read. Can you imagine the cuteness of Oy in his bumbler-sized boots? 13mo
MinDea @AnansiGirl Yes! He is adorable! And I want a Billy bumbler! 😆 13mo
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Underdogs | Markus Zusak
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I had a hard time working my way through this book for several reasons but mainly I struggled with the style he chose to write these 3 stories in. Lots of repetiive things, random thoughts, etc. However, one thing I will say about Markus Zusak is that he sure knows how to make you feel for his characters. He writes real human stories and and real human emotions. Things we can all relate to. Things we all feel.
#MonthOfZusak #AuthorAMonth @EadieB

MinDea #Shadow and #Burley passed out on me 😆😆😆 #Shippy #CatsOfLitsy #DogsOfLitsy #PetsOfLitsy #CatSitting #DogSitting #GeezThatIsALotOfHashtags 😆😆😆 @Zelma Look!!!! They tolerate each other so well now! 💙 13mo
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The Book Thief | Markus Zusak
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Actually getting to it down and read for the afternoon! #Shadow is all curled up on my lap ready for a few hours of snuggles. Hoping to make a big dent in #TheBookThief for #MonthOfZusak. I'm a little behind 😟
#AuthorAMonth @EadieB

How's everyone else doing for #MonthOfZusak?

That-Bookish-Hiker I‘ll read Bridge of Clay once you start it. 13mo
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BookwormAHN I finished The Book Thief and loved it 💚 13mo
Christine11 This is my favourite book - I hope you‘re enjoying it! 💛 13mo
Karisa Book Theif is amazing. I remember it taking me awhile to get into it though. Later, I couldn't put it down. Had so many teary moments too. Beautiful read. 13mo
Karisa Just finished Bridge of Clay too. Difficult but has these moments of pure poetry. 13mo
Andrew65 Hope to finish Bridge of Clay tonight. So different to The Book Thief. First part felt quite disjointed but enjoying the se one half much more. As @Karisa says some beautifully written parts. 13mo
julesG Ugly cried when I finished The Book Thief. It was a good read. I just wish Mr Zusak had taken the time to check some of his phrases for cultural accuracy, i.e. no German says 'Kristall klar' (crystal clear). We compare the clarity of advice or understanding to the water that's used for simmering potato dumplings, which is actually not very clear once the dumplings are done (forgot the name for this stylistic device): Klar wie Kloßbrühe. 😉 13mo
Samplergal I cracked it open, but haven‘t been able to read. Son in law was in a bad car accident and has neck fractures. Sorry I think I‘m out. 13mo
DarcysMom @Samplergal I am sorry to hear about your son-in-law's accident. He and your family are in my thoughts. ❤ 13mo
Dragon 😻 13mo
Andrew65 @Samplergal Sending you positive thoughts! Stay strong. ❤️ 13mo
tonyahoswalt I love this book. Took me forever to get around to reading it, but so glad I did! 13mo
MinDea @Samplergal I am very sorry to hear about your son in law. I hope he is OK and heals quickly. Sending you and your family positive thoughts. 13mo
Blueberry I started Bridge of Clay but couldn't stay with it. I love his other books so I may try this again later because it does have good reviews. 13mo
MinDea @tonyahoswalt I read it years ago and remember loving it. I am enjoying it this time too but I am not very far into it. I hope you are getting some reading in during the holidays! 13mo
MinDea @julesG so interesting! I just looked it up and clear as mud is a sarcastic way of saying that and we use it in much the same way! 13mo
Crazeedi Precious kitty! 13mo
MinDea @julesG do you have any book recommendations about Nazi Germany? Historical or Historical Fiction? I remember last time I read this I wanted to learn more and I am feeling that way again! 13mo
Tanisha_A I am loving it, the writing is super smooth for a subject so difficult. Starting Part lV now. ☺️ 13mo
MinDea @TanishaA I am almost done with Part V! I clagree with you. It's a heavy subject and it is written well to deal with the heaviness. It's so good and pretty quick read. 13mo
julesG @Samplergal Sending positive thoughts your way! 13mo
julesG I'll think about the books on Nazi Germany. There are, of course, a lot. Right now, I all I remember are 13mo
julesG Not sure whether this is available in English 13mo
julesG Robert Harris has a few books 13mo
julesG This is a pre-war family saga and again in German 13mo
julesG This should have an English translation, it's also been made a film 13mo
Coleen_Nieto @MinDea slow going. I'm really hoping to get done reading done this week! 13mo
Amor4Libros @MinDea I read a few pages and could not get into it. Will try again some other time! 13mo
MinDea Thank you @JulesG! I will have to check them out and see which ones I can find in English. 13mo
CaroPi Unfortunately I didn't manage to read this one. Contrary to last year I didn't read much.... 😔 13mo
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The Book Thief | Markus Zusak
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Starting this one tonight!
#MonthaofZusak #AuthorAMonth

#CatsOfLitsy #Shadow has claimed this box as his and it now sits in the middle of our living/dining room and he sits in it like this for hours at a time 😆😆😆 @Zelma #Shippy

Zelma See, Shadow already knows this is a good one. 😻 13mo
BridgetteM So excited! I‘m starting it Saturday! 13mo
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Amor4Libros @MinDea I might start this weekend. I have quite a few books I want to get to this month, and this one might get pushed again 13mo
hgrimes How‘s that guy doing?? 13mo
CaroPi I will start tomorrow (hopefully) 13mo
MinDea @hgrimes he is doing OK! He seems to have perked up and is doing a lot better these last few weeks. How are your kitties doing? I just got your card. Thank you so much. It's so cute! 💙 I totally failed this year and didn't send cards to anyone! 😩 13mo
julesG I'm halfway through this one. Thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone. 😉 13mo
BookwormAHN I loved this one and it was completely out of my comfort zone 😺 13mo
That-Bookish-Hiker Shadows such a cutie. 13mo
Leniverse Eep! Are we reading that this month? 😂 I don‘t stand a chance. I‘ll have to postpone it. Again. 😜 13mo
hgrimes @MinDea I‘m so happy he is doing well! That‘s the best news! My kitties are undignified little miscreants who believe everything is a toy, including the Christmas tree, wrapped gifts NOT addressed to them, and used tampons they dig out of the trash! I‘m sending them away to Abu Dhabi. 13mo
AlaMich Wow, Shadow has a very long attention span! Our cats have always been like, “BOX! Must sit in the box, must—oh, look, a dust bunny! Must chase the dust bunny!” And then they never play with the box again. 13mo
MinDea @AlaMich Shadow LOVES boxes. And just flat items that he can sit on. I think it's his job to sit in them or on them. 😆😆😆 13mo
MinDea @hgrimes ?????? he has been acting atad aggressive in his old age. Yesterday my boyfriend walked by him and bit him ? (not hard but enough that he shouldn't do that!) And a friend was dog sitting for us a few months ago and he ran across the room and like "attacked" him". And he has been sort of mean to Burley. Not sure what is going on there. Worried he doesn't feel good but hiding it well.. ? 13mo
hgrimes @MinDea awwwwww poor old grump! My cat, Odinn got super moody and unpredictable in his senior years. I found it entertaining! Other people did not! But he had no teeth and the dude was like 20, so I let him do whatever made him happy. 13mo
Andrew65 Brilliant book! Enjoy. (edited) 13mo
Andrew65 @MinDea Why did your boyfriend bite him! 😳🤣 13mo
MinDea @Andrew65 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 13mo
AlaMich Sometimes I think if their eyesight and hearing start to decline, they get startled and scared easily. So they “defend” themselves by attacking. 13mo
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This book was a so-so for me. 🤷🏽‍♀️ It might be because of my 'state of mind' (😴😴😴) but it took me almost a month to read it. It seemed looooooooooong. So many characters to keep track of. And I had a hard time comprehending how exactly all of it worked. Again might have been that I was reading 15-30 pages per sitting and it is 430 pages long so it definitely was choppy for me. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I hope other's enjoyed it more than I did!

mcipher Awww, too bad you didn‘t love it after all those pages! Here‘s to your next book being a better read for you. Hi Shadow! 😻 I love how concerned and serious he looks here! 😹 1y
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Jerdencon I didn‘t love it either - took me forever to figure out what was happening and I felt confused most of the time and not in a good way. 1y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled I liked this one, but it was really a brain scramble. A lot to keep track of and sometimes I just had to let go because I didn‘t follow. 1y
CatLass007 😻😻😻😻😻 1y
Slajaunie I did not care for it either. I thought I was in the minority. 1y
riversong153 I haven‘t gotten into it. I put it down last month and haven‘t picked it up again. I heard it was good...idk maybe I‘ll try it again later. 1y
MelissaSue81 I really struggled through this one too. Waaay too many characters to keep track of . 1y
MinDea @mcipher he really just wanted to claim the book and rub all over it. 😆 1y
MinDea @MelissaSue81 Seriously! I struggled keeping everyone straight. I thought it was just cause this month has been long and busy and I have even so tired but apparently others thought so too! 1y
MinDea @riversong153 I have heard a lot of people enjoying it so I hope you will enjoy it! 1y
Dragon 😻 1y
Andrew65 Sorry to hear it was a tough read for you. I enjoyed this one but did it by audio so perhaps that helped. 1y
MinDea @Andrew65 I honestly think it was my frame of mind. Lately I am so tired from work and getting up 2 hours earlier than I have been used to the last few years so when I go to bed I am exhausted. I typically read before bed so I think I struggled with it because of that. 😕 1y
Andrew65 @MinDea I can relate to those totally. I‘m in much the same situation at the moment. Hardly got any reading done this week apart from the commute time. I‘m struggling big time with Circe this month yet everyone else seems to love it. Has been one big chore to read it and only at 52% after almost 4 weeks! Good luck with everything. 👍😊😍 1y
MinDea @Andrew65 good luck to you too! Let's hope we both can get more time and back into reading soon! 💙💙 1y
Andrew65 @MinDea Thanks, and most definitely! Can‘t wait for the Christmas break when I can get some quality reading time in. 1y
MinDea @Andrew65 It's so close! I hope you can relax during it! I don't get much of a break then but I am hoping to take full advantage of the Thanksgiving 4 day weekend this weekend. #Readathon #HeresHoping 1y
Cathythoughts Yes I‘ve heard there are lots of characters .... that‘s really putting me off .... I know I‘d find it v hard to keep track 1y
Andrew65 @MinDea Enjoy your weekend! 😊 1y
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#CatSitting with #Shadow tonight while I think about reading but also sleep sounds nice. 😆😆😆 (It's only 8:51 pm here. 🙄😆) What are you reading tonight?
#Shippy @Zelma

Chasing_Pages I read past my bedtime and I‘m slightly regretting it! Only slightly though! 😂 1y
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