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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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SEE THAT ARROW??? I finished! This is monumental 😂😂 So, this one finished in 2011, and how many more volumes is he writing? 😂😂 I mean, I adore him, but he is not known for um, brevity 😂😂 I‘ll still look forward to the others ♥️
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Kristin_Reads 🤭🤣 6mo
TheBookHippie I am slogging through and note taking yet… and phew… he‘s long winded … but I love him. 6mo
CBee @TheBookHippie same! He‘s the best, long winded and all 😂😂 6mo
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peanutnine I thought to was supposed to be two volumes, one for each term, but I agree that it seems as if there will be more 😅 6mo
Deblovestoread I‘m so glad we read it this way. Hope we can do the same for the next one. Thanks for hosting! 6mo
CBee @peanutnine I was getting close to the end and I thought, wait…. he‘s only gotten to 2011 😂 so I guess either the next volume will be longer (😳) or divided into two? I guess we‘ll see 😂 6mo
CBee @Kdgordon88 I‘d love it! I would‘ve never read it had I not broken it up and gone the audio route! Thanks for tagging along on the journey 😊 6mo
melissajayne From what I hear is that there are going to be two volumes 6mo
peanutnine @CBee to be fair, this one had a lot of lead up to his first term with the election and everything so that added a lot 6mo
CBee @melissajayne me too. We shall see how long the 2nd volume is 😁 6mo
CBee @peanutnine that‘s true. I‘m so glad I finished it and I definitely learned a lot more about him, it was totally worth it 😊♥️ 6mo
Sargar114 Congrats @CBee and thanks for organizing this. I agree the audiobook version and the broken up sections made this much easier to tackle. I would join for the next one if you do so 🙂 6mo
CBee @Sargar114 yay! I‘ll definitely do another buddy read once it comes out 👏🏻 6mo
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