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A Promised Land
A Promised Land | Barack Obama
A riveting, deeply personal account of history in the makingfrom the president who inspired us to believe in the power of democracy In the stirring, highly anticipated first volume of his presidential memoirs, Barack Obama tells the story of his improbable odyssey from young man searching for his identity to leader of the free world, describing in strikingly personal detail both his political education and the landmark moments of the first term of his historic presidencya time of dramatic transformation and turmoil. Obama takes readers on a compelling journey from his earliest political aspirations to the pivotal Iowa caucus victory that demonstrated the power of grassroots activism to the watershed night of November 4, 2008, when he was elected 44th president of the United States, becoming the first African American to hold the nations highest office. Reflecting on the presidency, he offers a unique and thoughtful exploration of both the awesome reach and the limits of presidential power, as well as singular insights into the dynamics of U.S. partisan politics and international diplomacy. Obama brings readers inside the Oval Office and the White House Situation Room, and to Moscow, Cairo, Beijing, and points beyond. We are privy to his thoughts as he assembles his cabinet, wrestles with a global financial crisis, takes the measure of Vladimir Putin, overcomes seemingly insurmountable odds to secure passage of the Affordable Care Act, clashes with generals about U.S. strategy in Afghanistan, tackles Wall Street reform, responds to the devastating Deepwater Horizon blowout, and authorizes Operation Neptunes Spear, which leads to the death of Osama bin Laden. A Promised Land is extraordinarily intimate and introspectivethe story of one mans bet with history, the faith of a community organizer tested on the world stage. Obama is candid about the balancing act of running for office as a Black American, bearing the expectations of a generation buoyed by messages of hope and change, and meeting the moral challenges of high-stakes decision-making. He is frank about the forces that opposed him at home and abroad, open about how living in the White House affected his wife and daughters, and unafraid to reveal self-doubt and disappointment. Yet he never wavers from his belief that inside the great, ongoing American experiment, progress is always possible. This beautifully written and powerful book captures Barack Obamas conviction that democracy is not a gift from on high but something founded on empathy and common understanding and built together, day by day.
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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SEE THAT ARROW??? I finished! This is monumental 😂😂 So, this one finished in 2011, and how many more volumes is he writing? 😂😂 I mean, I adore him, but he is not known for um, brevity 😂😂 I‘ll still look forward to the others ♥️
#obamabuddyread #micdrop #itonlytooksevenmonths

Kristin_Reads 🤭🤣 1w
TheBookHippie I am slogging through and note taking yet… and phew… he‘s long winded … but I love him. 1w
CBee @TheBookHippie same! He‘s the best, long winded and all 😂😂 1w
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peanutnine I thought to was supposed to be two volumes, one for each term, but I agree that it seems as if there will be more 😅 1w
Kdgordon88 I‘m so glad we read it this way. Hope we can do the same for the next one. Thanks for hosting! 1w
CBee @peanutnine I was getting close to the end and I thought, wait…. he‘s only gotten to 2011 😂 so I guess either the next volume will be longer (😳) or divided into two? I guess we‘ll see 😂 1w
CBee @Kdgordon88 I‘d love it! I would‘ve never read it had I not broken it up and gone the audio route! Thanks for tagging along on the journey 😊 1w
melissajayne From what I hear is that there are going to be two volumes 1w
peanutnine @CBee to be fair, this one had a lot of lead up to his first term with the election and everything so that added a lot 1w
CBee @melissajayne me too. We shall see how long the 2nd volume is 😁 1w
CBee @peanutnine that‘s true. I‘m so glad I finished it and I definitely learned a lot more about him, it was totally worth it 😊♥️ 1w
Sargar114 Congrats @CBee and thanks for organizing this. I agree the audiobook version and the broken up sections made this much easier to tackle. I would join for the next one if you do so 🙂 1w
CBee @Sargar114 yay! I‘ll definitely do another buddy read once it comes out 👏🏻 1w
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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I finally finished ✅ Am I the last one from our #Obamabuddyread? It took me some months 🐌📖 #IheartObama

RebL I didn't participate in the Obama Buddy Read, but it did take me months to finish this book too. Worth it! 1w
CBee I‘m not finished 🤦‍♀️😂 #iheartobamatoo 1w
TheBookHippie Not yet !! Trying to finish yet! 1w
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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#BookReport: I started the week strong and finished my last two buddy reads. Didn‘t read much mid week so have the same three books in progress. Loving Three and Love After Love. #WeeklyForecast: I know my print book will be French Eating for #LMPBC but I may change my mind about the other two.

Cinfhen I loved Three and Love After Love!!! I‘m really excited for this one…I‘m waiting for it to be delivered 2w
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Obama became president while I was still in highschool and my political awareness was just beginning. It was interesting to hear about the intricacies of the presidency from his perspective and all of his struggles to make progress against the partisanship within the government. His is a very detailed recollection of major and minor events, acknowledging all the support from his staff and others to bring about change. Throughout everything ⤵️

peanutnine ↪️ he maintains a sense of optimism for the future of the country. Thanks @CBee for hosting this #obamabuddyread ☺️ 2w
CBee Congrats on finishing!! Very detailed is right 😂😁♥️ 2w
Roary47 Awesome! 💛 2w
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Onto part 3 #obamabuddyread Cancer treatments and surgery have really impacted my reading and probably will for the remainder of the year. Feeling tired from the cancer is worse than feeling tired from the treatments and surgery.

bthegood sending hugs -
(edited) 2w
Chelsea.Poole So sorry you‘re going through this ♥️ 2w
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Bad News: I got the Covid
Good News: I‘m the only one in my house to have gotten it and it seems to be minor as I‘m already on the mend. That also means isolation which is giving me time to catch up on things.
Blasted through this last section via audiobook. Nonfiction is always a bit rough for me and I‘ve found doin the audio version makes it easier to absorb; especially this one that gets heavy into detail especially in the second half.

Sargar114 Read for #obamabuddyread Thank you @CBee for hosting! 4w
CBee I‘m sorry you got Covid! It hit our house last week but I didn‘t get it and neither did my oldest kiddo 🤷‍♀️ Glad you finished the book! I‘m sorry I wasn‘t a better host - I‘d planned to continue doing discussion questions at the end of each part 🙁 Might still post some when the buddy read is over so keep your eyes peeled! Hope you feel better soon! 4w
AmyG Glad to read it‘s minor. Hope you are better soon. @CBee Hope your family is better soon. 😘 (edited) 4w
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CBee @AmyG all better here, though hubby still struggles with some fatigue 🤷‍♀️ But it was so mild for both and I‘m thankful. 4w
Sargar114 @CBee don‘t worry about it. Reading is half the battle. And if this week hasn‘t proven anything - life gets in the way (or in this case helps). @AmyG thanks 🥰 4w
CBee @Sargar114 you‘re telling me 😂 Glad you‘re feeling ok and getting some good reading time 🥰 4w
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick Glad that it's a mild case. Get well soon, but milk it for extra reading time! 🤣 4w
Sargar114 @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick definitely the silver lining! 4w
TheBookHippie So glad it‘s minor!!! Rest up! 4w
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Hey #obamabuddyread friends (Yoda says hey too)! How‘s everyone doing? I‘m trucking along with Part 6 🏃‍♀️ Apologies for not checking in more often (thank goodness this is a low pressure buddy read). Check in when you can 🥰

AmyG Love your photo! I haven‘t read anything so it‘s low pressure for me. (I am sorry I bailed). 😬 1mo
CBee @AmyG don‘t even be sorry! It‘s a heavy book, SUPER detailed and at times, hard to focus on! I‘ve struggled with it myself 🤷‍♀️ 1mo
Sleepswithbooks I‘m inching along like a snail 🐌 but I won‘t finish this portion on time. I don‘t love it as much as I had hoped although I do love the author ❤️ 1mo
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CBee @Sleepswithbooks no worries! I have to agree with you. The past couple of parts have been a bit slower to get through. 🤷‍♀️ But yup, still love him!! ♥️♥️ 1mo
Leftcoastzen Cuteness!🐶 1mo
SusanLee Cuteness overload! 1mo
CBee @Leftcoastzen @SusanLee thank you! He‘s a silly pup 😊 1mo
peanutnine I'm chugging along, ready to start the last section next month 1mo
CBee @peanutnine me too 👏🏻👏🏻 1mo
Sargar114 It does feel like it‘s getting further into the weeds detail wise. I finished this chapter earlier this month I think doing all audio. 1mo
CBee @Sargar114 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 1mo
melissajayne Just finished part 2 2w
CBee @melissajayne you‘ve had a lot going on! How are you feeling? 2w
melissajayne @CBee I‘m doing ok; I‘m just waiting for radiation treatments to start. Still feeling tired from the chemo treatments and surgical anesthesic and the recovery that my body has to do. The good thing is that I‘m not getting tired from the cancer spreading as I was this time last year. 2w
CBee @melissajayne you‘ve really been through it 🙁 I hope for better days for you, and soon ♥️ 2w
melissajayne @CBee I didn‘t like it but I am cancer free and don‘t have a grey tinge to my skin anymore. 2w
CBee @melissajayne cancer free is amazing ♥️♥️ 2w
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Since it‘s a rainy day it‘s a lazy morning so I got to work on my #bookspinbingo board and reading plan for the month.
#bookspin - The Final Revival of Opal & Nev
#doublespin #sundaybuddyread - Lost Among The Living (yay overlap)
#obamabuddyread Tagged (part 6)
#literarycrew All the ways we said goodbye

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! Looks great!! 2mo
Librarybelle Hooray!! 2mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Y‘all. I continue to enjoy the book but this part was over my head - I found myself zoning out sometimes 🫢 I told @Sargar114 this already, but my favorite part has to be when Malia tells her dad that he needs to save the tigers 🐅♥️ How‘s it going for everyone?
This was also my #doublespin, @TheAromaofBooks 👏🏻👏🏻

TheAromaofBooks Great progress!!! 2mo
TheBookHippie I‘m catching up influenza is still running rampant here. Somehow I‘m the only one not with it 😩😷🤞🏻🤞🏻 2mo
AmyG I haven‘t read it in a while. 😢 2mo
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CBee @AmyG aw that‘s okay! Do you want me to still tag you in my posts? I don‘t mind either way ♥️ 2mo
CBee @TheBookHippie oh dang, I‘m so sorry!! Crossing fingers and toes that you stay well!! 2mo
AmyG You can keep me. I do like seeing you all. 2mo
CBee @AmyG good, cause I‘d miss you 😘 2mo
AmyG Awww 😘…I just can‘t wrap my head around this book now. I am purely “escape” reading. 2mo
CBee @AmyG I‘m still right there with you! Though I‘m reading something right now that‘s set during the Chechen Wars and um, wow. It‘s good but so painful and relatable to what‘s happening in Ukraine. 2mo
Sleepswithbooks Slow moving right now.. I think I have 25 pages left in this part. 2mo
CBee @Sleepswithbooks no rush 😘 2mo
peanutnine There are definitely parts that are over my head but listening to the audio has helped keep me engaged 2mo
CBee @peanutnine yep, me too! I‘d still be on part 1 if I were reading the print book 😂😂😂 2mo
Libby1 This has been a pretty intense month so I haven‘t started this section yet! I will catch up and I really enjoy being a part of this group, @CBee . ❤️ 2mo
CBee @Libby1 no rush at all! This is the most laid back buddy read ever 😊 2mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Obama speaking about Putin‘s rise to power. Considering everything happening in the Ukraine, this quote struck me 💔 #obamabuddyread

AmyG Look at our own country. He is correct. 2mo
CBee @AmyG sadly 😞 2mo
TheBookHippie Struck me as well… 2mo
Sargar114 Ugh so sad 2mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Finished Part 5 of #obamabuddyread which also served as my #bookspin for this month. It was mostly foreign policy so a little bit of work to get through; but the audio version helps with that. The last chapter was my favorite as it was really well told (literally in the audiobook ha) and was about his work on climate change.

CBee I need to work on catching up 😳😂 2mo
peanutnine I also enjoyed the chapter on climate change! I loved how his daughter kept asking if he had saved the tigers yet. So sweet 2mo
Sargar114 @peanutnine me too! Gives so much heart to this part of his story. ❤️ 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Great progress!! 2mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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A very late check in, #obamabuddyread friends! Here‘s a pic of a mural at our local zoo - it‘s a secretary bird! It‘s been cuckoo crazy here, but I finally finished part 4 (four days late 😂). Hope everyone is still enjoying the book!

TheBookHippie I plan to catch up this weekend 😝 vestibular migraines and vertigo not friends of reading! 😫 3mo
AmyG Beautiful mural. Feel better @TheBookHippie and….I didn‘t read my section at all. ☹️ 3mo
CBee @TheBookHippie I hope you feel better! Migraines and vertigo are no joke 🙁🙁 3mo
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CBee @AmyG no worries! This is totally no pressure, catch up when you want to 😘 3mo
TheBookHippie @CBee second attack this spring but not as severe as round one… ugh the constant weather changes inflame my body 😫 3mo
CBee @TheBookHippie I can totally relate! Lots of weather changes here too and they wreak havoc 😩 3mo
peanutnine I'm really enjoying the book! Breaking it down into one part each month is way more manageable for me and the audiobook is a lifesaver. I don't think I would have made it this far otherwise! ☺️ 3mo
Kdgordon88 Audio is definitely making it easier to get done but my mind did wander a bit in this section. 3mo
CBee @Kdgordon88 mine too 😂 3mo
CBee @peanutnine I definitely wouldn‘t have made it without audio. I‘m glad I have the print book, but I just wouldn‘t have gotten through it like I am with audio! 3mo
Sargar114 @peanutnine agree with everything you said. The section a month and audio is marking it much easier to get through. I don‘t take in the audio as much so I go back and forth; but really enjoy listening to him speak again. 3mo
Sargar114 @TheBookHippie that sounds terrible; hope you feel better. 3mo
CBee @Sargar114 ♥️♥️ same 3mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Even when things felt impossible, he managed to always find some optimism.
#obamabuddyread @CBee

CBee YES!! So many obstacles yet he always remained hopeful. Glad you‘re enjoying it ♥️♥️ 3mo
TheBookHippie 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 3mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Bought a car in Wyoming and drove back to Colorado so used part 4 of #obamabuddyread as my travel companion.

A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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This was in 2017. I was spiraling after he left office, and so scared for what was coming 🙁 I know I wasn‘t the only person he wrote back to, but I still felt so special ♥️ Hope y‘all enjoy! #obamabuddyread

Amiable I love this so much! ❤️❤️ 4mo
CBee @Amiable it‘s made my day to read it, even five years later. I read and reread it so many times ♥️♥️ 4mo
JenReadsAlot 4mo
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m especially scared now with everything going on… 🇺🇦 We are not doing enough for Ukraine. 💔🙏🏻 Their President is a true hero. #Zelensky 4mo
peanutnine ❤️❤️❤️ 4mo
SW-T 🥰 4mo
Sleepswithbooks 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 4mo
DogMomIrene ❤️❤️❤️ 4mo
Libby1 That is INCREDIBLE. Thanks for sharing. ❤️ 4mo
CBee @Libby1 I thought you guys would enjoy it ♥️ 4mo
TheBookHippie 🥺🥺♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ 4mo
Chrissyreadit ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 4mo
Tera66 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😭 4mo
Sargar114 This is wonderful!!! ❤️🤍💙 4mo
Kdgordon88 Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing!💗💗💗 4mo
Jas16 Thank you for sharing this! ❤️ 4mo
CBee @Kdgordon88 mine too ♥️♥️ 4mo
CBee @Jas16 you‘re welcome! I owe you a letter, my friend!! 4mo
AmyG That. Is. Amazing! 4mo
TheBookHippie The refusing aid to Ukraine by Trump -the reason for his impeachment -comes to mind as a threat to democracy … we are paying for those years. It‘s unfortunate people don‘t see it. 4mo
CBee @TheBookHippie 💯 agree. I see it, and I remember. Lest we forget he also called Putin a genius, for invading Ukraine 🙁😡 4mo
TheBookHippie @CBee I just cannot. 4mo
CBee @TheBookHippie I know. I can‘t either. 4mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Just cause I love Liz Climo ♥️♥️ We are on to Part 4, #obamabuddyread pals! I‘m still on Part 3 but, I‘ll catch up. Wanted to mention a bit that warmed my heart - how Obama would read letters from constituents and try his best to respond (he‘d even read the negative ones). When he left office, I wrote to him, despondent, telling him how afraid I was for the country‘s future. Had no idea I would get a response but I did! It was lovely, ⬇️

CBee (Continued from above) and gave me hope that things might be okay. 4mo
peanutnine I loved that part too! He always seemed to want to stay connected to the people of the country. That's so awesome that you got a response from him! What a treasure 💕 4mo
CBee @peanutnine I think it might have made my whole year ♥️♥️ 4mo
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Kdgordon88 I‘m behind but will get caught up. I love that you wrote him and that he responded. Has there ever been a more decent leader? I think not. 4mo
CBee @Kdgordon88 no worries, I‘m behind as well. And I can‘t think of many more decent than him. I never imagined I‘d get a response, much less AFTER he‘d left office. But he took the time and it was such a light in the darkness. (edited) 4mo
TheBookHippie ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ 4mo
AmyG I have notes at home! I am now in Michigan visiting my grandson. But I, too, loved where he reads letters from people and writes some back. 4mo
AmyG My husband was once the mayor of our town. He was a Democrat. During Obama years….and he recieved a Christmas card from Obama. I need to find it and post it! 4mo
CBee @AmyG I have the e-mail he sent back, I‘ll post it sometime! Hope all is well in Michigan - have fun with the grand baby, he must be getting so big!! 4mo
AmyG @CBee thanks! He just turned 2. Where did all the time go? 😳 4mo
CBee @AmyG it definitely flies 🥺 4mo
Sleepswithbooks @CBee - I love that he wrote people back and I love it even more that you are someone he wrote to 🥰💌 4mo
CBee @Sleepswithbooks I found the e-mail, I‘m going to post it for y‘all ♥️ 4mo
Sargar114 I loved that as well! How the political process and how people cared more about power or being correct in this section was infuriating 4mo
CBee @Sargar114 agreed. And it‘s still like that, unfortunately 🙁 4mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Greetings fellow #obamabuddyread friends! I completely forgot to make a post about starting Part 3! So, here it is! And yes, I‘ve been to crazy town and back recently, but somehow I am on track with reading (or listening). Give me all your impressions of Part 2 in the comments! I enjoyed it, but admit that some of the economic talk went over my head 😂

TheBookHippie FYI there are slight references to Afghanistan in 1980 etc I strongly recommend encourage you to watch Charlie Wilson‘s War with Tom Hanks to get a bit of a feel. The book is better of course but the movie will help with perspective of Washington as well. It‘s at our library. You can view it here https://www.amazon.com/Charlie-Wilsons-War-Tom-Hanks/dp/B001688V2E for a couple bucks. Well worth it. 4mo
AmyG I think the parts I like best about this book are the personal ones-about his family and himself…how they are dealing with all of this. I love his grace and awe at what he has done. His humility. But always, at the back of my mind, is what came after him and where we are today. 4mo
AmyG Thanks @TheBookHippie for the recommendation. 4mo
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TheBookHippie @AmyG I have similar thoughts… 4mo
CBee @TheBookHippie thanks! I‘ve always wanted to watch that so I‘ll definitely do it sooner rather than later 😊 4mo
CBee @AmyG agree completely. I didn‘t remember that his precious grandmother (Toot) passed the night before his inauguration. What a loss. 4mo
Sargar114 @AmyG I very much agree. I‘m doing audio/reading combo, but he does the audio narration and it really helps with his thoughts and feelings during this journey. I also love how important his family (both where he came from as well as the one he built) is to him and his decision making process. (edited) 4mo
AmyG @Sargar114 Yes..the importance of his family. I think I temember reading that he didn‘t have so many “dinners” at night with important people as he wanted to make sure he spent time with his girls. Of course, he got criticized for that. 4mo
CBee @AmyG damned if you do, damned if you don‘t 🙁 4mo
Sleepswithbooks I love how he can make fun of himself (“Time for change… Let‘s shift gears.. vote 4 the guy… with big ears.. Obama 08”) 😂 but wouldn‘t do that in public about others or allow others associated with his campaign to. I keep thinking “I love his character.” 4mo
CBee @Sleepswithbooks YES! Love this about him too. 4mo
Libby1 I‘m really enjoying part three. He is such a skilled writer. 4mo
CBee @Libby1 me too! And I‘m actually on track which is amazing 😂😂 4mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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I made it to Part 3 😂😂😂 and I really need to clean off that display 🙈
Back on track now, I‘ll try to get a discussion going for Part 2 soon 😊 #obamabuddyread

AmyG Perfect. So is Feb part 3? I forgot already. 😂 5mo
CBee @AmyG I had to go check my notes 😂 but yep, February is Part 3 😁 5mo
AmyG Thanks! 5mo
Sargar114 ❤️🤍💙 5mo
TheBookHippie ♥️♥️♥️ 4mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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January Wrap-Up ❄️

A huge accomplishment for me to finish six books in one month! Feeling like a very proud bookworm 🤓

Three Sisters: 5 🌟
Crocodile on the Sandbank: 3 🌟
A Promised Land: 5 🌟
The Rose Code: 5 🌟
The Awakening: 4.5 🌟
A Great Reckoning: 5 🌟

kspenmoll Such good ones too! 5mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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My longest read in 2021 was 768 pages and tagged. I ❤️chunksters but have to get mentally prepared to start them. #Two4Tuesday

TheSpineView Thanks for playing and happy Tuesday! 5mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Alright my #obamabuddyread friends, how are we doing? I have a confession - I had to switch to the audiobook because I was having concentration issues with print. I‘m telling you, nonfic and me, we‘re like oil and water 😂😂
BUT! I love listening to it, I could listen to him all day. Making good progress now!

Kdgordon88 I haven‘t read January‘s section yet but will this week! 5mo
CBee @Kdgordon88 no rush!! 😄 5mo
melissajayne Not great 5mo
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peanutnine I finished this month's section and looking forward to discussing! I am also listening to the audio. It's so good! And so much easier for me to get through in that format 5mo
Sleepswithbooks This is my usually my lunch break read and it‘s always a soothing 20 minutes to get out of the noisy hospital and “hear” his voice when I‘m reading his words. 5mo
CBee @melissajayne I‘m sorry 😞 I know you have a lot going on, so don‘t feel pressured! Take care of you ♥️ 5mo
CBee @peanutnine same! I should‘ve probably done audio from the beginning 🤷‍♀️ 5mo
CBee @Sleepswithbooks I‘m so glad it‘s been a bit of stress relief from work ♥️ 5mo
Julsmarshall I loved listening on audio! I find his voice so calming and my walks were a lot longer so I could keep listening! 5mo
TheBookHippie 😂 I cannot do audio ever and nonfiction is my jam 😂😂😂 I love this read. So soothing. 5mo
CBee @Julsmarshall I can understand why! I‘ve been mostly listening in the car, and thinking of ways to possibly make those drives longer 😂 5mo
CBee @TheBookHippie I rarely do, but for memoirs and such, it‘s great! At least for me and my 🤪 brain 5mo
AmyG @Sleepswithbooks ha…I hear his voice, too, when I read. It‘s so strange to think this wasn‘t so long ago…co sidering where we are now as a cou try. @melissajayne I hope all is ok. Sending a hug. 5mo
melissajayne @AmyG things are going ok; just got a little bit busy and am more tired than usual. But I‘m nearing the end of my chemo treatments & just hv surgery & radiation to do. 5mo
TheBookHippie @CBee It calms my brain to read in-depth text 😂🎉🤷🏻‍♀️ I‘ve always been that way. Especially memoirs and such however I know that‘s unusual. I do love the pace of our schedule it‘s so wonderful ! Thank you for that! 5mo
CBee @TheBookHippie I envy you for that! Maybe it‘s just my life right now 🤷‍♀️🤪 And you‘re welcome! Really glad I decided to do it and it‘s been awesome reading with y‘all ♥️ 5mo
AmyG @melissajayne I didn‘t know. Hoping all goes as planned. Wishing you strength to get through it all and then…only good health. 5mo
melissajayne @AmyG thanks. 😊 5mo
Sargar114 @CBee I‘m the same way with non~fic. I ended up doing a lot of audio in this section as well, it‘s quite an enjoyable experience that way anyway. But it really helped, especially when it comes to discussing policies. 5mo
CBee @Sargar114 yeah, it‘s been much easier listening to it and I‘m enjoying it even more ♥️ 5mo
ncsufoxes I‘m planning on reading it this week, I‘ve been super busy with grad school related stuff this last week 5mo
CBee @ncsufoxes no pressure 🥰 5mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Rating: 5 🌟
Book: 3 of 2022

Goodness, I have a whole new respect for President Obama after listening to this. Enjoyed every single moment!

A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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CBee ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ 6mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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A windy and spontaneous visit to to beach this afternoon 📖 🌊 🌥

jb72 I miss the beach so much! 6mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Y‘all. I had to post this - look at these two 😍😍😍 Don‘t forget January is Part 2 for our #obamabuddyread!
And (a late) Happy New Year from me, friends ♥️

Traci1 I love this picture so much. 😊 6mo
BennettBookworm Love!! I know, I saw this and thought maybe it should be my phone background lol 6mo
CBee @Traci1 right? They are so fun 🤩 6mo
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CBee @BennettBookworm I can relate and I say you should totally do it 😊 6mo
AmyG I saw this on IG 🙌🏻❤️ 6mo
CBee @AmyG they are just the best ♥️ 6mo
MittenGirlPeach Love that pic! 6mo
Kdgordon88 They are the best! 💜 6mo
peanutnine I love their relationship 😍 6mo
marleed When this scrolled by my Instagram feed my NY day was made - just so fun! 6mo
Hooked_on_books I love this! 6mo
sprainedbrain I love this so much! 6mo
Sargar114 I saw this! Love them so much ❤️❤️❤️ 6mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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And that‘s a wrap. I had a great reading year and am looking forward to seeing what 2022 brings.

Happy New Year!

CarolynM Happy New Year 6mo
Ruthiella Happy New Year! 🥳🥂 6mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz Happy New Year! 6mo
readordierachel Happy New Year 🎉 6mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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I have 3 chunksters planned for 2022.

The tagged book, The Eighth Life and Kristen Lavransdatter. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

#Chunkster hallange @Amiable

Roary47 It‘s time for Uncle Toms Cabin and Gone With the Wind! 6mo
BookDadGirlDad I've a few I need to knock out. Winter of the World (Follet) The Great Hunt (Robert Jordan) Eldest (Paolini) 6mo
Amiable Excellent! @slategreyskies and I are also tackling “Kristin L” this year. I just bought “A Promised Land” last week — I may give that a go in 2022, too! (edited) 6mo
tpixie @thewallflower0707 I just read your post then saw this… 6mo
AmyG @Roary47 Gone With the Wind is an excellent book! 6mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
This post contains spoilers
show me
post image

#obamabuddyread friends! Here are a few of my reactions/feelings after reading Part 1. Please add your thoughts - looking forward to discussing! ♥️ Marked as a spoiler since many haven‘t read this 😊

TheBookHippie I remember hearing him speak at a protest in Chicago and then following his move through his political career and my friend and I saying this man is who should run for president when we heard he was running she called me screaming YOU ARE A Fortune teller! But seriously there is nothing like hearing him live. So full of hope you can feel it, it oozes from him, but also the sense of reality. Truly he has taught me personally to just keep fighting. 6mo
TheBookHippie My thoughts reading are the same I remember that time and the times leading up to it. Seems like a dream now. I cannot imagine what he thinks about the hell that replaced him. I still can't believe it. I am enjoying this read and slow pace very much. I thank you for that! 6mo
CBee @TheBookHippie I think the slower pace helps me digest it better - I don‘t feel “rushed” to finish and that‘s nice! Maybe one day I‘ll get to hear him speak ♥️ He‘s full of hope but not naively so, and that comes through in the book too. “The audacity of hope.” 6mo
See All 60 Comments
AmyG I remember seeing him speak on Tv and thinking he should run. There is something about hom that gives one a sense of hope, security. I was so lucky to hear him speak at U of Michigan when our daughter graduated (she sat 2nd row right in front of him). It is a cherished moment for me. (edited) 6mo
CBee @TheBookHippie oh! And my favorite quote thus far is on page 65, first page of chapter 4, about destiny. Just YES. 6mo
AmyG @CBee He also speaks slow…and steady….so makes sense he would write that way. (edited) 6mo
CBee @AmyG I hear his voice when I read it 😊 6mo
AmyG I loved on page 17….he wrote how he “saw the danger of relying on a single charismatic leader to bring about change”. Relevant to him but also….to Trump. I keep thinking about the difference between the two leaders and their supporters. It‘s so very stark. (edited) 6mo
AmyG @CBee I hear his voice, too. @TheBookHippie I am sure Obama is as shocked as we all are about his replacement. And I am sure we will read about that in the second part of this autobiography. 6mo
CBee @AmyG it is. Plus scary. I love how he mentions so many by name, from the groundskeeper at the White House to Harry Reid. He gives credit where it‘s due and knows it takes a village ♥️ 6mo
CBee @AmyG I don‘t know how he didn‘t just crawl into a hole after that mess. I would‘ve wanted to bury my head in the sand. @TheBookHippie 6mo
TheBookHippie @AmyG seriously !!!! 6mo
TheBookHippie @CBee I thought about it. Hiding. Never thought I‘d see a time worse than the Regan years… 6mo
CBee @TheBookHippie I didn‘t want to get out of bed the day T won. 6mo
TheBookHippie @CBee I threw up literally from 4am to 6am…. I KNEW what was coming…. 6mo
CBee @TheBookHippie same. But I was so hopeful something would turn around….. it didn‘t. 🙁 My depression spiraled after that. 6mo
TheBookHippie @CBee It took a huge toll of my mental and physical health that‘s for sure. Never in my life did I think I‘d have to look a four year old in the eye and not be able to tell her she‘d be safe. That the President yes he really did say those things and mean it. 6mo
CBee @TheBookHippie the President. I know. I still can‘t even believe those four years even happened 😳 6mo
AmyG @CBee @TheBookHippie I read that Michele went into a depression when Trump won. I will never get over it. 6mo
TheBookHippie @AmyG The people who showed who they really truly were in the midst of it all: friends, family -I‘ll never get over that…. 6mo
melissajayne @AmyG I think I read that that as well; I think she talks about in (edited) 6mo
CBee @AmyG same. To work so hard and have it blow up in your face like that. @TheBookHippie yes, true colors came out, I was so shocked. 6mo
CBee @melissajayne I need to read that one too 😂 6mo
melissajayne I find the talk his mom had w/ him that he mentions on pgs. 6-7 stood out to me the most. 6mo
melissajayne @CBee its so good; I think it would be an interesting parallel to Barak‘s book; she gets more personal than he does and has less politics. But it complements his book very well. 6mo
melissajayne What also struck me is how much family has played so much in how he decided to do things and that he valued the advice that he got from them, especially what he got from his mom and wife. There‘s a part that wished his mom could have been around for longer and seen become president. I also see how humble and humane he generally is as a person, even though being in a very egocentric world. 6mo
Sargar114 I agree with everyone, the biggest emotion I felt was nostalgia. The 4 years of his successor‘s tenure was (and still is) so detrimental to this country that it‘s hard to believe that we‘ll ever overcome it. Reading this did light a little bit of hope that it‘s possible, but with as much damage done it‘ll definitely take time. 6mo
CBee @melissajayne I loved the way he talked about his family, especially his Mom. How proud she would have been to see him become President - I know it was bittersweet for him. I honestly didn‘t realize she‘d passed away before he got elected. 6mo
CBee @melissajayne I love their relationship. She was so hesitant when he was getting into politics - that part where she said something about “don‘t count on my vote” I almost died 😂😂 6mo
CBee @Sargar114 I‘ve stayed hopeful somehow. Even during the dark age of you know who. I‘m much more cynical now than I was though 🙁 6mo
Sargar114 @CBee it seems we‘re trying to heal, but seeing all you knows supporters makes it difficult 6mo
melissajayne @Sargar114 what has surprised me is how many Canadians like he who shall not be named over the past 6-7 years 6mo
melissajayne @CBee I think she would have been very proud of him being president and also the husband and father that he is 6mo
AmyG @melissajayne Yes to his family and Micheles. They became good, decent people because of them. And ha….people on twitter call him TFG (the former guy) so as not to say his name. 6mo
AmyG @Sargar114 I, too, felt such nostalgia and was amazed that it was not so long ago. My main feeing reading is how fast it seems that we are now in a fight to save our democracy. 6mo
CBee @melissajayne I can‘t understand why anyone likes him. Like I will just never be able to fathom that 🙁 6mo
CBee @Sargar114 exactly! 6mo
CBee @AmyG the former guy 😂 6mo
Sargar114 Is it weird that I‘m more comfortable saying Voldemort than his name??? 😂 @CBee @AmyG 6mo
CBee @Sargar114 😂😂😂 not weird at all!! 6mo
melissajayne @AmyG one of my favourite podcasts calls him that and only that. 6mo
melissajayne @CBee I can‘t either, especially those that are on the lower end of the economic spectrum and those that profess to be Christians. I‘m a Christian and see absolutely no Christian values in his behaviour at all. 6mo
melissajayne @Sargar114 it is weird 6mo
AmyG @CBee He isn‘t a Christian in any sense of the word. He is just being used by them to forward their agenda. (Lord, how many people on here will read this and unfollow us all). 😂 6mo
CBee @AmyG I was thinking the same, but we are just having a logical and thoughtful discussion about a book that we all like. Haters can hate 😂😂 6mo
CBee @melissajayne no Christian values whatsoever. Like when he held up the Bible like it meant something to him. Ugh. 6mo
AmyG @CBee ha…didn‘t he hold it upside down? (edited) 6mo
CBee @AmyG you know, I don‘t remember 😂 I guess I‘m blocking out the trauma 😂 6mo
Kdgordon88 My daughter and I were fortunate to hear him speak at our local fair grounds during his first campaign. To say we came away “all in” puts it pretty mildly. Here was someone who had a clear eyed vision of what America could be “matching our reality to our ideals”. To go from that, with him fighting every step of the way to improve the lives of all, to what we got after was one of the most heart breaking thing I‘ve experienced. 6mo
CBee @Kdgordon88 well put. I agree, and I think I‘m still recovering from the day he left office, and what came after. You know, one thing I just thought of - he really showed me that you can be idealistic but also realistic. Like, believe in the fairy tale but don‘t be disappointed if it doesn‘t come true. Keep trying and make your own fairy tale ♥️ (edited) 6mo
melissajayne @AmyG yes and I believe it was backwards as well 6mo
AmyG Yes, well said. @kgordon88 @Sargar114. One of the greatest disappointments I‘ve ever experienced. My in-laws escaped Hitler and Germany and yet I just never expected to live in such dangerous times. I don‘t know why…my upbringing? The times I lived in? Hard to wrap my head around. 6mo
CBee @AmyG I don‘t think anyone expected it. I do wonder why this division and evil rhetoric seemed to pop up out of nowhere after Obama left - or was it there all along? Lying dormant until the “right” time to strike? It‘s like T gave them permission to give in to the dark side, or something 🤷‍♀️ 6mo
AmyG @CBee I think TFG opened the door and basically gave them permission to hate openly. 6mo
CBee @AmyG I agree. This discussion has been so great so far - so glad I decided to do this and that y‘all joined me! ♥️ 6mo
ncsufoxes Sorry that I‘m late to the discussion (my booster shot kicked my butt last week). Anyhow I have enjoyed reading through everyone‘s comments so far & agree with y‘all. Some of the things that stood out for me was him discussing his background of doing community engagement & wanting to do more & trying to find a way to help people on a grander scale. I totally get that. It‘s hard when you are at the bottom (like in social services) & all these 6mo
ncsufoxes people are making decisions at the top but have no idea what it‘s like on the ground. I liked his discussions on how he really tried to stay connected to his community & let them know that he was listening & trying to help make a difference in their communities. I think politics becomes so muddied with money & power that most people at the top don‘t understand what the average person is going through, much less someone from a low income 6mo
ncsufoxes community. I also liked how he discussed how the thoughts of racism and our country‘s past had an influence on his decision to run. I really enjoyed this first part & happy to be reading along with everyone 6mo
CBee @ncsufoxes hey! Congrats on the booster 👏🏻👏🏻 Glad you‘re feeling better, mine kicked my butt a little too (but it‘s worth it). Loved your comments and agree! Politicians can be so out of touch IMO and I love how he still always tried to remember where he came from and why he was in politics in the first place. 6mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
post image

Did I trick y‘all with the pic? Yoda gave me the stink eye cause I left him at the groomer for HOURS (which to him probably felt like a million years) 😂😂
Just finished Part 1 of A Promised Land - I told y‘all I struggle with nonfic 😂 Will post something else on the 31st or 1st, hopefully with decent questions 😁 Thanks for taking this journey with me, y‘all!

AmyG He is very cute. 6mo
Lesanne He does look quite put out with you! 😅 6mo
CBee @AmyG even the Christmas tie didn‘t cheer him up 😂😂 6mo
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CBee @Lesanne good thing I‘m his person. He can‘t stay mad at me for long ♥️😁 (edited) 6mo
TheBookHippie ♥️🙃 my dog currently not speaking to me 😅 I said she was having a B A T H tomorrow … 🙄 6mo
CBee @TheBookHippie 😂😂 oh, Winnie. At least you aren‘t dropping her off at the groomer like I did to Yoda. For shame 😂😂😂 6mo
TheBookHippie @CBee well it‘s closed since COVID… so it‘s me 😂😅🤷🏻‍♀️ 6mo
CBee @TheBookHippie stupid Covid 😓😕 6mo
TheBookHippie @CBee Takes three of us to cut her nails it‘s a whole THING.. 6mo
CBee @TheBookHippie I‘m in awe that you even attempt that. Mine would eat me - when they do my chihuahua‘s nails at the vet, they come out and apologize because she SCREAMS 😂😂 they want me to know that they aren‘t hurting her (she‘s just psycho 😂) 6mo
Leftcoastzen That is some serious stink eye! Adorable! 6mo
wanderinglynn Poor baby! The horror! But he looks very handsome. Maybe some Scooby snacks will help appease him 😉❤️🐶 6mo
CBee @Leftcoastzen he could win an award for best stink eye 😂😂😂 6mo
CBee @wanderinglynn oh yes, he got a yummy treat when he got home 😊♥️ 6mo
Hooked_on_books That look! 😂 6mo
CBee @Hooked_on_books he was not happy 😂😂 6mo
Libby1 ❤️Yoda❤️. I‘m still on Part 1, too! I hope to finish it today. 6mo
CBee @Libby1 yay! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 6mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Welp, I did a tad bit of damage at Barnes & Nobles‘ “50% off all hardcovers” sale today. 😬

Leftcoastzen I have the Schiff on my never ending pile! 6mo
Amiable @Leftcoastzen I was going to wait until it came out in paperback to get it, but this was an opportunity I couldn‘t pass up! 6mo
Leftcoastzen I loved Obama‘s book. It took me a long time to read it just because of the density of the material, his voice definitely comes through. 6mo
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Amiable @Leftcoastzen I‘m actually thinking about reading it first and then listening to the audiobook, since Obama narrates it himself. I normally don‘t like audiobooks (my mind wanders too much) but I feel like this might be an exception. 6mo
Megabooks I have American Made out from the library now! 6mo
Amiable @Megabooks I hope it‘s good! 😬 6mo
CBee @Amiable I‘m doing a buddy read with a few others of the Obama book, if you‘re interested in reading along with us! We just did Part 1 in December. Either way, enjoy the book ♥️👏🏻 6mo
Amiable @CBee I‘m starting my #ChunksterChallenge2022 book first (tagged here), so I likely won‘t tackle the Obama book for a few months. Are you using a hashtag for your buddy read? I‘d love to see your thoughts about the book when I do get to it! (edited) 6mo
CBee @Amiable it‘s #obamabuddyread 😊 6mo
Amiable @CBee Excellent -- thanks! Are you guys enjoying it so far? 6mo
CBee @Amiable oh yes! He‘s an incredible writer, though I do think we are all feeling a bit of sad nostalgia - just about what was and what happened after. Bringing up a lot of feelings. 6mo
Amiable @CBee Oh my gosh, yes. I think that's another reason why I've continued to wait a bit to read it. I need more distance from the previous administration. I felt like I was suffering PTSD in the days immediately afterwards. 6mo
CBee @Amiable same! I kind of spiraled after Obama left and you know who took over (if you can even call it that). And I feel like the country is still so broken and reeling from those four years. 6mo
Amiable @CBee I know! I was doing a presidential biography challenge and had to stop for several years after 2016–I couldn‘t stomach the thought of reading anything about 45. (Although my brother said the impeachment transcripts could count. 😀) My stepmom gave me all of the Bob Woodward books about him but I still can‘t touch them yet. Or maybe ever. 😖 6mo
CBee @Amiable I admire that - I struggle with nonfic (hence me breaking TPL into monthly installments lol)! I stopped watching the news for four years 😂 Even when Covid hit and I needed info…. It was just hard to watch him stand up there and pretend to care, you know? 6mo
Amiable @CBee I do know! And I wanted to stop watching the news, but I work in healthcare (I do communications for a large health system) and had no choice but to keep abreast of what was going on with the pandemic. It was so hard. I can't even stand the sound of his voice -- it makes me nauseated. 😫 6mo
CBee @Amiable I don‘t envy you that. I used to be a nurse but couldn‘t imagine doing it now. And handling communications for a whole healthcare system? Wow. I‘m sure your job has been super stressful too 🙁 His voice does the same to me, just everything about him is awful and makes my skin crawl. Hopefully some of these lawsuits and such will pan out and he‘ll be held somewhat accountable…. 🤷‍♀️ 6mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Hi #obamabuddyread friends! How‘s everyone doing with the first part? I‘m very behind, but I‘ll catch up 😂
I really love it so far - he is an incredible writer ♥️

TheBookHippie Notes ready 😂🤍 I agree he‘s a very good writer. 6mo
AmyG I am all set. He is a wonderful writer...agreed. 6mo
Sleepswithbooks 📖😌 6mo
See All 10 Comments
peanutnine I listened to the audio and it is wonderful. His voice is so soothing lol 6mo
Kdgordon88 I‘m behind but will catch up! 6mo
CBee @Kdgordon88 me too! Thank goodness I‘m not the only one 😂 6mo
Sargar114 I finished early. The one section at a time is real nice with this chunkster! 6mo
CBee @Sargar114 AGREED 😂😂 6mo
melissajayne I‘m finished; very engrossing; had to stop myself from going onto pt 2 6mo
CBee @melissajayne great! I‘m still catching up, but I‘ll get there 😊 6mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Well I finished this first section of #obamabuddyread much faster than I expected. So eloquent but also so down to earth. Even knowing what happens, reading it in his words brings back the emotions of the time. Very much enjoying this!

CBee Okay, speedy! 😂 Full disclosure, I haven't really started yet 😲 I'm reading another (really good) book at the moment and it's always hard for me to read more than one. BUT tomorrow I'm reading a chunk of this for sure. Congrats on finishing! Feel free to contribute to potential future discussion - I'll do like a mid-month check in and then we can discuss at the end of each month. So if you took notes or want to contribute questions, go for it! (edited) 7mo
Sargar114 @CBee I‘m a terrible note taker, but will happily participate in discussions. I rarely read this fast but I have some really good reads right now (including this one) so I think that‘s helping. 7mo
CBee @Sargar114 sounds good! Glad you‘re reading some awesome stuff 👏🏻👏🏻 7mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Just barely into the book and I can already see the slight nods to the character of a certain former president. Even though the individual was not named, I could definitely see where in certain places that the individual‘s overall character is being alluded to.


A Promised Land | Barack Obama
post image

Friends who‘ve joined the #obamabuddyread, take note! This is LOW pressure, hence the one part a month. I don‘t need added stress in my life and neither does anyone else 😂 So, we start tomorrow (officially) but there aren‘t rules about pages per day, etc. Start at your leisure, or read it all in one sitting! Take notes if you‘d like as I hope to have discussions at the end of each month/part. Enjoy and have fun!

TheBookHippie 😂🎉👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 7mo
AmyG I just started it! And yay!!! For some reason I thought it was 2 parts a month. 😝 Thanksgiving has left me with a few screws loose. (edited) 7mo
CBee @AmyG I think life leaves me with a few permanent screws loose 😂😂😂 7mo
Sleepswithbooks I just started too. It‘s going to be my lunch break read when I need to get outside the psych hospital for a mental cleanse 📖 7mo
CBee @Sleepswithbooks I think this book will be perfect for that 😊 7mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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December is almost here, and that means starting the #obamabuddyread!! Who‘s ready? Who‘s excited? 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Tagging the folks who‘ve already said they‘ll join, but we‘ve got room for more if anyone else is interested.

AmyG I am ready! 2 chapters a month? 7mo
TheBookHippie I‘m ready!!! 7mo
CBee @AmyG one part per month - the parts have chapters but I figured one per month would be plenty! 7mo
See All 20 Comments
CBee @TheBookHippie 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 7mo
Sargar114 Yay! I think I‘m gonna combo read and audio, worked really nicely for the Michelle Obama book. 7mo
melissajayne Looking forward to it 7mo
CBee @Sargar114 sounds like an awesome plan! 7mo
CBee @melissajayne 😊😊 7mo
peanutnine I can't wait! I'm hoping my library hold comes in any day now 🤞🏻 7mo
AmyG One part per month! Got it!!! I really look forward to finally reading this. Ha…I got it last year for Hanukkah. (edited) 7mo
CBee @peanutnine no pressure! If it doesn‘t come available by the 1st, no worries at all. You‘ve got the whole month for the first part 😊 7mo
CBee @AmyG same, but I got it for Christmas! I remember you posting about your hubby getting it for you (same here ha) 😊 7mo
AmyG Ha!!! He kept asking me for months if I‘d read it. He finally stopped asking. 😂 7mo
CBee @AmyG mine knows not to ask 😂😂 I mean it‘s a chunky book and that takes commitment 😂 Hence, our buddy read! I‘m excited to finally read it and really digest everything. Btw I‘ve started Cloud Cuckoo Land, the length is daunting but I like it so far! 7mo
AmyG It‘s so good. Takes a little to get the hang of all the characters. 7mo
CBee @AmyG I think I‘m going to like it! 7mo
Sleepswithbooks Yayyyyy!! Ready!!!!😃📖 7mo
CBee @Sleepswithbooks 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 7mo
ncsufoxes If you still have room, I‘d be interested in joining. I like the idea of reading along with others to get through a bigger book 7mo
CBee @ncsufoxes absolutely!! I‘ll add you to my list and tag you on the schedule post 👏🏻👏🏻 7mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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A book this big needs buddies! Join @CBee in the #obamabuddyread .

Original post found here:

CBee @LitsyEvents y‘all rock!! Thanks!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 7mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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#obamabuddyread schedule! Yay! I‘ll figure out the dates of discussion soon (and might need help with topics of discussion if my brain goes all ADHD). 😅

TheBookHippie Looks good! 8mo
melissajayne Looks good 8mo
Sargar114 Ooooh can anyone join? I have this on my shelf cause I got it for the husband for Christmas last year…and it has yet to be read! Might as well be me!!! 8mo
See All 11 Comments
CBee @Sargar114 absolutely!! We‘d love to have you! I‘ll add you to my list 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 8mo
Kdgordon88 Thanks Cydney! 8mo
peanutnine Can I jump in on this? Seems like a great way to get through this chunkster! 8mo
CBee @peanutnine yes!! We‘d love to have you!! I‘ll add you to my list 😊 8mo
Libby1 Can I join you? I‘ve been wanting to read this! 7mo
CBee @Libby1 YES! The more, the merrier 😊😊😊 7mo
CBee @ncsufoxes here is the schedule! Excited to have you along! 7mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Alright, my #obamabuddyread friends! I think we‘ve got a consensus that we will do one part per month. I‘ll post our reading schedule next! Thanks so much to all of you for joining me, I‘m stoked! 😊♥️👏🏻 If anyone else wants to join, we aren‘t starting until December!

Sargar114 And just saw this post 🤦🏼‍♀️ 8mo
CBee @Sargar114 welcome and so glad you‘re joining 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 8mo
AmyG Awesome! Thnk you! 8mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
post image

Okay, my #obamabuddyread friends, the book is broken up into parts rather than chapters. What if we did one part per month? Thoughts?

CBee Note: there are actual chapters but I think it might be easier to do it per part. But I‘m open to whatever y‘all think 🤗 8mo
Sleepswithbooks Sounds good to me 👍🏼 8mo
AmyG Works for me. I think per part is better. More to discuss once a month. 8mo
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CBee @AmyG I‘ll definitely have to take notes! 8mo
melissajayne That sounds like a great plan 8mo
AmyG Yeah, I was thinking the same…I‘ll have to take notes. And write down thoughts. @CBee 8mo
Kdgordon88 Sounds good to me. 8mo
CBee @AmyG I‘m a little worried about coming up with discussion topics 😳 8mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Anyone interested in doing a buddy read with @CBee @TheBookHippie and myself?

Sleepswithbooks Yes!!!! I just got a copy 💛 8mo
Kdgordon88 Yes! My copy is waiting for my attention. 8mo
AmyG Nice! I will post when exactly what we are reading and when etc and tag you all. It will be fun. 8mo
melissajayne I am definitely interested 8mo
TheBookHippie @AmyG 🎉🎉🎉 8mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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This is a great book I read last year, but it is very long! @CBee is trying to make it easier through a chapter a day buddy read. Check out their page for more details!

#SignalBoost 😁

Lindy Buddy reading is a great strategy for intimidating books. I might need to draw on buddies to tackle 8mo
squirrelbrain Great idea @CBee - and such a lot to discuss in this book too. @Lindy - I plan on reading A Suitable Boy next year so would love a #buddyread if you‘d like to. It‘s been on my physical TBR shelf for far too long! 8mo
CBee Thanks for sharing @Megabooks 😊❤️ 8mo
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Megabooks @Lindy @squirrelbrain Suitable looks so long!! Best of luck to you. I‘m not sure I could do 1400 pages! 8mo
Megabooks @CBee you‘re welcome! 😁💜 8mo
Lindy @squirrelbrain next year sounds good… I will tag you when I come up with a plan 8mo
squirrelbrain I look forward to it @Lindy ! 8mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Hi Litsy friends! Would anyone be interested in a #chapteraday challenge? I want to read this, but I struggle with nonfiction 🤷‍♀️ I think if I broke it down into chapters, it would be much easier for me! Tagging a few peeps I think might be interested but please spread the word! Thanks!
(Will tag more later, gotta take the kiddo to school 😂)

Bookwormjillk I've been listening to the audio for this. It makes it much more do-able if you like audio. Well worth reading!

(Although I'm 70% through and still have 8 hours to go 🙄 )
Megabooks I‘ve read it but reposted on my page. 👍🏻 Very good book but very long, so I think chapter a day is a great idea! 8mo
AmyG I would do this. I have the book but haven‘t read it. 8mo
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TheBookHippie I‘m in -gotta get book -so give me a warning 😂😂 8mo
CBee @Bookwormjillk I wish I were more into audiobooks - I was for a while. I have trouble finding time to actually read a physical book anyway 😂😂 8mo
CBee @Megabooks thank you for reposting! Yep, I just need more manageable chunks I think. And he has other volumes coming out, right? 8mo
CBee @AmyG that would be great! And we could discuss maybe once a week or so? 8mo
CBee @TheBookHippie I will! Gotta think of a title for the challenge and hashtag, maybe put together a calendar or something too! 8mo
AmyG Yes, once a week discussions sound great. Thanks! I am excited to finally get to this book. Hooray @TheBookHippie for joining! 8mo
squirrelbrain Great idea! I listened to this at the beginning of this year; so good! 8mo
CBee @AmyG if y‘all even want to do like two chapters a week, we could. This is totally flexible! @TheBookHippie thoughts? 8mo
CBee @AmyG y‘all tag more peeps for me too, my brain freezes when I try to figure out who to tag 😂😳 8mo
CBee @squirrelbrain thank you, I‘m excited! 8mo
TheBookHippie Yes to everything I‘m at school 😂 I‘ll look closer later. 8mo
AmyG How long are the chapters? If a bot ling then 2 chapters a week might be best. I will repost to see if anyone wants to join us! 8mo
TheBookHippie I ordered a copy it says delivery Nov 9-15 8mo
melissajayne Definitely interested; it‘s been sitting on my TBR for about a year. (edited) 8mo
CBee @TheBookHippie hooray!! 8mo
CBee @melissajayne excellent! Glad to have you along! 8mo
CBee @Sleepswithbooks and @Kdgordon88 excited to have you join us!! 8mo
Kdgordon88 I‘m open to however you want to break it down. So happy to be reading with you all! 8mo
CBee @Kdgordon88 great! I‘m thinking two chapters a week because everyone is so busy and I want it to be low pressure. Am working on a hashtag and might put a spreadsheet together with dates and such. 8mo
Sleepswithbooks @cbee - Thanks 🙃 Like @Kdgordon88 wrote, I‘m happy to be reading with y‘alll 📖 8mo
CBee @Sleepswithbooks happy to have you!! 8mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz Thanks for the tag @CBee ! Wish I could join and read this again but I‘m just a little occupied atm :( I‘m sure you‘ll enjoy this. It‘s so good! He can really, and I mean really write 😄 8mo
CBee @Jee_HookedOnBookz no worries! I didn‘t even realize you‘d read it. I‘m going to email you - got your card and not sure when I can write back 🥺 8mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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Yesterday was Election Day, and I‘m lucky that my polling place is also one of the best places to watch the sunrise in the city. I got President Obama‘s book from the library which will take me a while to get through. It‘s great that he reads it himself but I need to listen at 1.5 because he talks slowly.
Today I learned: Teddy Roosevelt added the West Wing to the White House.
#NFN21 #NonfictionNovember

coffees You're on a roll!! 🔥🔥 I started reading this one when it came out but it was such a big book! xD I didn't get far but have been meaning to read it :) 8mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This was good. About what I expected. Well-written, but really long, and easy enough to put down for weeks (or months 😬) at a time. I think I was less excited than I might have been since I had already read books by a dozen other people in and around the Obama White House by the time this came out. Definitely worth reading, but maybe not particularly a page turner…