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Anna Karenina | Leo Tolstoy
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1. Romance ❤
2. Germs, I guess 😱
3. Fashion designer
4. 10°C, yeah!!!
5. Someone has to explain to me what this means, because I still can't get the hang of how this social works LOL please!!!
#FRIYAYINTO @howjessreads

Christine11 It just means maybe comment on their posts and say hi! 😊 11mo
SailorMoon @Christine11 thanks!!! I'll come and say hi ;) 11mo
Christine11 😊💛 11mo
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Crazeedi Welcome to litsy!! 11mo
SailorMoon Thank you @Crazeedi !!! 🎉 11mo
Christine11 I am so with you on having a germ phobia - I hate buses especially because I feel like the germs are everywhere! 💛 11mo
SailorMoon @Christine11 yeah, I feel you girl!!! I never hang on to the handles on public transportation, so everytime they slow down or speed up, I risk my life... but I'll take my chances!!! 🤣 (if sometimes I mispell something, pardon me... I'm not a native speaker!) 11mo
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled My husband makes fun of me for pulling my shirt sleeves over my hands to pull on door handles. Im like, “enjoy your flu, then, Reckless!” 11mo
SailorMoon @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled I feel you. I do that too... 11mo
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See the tagged book. I have read this whole series and every one was excellent. I didn't feel like 'well this one wasn't great'. Highly recommend if you love Venice, Italian food and a good mystery.
@TheReadingMermaid thanks for the great prompt!

TheReadingMermaid You are most welcome sweetie 🤗 11mo
Pamwurtzler Good choice! 11mo
ProfReader How do you post pictures? 11mo
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Crazeedi @ProfReader I take screen shots and then add them. 11mo
ProfReader Okay...do I click on comment in one of my posts? 11mo
Crazeedi @ProfReader check out #litsywelcomwagon , also @Chelleo can help you. Also @LitsyWelcomeWagon . This should give you some help in Navigating the app. Dont be afraid to ask for help like you just did! 11mo
Crazeedi @ProfReader there is a plus sign at bottom of screen, and from there it says take photo or add from gallery. I usually take a pic of the book I'm reading, or a screenshot if it's an ebook. 11mo
Chelleo Thanks for the tag @Crazeedi @ProfReader I posted the help links to your page (most recent post). Just holler if you have more questions. Litsy users are friendly and helpful 🤗 11mo
Crazeedi @Chelleo thank you, I couldn't remember all the tags for @ProfReader 11mo
Chelleo @Crazeedi No problem! 🤗 11mo
Chelseabillups30 Shauna Niequist. If anyone is ever responsible for writing the story of my life, I want it to be her!! 💜 11mo
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My #BOTM came today along with the never ending stream of bookmarks. I have over two dozen! I wonder how many other Littens have. Hmmmmm.... 🤔

Meeko93 Welcome!! 📚❤️ 11mo
Graciouswarriorprincess Welcome! @tpixie. Thanks for the tag! 11mo
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j9brown At least a dozen! It's becoming a nice little collection 😊 11mo
PagesByTheWater I used to have 4 that I loved but now can‘t find any! I‘ve been using old ticket stubs and scraps of paper for bookmarks 11mo
TheSpineView @PagesByTheWater I do same even though I have plenty of bookmarks. They sometimes are not handy so I reach for the 1st thi 11mo
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Welcome Wagon | Annie's
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Good morning everyone!!! Happy Saturday! We have lots of new Littens to welcome today so put on your welcoming hats and let‘s get ready!! Please stop by their pages and give them a friendly hello 👋🏻





AsYouWish Welcome to Litsy!!!! 📚🎉📖🎊 1y
Tanzy13 welcome to Litsy! 😊📚 1y
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Kdpowell1974 Thank you!! Glad to be here ☺️ 1y
Ddzmini Welcome to Litsy happy reading 📖 😋 1y
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Welcome Wagon | Annie's
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Good morning everyone!!! Please help us welcome these new Littens!! Drop by their pages and say hello 👋🏻





LitandLeisure So happy to be here with my tribe!! 📚📚📚 1y
Ddzmini Welcome to Litsy happy reading 📖 😋 1y
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pexxi76 Thanks! 1y
Nerdgirl_Ms_Sorrells Hello 👋🏻 1y
LitandLeisure Thanks, all! This is such a warm community! 1y
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Starting this one today. Love me some 70s music 🎶 and Carly Simon. So, my “Anticipation 🎶” is getting the best of me. ☕️📖☔️ Rainy here in Alabama, how about where you are?

CarolynM I'm about a third of the way through Sheila Weller's group bio of Carly, Carole King and Joni Mitchell - so interesting. I'm going to have read this one too. 2y
LitsyOwl Awesome! I‘ve already finished half of it. Hard to put down. I‘m pretty new- still learning my way but wish I had gotten in on that group bio. Sounds fantastic! @CarolynM 2y
Bklover Welcome to Litsy! Make sure to check out the #LitsyWelcomwagon amd also follow @RaimeyGallant who has a link to helpful Litsy tips. There are so many things to do here/ follow as many people as you can! 2y
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LitsyOwl Thank you @Bklover for the welcome and great tips! I love 💕 it here! Following @RaimeyGallant now. Thanks again! 2y
Bklover If you like I will post a welcome post that will help you find followers. Would you like?? 2y
LitsyOwl @Bklover Yes! Thank you 😊 2y
Scurvygirl Welcome!! 2y
LitsyOwl @Scurvygirl thank you! 2y
WanderingBookaneer I enjoyed this one. 2y
RaimeyGallant @chelleo has helpful videos linked in her bio as well. #LitsyWelcomeWagon 2y
LitsyOwl @WanderingBookaneer really enjoying it too! 2y
LitsyOwl @RaimeyGallant thank you for the help 🧐 2y
RaimeyGallant You're so welcome. :) 2y
Chelleo Welcome 🤗 2y
LitsyOwl 😊 @Chelleo Thank you 2y
jdtchicago Since we named our daughter Carly, I think I need to read this. 2y
LitsyOwl @jdtchicago great name! And, great book 📖. 2y
DivineDiana Welcome to Litsy! You‘re fitting right in! 👏🏻📚👏🏻 2y
LitsyOwl @DivineDiana thank you! Loving it here 🦉 2y
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 👋🏻😊 2y
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