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Words in Deep Blue | Cath Crowley, Wyatt North
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And now I get to start on a #novelteabookclub pick! Starting to read this one today, @4thhouseontheleft but I can tell I‘ll get through it fast.

#tealovers, you have two weeks left to finish up your selections before sending them off. Enjoy!!

#markup #tealoversbookclub

GatheringBooks i am supposed to receive a review copy of words in deep blue, so am excited for that! 2y
SkeletonKey @GatheringBooks - It‘s really interesting so far, sucked me right in! 2y
LapReader Tell me more about this Tea Lovers Book Club please. I like tea and books and would love to be involved. 2y
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SkeletonKey @LapReader - Basically it‘s a markup group where you rotate your book with a selection of tea to go with it! Everyone has been put in to groups already so we‘re closed to new members right now, but if there‘s enough interest maybe @TheKidUpstairs and I will do another one in the future! 2y
LapReader @SkeletonKey that would be fantastic 2y
4thhouseontheleft And I just started Marcelo today! 😃 2y
SkeletonKey @4thhouseontheleft - Yay, enjoy! And please forgive my markups because I tend to be overly critical 😂 2y
4thhouseontheleft @SkeletonKey as long as you don‘t mind my rambling when you get it back. 😂 btw, I LOVED that cream Earl Grey from Capital Teas! So jealous you have one nearby. 2y
SkeletonKey @4thhouseontheleft - It‘s so addictive!! It‘s fun to browse the shop but actually cheaper to order from their website if you ever want more 😆 2y
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Marcelo in the Real World | Francisco X. Stork
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Moving kind of slow on this as I try to respond thoughtfully. I forgot how much annotating slows me down!

#novelteabookclub #tealoverspostalbookclub #tealovers #markup

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Marcelo in the Real World | Francisco X. Stork
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Starting on my #tealoverspostalbookclub pick for the #novelteabookclub. Got my pen, got my notebook, got my tea... ready for business.

#tealover #bookclub #markup

Bookishthoughts 🙌 🙌 YAY🌈 2y
SkeletonKey @LazyDays 😆😋😄 2y
Bookishthoughts Beautiful cover 💕 2y
SkeletonKey @LazyDays - Agreed! The chapter pages are really pretty too. 2y
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Otherworld | Jason Segel, Kirsten Miller
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Hahaha this cracked me up! How are your books coming fellow Mark Up/Book Club readers? #lmpbc @ReviewsbytheMrs @KisforKechell @jillannjohn #litsybookclubs #markup

JoRead And when they are 😠😠😠😠 2y
ReviewsbytheMrs For real 😏 2y
jillannjohn I really enjoyed this one! 2y
Coco Yay I'm so glad!! @jillannjohn 2y
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Just a reminder that this is the last night to sign up for our delicious tea and book postal group!

Join us for the Tea Lovers' Postal Book Club! Info and sign up at the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/bvlCiS9qZxVBLXff1

PLEASE read all information carefully to make sure this is the right group for you! @TheKidUpstairs and I are available for any questions 😁


#postalgroup #tea #markup

DebBates101 Is this the last call forever or will you be accepting more Littens later? I reaaaaalllly want in a group but I havent explored any options yet. Any advice would be appreciated xo 2y
SkeletonKey @DebBates101 - Probably the last call for the tea lovers group because we hope to have everyone sorted and sending off their books by around March 17th! The sign up form is brief if you‘d like to click the link and see if it might work for you. Hope you join us xxx 2y
DebBates101 @SkeletonKey i read the form and it sounds pretty simple. My understanding is there arent a lot of groups open to new members. And I do love tea ☕️📖 so i think i will DO IT 2y
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4thhouseontheleft Just wondered if you had an update on when matches will be sent out? I plan on buying my tea selections online, which might make it tougher to have it sent out by the 15th! Looking forward to the match-ups, and thank you to you and @TheKidUpstairs for organizing! I know it can be a process! 2y
TheKidUpstairs @4thhouseontheleft we'll be sending the groups out this weekend. We're thinking of extending the date to send out your first book, for people who want to read their selection first. 2y
4thhouseontheleft @TheKidUpstairs Awesome!! A bit of extra time would help! 😃😃 I‘m heading to FL to visit my mom during chemo in a week. 😊 But I already have a line up of teas in mind, lol, just don‘t want to buy before seeing match preferences! 2y
SkeletonKey @TheKidUpstairs Sounds like giving everyone more time might be the best option! That way everyone can find their books & tea and enjoy before they send things off 😊 Also- sending you & mom love, @4thhouseontheleft 2y
Bookishthoughts @SkeletonKey Have you guys sorted and pick everyone yet? 2y
SkeletonKey @LazyDays - We just sent out emails! Let me know if you don‘t receive one in the next few hours 💜 2y
Bookishthoughts @SkeletonKey thank you! I received one🌈👐 2y
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Loving Day: A Novel | Mat Johnson
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Received Loving Day as my final #markup pick for our #skullies postal group. Can‘t wait to read it but there will be much sadness when this ends!

@Alicia @kamoorephoto @Booksnchill @suvata

Booksnchill I hope you enjoy it❤️💀 2y
SkeletonKey @Booksnchill - I‘m sure I will! 2y
kamoorephoto 😿💓💓💓💓 2y
Alicia ❤️💕❤️☺️ 2y
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@Tiffy_Reads , your #horrorpost book is finally on the way! Thank you for being patient and I really hope you enjoy it. Hope I enjoy it when it gets back too 😂

#litsyscreams #markup #horrorpost

BibliophileMomma Yay! Excited! 2y
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The Female of the Species | Mindy McGinnis
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I‘m almost done with this, @Booksnchill !! Prepare yourself for a wild ride 😮

#skullies @kamoorephoto @Alicia @suvata #markup

Booksnchill I have been- I read some reviews!🤪 2y
Alicia I‘m still almost done with Loving Day too!!!! This past month has been so insane! I haven‘t even had time to be on Litsy much!! 😢😢 2y
SkeletonKey @Booksnchill - Should be able to get it to the post office on Wednesday!! @Alicia - No worries! Hope things calm down soon though ☹️ 2y
Booksnchill 👍👍👍 2y
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Sourdough | Robin Sloan
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Guess what I'm ready to ship off! I'm going to be sad when this exchange is over, I'm loving seeing someone else's thoughts as I read.

#skullies #sourdough #markup #lmpbc

Booksnchill @SkeletonKey I second that and can‘t wait to get Sourdough! 2y
SkeletonKey @Booksnchill - I think you'll really enjoy it! 2y
kamoorephoto @SkeletonKey @Booksnchill @Alicia You know, we can always do another one afterwards.... 2y
SkeletonKey @kamoorephoto - You've got a point there... :D 2y
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