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The New House | Lettice Ulpha Cooper
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We moved from Omaha to Des Moines in August, and I‘ve still barely unpacked. Every day I look at this shelf and feel some peace because at least I have one tiny corner of my new life organized! These are my physical “to reads”. My niece helped color code them for the shelf@.

Lcsmcat Moving is stressful. Go easy on yourself and take your peace when you can. 1w
Copwithabook So many amazing books to read! 1w
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Seeking Persephone | Sarah M. Eden
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My copy arrived. Yea!

#persephone #persephonebooks

ShariEstaLeando Oh, I love Persephone books, and the store! 2w
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The Expendable Man | Dorothy B. Hughes
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All the votes are in & Hughes' "Expendable Man" barely wins, with 2 more votes than Modiano's "In the Cafe of Lost Youth". I loved "In a Lonely Place" & I'm looking forward to reading this one. Join fellow 1,001 Books enthusiast @Liz_M & myself for the December #NYRBBookClub readalong & monthly discussion.

BarbaraBB I just read this one in the Persephone edition. Such a great book. Just one thing: don‘t google this book! Read nothing about it. Just dive in. That‘ll make it so much better! 3w
vivastory @BarbaraBB Thanks for the heads-up!! Now that you mention it I see that my edition has an afterword, not a foreword, by Mosley. Usually indicates some sort of twist. 3w
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Aimeesue @BarbaraBB I'm glad you mentioned the Persephone edition - I'd just checked my NYRBs and didn't have it, but I do have the Persephone! I would have missed it. 😋 (edited) 3w
LeahBergen Yay!! 👏🏻👏🏻 And thanks for the heads up, @BarbaraBB ! 3w
Liz_M ~happy dance~ I was hoping his one would win! 🤗 3w
MicheleinPhilly 🎉 I actually have this one already and haven‘t read it! Need to get my butt back in gear as I‘ve been a delinquent clubber. 3w
emilyhaldi Yay!!! Excited for this one. And as it‘s not already sitting on my shelf I suppose it‘s time for another book order 🤭😜💸 3w
lele1432 Eek!! I almost picked this for one of my #LMPBC picks! So excited I'll be reading it for this book club!! 3w
saresmoore Darn, I don‘t own this one yet... Just kidding, obviously. I‘m looking forward to it! 😃 3w
GatheringBooks perfect! i just borrowed it on overdrive! looking forward to reading it!!! 3w
vivastory @Liz_M I'm really looking forward to reading it 3w
vivastory @MicheleinPhilly It happens! I think we've talked about In a Lonely Place? I'm hoping for a similar experience. 3w
vivastory @emilyhaldi 😄Glad to enable..help 3w
vivastory @lele1432 Glad you'll be joining us again! 3w
vivastory @saresmoore 😂I should count my NYRB collection... 3w
vivastory @GatheringBooks Same here! I loved In a Lonely Place 👍 3w
sisilia And i still haven‘t read 🙈 (edited) 3w
batsy Nice! I've always wanted to read this one, too! 2w
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I‘ve got a bit of reading to do to catch up on my #goodreadschallenge so... along with my already planned #TBR for various book clubs this month-
Hoping to knock some titles off my #mttbr for #nonfictionnovember 😁

quirkyreader Yea, there is a #Persephone. 3w
sarahljensen I love Lucy Worsley! 2w
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I just received the #Persephone Biannually, always a pleasant surprise. But in it I read that they consider to stop publishing if/when Brexit continues. That would be such a shame!

emilyhaldi What?!?! 😱 3w
MicheleinPhilly Oh no! Quick @emilyhaldi - make sure your sister doesn‘t see/hear this! 3w
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Patience | John Coates
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Great idea @monalyisha and thanks for the tag @kspenmoll 🙌

I‘m not in a book club, and some days I wish I were, while other days make me glad I‘m not 😅 However, if I got to decide the reading list for a book club for a year, this would be my list. All of them are super high on my tbr, and I‘m thinking a mix of different things is the way to go


Chrissyreadit Nice! Three of those are on my TBR too. 3w
erzascarletbookgasm I love your picks! 💜 3w
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BarbaraBB Great choices! I‘d love to be in your book club 😉😍 3w
youneverarrived Fab picks! 3w
JennyM Your picks are fantastic!!! 3w
Kalalalatja @BarbaraBB I saw yours earlier, and I would definitely join your club, too 😉 @ephemeralwaltz @Chrissyreadit @erzascarletbookgasm @youneverarrived @JennyM thanks! The only problem is #SoManyBooksSoLittleTime 😅 3w
ephemeralwaltz @Kalalalatja tell me about it 😭💔 3w
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Hades: Lord of the Dead | George O'Connor
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Book 2 finished for #DeweysReadathon #Deweys24HrReadathon #DeweyOct @DeweysReadathon

Another retelling of the myth of Hades kidnapping Persephone. This one was slightly more in keeping with the traditional story.

Loved the art!

Hades: Lord of the Dead | George O'Connor
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NomiReads I really liked those graphic novels! 4w
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A retelling of the myth in which Hades kidnaps Persephone and how we got winter. Told from Hades' point of view, of course.

I really enjoy this series. They are quick, cute reads. I'll be reading the one about Medusa next. Thanks again to @ravenlee for putting them on my radar.

ravenlee 😁 so happy to share! I‘m halfway through the series and finishing them for the readathon this weekend! 4w
Sace @ravenlee they are definitely part of my #deweyreadathon plans! 4w
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Now, for the first time since she'd come down to the Underworld, Demeter smiled. "I'm going to get myself a little bungalow someplace warm. I won't work too hard, just hard enough to make sure it's never winter there. I shall call this place... Florida."


Cathythoughts Hahaha 😂 good 👍🏻 4w
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