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Nichelle is one classy & resilient woman who always stood her ground when racist execs tried to squelch her career or oust her most famous character. Loved the heartfelt stories of her strongest allies:Gene R & MLK plus revelations about ST:TOS cast & origin, her amazing singing career & her impact on diversifying NASA. It breaks my heart that Nichelle is now in the midst of mistreatment & a conservatorship battle.😢

TheAromaofBooks Great review!!! 6d
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Mosaic | Jeri Taylor
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My Husband made a self portrait with Lego Dots.

slategreyskies Wow, that‘s really cool!! 7d
Chrissyreadit Talented! 7d
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Masks (Star Trek Next Generation 7) | John Vornholt, Vornholt
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My first Star Trek novel! At first I was thrown off by the omniscient third person point of view, a style I haven‘t read in a long time, but it worked for the ensemble cast. Occasionally the characterization was spot on, but sometimes it had me scratching my head, particularly how Data was constantly represented as having emotions. All in all, an amusing read with several fun twists.

Star Trek: The Next Generation 365 | Terry J. Erdmann, Paula M. Block
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My son gave me two of these Bodum tea cups for Christmas, as used by Cpt Picard when he orders his "Tea; Earl Grey; hot". However, I don't think even Federation replicator technology could beat the flavour of the tea blend he gave me with the cups. It's smooth, with a subtle bergamot flavour, and a vanilla finish. I think I'm ready for that Encounter at Farpoint now! ?(Star Trek book pictured to justify this non-book related post)

LeahBergen I never make a cup of it at my house without saying that line. 😆 3w
Bookwomble @LeahBergen It's simply impossible not to! 😁 3w
Megabooks This is fantastic! 3w
GingerAntics LOVE THAT MUG!!! 💙💙💙 3w
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My final book completed in 2021, and my 246th book of the year.

An entertaining read for Star Trek fans that sets up things well for the second book on the trilogy, still not sure what is going on.

36th book finished for #WinterGames2021 and 5th book finished for #NewYearSpecial #20in4 #Readathon

annahenke Impressive totals!! 4w
Andrew65 Thanks 😊 4w
Mollyanna Wow! You are a rock star! 4w
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Andrew65 @Mollyanna 🤣🤣🤣 Thanks 😊 4w
Alfoster Woohoo!👏👏👏 4w
Andrew65 @Alfoster Thanks 😊 4w
stevesbookstuf1 Wow! Very impressive. I read just over 100 this year and thought I was doing well, but I guess I'm still in the minor leagues!! 😀 Happy New Year! 4w
Andrew65 @stevesbookstuf1 Due to COvID my reading was down this year, but tend to read every available moment. (edited) 4w
TheSpineView Wow! Impressive! 4w
DieAReader You did amazing @Andrew65 🎉🥂Congrats my friend! 4w
Andrew65 @DieAReader Thanks 🥰 4w
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Was that me who geeked out at the B&N 50% Off All Hardcovers Sale today?
Yes it was! 🤓🖖🏻

Avanders Super fun! 😁😄 1mo
iread2much Ooo, looks like fun! 1mo
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I‘ll have to reattach the cover once I finish reading the book. Delighted that one of the crew members is a Horta this voyage. There‘s also four dimensional chess and a swimming pool in the rec room. I wonder if the liquid turns colloidal at certain velocities?

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I grabbed this (signed!) from Mysterious Galaxy last week and read it today. It was quick and easy. But the plot was all over the place and zany to the point of cringiness. But my main beef was Spiner's depiction of himself thinking more with his dick than his brain. I get he's making fun of himself and maybe the noir genre, but it felt really juvenile. ⬇️

silentrequiem That said, there was a great chapter about Gene Roddenberry's funeral. And there was some deeper themes about overcoming trauma and not letting the past get in the way of the present that I appreciated. But overall, probably not a book I'll ever revisit. 1mo
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A Very Klingon Khristmas | Paul Ruditis, Patrick Faricy
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#two4tuesday @TheSpineView

1️⃣ From the 1950s and 1960s, especially from The Three Suns. Google them, it's musak before Musak the band was founded. But it's actually very good. Gling gling gonslg bing!
2️⃣ Cookies!!!

Nute Thanks for sharing information about The Three Suns. I just listened to a few songs on Spotify. I like instrumental Christmas music especially filled with bells and what sounds like an electric organ and an accordion. This was nice! Definitely adding to my holiday music playlist.🙂 (edited) 1mo
tournevis @Nute The Three Suns are delightful! My bad evil terrible great aunt gave me a 33 1/3 vinyl by them for Christmas back in 1973 (I think it was hers and she did not want it any more) but (unexpectedly) my 2yo self fell in love! They are great! It's like the Andrews Sisters; on paper, they should not work, and yet they are marvelous! 1mo
tournevis @Nute That's the album here. Love the bad cover1 https://youtu.be/R4iRWI481no 1mo
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TheSpineView Thanks for playing! ❤❄❤🎄❤ 1mo
tournevis @TheSpineView 😘🎄😍 1mo
Nute One day, I‘ll share with you the Christmas music that I still like from childhood, Isabelle.😁 Thanks for the link. 1mo
BiblioLitten Thank you for sharing 😊💕 1mo
tournevis @Nute Please do! I'd love to know! 1mo
tournevis @BiblioLitten 😘🎄😍 1mo
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A Klingon Christmas Carol: A Holiday Play | Christopher Kidder-Mostrom, Chris Lipscombe, Laura Thurston
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#two4tuesday @TheSpineView

1️⃣ That my elderly father, sister or cousins not catch covid despite not respecting the 10 or fewer, no more that two household limit for holiday gatherings. Because I know they won't respect the limits. My sister told me as much last night.
2️⃣ There's 15 cm of snow on the ground and it's -12⁰C outside so I'm hopeful.

Nute Negative twelve degrees!🥶 Oh, my! I hope that your family remains safe. It‘s hard when rules of safe-being are disregarded. Take Care! 1mo
tournevis @Nute -12C is not really that cold (were it -12F, I'd be complaining *a lot* more). I find myself hoping that today's government announcements for Québec restricts gatherings further down, because my family are not listening. We're too far away to be there anyway, but there should not be twelve people from four households coming together without masks as they plan to do. 1mo
TheSpineView Burrr..🥶 Thanks for playing! 1mo
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tournevis @TheSpineView 🧑‍🎄😘🎄 1mo
Nute Ten degrees Fahrenheit is frigid to me!🥶 I like temperatures above freezing…well above freezing!😂 Hopefully the updated news announcements in your area will find their mark this time around. 1mo
tournevis @Nute Apparently the Qc announcement is tomorrow morning. *knocks on wood* Somebody from Ontario's Public Health should announce something this afternoon, but that would not be new measures, just recommendations. 1mo
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